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1948-08 (Alug) 19 Logansport Pharos-Tribune Indiana PublicSale MetaGivenitems - (2 Logansport Pharos-Tribune 19 Guardsmen Are...
(2 Logansport Pharos-Tribune 19 Guardsmen Are Promoted National ftuiird Company Meets for'Weekly Drill; 1'rorao- f.ions Announced. The promotion of 19 members of tho National Guard company , hero was announced Wednesday evening at the weekly meeting of the local unit at the city building, U. James Finnegan, commanding officer, said today. Among those receiving promotions promotions were: technical sergeant ·*- Paul L. Gaumer, Paul D. Viney; ·taff sergeant.-- Kenneth B. Harday, Harday, Jack F. Osborn; sergeant --· Harry A. Gangloff, .Duane B. Howard, Howard, Robert J3. Twiss; technician fourth grade -- Kenneth H. Scott, Stewart M. Smith; corporal--Guy K. Benson, James C- Hoimlich, Richard G. Gower, Arthur S. :Grisley, Keith Guy, Laurel P. .Douglas, Thomas W. Neville; tech- jnlcian fifth grade -- Kenneth D. 'Cunningham, Ernest J. Holley, JRobert E- Viney. / Sixty guardsmen were present 1 at the meeting "Wednesday night, It was also announced that S. Sgts. Hardy and i Osborn will have charge of two ; instruction and /training sections. First Sgt. \VilJiam E. Eiuhenn- Behr Tvas named' caretaker of the cow unit by Lt. Ed. Porter, commanding commanding officer of the new headquarters headquarters company. Payroll at the recent two-weeks training period nt Camp Attorbury was over ?3,000, ?3,000, It was reported. SALE CALENDAR Aug. 21--Hobert Lowry Kivett Aug. 21--Ralph Rinehart and Sons Petit and Rinehart Aug. 24--Watkins. and Rodkey . . . . Grume Aug, 24--Max Walking, Joe Rodkey .L. F. Grume Aug. 25--Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keeser .Kivett Aug. 31 Eldo Shafer .Grume and Richer Sept. 1--Lillie P. "Lybrook Estate · Rinehart Sept. 1--Clifford Miller Murtha Sept. 14--Ora Spitler -.. Rinehart Sept. 18--Ind. Milking Shorthorn Consignment Sale Rinehart Jim White Fire Insurance Dial 2491 WANTED Used Hat top desk. Call 3477. Logansport Building and Loan. NOTICE! My oflfce will be closed until Sept. 1. DR. O.'L. SHAKTEAU Fire Fighter Will Retire Charles "Peeler" Oivrpentcr, 023 Yk'ashlngton Strccf 9 to .'Rotlro on August 22. Charles Carpenter, 623 Washington Washington street, who has served on the flro department for more than SO years, will retire on August 22, it was announced Wednesday aight. - The veteran fire fighter was the driver of the last horse-drawn flvo wagon in tho city, and also of the first truck pujt. into service by tho local department. He joined joined the department in January, 1918. Carpenter fought nearly every fire in t h e - c i t y until April 1041 when he was transferred to the switchboard at the central station. He stated that he thought the biggest fire ho was ever on occurred occurred in 1924 at the old Bowling theater. He plans to take things easy for a long while. Carpenter resides with his brother, Harry, at 623 Washington street. AUCTION SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Wo will sell at Kivett's Auction Room at 11C Twelfth street, Logansport, Logansport, Indiana, on Friday Evening, Aug. 20, '48, 7:30 P. M. DST. CONSISTING OF: One cabinet radio and table radio; upright piano and bench; beauty parlor swivel chair and ottoman trimmed in chrome, like new, cost -$105; studio cot; occasional chair; 0-way indirect floor lamp and others; 8 rocking chairs; 2 console victr-olas; antique chestr antique book case; Hoover electric sweeper; book shelves; ottoman; 3-piece walnut bedroom suite; S-piece walnut dining room suite, good 1 ' large mirrors; guitar; 2 Innerspring mattresses; metal bed complete : wash stand; lot of bedding; center stands; 14 dining chairs; feather bed; 3 9x12 rugs; library tables; porcli lay down bed and mattress; wicker fernery; bird cages; 5-piece breakfast set, good; steamer trunk' antique chest of drawers; high oven gas range; 2 electric ranges; kero sene range; 2-hole laundry stove; 6 cu. ft. Grunow electric refrigerator good; Kenmoro electric washer, good; ironing board; kitchen stool; ]o of dishes and cooking utensils; curtain stretchers. This is a large sail and must start on time. Lot of good merchandise. TERMS--Cash as you buy. Not responsible for accidents, SALE ROOM Frank Kivett, Auctioneer--Dial 3053. ENROLL NOW to be registered with our September class Wedekind Beauty College 514 E. Market Phone 3572 Logansport, Indiana "Where You Learn To Get Ahead With A Head" Read Classified Ads Power Furnace Cleaning rhurs -- Evening - Aug - is i im ' · ' · Holland. Furnace.'Co.. P h . 3SS7 410 Fourth St. Dr,W. A. Klein Optometrist (^hone fcr'Appointment, i Phone 3375 ! FALSE TEETH Bo false teeth drop, slip or i wabblo, when you talk, eat, or sneeze? Don't bo annoyed efnbarrussed by such liacdlcaps. E;ASTKETH, an alkaline (nonacid) powder to sprlnklo on. plates, keeps false teeth more firmly set; Gives conCiilcut feel- j iile of security and added Kb gummy/gooey, pasty taste feellnpr. Get FASXEEJTH today any d r u g jstore. ! Card of Thanks We wish to thank Rev. Ilobln- 8on, Merrill Miller, American. Legion Legion and Auxiliary, V. F. W. and Auxiliary, D. A. V., World War No. 2 Mothers, U. C. T., R. B. M. Employees, Employees, and friends for their kindness, kindness, sympathy, and beautiful floral floral offerings during our recent bo- renvement. The Family of Pfc. Donald K. Harvey. AUCTION SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE As -we have sold our property and have bought a house trailer, we will sell tho following at public auction In Walton,. Indiana, on Saturday, August 21, 1948 at 1:00"P. M. 1 blue, 2 piece living voom suite; 1 kitchen table and 4 chairs; 1 electric Coldhpot refrigerator; 1 Norgo washing machine; 4 straight, odd chairs; 2 occasional tables; 2 end tables;, other stands; rose platform rocker; green rocking chair; 1 wine 0x12 rug; 1 linoleum, 2x12; 1 linoleum, 0x11%: 1 rug, 8-5x10-4; 1 white kitchen table;' drapes; several pairs curtains; 1 bridge lamp; 1 "table lamp; some .oys; .1 youth bed and chest of drawers; 1 baby bod; high chair; nursery hair; 1 Kenmoro wood, or coal heating stove, bought new last fall; lothes hamper; 1 Kalamazoo Commander heatrola; canned goods; dishes; dishes; bathroom plastic window and tub shower curtain; bath mat set; bed spreads; porch, swing; 1 fluorescent Icltchen light fixture; curtain curtain rods; window blinds; walking toy horse; 8 piece. dining room suite; china closet; 1 Daveno bed, good; 1 davenport-with chair; apartment apartment size) washer and wringer; 1 dyessor. Lots of articles not mentioned. mentioned. This is all good clean merchandise. TERMS: Cash as you buy. Not responsible for accidents. HOBERT LOWRY Auctioneer -- Frank Kivett. EAGLES FAMILY PLAY NIGHT CHICKENS and CANNED GOODS FRIDAY, AUGUST 20 AT 8 P.M. FOR MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES ,. DE StP R 7 OP*"'"! NOW IN FULL SWING! V A L U E S AT EVERY MOORE'S STORE Michigan Peaches They Will B* In Your Market NEXT WEEK An'd Through most of September. Michigan Peaches are Forger and or finer quality this year--and coming direct from the .nearby orchards in Michigan to your market insures you of i r fruit a n d near-orchard freshness. '· Plan to Can Michigan Peaches Thii Year MICHIGAN FRUIT SPONSORS, BENTON HARBOR, MICH. -;' Hoosierland's 'p. Greatest Show ·'* " \ f\ THE INDIANA STATE FAIR Indinapvolis Sept. 3 thru 10 !WK»l'» N»-w Jn F»rm'mj The Bait In L'rutock Hundred of E x h i b i t j A world of Educulion · for AH! Mora Than $300,000 IN PREMIUMS BRAND CIRCUIT RAGING · A Million-Dollar Display of FARM MACHINERY 4 s? Cetlin »nti Wilton. Show* plu» Unforeottible Attrnctioni in the Gmnditand and Colinuw · RUE J. ALEXANDER Lieutenant GoTtrnor LOUIS J. DEMBERGEK Pruident ORVAL C. PRATT fndi»na State Fair Board Household Furniture As I am going to the sefVice, 1 will sell at public auction on MONDAY, AUGUST 23 1 threa-piece bedroom suite,.consisting of bed, springs, mattress, pillows, chest oC drawers, and vanity; 1 boolccase; 1 Horary tahle;. 2 rocking chairs; 1 blue davenport, like new; 1 Zenith cabinet type radio; 2 table lamps; 1 medicine cabinet; 1 kitchen table; B chairs, 1 9 cu. Ct. electric Gibson refrigerator; .1 Monogram gas and wood combination combination stove, new; 1 "Warm Morning heating stove; 1 double-door white utility cabinet; new Blackstono electric washing machine; 2 wasl tubs on stand; 1 .copper : wash boiler; 1 9x12 linoleum; 1 12x15 l.inol eum; 1 lot of dishes; 1 garden plow; 1'hoe; 2 racks; other articles too numerous to mention. Country mall box. LOCATION: Z'/fe miles west of. Thornhope, first houso off blacktop MR. AND MRS. WALTER SPARKS Harry Bridge -- Auctioneer Public Sale As I have sold my property, vrill sell nt public auction, at 1430 College Arc., Rochester, Incl., on Saturday, Aug. 21, 1948 at 1 o'clock The following: 8 ft. "Westinghouse refvigevatv (rebuilt): Bendix washer (like new); Magic Chef gas range (used very little); Glow Boy oil burner (double burner); dining table and S chairs; bedroom suite; odd 'beds; studio couch (a good one); desk; 3 overstuffed chairs; 1 base rocker; 1 ottoman; 9x12 Wilton rug: 5xS American oriental; Sxll ~Mne3e rug (new); 10 yds.-velvet runner; throw, rugs; kidney table, mirror top (new); mirrors; metal radiator cover; fire pjace screen; filing cabinet, legal size; floor and table lamps; library table; set china dishes; tea sets; other dishes and glassware; kitchen cabinet; radio; electric clock; electric toaster; Silex coffee maker; kitchen able; drop leaf table; ironing board; odd chairs; pictures; curtains; awn chairs; camp stools; oil heater; hot plate; exhaust fan; step adder; kitchen utensils; lawn mowers; lawn roller; ice box; garden hose: garden tools; 101 articles not mentioned. Terms--Cash. Not responsible for accidents. META GIVEN S'orman Teel, Auctioneer Kex Moore, Clerk Hochester, Intl. -- 'Rain date, Aug. 24, 194S CEMENT BLOCKS Sizes 4", 8" and 12" made from fine quality materials. Steam cured, high testing, 1465 Ibs. per square inch. 369 CEMENT PAINT Money back guarantee. Very white. Easily applied, good coverage. Ask for formula 3,69. STEEL SASH All Sizesj residential or commercial basement and: utility. Circulating fireplaces. ROOFING DOORS All types of BARRETT roofing. Overhead garage doors. Hartford City or Commander standard sizes on hand--special ordered. Building Products Co. Burlington, Indiana Phone 7-A "We Deliver Anywhere" WATCH FOR THE BIG 8 PAGE CIRCULAR NOW BEING DELIVERED HID ORE'S Sfutf****** ' T I R E Big, huiky, long wearing! Atk to te« th« TOG -Jt -Jt showt lh» extra depth of tha channels In th» ,(amou« HIGHWAY HUGGER TREAD. Giv«» long«r anll-ikid quaMHai -- better traction. 6.00x16 TIRE TUBE Of PLUS FEDERAL · V ; ; * · · . TAX IS ALL YOU PAY FOR A BUTYl INNER TUBE WITH ANY MOORE'S TIREI PLUS FEDERAL TAX 100% PURE MOTOR fn your own confclnor. RADIO FOR SALE 2 STORY, 5 ROOM HOUSE Bath, hardwood floors, automatic ga.s heater, inlaid linoleum in laundry room, kitchen n.n«l bath room, aluminum storm win- dcnvs, new roof and white siding-. , - . Inquire 531 12th St. K. G. Is brewed In one of America's, most . modern nud sanitary plants, made from an ex- clasirc formal,-,., under ''the watchful eyes of a liighly trained personnel and headed, by Ian able chemist, plus close observation of trro great research research laboratories, ~* Thi;, beer is brewed with only one thonglit In mind, to make as fine a product as man, money nnd nature can produce. * Union matle and flellTerefl. Unrier-dosh model -our -our biggeit culo radio valutl FREE AERIAL ' With any PHIICO AUTO RADIO. MOORE'S $777 EXCH. YOUR DOLLARS BUY MORE AT MOORE'S BIKE INNER TUBE $1.00 DEPENDO MOTOR OIL 2 Gal. 1.00 BIKE BASKET T.OO FUEL PUMP (MOST POPULAR CARS) Ex. 1.00 3 CELL FLASHLIGHT ...,. 1.00 TIRE PUMP CANVAS GLOVES ... .'.'.'.'(4 PAIRS) SOCKET WRENCH SET (IN METAL CASE) .00 VISE GRIP WRENCH .00 FEDERAL TABLE RADIO As low as $19.95 TROJAN SPARK PLUGS (Set of 4) .00 P A I N T F O R E V E ~also brushes/ ancf supplies BIKE ACCESSORIES l^l? OF ALL KINDS fe. G. SchniMt BreWingCo., Inc. Logansport'. Ind. girl*. BUSy STORES EVERYWHERE Cor. Market and 3rd Sts. --Phone 3925 LOGANSPORT H£AR "THE TRAIUUZERS"--8 A.M. MONDAY THRU FIIDAT--WtW--700 OH YOU* WAI

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Logansport Pharos-Tribune (Logansport, Indiana)19 Aug 1948, ThuPage 12
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