1769 importing rifle barrels from England - Philidelphia

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1769 importing rifle barrels from England - Philidelphia - IMPORTED In tbi lafi veftls from Londcn,...
IMPORTED In tbi lafi veftls from Londcn, Brijiol end Liverpool, and to be f bid cn the very cbeapejl termt, by. DANIEL and JOHN BENEZ ET, And THOMAS BARTOW;' At, tbeit ' ftore, t the comer if Arch and Second Ji, c:ti '9 the fol - btuing large effortmcnt of GOODS f vi, LU E, greeny fcarlet, claret, cinnamon, drab and copper - co. loured middling and - low .priced broadcloths fuperfine yard iuiae piains ; jorejt clotbs : mctley bunt en : blue, drab and. white half thicks ad and narrow and 8 Quarter motlejrursi beaver frisce coatin? 1 fear let and red cem'men ferces 2 b'fi yard wide milled German ditto, Indian blankets white t red and fear let 'fiannels figured, firiped and culgeed ditto ; blue and black, red and. black, and blue and white flowered and embeffed feres z Ticw - jajaionea ivuCKUnDurgD j Jigured dlttt ; Kendall Jlrtped linctys j 1 . rv'?J"r? "V7 "raw rea, mue ana v - " rcu, uruo ana maroie mixture arc P' rea a"a oiucyara ana bait wide duthls ; e.' 7 ' 1 wr j . . 9 E 7i7D ?IT "i 7 rV T' . blue and vbtte Dutch pin - work linen handkerchief i v (prrrved end juperjine yard wide firiped cottons i long ells ; ajarie cfl'ortmcnt of Common, London . and JBriJlol Jhaloons ; . fine maxarcen blue j copper coloured and fcarlet ditto j firiped dufpl blonketting i fine, and coarfe' tammies of all colours twice prefftd fuperfine duranti agreatvariey of low priced 'firiped and plain calimancoes$ aljo fcarlet, critxfon, and pink ingrained :i6 inch wide ditto j brown and drab wcrfied fa - jratbiesi red, tuhite and fcarlet bays', fine and coarfe p'ain and firiped cambleti ; maxareen blue and copper coloured boiled ditto j filk ditto 1 common broad Scotch camblettees double and fingle worfied damajks blue, green, drab, purple and pomjddour coloured dorfct - teens j hempen and flaxen f prigged cxenbrigs $ prime befi crown ah to j broad raven duck 5 RuJJia drillings middling and low priced Irijh faceting linen j fine and 'eoatfe German and h ifh d wias Englifb and Scotch oxenbrigs 5 9 quarter Flanders bed ticks Britip bed - ticking and bed bunts ; clouting diaper : white princes linen 1 fine owijs boliana $ narrow KuJJia diaper ; 3 qr. wide Jlrtped linen 5 ZwWm.'J3 1" aE. "" ?. . . .V ' , Jtrivcu C011Q71 DOl - lands ; double folded white RuJJia Jheeting ; demajk and diaper fringed table cloths i buckram ; kenting handkerchief s cambricks and lawns, in whole pieces and patches $ a great variety of calicoes, half chintzes, and printed cottons, vix. double and fingle purple, three colours ar.d blue, pompadour ground, China blue penciled works, f potted and forip - - I j j - .J .. . 1 f . . . . Jc i , . j v i - . . u r n ' . i i r . r . , jfoucu - owij tuwns , jiJiverea, yiripea, ana jpottea ocotcb gauze j red and white and blue and white printed lawn, handkerchiefs; net gauze ; 11 nans, 3 quarters, n - eigbts, yard, and t yard a 7 t ' . z wide cuecR linen ; J - eigbts, yard and yard eigbt and 1 wide half cotton check ; broad and narrow boufewife check : bed Enplifo black tuff a - ties ; firiped, cloth coloured and black India ell wide perfians $ black peelong ; fine yard wide plain while Cyprus gauze j flowered, f prigged, and potted ell wide ditto; womens black velvet; roJJ'st ; lute - firing and black Englijh Barcelona filk handkerchiefs; a large ofjlrt - ment of Spit&lfield manufactured bordered and f pot ted culgeesf in imitation of Eafi - India bandanoes ; blue long cloths ; red and white, and blue and white cotton romals ; lungee and new filk rcnals Italian bat - band crape ; a variety of paduafoy, fattin and'taffety ribbons : zd and Ad filk ferrits ; blue, black, cloth and litrh't rnhirf - i bejl Balladire fewing filk ; Scotch thread', Holland and Marchelfer 9 1 t 1 .... tapes ; bobbins ; blue and green bair plujhes ; mens and womens wor - a tLit tmall bar lend z hidattr.n. Auti ar.d orJ, J J . ' & 7 5 J probatriaojid pet baberx Holman's Britifb ink w. .w. w 2 , . - - Red and cotton hofe; mens knit war (led ditto ; childrens (potted ditto : mens half filk ditto; womens blue yarn ditto, with' flammed clocks; fine and coarfe Scotch and Mancbefier check linen handkerchiefs, from IO nails to 7 - eights wide; firiped and plain cotton and linen laces j. lettered, diaper, fcarlet, Highland and Tully garters ; narrow and middling blue and tubite firiped cotton tapes ; black filk fiock tape mens ana womens twig borje - wmps and whole bunters : round and lost ; fine and coarfe powder; nutmegs, cin - by the chefi s1 faff ton in bay ; pepper; befi London and' common pewter, vix. dijbes; plates, bajonSf teapots; large, middling and f mail porringers; new - fafhiored tankards ; table and tea fpoons ; likewift low priced Brifiel pewter, well forted; fuperfine, coarfe fine, clavant, nog, large and fmall rteven and boltop iron wire ; fine arid coarfe brafs wire; Englijb ttnRfhoarAt I mlr.lirfd ihrt.iA ; (itrhtrtr sfittn J. - sl CO: white jeans; corking, middling, and jhort white pins; rough and glazed F arJ FF gunpodcr in quarter cafis ; Londtn and Brifiol aouoie, Jingle ana latten roiled iren and double crofs tin blatesx drata kettles, befi Englijh hammered brafs Hint tn 1 n tr n ! 1 r - m . - 1;,m - m J ft. c,,i... . Mh ti ;n ,. - .; . A r.n l r ,J - jM ""H1 r'JLK't ! vu', tun en - meet eraisz of Ja'nCCrtwsi bcraxilarL middliitr and fmall coK.Lh. : J' and womens three barred Jxojvel Jtirrups ; Jnafpe btttsi dtater and the firaining webb ; globe nails ; tin fquare fiaples ; yellow fiaple nails ; Turkey, Sewered, fprinkled and emboffed paper ; gilt and half rile - ditto - for book - binder $ ufe German bibles; tenements and blalm hoh maids and girls glaxed black lamb zlcvts and mittens bovs . . .... . . s tfurf ycr J ham my ana glazed black gloves; ' beft new - falhicned none ear - rinrs, from tour to fix pounds per pair i amber bead z to ' the. - be " his fiiver and "Pinchbeck watches ; filk watch firir.es ; new eft fafhicned cut glajs ana common jeafs ; large ana jmall whettones ; brajs rulers ; . a variety f broad and narrow London and Mancbefier "quality and fhoe binding j nonfopretties ; chip and Leghorn hats ; befi white French ol flints ; cemmon Englijh ditto ; graft fickles ; two feet rules; a great variety of Bath, white metal and fieel Jhce and knee buckles ; womens tin ditto; plain, flowered, white and .yellow metal coat' and jacket buttons black, glafs, japanned gold and dollar pattern fiecye buttons - ; rifle, fowling piece, and commtn gun barrels ; brafs mounting furniture for ditto ; 'Common, flat and half round fence gun locks; lacquered, bone and box bottomed coat and jacket buttons ; ivory and bam combs ; fine and ccarfe wove bajkei and death head mohair buttsni ; filk and mabair twifi ; common, JVhitechapel and darning neediest the fplt bone and Jbambuck table knives and forks; fcifiars ;.pifiol capf knives; cutteaus; knitting needles ; gimblets ; Barlow penknives ; a - to ' brafs thimbles ; raxors ; neivefi fajhioned fnuff boxes; temple f pec - tacies, cy c. ocr one. . N. B. Thsy txpeel in the firfi vefj'els frcm England, a very large and compleat affortment of fpring and fummer GOODS.

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 09 Mar 1769, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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  • 1769 importing rifle barrels from England - Philidelphia

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