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FATAL SHOT FIREO IN THE BOCK STABLES A 22 short calibre repeating rifle in the hands of Charles Whitaker, the well-known proprietor of the Buck Stables In Kern, was discharged this morning during a scuffle between the liveryman and an employe, Martin Bush, who, It is said, was intoxicated at the time, and the latter is now at the county hospital in a precarious condition with a bullet wound through his liver, and his recovery is not expected. expected. The shooting occurred in the Buck Stables and was precipitated by Bush, It Is said, who was in a quarrelsome quarrelsome mood throughout the morning morning because he had been drinking. Whitaker was returning from the bacK yard of his residence, which is the first, house south of the stable, where he had just previously killed some chickens to make soup for his children who are very ill with fever. He had In has hand a 22 rifle with which the chickens were executed and was intending to return the gun to its place in the stable office. Turning Turning into the barn from the sidewalk he bumped against Bush who was standing at the telephone , which Is located just inside the door. Bush, it is said, was drunk and was using insulting insulting and vile language through the. telephone. "See here, Bush, if you want to use that telephone you will have to stop that kind of talk," WHiItaker Is cred- ted with saying; whereupon the em- ploye refused to desist and turned his flow of obscene words on Wlhit- aker, calling the stableman almost every vile name Imaginable. The latter at once resented the Insults Insults and the employe, refusing to take a second warning, Wthltaker walked up and slapped him and push- oil him aside in order to hang up the receiver of the telephone to prevent prevent its usage by the employe. Bush Strikes. Bush began to fight and struck Whitaker a hard blow in the faca and at the same time grasped the rifle the stableman held in his hand. He "jerked the gun through its own- ern hands and as the region of the trigger and hammer was reached, tho gun was exploded. Th6 barrel was pointed straight at Bush's stomach and the bullet entered entered his body. He exclaimed that he was shot, but in the absence of any blood or marks on the exterior of the y> clothing Wlhitaker and stable hands •who were attracted by the shot, doubted the man's assertion until his clothing was opened, showing bloo<l and the small wound made by the bullet. Dr. Kellogg was summoned immediately immediately and after a hasty examination which developed that the man was seriously wounded, the physician or- dqred his removal to the county hospital. hospital. Whitaker Gives Himself Up. As soon as Whitaker realized the seriousness of the situation he telephoned telephoned to City Marshal Badger and Constable Stroble, telling them of the accident and informing them that he was ready to give himself into their custody. In the meantime Sheriff Kelly had been Informed of the shooting and in his automobile he drove to the Buck Stables. Mr. Whitaker was at his home when the auto drew up at the stable. He left the residence and coming to the side of the machine said to the sheriff: "Wjell, I guess I am the man you are looking for, Kelly." "1 am sorry, Charlie, but I have to place you under arrest." "The shooting was unfortunate," said Wjhltaker, "and I guess It is all off with the fellow. It was an accident accident and for the life of me I cannot explain how the gun was discharged. It was in my hand and as he grabbed it he pulled it toward himself and the first thing I knew it went off. The bullet hit him almost square .in the stomach. He was drunk and was using using vile and obscene language both to me and through the telephone. I tried to make him stop but he would not and when he began to curse me t was angered. Hie did not stop and so I slapped him. He hit me and grabbed the gun and the next moment It was discharged." Ball Arranged. Owing to the fact that all of Mr. Whitaker's children are sick in bed with fever and the oldest one is not expected to survive the illness Sheriff Sheriff Kelly did not wish to impose a hardship upon the stableman by bringing him to the jail In Bakersfleld until a bond could be fixed up, and taking Wjhltaker in the automobile he drove to the residence of Marshal Badger, where both the marshal and Constable Stroble were seen and the liveryman delivered into their custody. custody. Bush, the wounded man, has been in Kern about four months. He was employed by Whitaker in the Buck blacksmith shop as a blacksmith and at the same time he acted as agent for the French Coach Horse Company, Company, which has established an agency agency at the Buck Stables. Employes of the stables say that Bush had-' been drinking for three of four days past and was In a very quarrelsome mood. Wound Probably Fatal. At the county hospital this afternoon afternoon Drs. Kellogg and West performed performed the operation on Bush to remove the bullet. They found that he had been shot through the liver and although although they did everything in their power for the wounded man the chances for his recovery are regarded regarded as less than even. He is a man of strong constitution and this fact may stand him In good stead, bu,t from last reports his recovery Is doubtful. Ho has relatives in Colorado, A CHANGE IN THE POSTQFFICE FORCE E. E. Armstrong has resitjn- eel his position as chief clerk In the postofflce and Postmaster R. A. Edmonds has name.I <:. W.. Cline of Delano to fill the vacancy. Mr. Cline arrived here last evening, and is being initiated Into his duties today. Mr. Armstrong, who succeeded succeeded R. W. Withrow some months months ago, found that the confinement was detrimental to his health, and he signified his intention tot resigning as soon as the place could be supplied. Mr. Cline, the new appointee, has lived in northern Kern for many years. Formerly he was superintendent for the Cox & Clark interests, and lately he has been farming on his own account. He comes highly recommended recommended as a competent and efficient man. at J. of t j | | i i WHITELAW'S DAUGHTER TO MARRY INTO NOBILITY. LONDON, April 29.—TThe engagement engagement of Jeanne Reid daughter of Ambassador Ambassador Wliltelaw Reid, to Hon. John Hubert Ward, brother of the Earl of Dudley, is announced. * * * v X v rev

Clipped from The Bakersfield Californian29 Apr 1908, WedPage 1

The Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, California)29 Apr 1908, WedPage 1
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