1767 Outlaw Augusta Georgia

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1767 Outlaw Augusta Georgia - s r. 1 P NEWS. Deal, July ao. S AILED the St....
s r. 1 P NEWS. Deal, July ao. S AILED the St. Ann, Crockat, for Jamaica} John Galley, KuJ/ne, for Bofton; Betfy, Hawcs, .for Qutbeck j ^HopewcIj I'itt, for Oporto j London, Bor; rowdale, fot Brifto!; Lancafter. Hutton, for Lan- carter; Ceoige, Trimlett, for Dartmouth 5 and Southampton, Rofe, for Pbrtfmouth. Remains the Florida, JorOrd:rs. Wind S.W. . Portfmoutb, July 20. Arrived and xame into Har. bour tire tive Brctl ;er.s, Major, from Dover-; and Lion, Vigus; from Plymouth. Arrived at -Spithead the Henry and Jofrjjh, Akerman, from Rotterdam. Grawfind, July 10. Pafied by the Betfy, Lefuere, Apolo, Gili;on, arid Rofe, Hill, from Hamburgh ; Lady Harriot, Crawley, and Nottingham, Liegej from. . Jamn *ca\ P.ince of Wales, Cock, from Rotterdam j . Britannia, Bainhiidge, from Liflbon j and Two Brothers, Smiih, from Longfound. . The Charming Jenny, Syme, from Lifbon, is ar- rived at Dover. : _ TratFord, Sefton, from Montferrat, at Liverpool. "Ann, Fortune, from South-Carolina, at Brirtol. "- Mary and Barbara, Riorda, from Ljtbon, at Cork. MunfttrLafs, Rurtel, from Malaga, at ditto. Countcfs of Dennegah King, from New Yo:k, at ditto. Aurora, Clark,*f torn Cadiz, at ditto. P ORT of LONDON, July 1767. Caafiing Skips and VeJJtls entered lnn»ards. From itirkalHy. • Providentia, James peacock. •Jpfwich. "Amy and Mary,, James Bird. Jianvictu friend? Deli£h f , Thomas Norman. JVJafcJon. Unit;-, John Goofc. I? over.; Endeav^u', Thomas Stuiges. Sandwich. Fortune, Wil'iam Home. Feirer /ham. Endeavour, Tiidmas Eafon. -Rocbefkr. Sufannah, John Hudfon. C . O XL I E R. From Blythnook. Profperous Fsnny, TI10, Stubbs. (Jlesred Out^crdj, For Harwich..William and Ma>y, Benjamin Norman. Waldoo.'. Neptune, Jclin Ed'w;ck ; Henry and Tho- naaSj Tho. Harrod. Sfipreh.ifn. Brighton, Thomas Tilftcne. * Jpfwich. Defiance, Thomas Afn eford. ^VJirtehaven. Olivebrancb, Jc-hn Powe. ^noe/lai d'. Friendfhip, Edward La> den. Fran the L ONDON G AZETTE. * . • Conflantliicple, June 15. >-|"tHE Grand Sigrior and all his Court are J£ lemoved to Karagatch for the Summer Vienna, July'S. Her Imperial Majefly began on Sunday fall 10 receive the Compliments of the Arhbaflitdors, Foreign Minifters, and principal Nobili y here, on ber Recovery. The »2d Instant is fixed for .'.he public Te Deum. Berlin, July 11. La : Wednefday the Reigning Duchtfs of Wurtemcerg fet out from hence for Po:zdain, where her Serene Highnefs will remain a few Days, and then retuui to her ordinary Place of Rtfider.ce, after an_Abfenee of feyen Months. - " His Prulfi.m Majefty h?s now, according to hisapnual Coftom, begun his Courfeof fvjine- Tai Waters at Sa«s Souci j and it .is thought that Monarch will not moye from thence till towards the. 23d of this Month, when he is exp cled st Chariotienhonrg. Dr.fditi) July JJ . TneC' urt came to Town Yelierday, in order, to aJTilt at the 7 e Deum, which is to be fang in theCs h'-lic Chspe) this Day, for the Recovery of Prince Albert of Saxony, and Part of >he Imperial Family. The Eiector, E^ctrefs,'and Adtniniftrator, will return to Pilnitz in the Afternoon ; and Tomorrow, being the Birth-day of Prince Charles, lateDuIce of Courland, that Prince, -accompa- iiied by his two Sillers Princefs Elizabeth and Cunegunda^wfil go toSeidlitz to pafs the Day. Hamburgh, July 14.. His Danifh Majetfy arrived at Trauendahl on the xoth Inft. at Night, iirid'eoptinues in perfect He3]th, B A N K R U P T S. John Grant, of St. George in Middlesex, Carpenter, tofurrender July 29, Auguft 5, Sep- temberij at Guildhall. Robert Jopling, of St. Paul Shadtyell, Rope- maJcer, tofurrender July 28, Auguil 8, September 1, at Guildhall. - P IVIQENDS to be made. "Augu.1 13. John Cafwall and John Mount, of London, fakers, it Guildhall. Auguft 23. John Holland, of Gloucester, Mercer, at Guildhall. " PL A NT - A T I O N NEWS. Charles-Town, June 5. Friday in the Afier- "ftoonwe had ionie Thnnder and Lightening, 'rffter which fell a Shower of liaililones, of various Sltape% chiefl/ fpheroidical, many of which weighed two Ounces. The Fury cf the TTempeft wai near fpent before the Hailltones came to the Ground, which they did very gently, and notwithstanding their Stae, Weight and HardneTs,. did little Damage. .On Saturday the Commiffioners of Pilotage -laid the firft Stone of the new Bescon, 01 Light- houfe on Middle-bay IQand, near the Bar, under which was placed a Plate, with the following Inlcription engr*ved by Mr. Thomas .You, viz. • ** The^firft Stone of this Beacon was laid on >tbe joth Day of May, 1767, in the 7th Fear'of George III. King of Great-Britain, &c. Lord Charle6 Greville Montagu, Governor in Chief ©T this his Majeily's Province of South Caro- iinh-: William Bull, Efqs Lieuienant Gove?- UOfj Pe.er Manigault, Jifqj gpealcer of the ^Lffembly 5. William Wcodrop, . James Reid, R&ijert Riyers,. Johfx Torrans, John Forbesj Henry -Laurens, Thomas Savage, Commif- fibpers of Prlorage i Fcnwkke Bull* Cleik to the Commiffionera; Samuel Carday, Archi%€& f Adain Miller, Bricklayer." ' £*t>a3~9f a Luterfrcm Augufla, l/Iay a$. * Tjnmediately on my Return from Ninetjr- * Six, vvii'(ther I had accompanied the Soperm- * tertdiht, I was informed of a Gang of noio- * ^ioos ^qr(eThi<ve8, that have Correfpondcnce; * ietwix; the back Settlements of South Caro* TirVa and Georgia, (baling.Horfei from both ' Provinces, and exchanging thofe ftoUn in one. * for wh« thty get in the otlui. The Gang confined of upwards of twenty Men,, and had fettled a Correfpondence through the whole Cottmry with others' tint fecretly fup-- ported them-. Thefe -People- lived in. oped Defiance of the whole C»untry, and went about armed with" .rifle .barreled Guns, and rendezvouled at a Place called Rocky Comfort, about 60 Miles from Augufts j they were headed by ore Higden, an Outlaw froni fome of the -Northern Provinces', anJ had lately ftolen a Number of Horfes, from one. ' of our Traders coming from the Cretk Na ; * tion 4 and proceeded f > far as to threaten to-' ' take both Horfes and Leather from the Tra* ders;-finding this to be the Cafe, I went out ' after them with a few of the Militia, we ' killed Higden, and brought in f sur of them * Prifoners, with a Nun.ber of (lolen Horfes,, •' -and burfat their Houfes, (lie reft of the Gang ; ' were out ftealing Horf.-s in airQnarters, and * we have catched another fince.' A Letter.froin Penfacola, dated May 2, fays, " M jir ChJfjlme vvi'.h the 2iil Regiment ar-rived Jiere-from Mobille, the 'i3 - h paft, by Orders of Brigadier H^ldiman, ioafiift in carrying on the Works, viz. chiefly.enlarging the; Fort, building Storehtiufes, pulling dovvn, wi.hout refpeel io Perfons, whatever may in , the lealt obltiuft a free Paffage of Air to the ; Soldiers Barracks, and inclo'fing the Square with a llrong regular Stockade, leaving only two Ports, one at the" E-ift Side, the other at the Welt, each guarded By two Pieces of Cannon, and it is faid when iinilhed, will have each a Serjeant's Guard. The General propofes like- wife to vifit all the Out-polls, and to put them in a proper State of Defence." . On Sunday Jaft Peter Delancey, Efq; Poft- m-aller General of the Southern Diltridt, returned here from,Virginia, whither he went, as* formerly mentioned, ino;der to cfUblifh proper Potts for continuing : the Communication from the Northern Diltrtct to the five Southern • Provinces, which form the Dill rift he is in-- ttufted wiih. He has taken ail the Steps in his Power f r canning fo defirable a Meafure into Execution, byJurvcying the Roads, fixing the Diftir.ce.'. appointing Officers, Sec. but the final Arrangement cannot be msdc till Funds are found for o'efrayirg the Expences which mult necvffanly arife before the Kic-tl Revenue can be . fuppofid to yield a.Sum fuf&cient for the Pur- pole. By fome Gentlemen returned frcm thewef-- tem Fiontiers, t>e are informed, that the Hon. John Stuart, Elq; Superintendant of Indian A&airs in the Southern Diitriit of North America, went from Auguila with a great Number of Gtnti'emen, and Attendants, to Hard-Labour, near Nmety.Sx, wh-'e about 300 Cherokee Indians were v»a;:!tv, for inm j every Thing was cot;<.;«clecJ &r.-: h:>ifhed to general Satisfaction, and Oucc ii.u-.'i--, the Great War- riour, wi'.h fifitei--' 'r><_r Headmen of that Na - .ion> and tl;efairhf J .-it'txk'ullakulia, iniiltcd ' on attending hi? Hom-ur as a Guaria-cu corps to Augutta, wheie the lalt Advices inOrm us he \vas fafe arrived,- srd holding a Ccngreis with the Headmen cf the Upper and .Lower Creek, who were come thhhir with Mr. Com- rrniTary Mackintofh. This Day arrived here, in a Ship from Bel- fa'ft, about 24.0 Protcltants from the North of Ireland, intending to fettle in this province, on the large Bounty granted by the Legiflaturc. Rice now fells at Three Pounds Currency the roolb. The Quantity of that Grain, entered for Exportation at this Port fince the 3rft of Oc~bber,' when the firft VeiTel whh ; R:ce of Crcp J766 was cleared our, is eighty-fix Thou- fand one Hundred and fixty-nine Barrels. I R E~L A N D. Cork, July 9. La'l Tusfday Evening Mr. W. Whiting, of Prince's Street, a Gentleman of an " advanced Age, was unfortunately killed by the Falling of two Boards from a Scaffold near his own Houfe. Yefterday one of the Prifoners in the f?or:h Gaol attempted getting out, by knocking down the Turnkey, whom he beatvin a tenibieMan­ ner, and knocked out two of his Teeth/ The Fellow was fecured, and is now laid in Irons. Galway, July 9. Laft Monday Night was taken in a Cabbin, in the Weft Suburbs of this Town, by Arthur MathewSj Keeper of the County Gaol, and fcy him fecured in his former Lodging,- one Michael Welfh, who with four others .(f.jme of them Convifts under the Rule of Tranlportatbn), .made his Efcaptr out of faii Gaol on the Evening of the 12th of March, 1765, when on the Gaoler and his Servants entering the Dungeon, to infpeil: the State of his Prifoners, they, having previoully got off their Irons, rofhed out in a Body, knocked down the 'Servant and one of the Centinels who flood at the Gate, and.madeoff. Next Saturday the 63d Regiment, commanded by Col. Hotham, from the different C*nton- . rnents of Clare Callle, Athunry, and Oughterard, will march in here, preparatory to the Review, which is expected to begin on Monday nest, and-will continue three Days., fielfajl, July 10. The Admiral Hawke, from Philadelphia to Londonderry,-on the z2d of Jane lalt, met the ShipTfainbow, Jam. Cprre^, N Matter, with PaiTengers froin Bdfali and Port- rufh, *5 Days out, in Long ^34; Weft, all well. Dubln, July 14.. Yefteiday the laft coping Stone of that molt noble and ufeiul Structure of the new Lighthoufe at the End of .the South Piles was laid, in thePrefence of many Perfons of Diftinction, and eminent Citizen;, to their great Joy and Satisfaction, as it tends tr> the univerfal Benefit of the Trade and Welfare of this Kingdom. Kilkenny, July ii. On Thurfday thesiftRe- giment of Foot, comnwnded by Col; Montgomery, was reviewed at the Triangle of Dunmore Park, by Lieut. Gen. Hodgfon, when they went through their Evoltuions gnd.Firingswith t the greateft Exactr.efs. After the Review, the ' General fet out for Wateifoid to review the 56th Regin-.ent.

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