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:;--;:;;:f':i:' Aguardfron. . ilivuUrane ' n wiiM t.our refused ad- f ,? . 1L1 The implement of Waee mtch brtkr Mu. JeniN HhnrUn a!1 J th "ew ' "K ' u become tlie sons of Ham than the wiper- j write toyoti M .uiaT :" " lmltr W "7""' flu ri,ow "f ,,rW,,n .vneU. It that', new view s of life, new he.pes end new .OI1id he innnitelv better for thnni an,i as a trend, order, and , M , vftJ The South . . I hues by way annotated fears, w e begin the new jeiar. iuutuu. the euntry, If the Government would ful reflexions. of to-day is not the Sou hern .yuntry tlle faree of w!or,.(1 H.,ld,rhlgi ullli you h:lVl. Ma whicu w0 knew before the war. It ts ...,he ,,,,.,.,. must have . , ,h ., servations. ::. ?"..,(., ,, 1. ,,! t ,nl,. Take-up tht .hove! and hor Nashville, transpired. " ' Cw ideal eve Hew CIC1UAN. everythingand . constitute a Mate, n-n ideas (i.e a new . , vou can fro-n , physical conditions of a If MIIIT book, and Ma.,i ,iu., The institution of slavery was lU-solutionsof enouiry relative to without who is f 'Unt.-' " 11,1 States South of - "f -o'vi"''v in L'tah, have I thought : "'- " -"" ,:, mtroaue.,! 'n. th- Hou-e. The in mvlrmibled r Mason au,i 1ix n8 llne' that fea,ure President has Uen ,-ll.d upon for all In- Mr. Hapn nmgra having lieen destroyed by the Tear, the Bujiiali 1 in i ' 1 n regartllng the side of Mullen of . ,., , t hl , , S,ith, li-.Wudim; the reports of all offl- there is one Senate , i, , w ' I J .n I wbten'h.- ciaN le. have N-ti S...ith. and of pn- I had mighty h(. nva, oiK,,t 1,as been JaiJ, and which ht.s i:i,.,M.n! ,, i,v the INesul.'nt. I want i n been prostrated thereby, eends forth ten- a bill for tie- in.proveim-i.t f the Mis- what time en. mi drill in a new dirwtion, each shooting Mpni and Red rivers has been Intro- iroin' ad- vta j towards th- liL'lit and be u ol due, I. What are I detec- , J , . . . , The Hou ve.l i ; -, If into a Com- aliour ? Old admission we-th '"d """n'rise. and each promis- Jgf Whole M the State of the that we've in ' and fruit as beautiful and ,.,... . w,.i,;.ur f IilinoK in the the slowe-t luscious as those produced ir. other dav chair, nnd reiutued Uie consideration of not to have an apal , , . . rho W()lk "ot the Pn-sld. nt's atmual message. Now .ergies JS,.,,,, lhf,B Mr. "f Ohio, pr-a-eej ed to av man not de-lrUl "-" '"r. ' regain, for the m, n amill,, dogma of John C. Calhoun, to e talked . of our day to rebuild the broken editlees fna thli Trovenunent is a CouvenUon of a gallus before of ai4te lirosperilv and ..uie ihe ,liat- stites. Thi- crv of vilhher and see- nUiln for opjiortunitj t.j fr'm.nunf The dead "ionise had plagued our eountrv for more Sh.)re enuf that of two ',uieuus 01 ses.11.. . x than thirlv vears and resulted In the where a upon U ,.t disas'tn.u. cMl war known to the time f upon vlewg of lIlinzs aro isl lh.? ,oml) f t!l(. hi-t4.rv of mankind The sovereignty ol country. eilent of r-nuieU .jti,ciet it and them remain the Slates is the language of Confederates should have manv vital . '. ,,, , ,ri1, ;.nd not of the Constitution of the United after she reconcile TOeu.v0fefuturen8e!,1'0'uni0'el stales. Iau.-e the framersof tills Instnl- pow.leJ' or , ! above the horizon of events, and to its m(Tnt ,,ul).ll,,,! the creation of a Na- While she follow it ,um our We oi wl (J -ven ...ei.t. the supreme power combined where hi. uM bld our eountrymen took forward ceding in the ,H,.ple and not in co,u...n-r- a.d the chances , I " I n , ir,.in n U wor,l acvoi The reliels having failed nobody for sinabbe n confluent hope, girding on the word iu-their c,Vurt to overthrow the govern- you? But , . , of luty-not unwillingly, not despair- nlellt, w nnl.iashimfly ask again to l suvreen hat tie we lnKlv but with the twured trust that If m-eived back 10 .:0e, to participate in the question and sec- . gK , .vi!i u'c affairs f the Government, not as Uiink so oulv ev u . ' States may be In the UahW aeShfeS nutiin in only ou. K, bejroad oven our brightest expecta- ,;,,.,. but inav bv mi-.-.mduct forfeit iu- suvreen lions. We would ask, too, not to Srhtaiapartgver.tag power. sword ain't but one a ell with elfish s.irow too mwh o lie knew not but the p,v.ident meant principles. each State , And'thev hae need of this the .me tbinsr when be said the States or wron--- the a.t. And thej a M 1 t v,lr. impaired their '. - . , tne mi p,,,. Let us keep the aroma of our taljtv ,,, Ilot esti,igaish all ; that country whom they ,,un. -I an 1 ,i:-aPpoinlel smbiliou to ftU r functions w, r. su.,M.,,de.l. but n-.t on th,:.c then, in H e eoldeti ceu.ero'ourt.rivatethouKlits d,troved. The President was correct. Hamilton . the golden cense r o. our pn ateinouj... . u.s r e j eii.t ..f -t and not make merchandize ofit on the J.X hihav respective streets. and let us learn to forgive our i.ivsi,t W:1S olothe.i with dictatorial minded enemV. The most oooaiatent of ei.r- .wer: but in time of peace he can for it composed ..,.. have need of forlrivenees. and rhrhtly excrete no power uulesa it is mare theCMtoa T , need or lorgnene.. . an ,ui 1 'constitution or hv )udge. -i 'houud, our censure were never so well ' - ...r. ticut wort" founded, it can produce nothing now ,ld msUt th Uie shin of Stete heUered hun to save briers and thorns of social dis- houM he overhauled ana put in git cut, but some cen- . -d dlwuritioa The Confederncv i- Constitutional trim. She had been willin and was alo disruption ine . tempestuous gales, but however, I an J, ile we hold ,n sacred re-ver- UtliLd' the storm of 'sees- aUiut two par- pnc j(s glorious memories, and treasure rf , strlIe aDd brougkt into WeU, the Brotherhood, in our heart of heart- those " few in Sar- a .-eaceful haven bv a skillful pilot and a lingly. Mr. Sweeney, dis who did not defile their garment.," ir: llant crew, ve.-liould examine in onk-r had been Fortv offl- , , , k r n w . n l, . to see whether her tiinliers wer. seiimd. time, and hich were mD.-t true metal, the greater the fthe vSlted States, and he entered his body knows saerifi -es thev were called upon to make, humble protest against the attempt of peace, so ad w ho the !-..t irave an unresened anv man: in or out of Congress, to place tism and Secretary and ho to the last (,te an unresen e. !.j..ri,v of the Hou-e in an attitude our letter from allegiance to the-lr country, drinking ,,f -'iliiv a miu-t the President, so for. I never Mteea.b llfe that nowed fro. her tS quarter of a give the chanty of si.ence to 3enatofB, was faithful among the war. Does with or "Tae) slave faithless found; and while enforcing us to help Whose treason like a deadly hilKin , iovnitv -pnt alive bis zeal" He anv bodv tue e,:-,, bSlevedu'e tSLS tShlttZ can never e . t ... . i.uta 4 f(lot.tens of his predee-essor aUbough I ua fight I American Yes. we can give him or licr the char- tl-Wghtthe President should have j We've fout speculate ity of silence. If he see fit to live in and urp,Huutl'rage without respect to color, but glory, , eompeten. , the land lie ha; .the ntattonto Southern - could lfaed. whj let him tt tne uittcr t n.(, ,,,(, rebcI debL ij,. f,lUU,l ,,0 cause ! Thad element of bread of remorse in peace, and is? assured nf (.,,nM,: ,.Iit M the ratification ofthe I migraled reference that if a single element of the man re- anti-slavery amendment to the Cotisti- hat his - ,-,wr mains within him. that bread 1 ed - - bv thi I wonder zat ton or e- s ' thcrn LcKisIaturcs. It did neither years aint inter- be bitter. But the true man lwf-im - "nor h--r.n The amewhsent was boyi are the State, thing higher and nobler to perform now ;.adly ratified by three-fourths of the loose in are enti- In the great work of re-energising and states already, and no additional think that - 1 hv assemblies o! would' soft the ad no share in tlie Govern- their courts, ment power of the nation. He regretted there will He the recreants. Thi best eflbrts of our pdent did not wait for aotion of moutl required the btot men will be more than requited in ounrrcss baton he dismisseel the Provis- our boys but the the proner t ( and turned over lie- o.-two but tu 1 inreiii of State, t,-, these whose net. all ob- menteof our soutlc-rn ::!,, 1 But I it must be a position inharmonious with our m'er- ji,,ni ,ut thi-was uo gr.-at dangerso long am right whether her c-t.-, feelings and traditions, and denied s, an ai my remained to protect the uess. It - lw ULajuaasi 11I111 itifgiji Union men It was not onlv the privil- the wav I by pertna- ft., tiu preset... b, th. .on lutr.-v poAtr, l;.,,,, Um, one d.y instructed of our rights as sovereign in uie j.,.,.,,; to L, Vi, information to Con- beatls and .h c. Union, we will have to prove ourselves )um tiu.e u, time, as to the state lot of the Union, fertile in re-wee-.-, client to our un- f the Union. ;.ad to recommend such tots or ir.-.v eondltion The evil .... , f mirlil jirle necesarv more on in frankly haPl... condition. evU Lnr lundn, he ind?- em over a radical party in Congress and at the 8uUteIloe of wbat rml, tot- field, and of pa- Worth is upon u, we are already de- iafv him m the work of rewmatrneUoB, so forth, the sacri- nouncenl as unworthy of Governmental namely : term nor - - .o.wti,,!.. ,(jm, 1 l'vicnd the richl of suflfragc to the Well, wfm-l tf-M- Jtotefr y8 Afetni' thfpim5ofCumoia: ct wtoda, rai-ing our the re-enslavement ot the negroes; 2 mend tjje ConsUtution of the I "ni- land di.lent recognize despite the repeated remonstrance of the ,P(j'states in respeetto the apportionment so they Is dutv, come Southern people, expressed through the of representatives, and direct taxes in fast a., dm honor and Southern press, gisons jjl negro teoops fVfit ana are retam.-d am. -ng us, offering by their 'U(n eS0Ppt in gtate where thev are per- sorter like a- presence a::d spmpathy, encouragement mit,'e,l to exercise the righU of "the eW and then AF- to the idle and vicious cf their own race live fnnchi-e unconverted The New l" ule ua lclous 01 tneir ow n race, a aralnt uulllfica- minion air and a ul.uueo lusu , and oppreesion to d Insert a proMsion agaiu.t tiulimca the owners ofthe aoU; tha .nlm pmil 4.'H.hibitine the repudiation of the i Eandolf, d of military organizatio acu tirehibitine the as- sathdaktion, the glittering .,f fixed bavoncts and the mn 'p? ' ' t I'ongresf of 'thebentebl ova and you not . 6 , 6 , , , . - Vrov-iinp that no uenon who at it down. ofthe firing of cannon dally, If not hourly, re- ' ' ; ..p iinVliathe work gals Thinkof mind u.-that v. c are a conquered people. t;uitea'st2te8 shall ever lie admitted to so pro.Hahle. on an in-1 The fact that the President'- amnesty a -at ill the Senate or House of Rt-pre- opposed etollare , , . , o . , scu..ttjVOJ rnunev in compelled to , n LeVthe guarantee, be given to loy- they went house in ! ng w ltn .is terms.toimi ciuzensdipuiuier ,tv and he would trv to forgive but ness, niakin the above , the United States Government, eeemi to eod Qever forget the injuries received rated tUrn. Sd he utterly ijmorod, awl wo are left pa- by OUT Country . nuthin, out she , , .....:. . . .,1. amiiiiif The Committee MM when the House because there, and t -nt!.Mo w ait on the good pl ire o. I--; :'. ,tur!ft! have to j the powers that he, tor the re-'.oration u. jn tH. it'c there was no pointed ac- we .vere she cannot our rights. The duty of every good citi- ,;oll Hew)luU,ins of which we have Hie little . r .u ten is plain under these circumstances, heretofore given the points, came up and mediator of the ... ' ,. . .mi ..h . e refamd w hen the Senate' ad- were stealm North to ',, 1 Srf,i t ,,.,,- e r, reo when the Senate aa and child p-eteu-l to think u-faithless, a:!, , lu Monuajj ger larceny, extreme wi-h .s father to the th.-uudtf. by c-.ntin- j- Tiie tTattsd Btotol Consul at Ca- tion intoan uina-to nrove the soundn. -- ' - 'hern , , . . a fence in the STtetoT nea one of the Gree k Islands in the Hatnan's to faun, once . .. i . 1. umi.ora. 1 Me,Htorrarean Sea, writes to the De- lai ! sh. , Ommbutions the reacue of the ootored peopie, now- nm..lit f)f;s.n,e that while on a recent bosege a Dr' UoS- rapidly de,. n-rating, by showing them t Isalv lu. made a studv ofthe fto nations of thTntry, M ig them in the ttyinati-s which their ho , , verv effeC. .. offhsers "w f,,ation imposes upm th-m. MaaT, I .uaj jM preventing the spread of that ter- Now all David v-ry many of them are falling under the j ril).v J aud UAmmltt to the Ue. friend- I.icuten- gJUJ J- helr p.rtment a fllU ht0 nl!;t of the mamtge- gSS?S ; Secre- ' . in j in. lake l.n ireeeioni. tr of Ituliau iaarett.. :. Thev said Attorney- ' melancholy fnc that since the occn- rjpott Ute arrival of any vessel from ab,iUhine-ts Comt.ttoilcr I"""011 "f he city of Helena by the I-ede- .ree-e.1 di.trict nil its n"uld ,..,,,. . nearI vf iM,r vcars-the iI,recteU or suspected distnt.. all its ,. ; H. Austin: ; r " n 0" ie-nvr-rs at.- confined in on. wtti rfght In Fcrdinnggi rT. . M I room, In the iazareUo of the port, with Wo.ild be Circuit, T. "' tht' ri'laUve number of t.eaths among ft p,,,, who is Jer9onallyiesponi:!e ihrth and E. A. ,-ol"r,'d fan ts and adults, fii.l , f ami tflli,, I remember spect.blc re.idents of tbo city tell u-lhat ,.f !lliy o;!l.,r arrival, even if of ' ,', ! I 1 'Jv : the -amc . I.ty and p..ce. All ha;,agc U 8 molln. I ar,n ' , ' : , "TJ ",r;lr Iff opened and eipotedfac ventilatton during and amount, eeption-1 to this rule, but such is stud to , -,, of ouarantine, rsot hw given 1 the rule. This r.ppears a ,nr.:: t;;:.'- . for , n' abandonment of maternal duty and of ' -r a ,Hri.,el sre not some in gold. ,he vi of colored mothers, and the JX, he tonchM bv ,v i r ! l States of demand ..ckle..,,,-. of the lives of , VyX ''e', e commed the fact ,;) the .:.,,.;atioM tePpnn. iTp'pe coun.enei uegropl.llist-of the North. CntoS, th !iVc vear. Imprisonment. oa'u. hut experts friendly hand of the Southern j ; : -,,...,.. . , .... ,a an , taken up ' retire tit,- of" a phvsicUn. he T f.f undertook "S.!tlaW from I'itston UHre I'."'"1""" ic in . an w no e c. c r ani, ;:; e...c of any ni.iWdy maui- bprnble Tn,-.!av. an! '""f' k T' ,V'7'v'! ...-'f which r.-mhle. in the and thon sands of them have mcteariv death-, and . . .. . , , Thev got ge-ntieman ' ':- "he.e ,.,.; , .. . un- How i" crave Hut w-e mils uo Ulirsue tills sub- now is seat and - dergo fourte-. n day- additionaj quanin- 1 igppii nil and sleigh ec't" tine, and if any oue of the sick die. four- havn't seen no Tl:e Southern',1 ha at . . a .lav-more :h he a.ldcd. I kimw P ' amwtaaw, and appeal, ;, ,;v a igM oh-, r va , erf these rutoa, the namsh81 ef WtoM ' !,rauuw P0-i lay , .c.,., h:i, no ,1 bt but that the (iree-h ' If they ' w.ll be on Tncsdey f each week, and It ; Ual,.N in ;he Mediterranean ai d n.o -t -hip. B . I0-.1 !,,- ouiise, to be a welcome : ,,-Ulc I;nU:lll ,v h,vebecn hurietl the the army. ...i;,r of our firesides. TI.e Water f,m the che.lcra, "?T WUh Fi( 'm'n-V f " " A ...nt.ary cordon exists around all KCr the Probate alsoelhumed. The member, hold regu- infccte.1 pias in, which no one is i "-'w marring. ar meetings, and the entrine K w c h. - ,. . . 1 with .t fmia,icr, j tlieni all of a cough, lieve ..... fcr dutv lt is he.wever o, V 1 , , ifum,Rtion' law, and his threat. mLmZZ ""UlU'a S?1 nH ,rf. ' r r "e ar,to of the malaely exists at Briudlaiandat Bari, Uoiig aa they aid perfect. , ctty of Helena. n the sa : and whilst eachare fit It Orleans would res,KCtful!y suggtM to the enter- in ,. ,:-,Ui.c communication with each 1 A1"1!811 ioo..irH nrislmr voung men who Compose this , ., , ,, son at hundred ocwSo. toJZJot- 7 1 "1?" ISSStlLlt f the three lautlaoie ussociation, tin 1n11ut.11.nesta.t- t,e two points, though they are only a which met fll., WM ing of . Hilmcription list, with a v i-w to ,,v. ;i.,arl. J the light "-OUlh" of the purchase e.f an engine and h. we more . they had There .re 'n keeping with tl d.-mnnds of mr . V .........M- dlst.-h savs :i disunion XJSLZ - -hst u , Utem ' . 0 ,of.n engine almost unneees,arv In Vw Ywk ware's Jto! 1., and -jcim 1, diould ever beononrcusi I o- dlcl oui of twenty th.sand dollars, has ntor-to been sr, '- , ' .' leal., d out. Th.' swindle was con- to(. .1 . terno.c eounng Pll0t0tj i v an ex-rel-el Colouel, namee i'?nt 7, 1 U.s origin fliUnw snd we w hd, the ga.lant members Jnuu . 1 Ii Al'en, 01 'Pari-, 111. nother 1 from a!1 counterfeit "f7he Water Witch all honor and sue- voung man of that place bcir. his , think that atertllng federite, and was wnmimmated in St ,mU?F.!TT 'I Louis las Alien'- e-onfedcrate : makl" ,,, The weather continues 'lear an 1 fret, . ...... h,;,.ir, .J iu','' '"-h ' ;;:'-t-;:H57 SUS n. mml&'S&l;TS&r&i . s now lieinp I mg through lue out off at the mouth of : nbo alleged that 1 here wa.. a plot te. luur- urental river o" Tueed.y last, was dc7v t sJE, g women o, wrecked by running .n .sn.g. Uvn. KS,?1 V MMtory ask an wtre lt. Tb. llWgtt. iMrefkrWr, totol pkt confided tok gawi-er of Parla, tliat shall ,. The oftioera of thi, ,J falesj boat named Whitsett, who blow ed it. Allen ' , l"l - ,f- e here, making ,he,p:-..t,-t. and his M-tejre stm at Urge. on the Again, we most complain of the gall- mm William C'ulitii Ilrvant Made a "wap chance- of mr maiU. ur ,,... ., - , XoW Vork, . tow .lays since. Uws of received a .e.u,i, ,- .,, commenced thi, anec- , yesterday mailed iu Memphis 011 hetwen December, eighteen hun. !r-l ,i ; . . hU, traveling te j vena1, ,d fo flve. This letter lort .U IU importance ! the .uth of France. I fell In with a priest j Hf TXt banded through deay. We, and others, hav, - that c .uiitiy w 'e - not received the Hailv Appkal . ,. , 1 ' t 'days. We hope our Helena ptwt niAster Au, '.a h,,' ., here are good thirws lu will look into this matter.. EveryValy Aui-rica. There H Father iso-anu-so,' d-,. nnd 7?r. " namine a Oatholic rrlcstofsome repute, I think so appears to be grumbling about his pa,H rs 1 ,n o hn-e ir.Kentiickv, whos,- U-t on it, ,225 deranges our V 411 farver wa- busin-w, wd defeats oar etiterprue, nud , , (;a , - JT were e- plans. to the knee. Iron gray inexpressibles, fool, iiml I Use gratifying spee.acleof -ore. jachet. at., hilars . re jV.bu colored soldien with shovels, picks ud the latet sty.c lor gei.tkm. a in P.rl. I nothin. 1

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