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Article Clipped from The Minneapolis Star

16B iv THE MINNEAPOLIS STAR Thursday, Aug. 22, 1963 Hoffa Bashes Through Schedule By EDWARD SCHAEFER Minneapolis Star Staff Writer Bouncy, brassy James R. Hoffa circulated around Minneapolis today with a big hello for any truck driver within shouting distance and a cheery insult for any non-Teamster who disagreed with him. Very few Teamsters dis-agice with the president of the Teamsters International Union. Running his usual breakneck schedule and enjoying every minute of it, Hoffa ducked in for a few minutes with a class at the University of Minnesota (he savs it won't be long before over-the-road drivers will need at least a year of college); huddled with business agents, took his usual stream of long distance telephone calls and lunched with Teamster wives who are the backbone of a Teamster political organization. 'Local 554 With one exception, Hoffa again demonstrated a familiarity with local union situations and a retention of local names and nicknames that always astounds associates. He twice referred to the Minneapolis General Drivers erhoods shouldn't accept It is compulsory arbitration and confirmed that some rail- Union as Local 554. local 544. Hoffa flew into town on a jet liner his own plane is too slow to give a political talk to a meeting open to the public at 8:30 today in the Convention Center, just south of Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. Within a few minutes after his arrival he told reporters the "controlled" newspapers controlled by haven't given a fair presentation of his long series of brushes with the federal government. roadmen wanted to come in to the Teamsters. The railroad situation, Hoffa said, was bad enough without the Teamsters complicating it by taking in any rail workers. During an hour and a half on a local radio program in which telephoned questions and answers were broadcast, Hoffa deftly fielded questions, some and had a soft answer for a woman who called "just to say I don't like Hoffa." He said the railroad broth-1 The broadcast was elec- ii I I WM VP i i iB NftL If JAMES R. HOFFA Bouncy, brassy tronically rigged so the I broadcast questions and answers ran 6'2 seconds behind the actual conversations, giving engineers 'time to erase any untoward Team ster talk that might creep in. The labeled "panic button" on the control panel wasn't used despite an occasional "hell" by a caller. During the radio interviews a patrolman showed up qt the radio station after someone called the police station to say Hoffa ought to be shot. The policeman wasn't needed. In an interview and statements to associates, Hoffa: Disclosed the Teamsters will "have no part the civil rights march on Washington. He said the Negro is unfairly treated now through lack of employment, and a demonstration wouldn't solve that. Said there was no "rebellion" in Teamster tanks. There was "a problem" in one or two cities, where Teamsters left or threatened to leave the Teamsters, but "the problems rected. Said the Teamster political folo mart in local politics, but declined to uniAn unnlril say wneuier wc umv support Sen. Eugene MCar-thy, who is up for re-election next year. Norse Seaman, 19, Faces Deportation DULUTH, Minn. (UPI) The U.S. Immigration Service here has instituted deportation proceedings against a Norwegian seaman convicted of having carnal knowledge of a 14-year-old Duluth Officials said Torge Foss, 19, serving a one-year sentence in St. Louis County Jail, would have to have, a special permit to re-enter this country if he is deported. were cor-