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1900-10 (Oct) 1 ElPasoHearld_TX - 6 EL PASO DAILY HERALD, MONDAY, OCTOBER 1,...
6 EL PASO DAILY HERALD, MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1900. LAUGHTER IN THE MORNING. Dame Fortonp hath a soul of wrath For those who truckle to her; She loves to flout arid put to rout Weak hoarts that, trembling, woo her; But mild as milk and soft Pa silk Is she, all others seornins?, To that bold wight who braves her spite With laughter in the morning. The breakfast face of cheerful grace, Full well this vixen knows it; Against her will it wins her still, ’Tia hopeless to oppose it. So »'ieids the jade full sore dismayed With her best gifts adorning The dauntless foe who tempts her blow With laughter in the morning. —Ripley 1). Saunders in St. Louis Republic. ! Finders and Losers. Broadly speaking, girls are divided into two great classes—the ones who find and the ones who lose. Meta is a girl who finds. Ownerless earrings and brooch s and shirt studs are scattered along her pathway, entreating entreating her to pick them up, whichever whichever way she strolls, and little things like horseshoes and four leaved clovers seem to leap up in the most unlikely places at the first sound of her step. “Guess w hat I found today ?” is her regular form of greeting; so no one was surprised when the question came that day at Georgia’s tea. “Oh, I don’t know," said Lilian indifferently. indifferently. “Probably a cotton handkerchief handkerchief or somebody’s other glove.” Lilian is one of the girls who couldn’t find anything if they would. Possibly that’s the reason she assumes the manner manner of one who wouldn't if she could. Meta gave a withering glance at the «coffer. Then she removed her Ladysmith Ladysmith hat and extracted from its crown a roll of money, which she spread upon her lap. A $50, a .$20 and a .$10 bill stared out. “Counterfeit!” gasped Lilian. “No, sir. Uncle Mac says they’re as yood as any ever made.” “You didn’t find them, Meta; you’re Joking,” protested Georgia. “No joke about it. I was walking down Wabash avenue, and stacks of people wTere passing in both directions, too, but suddenly there was an open space about a yard square right in front of me, and straight in the middle t>f it lay this money, all rolled up. It just seemed as though the crowd parted parted and everybody looked the other way on purpose to let me have it” “Well, I never!” sang the chorus. “What are you going to use it for, Meta?” somebody asked, but Lilian, whose interest had revived wonderfully, wonderfully, didn’t give her time to answer. “Use it for?” she cried. “Do you s’pose Meta would spend that money? Think of the poor woman who lost it!” “Woman, indeed!” retorted Meta. “Uncle Mac doesn’t think that. lie snys there’s a little pocket just inside the waist band of his trousers where ho keeps a wad of bills—whenever he has one—and that it’s the easiest thing in the world to slip the money in back of the pocket instead of into it. And I asked him if that ever happened to him. You ought to have seen how guilty he looked when he said, ‘Once; but don’t tell Ellen!’ That's my aunt, you know. Well, we think—Uncle Mac and I—that some rich club fellow lost it and that he’d put it to some extravagant extravagant use even if he had it again.” “But I can’t help thinking ;i->out some poor old washerwoman who hadu’t another cent in the world,” murmured the blue eyed innocent. “Washerwomen without another cent are so likely to go strewing $80 rolls around!” said Meta. “More likely ’twas a schoolteacher with her month’s salary. And teaching Is such nervous work!” suggested Lilian. Lilian. “Or a fagged out woman clerk,” added added Georgia. “Well, I wouldn’t take it from a woman any sooner than you would,” declared Meta. “Of course I wouldn’t mind so much if it belonged to a man. But I intend to advertise it anyway.” ■“Certainly!” exclaimed Lilian, as if she’d been thinking of that all the time. “That’s the proper thing to do.” And blue eyed innocent added, “I should just use that money for advertising advertising every day in every paper until there wasn’t a cent left.” Meta pursed her lips. “Well, I’m taking Uncle Mac's advice about this,” she said. “He says to study the papers a day or two and see if the loser advertises. advertises. Then, after that, he says to advertise: ‘Found—Sum of money, at such a place, at such a time.’ Not a word to give a false claimant any help in identifying the bills, you see. But he doesn’t think I’ll ever find the owner, owner, and, say, girls, if he shouldn’t turn up, what do you say to a lake trip together together or some kind of a regular spree with this money?” “I couldn’t enjoy it,” said the righteous righteous Lilian. “Not unless you gave half to a hospital,” hospital,” amended another. “Oh, I don’t know\” dissented Georgia. Georgia. “I think my conscience would take in a trip to Mackinac.” “Good for you!” replied Meta, as she rolled up her wealth and put on her hat. “We’ll spend it all for gum if we want to, Georgia, and we won’t treat them, either—see if we do!” They didn’t see her again for three weeks, and then she came flying in to luncheon at Lilian’s with a look in her eyes as if she’d just fallen heir to a million in gold. “I’ve had the loveliest experience in the world!” she announced. “You remember remember that money I found? Well, I waited a few days, as Uncle Mac said, and no one advertised the loss; so I put one in myself. Told them to address X, the newspaper office, you know— the way they do. Next morning I went down to get the returns. There were nine answers, and of all the pathetic pathetic things! Not one of the people who wrote had lost their monev on the day or at the place I found mine, but they were just as hopeful, for all that, and they actually made me feel responsible responsible for their losses. “First there was a man who had dropped a small, flat, black book, with a pawn ticket, a laundry bill and two $2 bills in iit And distressed over it! You’d think he’d lost a gold mine. And he was so sure ’twas his money I’d found—poor fellow! Then a woman poured out a whole sheetful of her heart, and drew a picture of the purse she’d lost, and told me how the money in it belonged to her sister, who was in the hospital and who needed it dreadfully, dreadfully, and how I’d be blessed forever if I only restored it. Next there was an old man who had dropped two $20 bills, and he went on in a shaky, feeble hand to explain that the reason he was carrying it was because he couldn’t trust the banks; and then another girl, who told about an alligator alligator skin pocketbook containing a latchkey latchkey and a time pass over the Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Jackson and Mackinac road. When I showed that to Uncle Mac afterward he said that road was a regular joke, because it didn’t run to any of the places mentioned in its name, and he just shouted over the pass, because it had expired Sept. 30, 1897. But it wasn’t funny to me. I thought the girl must be in a sad way to be hanging on to an expired pass over a road like that for three whole years. Besides, she mentioned in a postscript that there was a $5 bill in her purse. “I got awfully worked up over these letters. Then, suddenly, I had a brilliant brilliant idea. I Just made up my mind to wait a week and then, if no one claimed claimed that $<80, to s%nd for all those forlorn people and pay them what they had lost out of what I had found. I didn’t dare tell Uncle Mac the scheme until the week had passed and I had really written notifying them all to be at his office at 10 o’clock this morning. Then i just gave him the news all in one piece. I don’t believe in breaking things, especially when you’ve set your heart on doing them. “Oh, he thought I was crazy, of course, and wished he’d answered my ‘ad.’ himself and claimed the money. Said he could have done it through some one else so I would never have suspected, and then could have kept the money for me until this fit of sentimental foolishness had passed off —and all that sort of talk. But the end of it was that he took a chair over by the window in his office and let me have things all my own way with the people I had sent for. They all came, mind you, and of all the surprised looking looking beings! Each one was expecting to find the identical purse he had lost, and at first every one looked suspicious of every one else. They couldn’t seem to grasp the situation. “I had the money all changed into the right amounts and lying in tempting tempting little heaps on Uncle Mac’s desk. First I made a little speech and then I served gold and silver refreshments. It took every cent of the money, and I had to put in a dollar besides, so there goes our gum, Georgia. But you wouldn’t grudge it if you’d been there. Such larks! I never felt so much like a beneficent fairy in my life. Oh, dear, fun! Vaudevilles are nowhere. And say, the man who lost tlie pawn ticket will never get over his grudge against me because I couldn’t give that back. * He thinks I’ve lost him a fortune! But the rest were more than sweet. Girls, I’ve been blessed and hugged, and the old man with the two $20 goldpieces actually kissed my hand. Think of that, will you? And the woman with the sister in the hospital was so happy! And I cried. Me crying—can you see it? And Uficle Mac needn’t pretend he wasn’t wiping his own eyes either. But when they were gone he squared around at me, stern as stern, and said in a disgusted way: “ ‘Well, of all the girly girly performances!’ performances!’ “I looked straight back at him and just said: ‘How7 would you have a girl, Uncle Mac, if not girly? Do you want me manny ?’ And, honest fact, he didn’t know" a single thing what to say.”—Chicago Record. The Inatallation. The day on which I wras installed in my present charge I was requested to address the Sunday school. I attempted attempted to make plain to the children the idea of installation. In doing so I related related this anecdote: A congregation has called a new minister. His installation installation is announced for a certain Sunday. Coming home from church a boy who evidently has listened to the announcement very attentively, asks his father: “Father, what do they do when they install a minister? Do they put him in a stall?” “No,” replies the latter, “they hitch him to a congregation congregation and make him pull.” A little girl had evidently not seen the point in this, for when she got home she told her mother—the mother related this to me afterward—that she wanted to go to church that evening. My installation wras to take place in the evening. “What for, my dear? You never go to church in the evening.” “Well, but the minister said wre should come, and then I want to see it, too.” “What do you want to see?” “Don’t you know, mamma?” “No. What do you mean?” “Why, they are going to hitch the minister to a cart and make him pull it around the church.”— Homiletic Review. ADDING MACHINES. Inventor* Are Utiwy In Devising An- tomutic Mathematician*. There is unusual activity among inventors inventors at preseut in the effort to produce produce machines for mathematical purposes, purposes, and perhaps the largest number of applications received «.t the patent office for any one line of invention these days is for patents for improvements improvements upon adding machines. The electric computers in use at the census office have reached a higher degree of accuracy and speed than any other automatic mathematicians, but there are many other devices for making computations already in use throughout throughout the country which are being rapidly rapidly improved and even in their imperfect imperfect state are a great advantage where large calculations are necessary. “For many years many attempts, more or less successful, have been made by inventors 10 devise what are known as adding machines,” said Commissioner Commissioner of Patents Duell in Washing Washing the other day, “but not until recently recently have such machines come into general use. for the double reason that they are easily thrown out of order and cannot be repaired by the ordinary mechanic, and, secondly, because they are not accurate, especially in carrying over from one denomination to another, as from units to tens, tens to hundreds, etc. Adding machines are now coming into extensive use in banks, counting houses and large business concerns where long columns of figures are to be recorded and added, and they serve to make an expert accountant out of any one who can become skilled in manipulating the keys, for the machine, machine, even in its prcsmt state of development, development, is less liable to error than the human brain, because it never gets tired. “The adding machine upon which inventors are now working with considerable considerable activity is one in which the number or unit types are set up by means of keys in position for printing. Connected with these number types are what are known as total number wheels, which, when the number types are restored to their position, continue to move in the same direction until all the numbers have been printed. These total number wheels are moved at each opera ion of the machine a distance corresponding to the key operated, so that as soon as all the separate numbers are printed one may read off from the total number wheels the sums of all the individually recorded recorded numbers, thus frequently saving saving a long and arduous mental calculation. calculation. “The earlier machines had many attachments attachments that have been found to be useless, and by omitting these inventors inventors have made the present adding machine machine comparatively simpl®. It is now their main effort to develop a machine that will not make errors. This will probably be accomplished by Improving Improving the apparatus that preYents the inertia inertia of the overthrow movement at the end of each operation, by keeping the parts locked except during the instant instant of time that the operator is pressing pressing the key. and by perfecting the mechanism for transferring from one denomination to another.”—Chicago Record. K t*e Of Charge. Any adult suffering from a cold set ifed on the breaet, bronchitis, throat oi lung troubles of any nature, who will call at any drug store, will be present ed with a «ample bottle of Boschee’t German Syrup, free of charge. Onij one bottle gfiven to one person, and none to children without order from parents. No throat or lung remedy ever hac auch a sale as Bosohee’sGerman Syrup in all parts of the civilized world. Twenty years ago millions of bottle* were given away, and your druggist* will tell you its success was marvelous. It is really the only Throat and Lung remedy generally endorsed by physicians. physicians. One 75 cent bottle will cure or prove its value. Sold by dealers in all civilized countries. “Land Of The Sky” In Western North Carolina, between between the Blue Ridge on the east and the Alleghanies on the west, in the beautiful valley of *he French Broad, two thousand feet above the sea, lies Asheville, beautiful, pioturesque and world-famed as one of the most pleasant pleasant resorts in America. It is a land of bright skies and incomparable climate, whose praises have been sung by poets, and whose beauties of stream, valley and mountain height have furnished u bject and inspiration for the painters brush. This is truly the ‘‘Land of the Sky,” and there is perhaps, no more beautiful region an the continent to attract pleasure tourists or health seekers. Convenient schedules and verylow rates to Asheville via Southern Southern Railway. Mexican I Firefl Opals 600D ASSORTMENT RIGHT PRICES...... Mexican leather carver at work. Call on us. W (1 WAI 7 Pil Ourio Dealer«, Ui Vi M l L UU i j Ciudad Juarei.Mex p Custom House, Smudges. A curious bit of adaptation to circumstances circumstances may be seen in summer among the cattle of the swamp lands aloug the Mississippi. From July to mid September blood sucking insects— mosquitoes, flies, gnats and so on—are so bad there cattle are sometimes in danger of their lives. So are people, unless they make smudges—that is to say, fires so thickly smothered that they fill the air with clouds of smoke— and thus drive away the pests. The cattle soon learn the use and value of the smudges. R. G. DUN & CO. Mercantile Reports. Mercantile Collections. Momsen & Thorne Building, ROYAL H. WRIGHT, TAXIDERMIST. CARLSBAD, ......................NEW MEX. \ SINGER | * SEWING ♦ t__ MACHINES { l Sold On Easy Payments, i 4 J. J. SPEIR. | l 402 El Paso Street. I 9 PEONE 17, Z RINGS PROFESSIONAL. IRVIN JOHN Civil and Mechanical ÏÏL PASO JAMES H. /¡MRTINEAU. Civil, Hydraulic and lliniug Engineer. Have Had Forty Years’ Experience. COLONIA JUAREZ, I : I : MEXICO. & FOSTER, ATTORNEY-AT-LJ» W. Special, attention given to .Heal Be­ tete and Probate Law. Will practice ic all the courts. ROOM 8, MÜNDY BLOCK. ST. PASO, • - TEXAS rise it I ..BICYCLES.. J ■ FREE AIK REPAIRING OF • Bicycles, Lock?, Gasoline Stoves , Etc. S Bioyoie E5u.ppli©s C. F. WOHRIS When In Jl ARFZ upon having 46 La Prueba” Cigars, manufactured by Balsa y Hermano, Vera Cruz, Mex The only Mexican cigars that have th entre to the leading clubs of the United States and Europe. Special brand, “FLOR DE BALSA.*’ Link Saloon and ! Order Restaurant Cool Lemp’s Beer Always on Tap. Oysters, iFish and Game I d Season. Witie Rooms Attached. Service first-class. 215 El Faso Si Gasoline Engines We sell a Gasoline Engine that has the least number of working parts—the easiest started and operated of any in the market. Suited for HOISTING, PUMPING PUMPING or driving any kind of MACHINERY. If your engine or machinery does nol run to suit you, CALL AND SEE US ABOUT IT. TO REPAIR IS OCR SPECIALTY El Paso Novelty Works, r 114 S Stanton St. - II Paso, Tex. \t( ft(fU<f f/jvï 1 ttfuTcT***: CALIFORNIA STABLE, W. F. CARPENTER, Proprietor LIVERY, FEED and SALE STABLES, 705 N, Campbell St.* The Pecos System Pecos Valley & Northeastern Ry Co., T’ecos & Northern Texas Ry .Co., Pecos River R. R. Co. Entirely North of the Quarantine line. A NEW ROAD OPENING A NEW COUNTRY Sew Towns! New Opportunities! Last year 120,000 bend of catt-le over this new thornucrbfa^e. Th*>ye*»* Th*>ye*»* the number will re»cb 200,000 head. Stations from east are «Mt-hi* thirty to thirty-five hours of Kani»*-«* Led lots ar*d no iieeci of uniu^oir y stock in transit. Shipping stations on toelitje In p<-' f<^ i order. Portales, Bovina, Bereft*'u and OanyooCity can accommodate with feed and water 5,000 to 10,000 head of cattle each. Bona-ficJe settlers wanted. Every effort will be made by the Railway to assist them. An abundance of water! Rich soil Cheap lands! Quick transportation and fair, honest rates. Por particulars as to the various oper* ings in the Pecos Valley and its neighborhood address D. H. NICHOLS, Gen. Manager, oi E. W. MARTINDELL, G. F. & P. A., Rot?well, N. M. Amarillo, Tex. Atlanta & West Poim RAILROAD COMPANY. AND— ÜWesîern Ry. of Aia TBS SHORT LINE BETWEEN ATLANTA AND NEW ORLEANS All work guaranteed Üretclses in every every respect charges must be prepaid. On work sent by express ♦Jr?,lepho£e 41 for;nlc? r]*a and prompt at* J tentlon. Come get prices on boarders and see new quarters. For the Toilet Table our Complexion Creams, Toilet Waters, Perfumes, and Powders are indispensable indispensable for the refined and dainty woman. We have everything in toilet articles In sponges, loofahs, sea salt, fine soaps, bath, nail and tooth brushes, that are of superior manufacture and reliable ualltY- FRED SCHAEFFER The Druggist. C. 0. BALLINGER. J. J. LONGV?KI 1 Ballinger & Loogweil, Transfer, Livery, Feed and Sale Stables. New Rigs,Rubber Tires,Good Driven Hack Service Promptiy Furnished Transferring of Freight. Light aaO heavy hauling. Consignments a? freight in car lots for distribution given prompt attention. ..................... Have fine accommodations for handling handling Uve stock in transit through fchs City. - - • -................................................... Full line of wagons, buggies and do livery wagons. - - - - ..................... Give us_a Trial No. 11 and 14 San Francisco straet *ad 10« Santa Fe Street, Phone No. 1 . El Paso, Tex Atlanta & New Orleans ^hort Line. »perate Magnificent Vestibuled Trai?is o* tween Atlanta and Montgomery, Mobil* *nd New Orleans.at which latter point Close and direct connections are made for ill Texas. Mexico and California Points lu Addition to this Excellent Through Train and Car Service Railroads offer most favorable accon odations and inducements to their patron» «¿residents along their line. Any one ntemplating a change of home can flni* ao location more attractive nor more con duclve to prosperity than is to be found o* the line of these roads.3 "THE HEART OP THE SOUTH'* % beautifully illustrated book giving detali ed information as to the Inducements anc sttractions along these lines, can be hac apon application to the undersigned, wht will take plealure in giving all desired in formation. B, F. WYLY, Jr., R. E. LUTZ. *«n. Pass. Sc Ticket Agt. Traffic Mgi. ATLANTA, GA. UONTGOMDBY, ALA ¿BORGE O* SMITH, Pres. A Gen, Manager Atlanta, Ga. Every One Eats AT TH K SILVER KING CAFE Most popular lunch counter in tne city. Anything you want: the best of food and the best of service. ‘’The best Chill Con Carne in the city every night at 8 o'clock." Open Day and Night.. STEIN & UHLIfl, Props. 209 Saa Antonio St. • - EL PASO LOUDCROFT NOV MEXICO.- Ì ÄT % x - 'ife C' ■ ■>•,SZÉ fÜHP % /, Ufl¿ r.- - •' %Éar_. A THE BREATHING SPOT OF THE SOUTHWEST. REACHED VIA THE E L PÂ50 & Northe astem RAILWAY. SPECIAL ROUND TRIP TICKETS Good until Sept., 30, 1900, $5,00 Trains run daily Except Sunday. The grandest railroad trip In the world SIERRA MADRE LINE (R. G. S. M. & P. Ry.) El Paso, Tex., to Casas Grandes, Chia., Mex Distance 151 Miles Opens to capitalists and prospector« the most resourcefiil and inviting section of Mexico. Convenient to American and Mexican markets- LEADING INDUSTRIES: Mining, Lumbering, Stock Raising, .Farming .Farming and Fruit Growing. Magnificent openings in these lines The policy of the Sierra Madre Line is to encourage and foster in every consistent manner all legitimate industries in Its territory, calculated calculated to promote the welfare of the country. Correspondence solicited. J no . P. R amsey , General Manager. J. T. L ogan . Gen. Traffic Agt., El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mex. OLD TRAVELERS elways use th* Luxurious Service of the Queen & Crescent Route the Short Line to the EAST AND — NORfH. • THROUGH SLEEPERS . Shreveport to Chattanooga. PULLMAN DUFFET SLEEPERS New Orleans tc New York Cincinnati and St. Louis. T, M. HUNT, TRAV. PASS. AGT D*LL£*, TEK. N W CRLCANS, L*. DR. NG CHE HOK Guaduate Chinese Physician Over 30 years’ ex" perience in treating ,*!1 diseases of men | and women. He guarantees to cure Blood Poison, } Lost Manhood, Skin ¡diseases. Dropsy, i Hernia, Gonorrhoea, 'Scrofula. Paralysis. Rheumatism, Diseases Diseases of Brain, Heart, 'Lung, Kidneys, Liv- j^r, Bladder, and all H'emale Complaints. All diseases cured sxclusively by Chinese Chinese herbs without surgical operaions Consultation Free E3ours: 9 a. . to S p. m.; Sundays, 10’a. re to 4 p. m. OFFICE 105 MYRTLE AVE Oflf San Antonio St., next Delaware Furniture Furniture Store. if You to find » man tnd don’t see him on the streets, £0 to the . . . Gem Bîlliard Rooms The . . . , Gentlemen’s Resort. . . Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. Digests what you eat. It artificially digests the food and aids Nature in strengthening and reconstructing reconstructing the exhausted digestive organs. organs. It is the latest discovered digest- ant and tonic. No other preparation can approach it in efficiency. It instantly instantly relieves and permanently cures Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Sick Headache, Gastralgia,Cramps, and all other results of imperfect digestion. Prepared by E. C. DeWitt A Co.. CblcagOb The “STAR” Livery, Feed and Sale Stables 1 BEST AND CHEAPEST KIGS IN CITY. NAT GREER, Prop. PHONE 82

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