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J. Maurice Finn - BOBI A BOtlOtAS NEWS-RECORD m T'EASLTEE &...
BOBI A BOtlOtAS NEWS-RECORD m T'EASLTEE & DOUOLAH strflsonnrios -ernes VlSff NATIONAL BANK BUIU1IMO 1 Lirgeit Citculilion on Gogebic hnJRu|i IRONWOOD, MICH OLT IS Read Thelews^Record fane a (lomltlitntj lo adtcitw HH.I jml i^in. Tfte Kcin 7fctoi «' 1 «« « '""' H/lV you read tlie p«J>ei //omsc//, «ne »i/ou1 reasons oj)j)!i/ 'o tliimwiHi <>1 othci i le/iri rtie buyers us »ei! «s 7 widen THE MW> HEC01W REPUBLICAN NATIONAL TICKET FOR PRESIDENT : &><• FOU VICE-PUESIDKNT: WHITBliAW REID. REPUBLICAN STATE TICKET Foi Governoi For Lieut.-Gov ' State of ..T. WIGHT GIDDINOS Of%Vexfordcoma> f New York, that valfant champion of lemocracj, said "What has been done for the shoe industry by placing hides upon the free ist r^lalne's reciprocity did this] would be done for the iron industry by putting RON ORE UPON THE FREE LIST. [Great ipplaiise]. And woof the democratic niirty now appeal to you to support us n tlio attempt to give tho American a chance to show the stuff that is In him, 'o liberate his hand and to take the [otters from his feet, to let him have raw material free, and go forth and challenge competition wherever It may BO found, and we have no fear of the re- Bult." [Applause] Here Is a democratic statesman proposing that tho miner of the Lake Superior country bo given "a chance to show the stuff that is in him." He wants viio miner of the Lake Superior mining districts to "go forth and challenge competition wherever it may be found," In other words, he holds that our miners can compete successfully with those of Cuba; Spain and Canada "Take the fetters from his feet," and permit him to demonstrate that even though the Spanish and Cuban miner gets less than a dollar for a day's labor, he challenges competition. We give the words of Congressman Cochrane in full that tho miners of this section may know how the great men of the democratic party feel on the iron ore question. As for democratic nine-spots like Finn, it would cut little figure what opinions they held. Even a Michigan democratic con grossman, who was renominated last week in the first district, is advocating the use of more foreign iron ore in this country. J. Logan Chipman in his speech at Detroit last Saturday night, followeo Bourke Cochrano's lead and nsked the voters of Wayne county to vote the democratic ticket that the country, among, other great blessings thiit'would accrue to it from a reign of democracy, might have FRKE IUON ORE. Mr; Chipmtm has served in eon- !ss a number of terms, and is famil with the attitude of the i pint} towtud the lion ore and other questions which directly interest the people of thi i egion Mlneisof the Gogebic ninge. what Lime, Cement, Plaster Paris, Brick, Plastering Hair, Fire Clay, Adamant, Cedar Posts, Sash, Doors, Vouldings, Ceiling, Siding, Etc. Etc. CITY tallw? Of Uri— ,1.».. MWW j «• Marauette count* Mineio 01 wiw wuyuuiv/ itm*,^ ,,....FOR Treasurer JOSWH F HAMBIT/XU Uro you going to do with jour votes,> ne Ifnnirhtnn rnnntA I l. n ..mi .vnlnrr in IT, vo t.MAm t,O 1L Tilll L\ Of Hoiighton touim i'01 Auditor .STANLEY W.TUHNEU * Of UQHCommou county Tqr Atty-Genei al GcRRir J Du KH.MA J Ol Ottawa cotintj ''•For Land Commissioner. JNO. G.BEIUIY Of Otscgo county •For Supt: Public Ins.. .H.R. PATTENGIL r or IiiRbun county Tor Mem Board Pub Ins E A WILSON Of Ann Huron counts For TUB Supi erne Court B 1 A HOOKER Ot Lftton counts Foi Congress—Twelfth District, SAMUEI, M SrEPHFNSON, Of Menomlnee county, For Circuit Judge—To fill vacancy NORMAN W HAIBK, Of Gogcblo county For Senator—Thlrt\ second Dlsti lot, WILLIS F bAWYLH, Of OutonaKoii couuty jd'or Representative—Gogebic District F C CHAMBERLAIN, Of , county, REPUBLICAN'COUNTY TICKET. For Judgi o( Piolmt* CURTIS BUCK, of Iionvwoil Foi ShorifT, . .,. , THOMAS T. EDDY, of Ironwoocl. For County Clerk nnfl UegtHtur of Deeds, CONRAD CARLSON, of Bessemer. Foi Prosecutlns Attomej CHAULKS M. BOWELL., of Bessemer, For County TrmiHiirer, CHARL.KS A. PETERSON, of Ironwood. For Circuit Ciiiu-t Coinnilssioner. FRED D. HAMMOND, of. Iron wood. For Ooiincy Surveyor, GEORGK KTJPP of Bessemer. ForCoioueis, . , OSOAR J. HAY, of Ironwood. ToitSTBN EUOKN, of BesBeraer. YOUK EARS, MISEBS. A fow weeks ago in his speech at the 'opera house In this city, J. Maurice Finn, democratic candidate for congress . in this district, declared that the present duty of 75 cents a ton on iron ore should remain us it is, not for Its protective features, but for revenue only. Finn bays he Is in favor of retaining the • duty on iron ore, but what does his ' party say vegtwdlnu this matter. To \quote from the democratic platform - adopted at Chicago: "We declare it to bo a fundamental principle of the democratic party that " the federal government has no consti- . tutional power to impose and collect r tariff duties, except for tho purjiose of revenue only." The tariff duty of 75 cents n ton on iron ore, which was Imposed to protect our miners from the poorly paid labor of Cuba and Spain, is therefore unconstitutional, according to tho teachings ol democracy. The language Of the platform Is plain, and every intelligent | miner will readily understand It. It * would make little difference what Mr. J?inn believed the duty on iron ore . ought to be, should ho be elected to congress. His arguments favoring the retention of the duty of 75 cents a ten '•for revenue ouly," would have little - effect on several hundred other demo' l orats'who would favor Its removal, if '", indeed, they would listen to him at all. <•"' When-Pintt says that his • party would " .'retain the 75 'cents ft ton duty on iron " «re,. He Is telHB£ »'h^ he knows to be ' * untrue. nesMjoHOic congressmen of " .UMJW ability *B4*l<iet' reputation than M*. Finn twUd ever, hope of attaining, p*rte»f the country wore Ate you going to give them to a pmtj which goes before the country pledged to repeal all protective tariff duties— and tho duty of 75 cents a ton upon iron ore is a protective duty—or tire you going to give your votes to the party which declares that the tariff duty is necessary to protect you from the cheap labor of Cuba? The pivy of the minor in this region is small enough nov; but we defy any democratic speaker to mime a country whore the miners are better paid and more prosperous. But the democrats declare the system which haa made tho Gogebic range tho wonder of the world, to be unconstitutional and n fraud, and thoy link for your votes that they may prove it such. What arc you going to do about it? Free trade would bo paralysis to tho grout industries in the upper peninsula. Tho Intelligent worktngmen up there know it and will not vote lo smite the hand that foods Ihom. That hand Is protection.—Detroit Evening Journal- It is asserted on the nuwt reliable authority, that the democrats have the largest corruption fund that has ever been collected for debauching the election in New York, Illinois and Wisconsin. Fortunately, the millions of dollars nt their disjxwal will not help them in those states this year. ' When tho Times compares its rain- bow-chusing predictions with the cold election figures, it will be profited if not entertained. . of deeds, turning down Messrs, E. S. Jones and O. P. H. Brlssctte, will have ta settle for i jTslAUKICK FISN. Who Jammed the democrat!. In the cold, llutt on hrleil delegates fierce and Do d. Ann o'er the remains ot Anthony rolled. Jay Maurice. Who pnt himself tight In a Vmx Fiom which he's howling "roMjn Why 'twas this peddler of convict Jay Manrlce. Ed. Anthony's Wends will Haro the knife For Tim Nestor's In the light ...< agitating light- jay Maurice stinliMwon a tuie DUi» de il< i IIivs ser\ d > on «111—he K no hprin Vote for him, not the yarn roeler. JftV Manrlco: The "unspeakable Duna" of the Sun has the supreme delight of beholding national Democracy in the sere clays ol early autumn eating its words spoken in the green days of early summer Free trade is to the rear, protection is no longer as unconstitutional us it \vas> in June.—Knoxville, (Tcnn.) Journal There are now ^7 tinplate mills it successful operation in the Uuitec States. There would have been a least !>0 of these mills at the prescm time, had it not been for the mcnac of free trade which the Democrat! party has held over the country for th past t\voycai>>—Gi.ind Itaplds Eiifrli The union veterans huvc sized V Judge Morse's comradeship to a nicety They will apply .his own standard and sticU by thtii ov> n puty as fiUhfullv as he has done since he turned Democrat. THE hacteriologists have not yet de* cided whether the stuffing- in that Uniy Gables letter contained the spirillum of reform or merely plain, commonplace ileumffogism.—N. Y. Press. FRED The Monoininee good many moan Democrat 'says a things about Sam Stephen-jon, but it is lovoi- enough of full 1 play to brand as falsa the charge made in the Ironwoood Times and other untorriiied papers, that Sam StephenBon hired Pinkerton men to intimidate the employes of tho Kirby Carpenter Co. in the strike of 1S85. Still the Times hasn't the fairness to admit it libelled Mr. Stophenson. Hoisting Judge Allan B. Morse, the democratic nominee for governor, expects republicans will vote for him because he haa a war record. Will J udge Morse vote for Benjamin Harrison because he is an old comrade and has a war record? The names of 716 employes of the American Steel Barge Company, of Superior, are signed to a document protesting airalnst the free trade policy of the democratic |>arty. The document further calls upon their brother work- nen to vote for tne protection nominees, Harrison and Ueid. Voters who work for a living should not forgot that the democratic national convention rejected a tariff resolution which asserted that "in making reduction in taxes It is not proposed to injure any domestic industries, but rather to promote their healthy growth," and adopted a tariff resolution which begins: "We denounce the republican protection us « fraud, a robbery," etc. We would call the attention of our democratic friends to the fact that there w»u,u't any baU«*-bt»x stufllng in the county convention ai whtah the Bar Iron, Steel. Nails "T"Ball. Tools, Engine Trimmings, Nuts, Washers and Bolts, The Cameron Steam Marinette Iron works and Steel COAL

Clipped from
  1. Ironwood News-Record,
  2. 15 Oct 1892, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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