Long and Short Rifle Barrels 1773 Philidelphia

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Long and Short Rifle Barrels 1773 Philidelphia - ' h :rI)owvi7s'tTcwn: April 2?, iTIll - t;N ITi...
' h :rI)owvi7s'tTcwn: April 2?, iTIll - t;N ITi per fort,, or perfons, having any jufl demands egeipjtjtbe, ejlate cf Anne Ch' - Vniy, late of.Tbbrnbury jownjbip, di - ? ceajed, are dejired to bring sn tbeir account s property proved, that they 'may be paid and "thofe that are indebted to the fa'id ejlate are dejired to make immediate payment, to: ' . ; . ? i 1' ' IVasdeft at the favernynow kept, by theaid Cheyney, on the - qtb, day cf this infant Ajrjl,l a' forr Marei toitb a - bald face, jppeari td be 15 or x6 yean old. the perfons who left her) f aid became fre - vi Baltimore, 'and iwas traveling towards the Jtrftys, and expefled to return in ttndayi j the owner - it dejired to come and take ber away, tr Jbe will be fold in four weeks from the above date,' for the coflt, Vai taken it is fujppofed in a mifakel the evening after the appeal held at the fubferiber'si in February lafl, a, good Beaver Hat',. lined with blue filk in the room of cobicb wat. left a bat cf lefs value )1 thi perfon who made the miftake, it is hoped, w'ill, be kind entugb to xome and take bis own, and return the one he took . Richard Cheyney. CJ v 4f A Hi E to: the plantation of the fubferiber, livirg in Manbeini jl townfbpi'Lancafer county, on the t&th day of April lafl 'pafl: a HO R S E andMl'MAREt.theborfe is about 16 bands bigbd little lame, ef ' bay colcur,lkod before; tbi mare is of - a rean colour ijbands high, fbod :W round, - arid, is with foaU - The" owttercrj owners thereof are defired, to come and prove bis or tbeir property f xfay - the charges, and take them away, " - Mart in Ma yx Y ' - ' - " .. - Philadelphia, May 4, I773 OF cradling, grafs, and briarfcythesj 100 dozen ;. of fickles 150 dozen, made ready for the enfuing feafon;' a quanBty of draw knives, tanntrs knives and drawing knives, fmiths bellows ; iron work for grift - mills the fpihdle md rine made after the old or new method, clothiers, timber, packing, tobaccoand other large rcfewsfaw' - mill and Tutling - mill irons, large" fcale - beams for millers or larger 'draughtsand fteely ards ; all made by the fubferibers, Hying at the Sign of the Scythe and Sickle, in Market - ftreetbetween' FourthahdFifth - ftreets, who believe they will prove ' as good as any made elfewhere, which they will fell at reafonable rates, wholefale or retail, warranted or wn - warfanted 5 they have fox fale, Black - lead Crucibles, of John Stephens's make, known to be good, alfo ..a good anbrtmsnt of. New - Caftle and BriftoL Grind Hones, from very large to fmall fize. Stephxw Paschall, and fon S.te?hew Paschall. late.ly imported from London, Bristol, and Holland, and to be S O L D, on the cheapeft terms, Tjy ; v u. D A N I E L B E N E ; Z E T; ; At his STORE, in Asch - Streit, four doors below the corner , . - .Z.jJ,'y. - L&t Second - Stheix, - . - . ; A VE R Y great variety of jlain and changeable mantuas,' both . i ell and - wide ; black mantua ; pink red, blue black, - green and white - yard perfians ; rich blue an black full fattins ; blue and black jelong; broad ftriped luteftring; blue ell wide larfenet ; cloth coloured hair graaets ; half yard wide flowered tobine; blue and black flowered mode ; black paduafoys ; ftriped Damafcus, and moozeeas ; red .and white and blue and white cotton romals ; Emglifh manufactured black Barcelona handkerchiefs ; black Italian hatband crape; India nankeens ; a variety of paduafoy, fattin, luteftring, taft'ety, matuas, farfenet, perfian and tinfelled ribbons ; two - penny,' three - penny, four - penny and fix - penny ferrets of moft colours ; blue; black, green, red,, crow, brown and clothxoloured beft baladine fevving iilk ; ; three - quarter and wide Britifh bdtick mg ; broad and harrow fuperfine , book. rouiUns ; 'fine and coarfe Scotch linen handkerchiefs ; changeable and plain half yard wide poplins ; filk fag'gathies ; black gauze lace ; broad and narrow black filk blown lace; a great variety of culgee filk handkerchiefs ; ftrong yard r wide ; crakies; - yard wide Turkey checks ; a very large aflbrtment of fuperfine rattinets; fine red and white yard wide Malabar handkerchiefs ; blue and cloth coloured cotton'velvefets" ; fine black worfted breeches patterns ; nine - eights and yard - wide fine ftriped cotton and linen ; dark ground ell - wide ditto ) red and white printed lawn handkerchiefs ; yard - wide fuperfine lawns ' plain cloth coloured common grazets ; nine - quarter wide Flanders bedtick ; whlte buckram; bordered bandanoe filk handkerchiefs $ flowered and fpotted Swifs lawns ; demy chintz anamadavad ; lute - i firing, foft check, and tofict .Spitalfield manufactured filk handi kerchiefs ; womens fine chevered clock worfted ftockings ; double and fingle worfted damaiks ; map and field work purple and white fuperfine linen handkerchiefs ;: mens hewv fafhioned fcarlet fHnged cotton caps ; blue, red and purple printed Bengal ftripes ; fqprflhe fky - blue and black broad ruflels ; white filk ftay cord ; very large fuperfine fprigged flowered and bordered Cyprus, and thread, gauze handkerchiefs ;V fixrquarter widt fine grey naps ; - blue and drab yard wide Yorkfhire plains ; ". red flannels ; fpotted fwanJkih blue half - thicks; blue, green, fcarlet, claret, brown, cinnamon, drab, copper and mixt coloured, middling and low priced broadcloths ; a large aflbrtment of common Briftol flxaloons ; blue ftrouds y fine mazareen blue, copper coloured, red and drab, London ftialoonsT; fine, tammies of moft colours ; double preflTed fuperfine durants blue, green and brown calimancoes ; fcarlet and crimfon 16 inch ditto ; worfted faggathles ; common plain camblets ; broad Scotch, cambktees ; fine boiled and filk camblets ; yard wide mixt Wilton cloths ; blue, blackdaretand drab thickfets ; hempen and flaxen crown bzenbrigs; primebeft fprigged ditto; ajiadruple Silefia brown Holland 5 corded and flowered white dimities ; yard wide white flowered drawboys ; brown Ruflia drab ; middling and low, priced white and brown Irim fheeting linen ; blue and red furniture check ; .fine and coarfe Irifh dcwlafs ; Scotch and Irifti ozen - brigs ; yard wide broad ftriped German bedticking; clouting diaper; narrow Ruliia diaper; crimfon erminet; three - fourths wide ftriped linen; German and Holland whited long lawns j "fingle tandem Silefias ; coloured ginghams r a very 'large aflbrtment of fine and coarfe J, , and yard wide Irifh linens ; ftriped cotton Hollands ; yard wide French ftripes ; yard fine Turkey cotton ftripes ; brown buckrams ; tape and large bordered kentinghand - kerchiefs ; cambricks and lawns, in whole pieces and patches ; fine ftriped Bengals ; a great variety - of calicoes, whole , and half chintzes and printed cottons, viz. double and fingle purple ground, hree colours, and blue pompadour ground, two purple and yellow, blue pencilled work, fpotted and fprigged, logwood dye, Guinea hens, Sec. fine china hlue,;and red two coloured bed pattern fur niture calicoes ; three quarter, yard and ell wide Patna chintzes yard, ell, and yard and half wide common tanjeb, humhum, cofaes and dorea muflins ; fuperfine jaconet and mulmul ditto ; blue and white Dutch bordered pinwork linen handkerchiefs ; mafqueraded peniafcoes; fine ell wide blue, pompadonr, purple and light grounds true India chintz morees ; eleven nails, - jf, yard and yard and t half wide check linen; feven - eighths, yard, and yard J wide cotton check; broad and narrow true "VYigan check; ftriped, cloth coloured, blue, green, pink and ted ell wide perfians ; EnglHh manufactured bkek tirTeties ; two and three corded white fewing filk ; black filk cravats ; fine ftriped filk grafs handkerchiefs 5 fqperfine middling and ftamped Scotch thread ; red, blue, . green black, mixed, and drab coloured thread ; white ftitching ditto ; plain and diaper'd Holland tapes ; bobbins ; mens and womens white cotton and thread ftockings ; black. filk mittens ; mens knit ribbed and plain - Er6vn thread, fteckings; - flee 'and xoarfc grey and marble, worfted hofer;ftriped and plain cotton and thread laces ; lettered diajer, fcarlet and Tully.garters ; Manchefter blue and white checlc linen handkerchiefs ; narrow and middling blue and white ftripedr cotton tapes 5; black - filk Scotch tapes ; fine and coarfe pro - patria; and pot papery Turkey, - flowered; - fprinkled r and embofled paper 5. gilt and half gilt ditto, for bookbinders ufe ; marble paper cf the very beft kind ; Britiflirnkpowder ; cloves and mace ; beft fafiron' in hay ; common pewter nifties, plater - and - bafons; fin j and coarfe brafs wire.fuitable, for fcreening - mills; dyed pillow fuftians.; cow loured jeans u4ouble and - fingle corking,, middling, fhot white andf - ftakc pinsjfEnglifliiteel in half faggots, marked AC. No. 35 - - a, large aflbrtment of flieet brafs, 'and pig ditto ; double rolled irorx - plate j. - beft Englifhhammered brafr Jcettles ; maids and girls glazeo black lamb gloves and mittens ; boys and youths fhammy and glared blackulitta;' tfine'hew - faftuoned ftone ear - rings, from four'to fir poundsiper. pair 5 common glafs feals j Meylander and ;Beyerchy whetftones; f a'very great variety, of? broad and narrbw London and Manchefter quality binding ;. - Dutch i nonfoprettics : beft 'white sicsx oii. nints ; - common Jcpgnin citto 5 - large, middling, ano; fmall grafs - fickles ;. - a large afTortment - of mens womens and Chileans Bath, 'white metal; fteel, block - tinrand Pinchbeck (hoe and leeblcreT; plain - and flowered white metal coat and jacket buttons japanned, .mo'coglafs, gold and dollar pattern, white metal and brafs flcevebuttons ; founders large brafs fhoe - fcuckles j long and fhert rifle gun barrels ; fowling pieces and:mufket ditto ; fine tooth and common crambo horn combs 5 beft buckling ditto in cafes; green, blue, fcarlet black, briwn and drab fuperfine filk and hair twift ; fine and coarfe wove balket and death head muhair buttons ; - common and Whitechapel needles 3 fplit borie and fham buck table' knives :and rfor.ks 5 large, middling, - and Tmall fcifiars ; fuperfine razor metal ditto; piftol capt knives; - large and middling buclc cutteaus ; neweft fafhfoned fnuff boxes ; commen hand - faws j temple - fpedacles ; gilt watth'keys j - Englih, ben - leather fcals y childrens fpot;ted knives ; a large aflbrtment of true Heffian. - blue melting pots, for .founders - ufe ; true 'garnetr, from one to four pounds per necklace; black bugles and fmall glafs beads ; common pewter table fpooas, ne'weft fafhioned japanned faltrfellers j very large aflbrtment of fine,' middling and low priced Leghorn hats s beft whole hunter h6rfe whips lacquered - and flowered coat and veil buttons ( 'fine plated ihoe buckles - ; long, middling ahd fhorV German fcythes, - of :feven' difTerehtfdrts'; w Clavant iron wirej dandrifl'and cbmmprAiine; tooth ivory combs ; melted fteel razors a great variety of white wax - beads y fine - cotton cards 5 large - andj middling fizeDutcn ftxawkmyes; Scolch'leather ink - pots ; genuine amber beaajc.oni"moTf ftock locks'5 "glafs'and wdod framed German looking glares of 'eight difTere'nt res ; jpockct and camp 'dittos German iron lamps&c. '&c. ri - i.i r - . v N.. B. As faid Benezet is leaving ofTbufiriefs, he Is determined to fell the above goods on very low terms. - " - - Should any perfoni whom it'doth not fuit to pay rft the ufual credit, incline to purchafo a quantity, he "would wait for payment three or four years, on paying intereft and giving fecurity, if required, - ' April 14. The S H I P . . : TH O M A S.'. D.E.A N, Mastii : iTT 7" I L L fail with all convenient Speed , VV having reat Part of r her , Cargot readv tto on board, - and has racA.Armm. . tnodations for faflengers. For Freighter . . - - Pafiiee.' aooiv to Jekzmi a . Wai'dh' and Sons,, the Mafter on board, or at the London Ccffee - Houfe ' N. B. To be fold from on board the faid Ship, a fiaall Quantity of SMITHS COALS, - ' - ' , J For A Y XfH N A H in ,..(? K O R G 1 A; :. T U..E.; B, R; MG - G E O R G i A P A C R - E T." GEO ft G E B l 1 - N E R, Mafter; ; ,lT. T A S; excellent - Accorruaodl4iry,for t JCJL Pcnf?r? and. will fail with all con - yenicnt ; Speed. j For Freight or Paffage. picaic iu appij 10 jDBiGHT, ana rECHIN, j or faid Mafter on : board, at their Wharn". J. above Iacetftreet, : , . 1: N.: B, A Quantity of good Rice,, Carolina Spal Leather, Pitch Tar, Weft - India Rum, Mufcovado Sugar, Indigo, Beaver, to be fold, enquire as above. ;, dpril q8, 1773. . ' Philadelphia, Fcurtb - Mnn'b April J 2.Q, J 77 3. - To be S O LD, by P U B LI G V E N D U E, on the premifes, on:the 12th day of the Fifth - Month, called Mlif (if not difpofed of before by private fale)' at one 0 cLck ia the afternoon, ptecifely Being pirt of the eftate of Vl - tiAM'St ttli, deceafedj ' - , ! ; V 7; A LARGE - and commodious TAN Y A R D, la tht Nerthern Liberties, near this city, nd on the fouth fide of a certain lane, called Long - lane, between Third and Fourth ftreett continued the lot contains in breadth, eaft and wtCirxa the fai4 lne too feet,1 arid ;n length or depthnorth and fo - itht q feet ; bounded on the north, by faid line, on the eafr,.fc Edmund Woolley's ground, oh i the fouth', hf 1 certain ran of 'water, called Peng's Run ; the tan - yard confifts of '37 van, iV handlers, 3 limjts and 3 bares 5 there is on the premifev, a bark - horife large enoojh to contain loo coTds "of bark, and'erery' other buildingheccflary and convenient for a corhpleat tan - yard all in good order ; alf.r a well of good 'water, - , with 4 new purn in it, at the head of the yard ; likewife a new well - bcilt ftabi "and chair - houfe, with a loft over the whole, for Kay. - The whole" fubjeG "to a groendrent of Forty - fix Spanifh Dollars axd Xwo - thirts cf a Dollar' per annum, v V ' J v v The purchafcron paying one third of the rachey may hsy a term of years for paymejitof the remainder, giving fecurity and paying intertft, Thtre itarcel of Spinilh and bhek - oak bark,' which he may have at the valuation of two iadirTetcntmea, At the fame time and place will be f..d by venduej the whole, flock of leather in the pits, coufifting of all the dift'er?nt kinds of leather - manufadbired by. tannen, and neatly all of gr'eeri hides andfkins. : Six months credit will be given to thefe per. fons who may purcbafe to the amount f Fifty Pounds and cpt wards and three months to thofe who purchfe a fmaller quantity, - not lefs than 25 1. giving fecurity, if rrquirei. - v . Attendance will be given at the place and time of fale, by the fubferibers. All ptifons indebted to the eftate of the faid WHBam Betthi are defired to make payment, and th:fe who have any demands againft; it, to bring in their accounts, legally proved, that they may be difchargei, by Sarah Bettle, Executrix, Samuel Settle; and Joseph Hcwttt, Exceptors. Philadelphia, Fiuttb - ftli.nib f Atr'tl) in. nn. H ERE AS there will be wanted this orefenr var. In and near this citv. above, asco CORDS of Snanlfh white - oak. beech and hemlock BARK, for which cood oricei and ready i money are given ; it is to be heped, that all perfons who have timber of thofe kinds to cut, and are copvenient to navigation or land carriage to this city, will be careful to" do 'in the proper feafen and get the bark, as they will not'only find their own advantage therein; but wi:l alfo have the ftisfalion of contributing to public utility, by turnifiung the manufacturers thereof, a any perion s ponemon, may oe aiways conhdercd as ready cafti, irtd brou?hc to market when it may be moft convenient. Tr it thought a larze QuantitV mav be eot ud Delaware and O fc - A 4 C 7 "very advanugeous to thofe, who are convenient to fend it down in the Durham boats, or otherwife. f TT7 vv SELLE R Sj f f I c Ej near the Market. H at the N e. w P r i n ting

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  • Long and Short Rifle Barrels 1773 Philidelphia

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