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1887-03-26-Courier-Journal[Kentucky]-p1-[TaylorNotes] - HEWSJHD COMMENT. "" THE WXATHEH. N "fcxUcotkm...
HEWSJHD COMMENT. "" THE WXATHEH. N "fcxUcotkm for Saturday in Kmtor-Vy Kmtor-Vy Kmtor-Vy are s.- s.- lher. ix stationary lempwrature. ' C H. J- J- Tatxo, the newly-appointed newly-appointed newly-appointed Minister to Liberia, is an enthusiast in the matte of political independence among, the colored voters. He believes the President has znade himself rr popular with the colored people, and jjt there will be not lew than forty drfe-ates drfe-ates drfe-ates f that race in the next Democratic Democratic National Convention. He pledgee Vinself to take the stnmp for the Demo eratic party in the next campaign, even tf be has to resign his position to do it. fcjch latter he will very likely have to A, if the Mugwump civil-service civil-service civil-service reformers reformers know themselves. jfjt Fairchtld, acting Secretary of Treasury, says he has the power to TtHere any stringency of the money market, and will exercise it when necea-m necea-m necea-m rr Receipts from internal revenue jjjJ other sources are being placed in the national bank depoHitories, and these are expected boon to rrach il ,000.000, bat Mr. FjLlKClilLD says that if it shall become absolutely neceswary he can Bike tfcem three times that amount. ftmm is a very healthy interest in Iclj estate developing in Louisville, as the direct result of the Cocuiek-Joch-jaL's Cocuiek-Joch-jaL's Cocuiek-Joch-jaL's Cocuiek-Joch-jaL's Cocuiek-Joch-jaL's recent double edition, which so Clearly and conclusively set forth the ad-Tantages ad-Tantages ad-Tantages possessed by the city. Gentlemen Gentlemen engaged in other lines of trade (hould profit by the excellent lesson taught them by the Real Estate Association Association in the matter of advert hung. EBEMm Stawab. of Youngstown, 0., ihot 2ead Miss A. Hancock Thursday Thursday evening. Sta5Taej. who is a worth len fellow, hail attempted to address address Miss Hancock, and, being repulsed, repulsed, took a terrible revenge, firing at her from ambush while she was in the company of a more successful suitor. The murderer escaped, but was afterward afterward arrested. The steamer Scotia, from Naples for New York, with 1.200 passengers, ran ashore off Blue Point life-saving life-saving life-saving station yesterday morning, and now lies hard aground. The passengers will be taken off by tugs sent down from New York. The Scotia had a stormy voyage over. and many of the passengers suffered painful injuries. Philip F. Bearlinq, a di.-.-harged di.-.-harged di.-.-harged di.-.-harged di.-.-harged Palmer Palmer House waiter, shot Charles F. Jordan, Jordan, the head-waiter, head-waiter, head-waiter, in the dining-room dining-room dining-room of that hotel in Chicago yesterday afternoon, causing the greatest consternation consternation among the guests who were dining at the time. Bearijno escaped while attention was being paid to the wounded man. President' of the COLORED MEM REVOLT. A Representative African's Views On the Present Democratic Administration. Cleveland, If Benommatcd, "Will Eeceive a Third of the Newly Enfranchised Vote. Sunset Cox! Good Opinion of Oscar & Straus, the New Minister To the Turkish Government. A Handsome Present To Controller Durham Durham On the Seoond Anniversary of His Appointment. OESEaAL WASmNGTOH' HEWS. WaSHisoToif, March 25. Special. C. H. J. Taylor, of Kunim City, Mo., the newly-appointed newly-appointed newly-appointed newly-appointed MiuuTr to Lilwria, is la tbe city. He has qualified at the State Department, Department, ami will leave in about twenty days for his new post of duty. He is largely interested interested in the convention of independent colored men, which is to meet in Washington in May ur June; and, although he will not be present, he will aid in arranging for it until the moment of his departure. "The object of the can ven turn." said Minister Minister Taylor to a reporter, "is to determine the numerical strength of the negroes who are willing to free themselves from the Republican Republican party. No man will be allowed to have a seat m the convention who is not willing willing to announce himself as being no longer bound by Republican doctrines. I anticipate a large attendance, for the idea has found favor with a large number of colored men w barer er it has been made known." "Do you think the President has gained the confidence of the negroes!' "There can be no doubt of it. Mr. Cleveland Cleveland is to the negro as the second coming of Christ. tY by, when he was first elected the ignorant negroes who had 'exodusted from Mississippi placed armed guards around their little communities to fight to the death should any attempt be inaue to take thatn into slavery. ow they would mob a man who would say that alaverv was possible again. The stand taen by the President on the Matthews matter has also made bim hosts of friends. His message recommending the re imbursement of the swindled Kreedman's Bank depositors was another act which finds favor with tbe colored man." "But do you think that the President has cairn! votes for bis part v." "Yes. sir. I believe at the next election if Mr. Cleveland is renominated, or U the nominee of tbe Democratic party is a man of Mr. Cleveland's stamp, that oue-tbird oue-tbird oue-tbird of the colored vote will be cast for him. More tuuu this, I believe that there will be at least lorty colored delegates in the next Democratic Democratic convention. As for myself I am go ing to take the stump fur the Democratic party in tne next campaign, even if 1 resign uy positiou to do it." FEDERAL FINANCES. vey, it accretion subject fctates. letter iiaiiroad a patent selected tne 1 he refused for the in referred utr fto lub!ic been of chnus the free will. Turkey, Straus sects are Hebrew. "Tlie had Hebrew Sultan. of the tbe tbe Khan-Bashi, his loyalty "Mr. told ltsof" "Of reply, cultivation he is York, therefore, politan Not connect Durham ing splendid wall. the Bou. kea and performed Controller's The and wife he said, to tbe on

Clipped from The Courier-Journal26 Mar 1887, SatPage 1

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky)26 Mar 1887, SatPage 1
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  • 1887-03-26-Courier-Journal[Kentucky]-p1-[TaylorNotes]

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