Faherty murderer England 1868

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Faherty murderer England 1868 - T'" fSXMVOTlOSXIS i. KAXCHKTBS, 1 The...
T'" fSXMVOTlOSXIS i. KAXCHKTBS, 1 The ssetllea'of MB - Weitherffl for the swerden at th Tadmcedea viara( aed ef Tiaaothy Faaerty fsr tb arar - W ef sdsiwmsrtalylsdea hv xitedmor ta - tonet thaa usaaDy attach to (riattaasi of their sias. The strostoo brtarity which dMtisisaed them xeardsrs eaeasd a tbria f borne tarwagaowt la mtin watry, ad thUUTsdmordea, in which th Ber. Mr. Flew sad hi sarvaal wen the victim, srhdsg srtfslndprsTeetioea which seem s trivial bv the sid ef a crime so stupendous. wfll probably keg stead ewt swomia - aUy to th pul me - ssory a assuaal ef the nson taa ordinary aaaaerauoa aad treatrwithwUehtt was perpetrated. Thefaetaef both eases have beea so recently Df or tea paoiss taasu m almost asiiassssry to recsplralsts the particulars. XOss Watherin was a yeath ef H, a t astory wearer at TndmosmwhoMfasniritha beea alleged, but with what eovrectaessthee ha beea a pubU fforttoaaosr - tsia, iasaaity bad raa for generations. Certsla It Is thrVs so waat ef bteUigeat pereeptioo his ewa salad ef the ssswrsssns ef hi viclsea wbea, ea th alght ef the 3d ef Marsh, he went to Tod - aordea vloarsgs aad set shout th sturdcr of thn persoas, with whom hisaaarreleoeJd he a possiWe exteeuatioa ef the ferodty ef his rseentnsset. Th brgymaa, Mr. Flow, had fsrbtddea him te visit a young ssrrsat st th viearsg. whom Wsatherill we eourtieg. Mrs. Flow had bom a part ia the removal of thl young wemsa to her ewa home, at Fork, when it turned eat that th prohibitioa bad beea dbobsyei. Another ssrrsat, Jan Smith, was supposed, but U is said uatrmly. te hsve bee a tale - bearer a to th tnasgrrssiou of ber master's authority. Ia all this there might he ground for prnvneatioa, more or be bitter sad van natural. Bat wbea th utmost eeaeeptlo ef this was compared with th savagiaass that would aveegett by th deliberately planned nrarder ef all tbe are offenders s gainst Weatherhiirs desires though an wrong they had doe a might b hopeful of repairingall idea of extenuation dis appeared. Mr. Plow aad Jaa Smith lost their live from the persistent Mows sad wounds Inaieted by WeatheriU ; aad It was. through ae releuting ea his put thai Mrs. Flow eapd with ber Uf as she Isy hslpleu la bed with her new - bora lafsat. Th hldeousues of th tragedy wss relieved a little, not, iadeed, by its con nexion with a love story, bat by th heroism of th thn serrsats, who did their best for tb protection of Mr. tad Mrs. Plow, and especially by the favourable man ner la which th nam ef on of tham Elizabeth Spinki i associated with th whol history of th affair. Th murderer himself, save a few passing expressions of regret at th death of Mr. Flow, seems to hsv remained almost unmoved by subsequent reflection upon his crimes. Unless it should be disclosed by com batter Information thaa any obtainable np to th last moment of his existence, then is littl ground to hop thai b has not fulfilled, la Its worst sense, his own reckless declaration that he " would dU like doc ile Droybden murderer, Faherty, though his crime has not sttalned sufficient celebrity to qualify his likeness for a pise la Madame Tusaaod'a, was guilty of . a murder ao less brutal and unprovoked. Bat he belonged to a das easily worked upon by man animal passion. lis was not like WaatberiU an Intelligent artisan, hut an uneducated Irish labourer, originally from Oslway. After being 13 yean a private ia th 40th Begiment, hs earns to Manchester, when he had relations, sod ' had beea for som tiro earning a decent livelihood in eoauxioa with th Manchester gasworks. During his servtea ia the neighbourhood of BoehdaI - road he mad tb acquaintance of a factory operative, whom h courted, named Mary Henmer. Mary had remarked ia her suitor habit of dissipation, which led her to distrust aad fi sally to reject him. Tb estrangement played upon Faherty's mind, and on Christ mas Ev h paid a visit to bis swMtaeart, which was des tined to be the last meeting they would hav oa earth. Mary Haamer eoa tinned firm ia bar reeolv. Timothy Faherty was vainly Importunate, and th result was th murder of the unfortunate woman, Faherty taking, up a poker aad laying her prostrate oa th Boor, and then fol lowing ap the blow, which ws already fatal, by striking her agsl" tQd sgsin with tb same Instrument. It is doubtful whether he had meditated this erim ; oa th contrary. It sppewed that be was preparing to revisit his mother st Calway. Thes two murderer wen executed ea Saturday morn ing at th Kw Bailey Prieoa, Bedford, la prene of from 20,000 to rv,000 spectators. Th morning was exceedingly mild and fine, and many of the people present had travsllsd long distances to witness th horrid spectacle. On remark - abls cinasutanc, as showiag ths publi sens of any mitigating facta heiag area ting mneeted with th commission of thee crimes, I th atosne of any attempts to influence th Secretary of Stats la favour of merry. Then were tbe usual ribald exhibition of th crowd la front of .th gallows for some hours previous to tb final scene, but th awful tragedy itself provoked s better fl - inc and towards th etos s more orderly snd well - behaved multitude ha seldom beea witnessed oa each occasion. Tha preparations Inside the prison bad beea completed by 8 o'clock. Faherty had exhibited a good deal of omoei daring th prose ef pinioning, but sooruy f terwsrds be appeared to hav regaiaed th mastery over hi feelings which he had exhibited daring his trial and subsequently. H was attended In his last momenta by th Eev. Father Oadd (being a .Soman Ustnoltc), wno bad an along admin istersd such spirit a consolation to htm In prison U his nature was susoeptibt of, and who reports of him that he had Utterly xhlbited a becoming consciousness of his awful position. WeatheriU went through tbe pinioning process with almost unexampled fortitude, snd his conduct all through th trying ordeal preeediag ins execution was such ss to hHeage th admiration of Caleraft, who said he had never, la th whol of his long experience, witaessed such nerve and unfaltering resolatloo. Th Ear. Mr. Calne, th Protestant chaplain of th pot, reports that he had become truly penitent, and had acknowledged th jostle of his sentence. Almost immediately th clock struck Eight tbe door epeoisg from ths prison upon ths scaffold was thrown back upon ita hinge, snd Faherty cam to the front with a firm and unfaltering step. He gszed upon the vast crowd with calmness and deliberation. Be had a cross suspended from his neck, and bore a missal between his clasped hands. US was. dressed. In deep mourning, which contrasted strongly with the ghastly paleness ore - spreading hi features. B was attended by Mr. Oadd (his confessor), by th governor of th gaol, th hangman, and two police - ofSeers. Turning his gas from the crowd he looked upward end his lips moved. The white cap wss then drawn over his face and th rep adjusted is th ordinary manner. Wcatbenll was wen brougut to to front, attended by the chaplain of th gsoL He looked deathly pale. Hi appearance era followed by aa instantaneous murmur. He, too, showed no sip of faltering, but, oa th other band, his demeanour and even his attitude gave a complete contradiction to th report, aa to his humaa callousnees. Hi wish that hs might be permitted to bold in hi hand ths copy of th Church service which fousd in his possession after th murder wae complied with. Neither of th doomed men attempted to speak to th people. Everything being In readiness, Caleraft quitted the plat form, and before on could again dnw breath the hodie swung la the air. Som onvnlatv twitches were observed, sad thes sll wss ever. Then wen ao symptoms of disorder ia th crowd ; th only sounds sa th last were th peculiar gasp of sensation a ths su corsairs stage of the awful ceremony wire accom plished, aad tb sudden wailing of women, ef whom then were many present, as It sonctoded.

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 06 Apr 1868, Mon,
  3. Page 10

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  • Faherty murderer England 1868

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