Officer Squint to the rescue

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a of to - by It the of in off - She a artistically. F. always LIFE SAVED BY A WIRE BUCKLE Officer Squint Has a Close Call 1b a Strut: gle With a Madmaa. AN EXCITING ENCOUNTER INVENTOR JOHN FIESTER BECOMES SUDDENLY INSANE AND HIS WIFE, IN FEAR OF HER LIFE, CALLS FOR ASSISTANCE A CROWD GATHERS, THE OFFICERS COME AND AFTER A SHORT BUT VIOLENT STRUGGLE THE UNFORTUNATE MAN IS LANDED IN A CELL AT THE STATION HOUSE. Officer Squint had an experience with a madman last evening that he is not likely to forget for some time. It was about 8.30 o'clock last evening when a telephone message was received at police station asking that officers be sent to the residence of John C. Fies - ter, 317 South Eleventh street, as promptly as posible. Officer Squint was reached' while reporting at the box at Ninth and Muhlenberg streets, and he was at once apprised of the call. Officer Quaintance was also reached a few moments later and requested to go to the house. When Officer Spuint arrived at the South Eleventh street house he saw a large throng of people in the street, many of them talking excitedly. Before the house, and reaching to the second story window was a ladder. BECAME SUDDENLY INSANE. The officer was told that John Fies - ter became suddenly insane and, without further ado, the bluecoat mounted the ladder and climbed into the second story window. Here he found Mrs. Fiester, who told him she had been driven upstairs by her husband, who was violently insane on the first floor and had threatened to kill her. Continuing her story to the officer, she said that shortly after supper her husband, who had been receiving medical atten tion, suddenly arose and began to chase ner an over tne rooms. Being afraid that he would kill her, she made for the stair door and barely succeeded in getting inside and fastening it, when there was a terrific thumping on the outside as Mr. Fiester tried to break it down. LOCKED IN A ROOM. Mrs. Fiester proceeded upstairs and. going into a room bolted the door. Neighbors heard the commotion and gathered in throngs outside. In order to insure the woman's safety, should the man succeed in getting upstairs, a ladder was procured from which she could climb from the building. Officer Quaintance reached the place shortly after Officer Squint and also got into the house by way of the - ladder. The two officers and Mrs. Fiester held a brief consultation and it was decided that before venturing downstairs. Dr. Amnion, the family physician, whom Mr. Fiester would know, should be summoned. While the doctor was being sent for everything was quiet on the first floor. THE DOCTOR ARRIVES. After a wait of probably a half hour the doctor arrived and the party went downstairs. When the door was opened, Mr. Fiester was seen sitting at a table in the kitchen quietly eating a lunch. When spoken to by Dr. Ammon he answered all questions rationally. Suddenly starting up, Mr. Fiester said he had some hat blocks to finish and started to go to an outkitchen, where he had a shop. OFFICER SQUINT ATTACKED. A young man named Fisher, who came in when the front door was opened, followed Fiester out to the kitchen. - tester was seen to suddenly sieze a large chisel and wave it frantically, and the officers prepared to secure the raving man. Without warning Fiester came for Officer Squint. The officer seized a chair to ward off a violent thrust of the chisel and then closed in on Fiester. but, before he succeeded in doing so, the desperate man made a lunge at the officer's back, the sharp blade of the chisel cutting the coat and clothing under it. A NARROW ESCAPE. The only thing that saved the officer from serious injury was a suspender buckle, on which the sharp blade struck. It required the united strength of four men to wrest the chisel from Fiester's hand, after which he was cuffed and held in a position as to prevent him from doing further injury. The patrol wagon was quickly summoned and the unfortunate man taken to police station for safe keeping. The case of Mr. Fiester is specially sad, from the fact that a daughter is also alleged to be mentally unsound. Mr. Fiester is somewhat of a genius in woodworking, being the patentee of the wood pulley manufactured by the Reading Wood Pulley company. He also carved a large clock out of wood with a pen knife. The cause that led up to the alleged derangement is insomnia and worry over his work. VISIT TO GRANDPA. it, of They IT partners In laws . reorganization proceedings on and to of it new who

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  1. Reading Times,
  2. 23 Mar 1900, Fri,
  3. Page 1

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  • Officer Squint to the rescue

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