1867 Earthquake KS, IA, and MO newspaper article. - Tom Malmay

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1867 Earthquake KS, IA, and MO newspaper article. - Tom Malmay - - - a of to to tt all tor be - - At KAUTUQVAUB....
- - a of to to tt all tor be - - At KAUTUQVAUB. Tha Shock Fell Thronghont lawn, Uannaa aad Ulla. aonrl.' It a - to tha be a JcscTioa City, Kan, April 24. A severe shock of earthquake wu felt here at half put 2 o'clock tbit afternoon. ToriKl,IEann April 21 At irteen mlnutea to S o'clock, thla af ternoon, the State ; of Ktnsti . wu visited by an earthquake, apparently traveling bom west to east, and which shook very severely every block and building in the several towns a'oner the route of the Union Pacilo Itallroad, from tioiomon mty.to wvaodolte. itaniu, ana extenaea out ward into Uinourl, with a probability of Iti having; been felt mucn runner west than Solomon, in ouratioa wu onween a ouarter anda half minute. No dam age hu yet boon ascertained, it we except numberless panes i of window glut bro ton.; LiwaiHcx, Eao - April 14. Quite a severe shock of an sarthauakt wufelt hereabout fifteen mlnutea put 8 o'clock to - dar. It wu fait all over the city, and wu accompanied with a low rumbling noise, in private nouses oianea were shaken 10 u to proouce a raining noise. The kettles upon the ttovee were made to rattle, tho largo brick builnasi hornet were shaken so u to crack . tha plutering and came it to fall from tha wills of nearly all tha newly constructed buildings.. PeoDleruihed from their houses, and tha streets were immediately filled with excited crowds. The ihock wu felt at Junction City, Topeka, Wyandotte and Laavanwortn. in this mate, ana it ex. Joseph, In Missouri accompanied by about the same phenomena u nara, thourb Derhana tba ihock wu mors In tense In the western part of tha State, and especially at Junction uity, tun at tnia KAniAa Crrr, Mo, AprU 24. A bear shock of urthanakf . of a half mlnute'i durtiion, wu itii ntre at j.iu thla afurnoon, causing the people to rain out of their house. T hire wuteonilder. bio alarm. A. portion of pluterlnr - waa ihakaa off one or two housea, but no, le - rloua damage wu done. - ... . ia m. t. joaarn. to - Atru .' A uvere shook of taithouaka wu fait hare at 3 o'clock thli afternoon. Building! Building! ahook and iweyed with rapid notion, notion, canting much alarm among the people. No damage It u yet reporved. ST. Louii, April 31. Two distinct ahocka of an aartbeaake were felt here about five mlnutea beore I o'clock this afternoon, tha vibration from north to loulh lasting about five seconds. Article of furniture, crockery, eta, were shaken quite vigorously, but no harm wai dona. The same ahock wai felt throng hi out Kantu, sad in different pans ei etta - tourl shaking houMS, cracking "Willi, breaking windows, and creating great alarm among me people.' Du Monti, Iowa, April. 21 A ille - ht ahook of aa earUauako wu lilt tare inu artt moon al twenty minaies to o clock, and was plainly noticed oy pi oni in several of the brick blocka. wh: trembled verv DerceDtlhlv with its mighty rocking., me wnoia - tning uitaa anout ten leconai. Duscqux, lows, AprU1: Three distinct pultalione of aa enrth - inake, luting about twenty secoods,' were ell la thla cltv at SI o'clock thla after noon. Paonl. Is tha nnnef stories of the principal buildings rushed for the street. Openings were made la . brick, wills and lurniiure displaced. u.uiie an alarm tor a few mlnulu travailed In soma locaii uea. A - S B. JL

Clipped from Fort Wayne Daily Gazette27 Apr 1867, SatPage 1

Fort Wayne Daily Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana)27 Apr 1867, SatPage 1
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  • 1867 Earthquake KS, IA, and MO newspaper article. - Tom Malmay

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