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1888-05-27-AtlantaConstitution-p12-GeorgiasCities - GEORGIA'S CITIES. The Happenings of a Day...
GEORGIA'S CITIES. The Happenings of a Day Briefly Told. A VERY AMBITIOUS COBBLER Who Thinks He Has a Good Chance to Become President. i will act ten Into to tha imm^ Itkanfatdbf tsnj that Korwood** iTVei^iav«*d%tey, that the interval may be abridged between the .election of delegate* and tie meeting of the convention . Savannah'* toduanoe, it ii /eared, may not be "es^Stvk wart efft *• Ibe TeJteir »»deay hM dfljizhted the Iriendi aw JMeartiMte. The !>■»>» sJ^^oad. eny, Mr. Cat JU flfss>dt,e»Ul visit Europe **""*• TklM of WB.ooe be - will Mm ii bet* irttb hint to flute hrnnrtabl* •Aim. These wa* an anqvatetod with thU greet painter and lover of hie profession kndw Stftlfill not waste the moneys that w sntnisted to his keening, or rnther bis disposal. For example, the painting, "The Belies of the Brave," purchased eeveral years ago by him In London tor $1,000, win today, by toe eri deuce deuce ol the great astronomer, Prof easor Procter, Procter, easily bring $15,000, and Professor Proctor Proctor is credited with good art taste. Besides the 125,000 donated by General Jackson, Mr. Brandt win probably hare a pane of $10,000 furnished by contribution, and which will return in oil to the academy. The sum of 835,000 is a large pile of money to be put In decorated canvass but it will not bo begrudged. The director himself carci not for money. His time and wealth he squanders for the institution institution he is at the head of. His only reward lithe contemplation of his own excellent The coming election of chief of police sug - rsts an Inquiry into the constituent elements Savannah's police force. Of the fifty - seven members twenty - four bail from Ireland, sixteen sixteen from Bryan, Effingham and other Georgia Georgia counties. not inclusive of Chatham, Chatham, rive from South Carolina and two fnuri Germany. One was born at sea, and eight only claim Savannah u their place of nativity. Savannah is the most generous e in me worm ior oesrowmg its gOOQ ana also imported, and Taylor was a man brainy torn? cbeerfnl liar, Taylor was suited to ingntitat* himself in divine favor. A man ol peat wealth, how simply he lived ! His card now lias in tight: CHARLES H. J. TAYLOR, United State* Minister, Resident end Oonaol General General to Monrovia, Liberia. '■ V* j(fttrtat«ln Unlted.Blatas Supreme Court, Wash - On the obverse side is written: 'who has 33< ~* ftetenyia a and will oppose iVi^rf^ylit^^^^^^ friends are nuabinz his claims for all ther are state as a perfect c It is not certain that atranM woman da rapidly tow into popular favors at first sight. the first congressional district has been found to be not only the mother of statesmen, out tne producer of the finest quality of wool grown in this country. The politicians pronounce it the very beet The truth is, it is ranked as a fancy wool. The market is steady now at 21 cents a pound, while medium wool from the west and north Will not brine more than too. to ITc. a pound. About 2,000,000 pounds come here in a season, and like the business in pelts, Is not reckoned known throughout the aaff - aatiavtfci wast), - a,wf awtitid orator and lias* ex - eMiiederato aoldiar. Ha vua a leader in redeeming Georgia from republican rule and. though he has always taken a tead us us |nn in an popular movemeni before asked ior office. The pU wuicn ne stanus is scamana s C to cany him through on been declared and the coi ealte'W'and<'dra." TheCb. ready careened to the supw3S^TWgaj»d •neve is the candidate of the prohilnUonists. Mr. Josenh Millf - r. a nanular and nroroinent merchant of the city has signified his intention held for the house of xfipraaen Miller Miller is a vounir man of fine business eualificsticns. and if elected to the lower bouse would make some ol the old mem This This city was entirely deserted on Friday. All of the Sundav - jchools in the citv had their picnics, which were largely attended by both caniDment hilll the Banthrt's at Port Wilkin. son and the Presbyterians spent the day at easily accessible from the city, so those unfor. tunate enough not to own a turn - out were compelled compelled to walk out. All reported a nice time, however. A Mrs. honao out an three The Chattahoochee Valley fair. Monday: zier, chair - Bight here in Ch: tbam, Bullock, Screven', Camden and Pierce Is to be found the finest wool - growing lands in tbe United States Jhe climate is equable and the fleece is fine. The sheep do not require warm garniture, and so can spare their coats. The wire grass agrees With them, too. Curious to relate, thewool growers, who comprise many. If not all the prominent politicians, claim that the pending Mills Mil has damaged this industry immense? ly. The bill places wool on the free list, it Will be remembered, while the psoases? la ten cents a nonnd. Tn other vnr,u <L 1 eli oping of 1,000 pounds the farmer whobreeds sheep says be will lose «100. However.he admits pay that money invested in sheep is sura While touching on national politics rt may surprise the Atlanta statesmen to know tbat a candidate for president of the United States kashts hnmble home in Savannah. This may he as well g.ven to the papers. It is really Henry Abrams, a shoemaker by profession, and le resides at 2l Habersham street. He was probably inspired Jo enter national politics by the Hon. C. H. J. Taylor, late minister to Liberia, Who spent midwinter to Savannah. Tho Standard, Henry George's journal, tries in a fntile way to ridicule Abrams's aspirations. It •peaks of him as "the cobbler of Savannah And genius of the national financee," and states that he "will launeh himself on the American people as another candidate for president as soon as he can get a vice - president. In spite Of ridicule Abrams stands a lair chance, one Reconsiders as good as that of Sherman or Your correspondent shewed the great but Obscure candidate for the presidency what Henry George said of him to the Standard. "I am the man," said he, after reading the sapping OMtalry. "I am not the candidate of any wc*kto*man^party, tort the candidate «f all the people of the United States. I am This candidate of the people was bom to Philadelphia on NovembeT loth, wT tl - tooajh one would hardly take him - to be ore! sixty years ef are. He was educated at Burlimrton, IT J., end » moved moved to Richmond to 1838. Inl8r»here - fno7*d to Albany, N. Y. ; thence to this city ar - HA.bsrs.ttw!si*«i premiums for bonds, but now - ^M* *^ne? thf disgust on hi i wrinkled front axpttosas] ail toe ttS[v\0kS»n« m background as ruueh to possible. Why atone time, If they had toartadmejustly, I would have received a Walker, of BJchmoad, y^, , democratic delegate delegate to the St. Loui. eonvitioBTwrototo ie tolO on my ticket as vfe»?ro«fcierrt. He might fen with tettber dementi « ferrt hh i tetter," aism«kiMaS7B ■beets oT foolscap, paper in the totervtewS. aaaa. x oe canourase tookeo at the mipstei ^jfe'T toiacerUto what impression hi. remark had made, and then conUnued: mbjeet of finances. It it too much IgnSod' Tke quesuon of the tariff > is of no moment; I rmte thing. nel Henry R. Goetchtos, president of the i>nattahoochee Valley &x position company, will announce the following atandimi oimVmTt. tees at the meeting of the board on Monc Grounds and buildings— D. p. Dozler, man : G. M. Williams. L. F. Garrard oi?^ri,JiI6"we'*ta*»iiK - Entertainments— T. M. Foley, chairman - H p. Haasori, p. P. Dorier. Auditors— J. H. Gabriel, chairman; 8. 8. Hatcher, D. P. Dozier. Transportation— L. F. Garrard, chairman ; L. A. Camp, S. B. Hatcher. Public comforts— E. H. Jenkins, chairman i B. Sternberg. Q. Gunby Jordan. ' Exhibits— J. K. Qrr, chairman; Q. M. Williams, Williams, B. Sternberg. Premium list— G. M. Williams, G.Q«oby Jordan, J..1L FteUshsr. General executive «ommittee - D. P. Dozier, The duties of the last committee is to have cognizance of every subject not coming directly directly under the supervjaion of the other commit. Georgia Baptist Seminary. and Rev. C. D. Campbell, also of Athens, will preach the commencement sermon on June 21th proximo. a»i previoua enprte. liei duet* iuo ^usruiinK, wu«e ner "Kuth"cai comparea only to "JSsther,' - which was given repeat "Esmareldg" soon, proceeds for benefit the sr, of killed April, made Said G. a wood mo Mr. a was stopped about ue Tbe tws in of all I twenty command district the that it peculiar sue souwera snourbs of the citv last night. Charlie Lueas and H«.«i ^k.. \5 i Tl vt **?»■ "™*»«fn», a negro xwg in the ?iciiUty was out to his yard and ue of the flying bullets struck him in the fMM^ea^itewgh his body aud inflicting a fatal wound. Ho is atiU alive, kt w't re - vHun^oa waaarrestea and jailed Montgomery Dlstxtet Conference. uncs. Ga.. U» ifi_ra^.i.n Montgomery district eonfereiwerwhich has tewing delegates were elected to the aaaual corJereaee. which will meet toMoWte toMw c. A. Trawjefc, a. D, Smith, John Maaaav h M. WashtattM; altasnlKw^J. tSA J.L.K.&^mu OpaUkawaaehosen „ next plaoe tor holding next dratrieteonieroBoe: The oonference appointed able ministers to fill bbJ - pi«iu win city, uiran* ami Vnrnm Sifts >u I would wipe out the whose naUonaldrtrtT1 that persisted to tle^^iTlrSJne spoke agam U was m a reileetive nuauex •TteTthe atyle of Bam Small mUMt' - Cleveland is a foot Some peoole would m ?ZSJ ^ZT'S^' 'eM» (■ 1 SSI didate (ox rwupran from ejtoblnaoB , from the Arid, (o^waa *«ted by the How the peeple used to - dear they they were for aSfthl little cobbler peered into the • his first call fc rldmgcAweacwe, *_f«r, ^rew snaotes of Cr - ,^*^?*«n*,, ¥«»iU)re rtfe thathe wceiyed. vuanxrtux, Ga., May JgWSaactoLT— to the State f^^SrF^fc ■e^on in GstoearJBe on the MttoT JrS^»t pr SB to JohnT Smitto W ?Zn - l* teP, reoeptlcpcoinmittee. ' Me grasped a heavy bie*^^ W °aTd upon his head heat a retreat only to fall mtcthe «iSs of Jiffi"150 WM* ***** * •^sr»» popgun lady brn«hed boarding tailed time, ffice when grappled Hagan black this, pulling barreled shoulder* and stooping killed Alams, tbat She Adama bound was into heard can's caused of the J. »*uw seemed person fionora. taatans strange Dr. the Judge permit keeded, ttmce ae of if stock Mr ox B* F»d by

Clipped from The Atlanta Constitution27 May 1888, SunPage 12

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia)27 May 1888, SunPage 12
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