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1897-04-22-SpringfieldMissouriRepublican-p4- - - - Ci H J TAT LOR. rrom. the Frviokrie'.d tMo...
- - Ci H J TAT LOR. rrom. the Frviokrie'.d tMo tkixett. tVe hV suptvitiij that Mr C. H. J. Tior. ui - i colorr - d Democratic party of Kaunas, ' i - C who at l - aett succeeded to get - .ing Mr. Cleveland to kx k upon him in that fight. aiM betow n htm a far of l rs f - t h - h In - ! in to entitled ad - is of - - of The any the to ortle - e vn a vouAu of brilliant Sr - rvkt aupposrd to hive rfc - ei - nderd that party. had i - 'Ut vanished from th pub lic view. Mr.Taylor. it will be. remem bered was aip.Ht.ted s UniWel State miniscer.to Ik - l.vu. .u - some plac else, in the wu - ly ays of Mr. Cleveland's ad - minrstn(ioni w hi'ch appointment wa mlthdrawn, from lb fact that th Boll, visas, ej - wMrever (opi it w - aa that Mr - C H. J jTaytor was abiait to b sent to as American minister, dlsulayvd and exprrsel fully ., much prejudice arair - .at iMlj. Taylor on account of hi coKar as though they had been voting the - ikswt i t ttf pacty to which Mr. Cleveaid then belonged all their Uvea Not ttlnlg able t reward Mr. Taylor fvr aervWie that wer passably mor imaginarW than real ty giving him an ePfolr.tm n( ihat would take him out f the country b.ae lkae yf th LVmo. .ratic wt;yi m ght not have their gorge stirred by th unweKvm t.ght of a col jre - 1 n - .a Iii bfftv - v Mr. Clevi4 finally gave th gKlntu man (torn Africa aad lrm Kapit the rath.r pleasant and iVcrstive KR.t:a ,.f rtgitr of deo fr the tttsiw. - t of Columbia. In ihWpi - tukn Mr. Taylor might hav Neu vfttri to keVp quiet and pocket a s f - that waa w preeume, j.r'Vulr nfailer f. - r the ma.i who looked up. n h!rretf a th col lYd'Democcwltc ;ar - .y of Ka as and who had made a peh in a B - 'urlv - n .Mnventioa la Mis souri, an.f I; w a not I .r.g until the genK tletran w ith (he a'phstK - al nam had ...!;'! :p a horntt - n - t la the register's register's otfl - t ws a - cueed of l - vying'as - ef meo: on the enr.pioyes In that ofrlce for cami - a.gn purpijae. and apeartng v.ty i.keiy to get lito a perk of trouble witn th - c..l service - commisslao. in matter, nwever. qut(ej oowa. h civil sen kre eimmission for some reason or other )id not press matter n l Mr. Cleveland s one colored t - deral official continued t draw his pay and perform the duties of register of deeds. poMibiy by drawing his pay and letting th - r a do the work, and Mr. C. H. J Tsye.tr disappeartd from the column of th daily newipapers w had hoped for jtxi. but now ih ther l chant f aJminiatiatton at Waahlngton; an admlnhtratwa has eorae Into power that did a Tgreat j to make it possibl for a man of Mx. Taylor' rac to hold aa offl - e. but which will hav a littW dif ficulty lu uoiertianding how a ssaa oT that race hapu - e, to' lake aa kladly to a political party that has la its :: doa a great d - al to prevent anea of his race, from holding office. Mr. Taylor has without much effort convinced himself that s - ourht not only to b allowed to trx out his full term but that he ehnuid slso be reappointed, and It h said that he is almost a daily aUer at the v hit House. We hav never been a v - ry stroag ad vocate of the doctrine that to the victor beltings th sp..U; w hav aever r olced la s.eing th ax of the iteadsaaan HWlr.gir.g tmvily, but, la this case we trust that th plvQt adraiBistratioa mal no nothing that WUI deprive the Democratic party of Kansas tf there is any such party - of tbesnrsemc sad help of Mr. C. 11. J. Taylor. W trust that b b allowed to retire from Washington life and return to his Kansas horn at the very earliest possible date coasiaiot with the public good. ' en in ot a J

Clipped from The Springfield News-Leader22 Apr 1897, ThuPage 4

The Springfield News-Leader (Springfield, Missouri)22 Apr 1897, ThuPage 4
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