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Texas Customs - 1'UE- ITcrnld's it is ft exists supported or of...
1'UE- ITcrnld's it is ft exists supported or of tlie being ami with supporters if not more the best and to which inability control the trouble financial full- distrust reassurances ia the not in great and if fate. publishes Heverdy first act before the Johnson former'3 Johnson for lack follows: during tho ia mak- hear your says: Trom our ETcnlnc Eilition of Yesterday. From tlic lilo Grande. F u r t h e r rtlrlietllnra of the. Sacking of Clarkcsvllle niict tho Mnrdcr of Uvo -Customhouse Inspectors by Sleiicnn UamUUl. From the New Orleans I'lcnjnne. A\"c publish below tho particulars of a murderous raid made by a party of Mexican robbers, last Friday evening, on tho village of Clnrkesville/fexas, at tho mouth of the Bio Grande. The particulars were obtained frcm a passenger, who reached our city, last night on board of tho Tesas steamer I. C. Ou Friday evening, Dec. 13, at lialf- past S o'clock, tho village of Clarkcs- villc, nt tho mouth of the Rio Grande, Texas, wna attacked by a band of Mexican robbers (among whom were two negroes), who killed Mr. George T. Hammond and William IE. Pinlps, and seriously wounded Sir. Robert 11. Ryan. They first rode to a small outhouse attached lo the premises of Mr. Charles Frost, which was tised as a lodging place for some mechanics who boarded there,. Here they found Mr. Hurry Marquart, whom they made prisoner and placed a guard over, telling h i n t that it he moved or attempted to give any alarm he would be shot. Threa of the party then rode, to the small building used as a customhouse, aad found Mr. R. 11. Ryan, Acting Deputy Collector, standing at the door. They addressed him in Spanish several times: he replied in Enirlish that he could not understand what they said. One of them then drew a. pistol and pointed it at his heart. Ryan seized the pistol w i l h one hand and w i t h Hie other hold of the Mexican,-by the throat, when another of the party ran behind Ky.in and broke a heavy pistol over his head, which^felled Mm as if denil; bolievinc him so, the Mexican entered the b u i l d i n g and found Mr. W. Plielps, a nig'.it inspector of customs, sitting on his cot; without a word of warning they all fired at lii;ii,"anvl lie Written for Christ, our thEV- be Bcfjro nia t ho Its 8i/,imlor the Anit Horn Cl-.rlet, t b l s Before tlo-8 SVllhla the rfccp P"nc2, liath Chdst. o-:r In^ly !) Jlia smll^ h'.a How tfofLly brciiel Oh, wny-wcrn wc.iy Clir:s f , cur ·\vc slup The :iii listeiilr^ To our uioni, Aad tell Lord, foil. After he had fallen they cut him in eight places, and roost Lorribly of the ninunglecl his body. Ry«n, who Imcl white ' bccn lefc ftt tho Doorway, recovered lus senses anil made his escape; he was seen, hou'cver, ami £fivo sbota ivere fired at him, happily they all missed their aim, and he succeeded m l'.i:ling himself in the stables of Mr. Prost, While Uiig was going o n , ' o n e of ihe party rode up to the hcusc of Capt. Jus. Selkirk; dismounting, went up to the front door and knocked. Mrs. Tliorn- ham, Cnpt, S.'s daughter, went to See wliat was wanted,, and asked the Mexican what he knocked for; ho replied he wished to see Capt. Selkirk, as he had a letter for him from the Governor of tlic State. Mrs. Thornlmrn suspected tlmt .something was wrong, and told him Capt. Selkirk could not be seen, as -he had gone to bed--that she would give him the letter in the morning if he would leave it with her. Ito refused to let any one have it except Cnpt S., and getting on liis horse rode outside the fence, where he stopped. 5fr. Gco. T. Hammond, one of the mounted inspectors of customs, was spending the e v e n i n g at 3 \Vtn. Clarke's house. Having beard several pistol shota iired, and thinking Cnpt. Selkirk's tV.raily would be alarmed at it, he (without knowing the cause of the firing) went through a side door to Capt. S.'s house, and told Mrs. Thorn ham not to be frightened, as it was a party of men fireing for amusement. 31'rs. Thornliam said it was not so; that they were robbers, and that one of them was at the time biding behind the fence, Hammond asked if tlniy had auy arms in the house. Sirs. T. said they had not, and requested Mr. II. to go and inform Capt, Joseph Cooper that there were robbers around. He went out co comply with hot request, and liacl only passed the door, when ho ·was fired at. He then ran towards Mr. Clarke's house and fell tit tho steps, of respectfully. subject discussion with regard it is n, lie truth in tho with the of the innst because can with Lis of t in'my of ; Shondna. on the that no obcdi- or is this country fol- tell "Virginia, so will permit to govern paper. creature a bill children their putative if a negro children the white can inherit legitimate by a s made Monday nt ; but if it only one the overburdened Co. understand the peo- Houston been briskest to hare. the traders purchases bits t o tniued, much less the time greablo and. hia or have ia on imaginable seen somo bearing descriptions I took wonder have been tho good, on their torruined a Christinas These supplied silver-- them I am now one of pound, wounded through both legs. While Mr. Hammond was at dipt. Selkirk's bouse, three ot tho robbers had entered Mr. Clarke's -where thty only found Mrs. C. and her children. they-en- They asked her whore were liie men. they She replied there _werc i m i u e n in which ' house. They pointed their pistols tidal waves and ^ and demand 'T- ded her money and jew- bhe said she had none. Ihey to Ycsu- . . the j then maclc lier unlock ancl empty out Islands, « I !«* tnmk?, etc. ; they broke open find to throb .and Alabama. logger decency carpetbaggers State. an earthquake.--[Montgomery discussing altogether edition of. . ,-.. papers I 5jo nd cnca o u t » . \ am L . a f ) , Then each ono of the party suot at him, . and drawing their knives, cut him m seven places, killing him immediately, hat and coat off all tboy did not unlock.. In one of the trunks, the property of one of the boardters, thej- found ·'S500. They tool: one of lire. Clarke's trunks and filled it with everything of value they could fiacl. As they were plundering, Hammond, who hud fallen wounded at the door, dragged himself in and was crawling under the bed, when he was seen by the Mexicans, who cried out, "kill Mm-kill the ," and took hold of him by the feet and dragged him out. Ham- the and ia London papers a viow of opposite causingmucit damage. Firo tlio a defective tho cause arrived and will at -1 lying days, came will sail for the Cens and evening. York, after weeks. still at over. from on her from Litn Morjw is transacted : Wm.Wright until the costs. offence, concealed but wao fighting cents. Colin wilh in Jno. Shea, disorderly, itnd left the building. Tho samemau who had tried to gain admittance to Cajjt. Selkirk's, made another attempt, ivnd finding the door locked, went to the window, and finding that well fastened, he broke part of the sash with his pistol and then galloped off. The robbers, in a body, then rode to wnrds the warehouse and oflicc of Capt: Jos. Cooper, some distance off. Capt. Cooper had heard the firing, and started to see what was wrong, accompanied by Mr. Wm. Kelly, when he saw several horsemen approaching. lie immediately ordered them to halt, and demanded, " Who comes there ?" They replied, "Friends;" but as they did not look like friends, Capt. Cooper and 3Ir. Kelly presented them with the contents of their revolvers. They returned tile fire, and looked for a place through which they might gain admittance, as a strong fence had been put around the premises by Capt. C. only a tow clays previous. Not haying counted with meeting any resistance, they next tried tho rear of the house, bufc here they were met with the same fire, aad as tho firing and cries for help had attracted the attention of the people on the Mexican side, several of whom were coming over to the assistance of the inhabitants, the robbers rode off, taking their plunder with them. Scouting parties were immediately sent out, and the robbers were traced to a point two miles above" Clarkcs - yUie, where they had crossed the river into lleilo,?. . · The bodies of the murdered men were interred tho evening following. The 'inhabitants of Clarkesville and Brazos Santiago, together with all the United States ofBcere, together with many from the Mexican side, were present. George T. Hammond was 20 years of age, and leaves a wife and child to mourn his loss., He- had written for his family, who Jwere loolced for on the next steamer Irom New Orleans. Wm. H' Phelps was 19 years old, a native of Western Virginia" They were both highly esteemed and much respected for their many virtues. The robbers appeared to be well acquainted with Clarkesville, and asked for several of tbe inhabitants by name. They also chose their time well, as nearly aU the entire .male population of ClarksvUlo were over the river at Bag- daii. on the Mexican aide,' where they make it a practice of spending the evenings. - : No further ttr.ce of tho robbers tad been found tip tQ noon of Sunday, at which tinj (fie steamer left for New and I ovr as good world. geese, a tine The advantage er, which time, to order. With as this, lion as The everyday. on our magnificent hitherto Tho about the Cfray's something Tomorrow bountiful folks at see tlie prattlers Some before tale -- piety deathbed "she Smith, immense buried by never darkeys would get hours of shovels, "divining the Smith's gentleman digging, tha when lie Without away and officers, locked implicit Indy'fi of col n money. Well, pecial.iofls but it cases of Bui, old woman Smith to G*" recently stated that past, he had as he for the The Albany, .mundane conclusion next. of the their prices. fear, The that tti soldier now while on the Revolution fathers, A Congregationalists, county, been labeling, sum of 1854, ed to too old longer. More issued than is no of silver, is currency gnishivblc , The to imagined country. It not less bcrsjtwt ·vigorously ggf" our January, A be him. . . · Isabella' with a church. Elihn £150 and miogham. oyiiMty

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 27 Dec 1868, Sun,
  3. Page 1

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