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 - K E Y S Made While You Wait Ray Weber,...
K E Y S Made While You Wait Ray Weber, Locksmith Acme Lock £ Key Service 6808 Van Nuys Blvd. Phone STate 5-7746 SNAKE CONSUMED NESTLINGS IN WHAT PROVED FINAL BREAKFAST An Open Door to Health and Peace Writings that reveal the actual Science of Christianity, and thereby have meant the difference betwees sickness and health, failure and success, unreal and rich aatiafaction for thousands, are available for you at the nearest Christian Science Reading Room. Here t h e Bible a n d t h e Christian Science textbook, " Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy -- containing the c o m p l e t e e x p l a n a t i o n of Christian Science -- as well as other Christian Science literature, may be read, borrowed, or purchased. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE READING ROOM 14527 SYLVAN STKEET VAX M'YS Open Daily 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday Saturdays to 6 p.m. Except Snnda.'«i nnd Holidajs Visitors Welcome Information concerning free public lectures, church seruces, and other Christian Science ac- tnitiet also ai-atlabte. Ground robins raising a family in a Cecil Bruner entanglement close to her breakfast nook window had intrigued Mrs. A. J. Lamb, 9220 Langdon Ave. She could see the eggs and nestlings as she did her house work within reaching distance of the nest and the busy parent birds. The other morning, Mrs. Lamb was attracted by the excited fluttering and chattering of the pair, and she saw by the nest what she thought was the tall of a lizard. Poking at the Intruder, Mrs. Lamb was dismayed to see a snake more than two feet long slither away from the nest where it had gorged Itself with the nestlings. The snake, apparently a gopher snake, was killed before It had time to get the last bird more than a few inches from its throat. Sherman Oaks Matron Dead From Tablet Overdose Listed as Migraine Treatment Mrs. Hortense Kerner, 36, wife of iformed Thursday, an official ver- Sam Keiner, radio and film pre- diet on the cause of her dealh duce, died Thursday following her wi " * , w i t h p ' d , " ntil lafte t h i ? week, police officials report. removal to Temple Hospital on] The produ ^ r re ] a ted tf officers Tuesday p f t e r she and two of her j that he had arrived Monday night three children vcre discovered ;at the family home, 4848 Lemona sleeping under influence of drugs I Ave., soon after midnight, finding in t h e i r Sherman Oaks home. Mis. Kerner's ailment wrs diag- his family asleep. Trying to awaken them without success Tuesday nosed as an overdose of sleeping I morning at 8:30, he then summon- i ablets and the police report washed a physician. to effect that apparently all the children had swallowed tablets. Though an autopsv was per- TRY OUR Fryers Roasters Kvery Bite A Delight S A N FERVAN'DO 10646 SEPn.VEUA BL\I. STRIKING IN* DESIGN i« new Panorama Theatre to be erected on Van Nuy» Blvd. at Xord- hoff St. at total cost of $300000. In addition to .00-seat film house, building also will include drtiK s'.ore and other store units. Ground breaking Is slated for June 15 wilh completion and premiere opening expected early in October. W. L. Pereira, A.I.A., is architect for ihe enterprise. Kerner took the three children, Nadine, 7. Judy, 5, and Mark, 3, home yesterday morning following observation and treatment at Ramona Hospital, Glendale. He explained to Police Lt. E.W. Smith that Lttle Judy was being I Juslice Court by Judg ' e Q Ben , on treated for a nervous disorder and j Wor , , hen had t f ) e sen1ence sus . Relatives 'Retrieve' ANOTHER PEREIRA SUCCESS Sparsely Attired Beach Enthusiast A sunbather sans suit, who was 20 days NewPanoramaTheatreCosting Soon To Be Erected Pasadena Playhouse Comedy Melodrama Opening Wednesday ·The Shop at Sly Corner," a comedy melodrama authored by British playwright Author Percy opens a two-week stand at the Pasadena Playhouse at 8 p.m. Wednesday. j Still running in the provinces of England after engagements in London and New York, the Playhouse production will be the Pacific Coast premiere of the number. Dealing with the story of a refugee from Devil's Island who prospers in his new business of selling antiques while secretly reaping bigger profits from t h e backroom peddling of stolen goods. An ominous-looking furnace, a poisoned dart, slinky characters, a hypochondriac maid, all create action leading up to a clever twist at the end, and an evening of surprising entertainment. Robert Milton directs the cast headed by Wilton Graff, Joan Winfield, Patricia Yegal, Owen Lamont, Michael Blake and Margaret Brewster. that regular use of sleeping tablets. ppnded by half, is back home today the new had been prescribed. Mrs. Kerner. | a f t ( f r relatives , d , n e f . ^Panorama Theatre, distinctive and he added, has been afflicted with he V{m migraine headaches. Expressing belief that he does not conceive attempt by anyone sepulveda j to harm the children, Lt. S m i t h l _ u " t ,,,__ man who was also j mo(1em m ever ' respect, is sched- |Uled for June 15 on the building ·=ite. Van Nuys Blvd. at Nordhoff St., in the Panorama City develop- bare of funds. Max F. C. Eckert, 22. of 5G.1S Blvd., was about the beach there, then laidi c a v o r t i n g stated t h a t he plans to interrogate.^ f o sun on them to obtain a cleaier p,cture of hnf|y ^ ^. the case. ment ' announcec l by owners of the project today. Valley houses to his credit. Leo Wolins is engineer and contractor on the project. Plan October Opening Owners and operators of the theater will be Max Torodor, Eddie Grossman, Ed Rosenwald and! The News Page IS Monday, May 16, 1949- HEALTHY DOES ·re so important to rabbit growers. Guard their body condition by feeding Larro Green Pelleti for Rabbits. They provide the nursing doe with nutrients necessary for a full flow of nourishing milk Ask ut about Larro Feeds! PIONEER FEED SEED STORE KM Van Nuy» Blvd. 8T *-lMC crrrc GREEN PELLETS /£A RABBITS Farm-tested J. ^ludson, and who today pointed Entire structure, to be erected ,out t h a t their new project will charge. DON'T BUY A . . . CRESCENT WRENCH UNTIL FRIDAY May lOih WHEN THE TOOL MART OPENS 6251 Van Nuys Blvd. Don't Buy Anything Until You've Seen Our EYE-POPPING VALUES! James Simons Will deceive Fire Medal James W. Simons. County Fire bept. tractor operator in N e u h a l l j area, will meet President Harry S. Truman and be awarded t h e j American Forest Fire Medal f o r j Heroism tomorrow by Secretary ofi Agriculture Charles Brannan. | Honored for saving many homes se( and the" CoVoniafDav "chair set" Dcv'inna of Be\erly Hill's s ; o o d ' o n i a t a t o t a l rost of $ 300 . 000 - will J incorporate te luxe finish and ap- Point Dume to enjoy the scenery. hou?e t h e 1000-seat theater, a drug) pointments throughout, will con- RADIONICS HEALTH EXAMINATION This Week Introductory Phone STate 5-1858 DR. EVELYN PERKINS, D.C.-- DOCTOR'S BLDG. 6742 Van Nuys Blvd. at Vanowen St. Mation, and Eckert was brou E ht' e i r a - AJ A " na''«"a"y known for into court on an indecent exposure theater architecture, with a num- I her of leading Los Angeles Evidently they didn't like what store and °' ner store unltl: ' and t a i n finest u n i t s for air condition- they saw and called the sheriffs! ha " been der 'S ned h ' w - L - p e r - ing and heating, and will be equip-' ppd w i l h ben equipment obtainable in projection instruments, and screen an(1 reproducing system. Fully paved parking space for .375 automobiles is planned in connection with the theater and store-;. Completion i; scheduled for early October, when premiere opening- will be held with "everybody MRS. KATIE BOWMAN, ENERGETIC AT 100, PAYS VISIT TO LOCAL FAMILY Continued from Page One fused a license, due to her advanc- lives in Ihe Topanga Canyon fire -last November by his work \ u t h a tractor in the path of the Puzes for her crocheting and an unusually colorful rolled knit varn ed years. Mr* Boys Played Together i n \ i t e d " to a t t e n d and see the guest film stars and celebrities, and to rnjov and p n i ' n l - o in the Bowmpn a ' t e n d s Sunday rug and braided rugs e\hibited at Q r hnol and rhurr-h n n H her taie to flame*. Simons flew to Washington th ; Salem Orp ° } S t a t p Fair u u j n TMurrh *TM " er late ^ j t n e saiem (uregoni Mate t a i r , husband. Rev. John Bowman, was are among her treasured keep- ] a s u p p l y B apti.n minister. She has last night. American Fore=!ry is making the a\vard~. Association; ,, a ,.. Adhering to her m o t t o even.while Table Saw Stolen Raymond E. Conaway locked up a building under construction at 12937 Sherman Way Friday night and when he returned the- next morning, he told police officeu, a S384.25 table saw was gone. He ?a:d that whoever had stolen it had apparently entered the structure! by unlocking the door with a key.! an adopted daughter and grandchildren in Oregon. visiting, Mrs. Bowman visited Van I The friendship between the Bow- Nuys stores Monday and in one man and Raymond families hsd its saw a heart -hp.ocd crocheted = n c e pti 0 n 20 years ago when they sachet which ^ho v^terl to co.iy were neighbors in Salem and Mrs and in a half hour taking it .Bowman's grandson Berdell Wade home had the pattern copied. j a n d DonaW Raymond both then three years old. played togethe and brought about this lastinj friendship. Everyone Fetes Her Mrs. Bowman was a guest Thursday at Tom Breneman's Breakfast o of the t h e a ' e i ' s "bow nublie". "Give Public The Best" "We shall endeavor to give to Despite being slight!:.' lame fol-j lowing a broken leg three years ago, she walks, with the aid of a cane, the one and one-half mile= from her home to Salem several times a wee!;. Laughingly she confessed to a desire to purchase a P R E S E N T S \\ DENIM WEEK car, but changed her plans when r e - ' i n Hollywood and received an or- jchid cor~a?e for being the oldest mother present. On the same day ·Mounted Reserve she w a ' a guen on Kay K ser ' s 1 show and received an airplane trip to Dallas, Tev.. among other gifts. At Angelus Temple church services last Sunday she received a large bouquet of red roses for being the oldest mother present. CO-ORDINATED PLAY CLOTHES in Faded Blue Denim Blue Chambray SHORTS 2.95 - 3.95 PEDAL PUSHERS 3.95 - 4.95 BRAS 1.95 - 2.95 MIDRIFFS 2.50 - 3.95 Patrols Area Halt Rifle Toters In the wake of complaints that residents in the neighborhood of the Big Tujunga Wash and Hanson Dam were recent targets of rifle-toting "sportsmen" -- most of them juveniles--Officer Patrick Murphy has called members j of his Valley Mounted Reserve Corps into action in the area for p a t i o l duty. Pointing out that it is a vio- j lation of a city ordinance to dis- | charge firearms within city lim- I its, Officer Murphy discloses that I 27 members of the crack mounted troop have been patrolling the sector. JACKETS 3.95 - 7.95 SLACKS 3.95 SKIRTS 3.95 -5.95 SUN DRESSES 7.95-12.95 LEGION POT LUCK DINNER WEDNESDAY Their women's auxiliary will join members of Van Nuys American Legion Post 193 at 1 o'clock Wednesday n'ght in American Legion Clubhouse, 14541 Sylvan St., to enjoy a potluck dinner and hear a talk by Louis Gough, Legion national defense chairman.] Commander Steve, Foote has! asked each couple to bring a d i s h . j either salad, potatoes, vegetable or dessert. The post will furnish the meat, bread and other essential items. Scientist Broadcast A Columbia Church of the Air program u n d e r auspices of the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Georgia may be heard over KNX May 29 at 9 a.m. on the subjevt: "For God So Loved the World." DON'T BUY AN IRON UNTIL FRIDAY May 20th WHEN THE TOOL MART OPENS 6251 Van Nuys Blvd. Don't Buy Anything Until You've Seen Our EYE-POPPING VALUES There's Always a Sale at TOOLMART 1000 s OF FREE'GIFTS FOR ALL the publ.c the best in motion picture entertainment, housed in a theater of particular comfort and distinction, to the end that each person attending will feel that he or she has thoroughly enjoyed e\ery minute with us, including the pictures and the beauty and luxury of the 'hou«e' as well," Toro- dor stated todav. MODERN SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY NOW OPEN Fox Whirl-Wash Laundry 12920'/$ Riverside Drive (near Coldwater) Phone STate 4-8753 · MODERN WHIRL POOL MACHINES Agitator Type, Top-Opening · STANDARD RATES · COMFORTABLE LOUNGE TO RELAX IN Clothes" 6506 Van Nuys Blvd. Next to Barker Bros. 30-90 Day Accounts ATTENTION!! MACHINISTS DIE MAKERS TOOL MAKERS The lOOl rlSrlcarries a complete stock of STARRETT, BROWN-SHARPE, LURCIN PRECISION TOOLS AT THE LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE 6251 Van Nnyi Blvd. Van Nuys "ZENETTE"PER$ONAL PORTABLE RADIO $5 DOWN S S5 A MOUTH Op*r«ttt ·* Mlf cM»l»ttf brfterin ut m ·* AC/DC e«rr.«t. Emxtotf fcrowknt rMf*. H«r-». V\ f haMflt Hat rapanls »· fit M*. Utt bcttorta*. ZENITH "UNIVERSAL" PORTABLE RADIO II DOWN tf 18 A MONTH AC/DC ml hem ····ffiral ftyiwy, S I *» 1* a»f n«* F U R N I T U R E S T 6455 Van Nuys Blvd. ST 5-1166 VAN NUYS Othw Mriir UutUnn Su hraanfe. Ncrtk Rdljwnrf. Gtaifak. Bwtklnk NEWSPAPER! ?SPAP£Rl

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