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1886-12-25-WashingtonBee-p1-OurWeeklyReview - A MERRY DAY TO the Mammouth Bee, that we all...
A MERRY DAY TO the Mammouth Bee, that we all now see, At this time of the year ; that you may not have any fear ; For your information good company, company, is always welcome here, For the buzzing Bees have folded their wings and sting, to sleep the long sleep of winter till early spring. But this big Bee, is a wide awake Bee, he will sting in Janua ry, as well as in May ; And if with him, von try to pl3vr,eP3blican opposiug Mr. Mat-he Mat-he -will sfiinp1 vnn hv niorhfc rv Iia ! tIic",h- -. ,:vu. a?i tuui- he will sting you by night or he will sting you by day. In the hum ot his sting, you can hear him sing, Let me alone till I come to your home; For in my place I am sure to stay, because I always mean business, business, and do not mean play. Now dear little Bee, since first you made your call on me, You have always found me in the hall, waiting for your Saturdays Saturdays call. Come on good Bee, with hum and sting, and make your calls till early early spring; For you, E am always glad to see, and I am your friend ; L. D. Gk OUR WEEEXT REVIEW. THE GREAT ALABAMA EXPOSITION FRAUD. WHY COLORED PEOPLE RETROGRADE. THE COMING COLORED COLORED NATIONAL CONVENTION GROWING IN POPULAR FAVOR. WHERE SHALL IT MEET? THE POLITICAL CONDITION OF THE NE GRO SHOULD BE CONSIDEKED. THE TIME HAS COME FOR ACTION. PRES IDENT CLEVELAND AND MATTHEWS' NOMINATION. In our issue a .few weeks ago, we had occasion to denounce, the. j -t r.uu iUHU ID rtUUai LU be" perpetrated upon the colored people of the south by an alleged World's Exposition. We have JUSL 1CUCIVCU tl 1CLLCX JLlWlll jn.HULl- ma from a distinguished young man to the eflect that our article was correct. The writer further says that the men whose names are attached to the circular have beeu hoodwinked into the affair; that the papers in Alabama endorse endorse it from the repiesentation that it has been given; but the people consider the leader a crank and a corrupt politician. It is a shame that our people should have things aud matters so falsely represented represented to them by men of their own race. The people of Alabama Alabama should expose thia great iraud and denounce the leaders of it as unlit men to represent any such enterprise. The whole exposition is conducted by one man and as a matter of fact, it is impossible tor one man to conduct a World's Ex-, position. The proposed NATIONAL CONVENTION of colored men is eudorsed and from present indications the presumption presumption is that it will be representative representative in every respect. C. H. J. Taylor of Kansas City, Kansas and one of the representaiive men in that state favors the convention and will do all in his power to make it a success. The next question is where shall the con. veution meet? Some suggest Washington, others New York, Boston and elsewhere. THE POLITICAL CONDITION of the race should be discussed wisely and judiciously. The political political status of the colored people in this country is not what it should be. The time lor action has come, it has come f r us to decide our own destiny. We have b. en too dependent upon our white fellow citizens; yet it is no fault of ours, because when we were emancipated, it is true as Mr. Watterson Bays, we had nothing. We are iu a position to day to help ourselves and each other. We are chastised because we se fit to affiliate with other political parties. Mr. Ingalls who is the author of these sentiments affiliat ed with the democratic party himself, himself, so it is rep rted. We must give Mr. Ingalls to understand thatyve are free American citizens and will not be dictated to by the repubi:caa party or a class of men in any party. Mr. Ingalls' fight is against THE PRESIDENT for appointing a colored democrat to an office in this city. He is opposed opposed to the colored man on account account of his color and it is left with the colored voters ol the country to eay whether they will tolerate it. We have been informed that there iB a petition in mmnio. tion, headed by a renegade black vidual who has the petition has been-obnoxious to the people for at least 12 years. He is without political iufiuence and social stand-ng stand-ng in the community. Our contemporary contemporary THE ADVOCATE, after having endorse-i the nomination nomination of Mr. Matthews some months ago, at the time he was a candidate for the Liberian mission, mission, uow coudemns Mr. Matthew. Very soon after Mr. Cromwell's discharge from office, he wrote all kinds of toady and humiliating articles in favor of the administration. administration. He was an applicant for tue,JLiiberiau mission t (he time and had 00 culled negro democrats like Ruso Beckley xo call on the secretary of State in his interest. It was thought at one time that he would be appointed but after Mr. Cromwell was seen by the secret tai-y of State, we aie informed that Mr. Cromwell was told that he could not be appointed. Now he charges Mr. Smyth as having been oppos' d to Mr. Matthews' confirmation. We have been in a position to know what the Advocate Advocate says is untrue. Mr. Smyth is not and neve was a candidate for the Liberian mission. Of course it he were aDDOinttd he aDDOintu uvuld 4Mr "I'ft.A M f I V I '". I - mf.. Az-ltTAnnrn COV i. up. A l.ln thb" tfjL&-. .DiacK and lhomp kins have no political influence. 1UC1C JLO UUb a LUHU 1U LU1B Clt) who has more political influence than these two gentlemeu. They are respected and honored by our colored citizen-'. It is Mr. Cromwell Cromwell who has been disappointed in the LiDerian mission, it was Mr. Cromwell, who called on the secretary of State, Bayard and was snubbed. How many people does Mr. Cromwell repreBeni? The citizens ot Washington will follow Messrs. Black, Thompkius and Smyth. The Senate is opposed to Mr. Matthews because he is a CLARA TO LOUISE. Dear Louise: At this time 1 am somewhat interested in the resolution resolution of Dr. Francis for a uew High and Normal School building. The minor fund will be utilized for industrial industrial purposes, which will null the contract that was made with the board of school trustees. The government of course will have to purchase the minor building and either convert it into a public school or use the whole building as a Normal School. Dr. Francis' idea is to build a haw High aud Normal School in the popular part of the city which I hope the commissioners commissioners will do. I did not attend the marriage of Miss Ford, for the reason I was not one of her most intimate friends. I am acquainted with Mr. Jackson and hope that he will enjoy enjoy a successful and happy life. Do you mean to say that our dear old friend Harry B has joined church? I was impressed with the belief that he was a member of the church. I called to see Mrs. J. C. Matthews last week. She is very pleasaut and refined in her manners. THE FAIR at Ebeuezer church opened last Monday evening. It was a success in every way. The ladies at the table are kept very busy and everything seems to be in apple pie order. I had a talk with the most stylish and accommodating gentleman in the fair. It was Captain Captain Cox. He is such a jovail fellow fellow who never allows a lady to go unassisted, if he is present aud they should need his assistance. ' For the first time, since its organi I Jf

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  2. 25 Dec 1886, Sat,
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