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PUBLIC FORUM WHAT TEACHERS LEARNED IN DENVER To the Tribune: The Colorado Education Association's Association's convention just held "in Denver Denver \yas a splendid, upstanding, high 1'dealed meet. Never, I believe, have we had one which exceeded it, and, I'v» been wondering whether those who love our children, would not enjoy enjoy knowing just what we brought home with us to enrich and to help MaV I jot d'own a few splendid things for your enjoyment? They'll be just as I take them from my notes-Miss notes-Miss Josephine Roche, president of Rocky Mt. Fuel Co., said, In her address address on · "Economic Problems and Community" Responsibility," " R e a l American Democracy is under fire and in Jeopardy. It is a race between education and anarchy. Also, with 5,000,000 5,000,000 dependent, 6,000,000 undernourished, undernourished, many living on Be a day per person and 60 per cent of America's America's wealth now In the hands of 10 per cent of the people and 601 people having $1,'QOO,000 yearly, after all taxes taxes are paid, etc., etc., the "best people are still responsible for our children's success. This is the last .hour to talk about intrenchment. Teachers must- not lack the understanding heart.. We must continued for passion for helpfulness." helpfulness." Hon. Geo. D. Begole, mayor of Denver, Denver, a,fter speaking on the dire need said, "I pause to pay tribute to Denver's Denver's teachers whose generous contribution' contribution' has been such a'help." Mrs. Inez Johnson Lewis, our state superintendent superintendent of public Instruction, said 1 , "The success of America depends on , the courage, culture and brajery of " the teachers. Teachers must know life, and serve mankind. They must Interpret life In terms of human relationships. relationships. The industrial world must increase wealth among all and help to social justice." Glenn Frank, splendid leader from Wisconsin, in his lecture on America's Appointment with .Destiny brought us a clear cut message concerning "What Is wrong in America," but also brought an optimistic optimistic note when he said that he has a dozen friends, and knows at least twenty industrialists who could and would save us If we'd let them say "How" and "Follow." We need a "Socially "Socially minded consciousness" which must bring security, leisure and self respect to workers. We must become . . . · "'.T .'"·" -'. * lMI.Thr-A. f. All HlKM" Ifcmvf* " ~ "mass conscious first" and money conscious, second. "There must bo moral sanitation in our national life." "Capital must provide a better security security for the minnlons." About one- fifth the industrialists. in. the XT. S., have this vision, and are working toward toward it. We need great leaders. We spend half our time finding and. electing electing to office men whom we think will be great leaders and then we spend, the other half crucifying them alter we get them. Yet, we need great leaders,, leaders,, but, we need great followers, as well;" Mrs. Aurella Helnhart, one of one hundred women who met at the April conference to discuss world relationships, relationships, speaking on "International Aspects Aspects of American Education" said "Differences are in the material world, not In the hearts of women of the different worlds." "We must see more relationships than we've seen before--We must look all' ways, right and left, and up and down." "The U. S. must prove intelligent and loving. We must be merchants of life, not of things material, only." And, In a later address, before the, kindergarten-primary kindergarten-primary section, she pleaded that wo give, oyr y.oung. children a background of such.experience as shall teach without without .too much cluttering of Ideas- thai they have clearness of vision, and individuality in their effort. In short, to .be real individuals, able to think and to do and to work with others. others. Dr. John D. Clark of Denver univer- l sity In an address on "The News from Russia," after describing conditions conditions said, "The people complain, ;but not against the government,, as yet, but the determination of the .Russian officials is to increase hardships." This five year plan will be called Into question at the end of five years. The people have been sacrificing too much, and It cannot make good." Mr. Clark, with a party of twenty-six economists economists traveled six mouths In Russia. Russia. Supt. F, A. Ogle's splendid address was so well covered by reporters, It seems unnecessary to again report It. Dr. Frailer spoke on "Bargains in Education" and defined a bargain as "anything which is sold for less than the cost of production." Such so- called bargains are not bargains after all, because they hit some one else and (b), they are- usually inferior after all. He spoke of the fact that the school boards who try to Juggle .teachers out.of their contracts are poor sports 1 . The lower 'grades, the kindergarten, kindergarten, pro-school and other grades . should, not, be weakened, else the whole structure will be. If there must 1 be cuts, better make them in high 'schools, b u t - n o subject which is not related to the needs of the commun- ity should be taught. "Any which not add some social worth is too expensive. He spoke of the wrong of spending money on liquor and In the great universities. And 1 , as a splendid way to raise, sufficient taxes, suggested, "Proper Income taxes," and "taxes on trucks which, destroy our expensive highways." highways." Dr. Fred J. Kelly, Chief-Divisions Colleges and professional Schools, Office of Education, Washington ,D. In-his address on "Training In Thinking," said, among other very flue, thjjigs "We must make a control enough to meet youth's problems-That problems-That control Is 'self control'"! "We must have a curriculum wide as CHIROPODIST GEO.D.PATTON,D.S.C. 217 Park Place Bldfl. Phone 676 DR. C. H. DOWNING DENTIST Practice Limited to Artificial Teeth EVENTUALLY--Why .not in the first place? Ask the man or woman that wear my plates. "He wears them himself." 20« Greeley Bldfl. Phone 2066W Green Stamp with KODAK FINISHING AT G.-B'S Films in at 9, out by B:3( same day (except Sundays) Sundays) GILBERT- BISHOPS E. S. U. S. L. BATTERY r Complete Auto ' Electric service Battery WE SPECIALIZE IN NASH PAINT 815 Eighth Avenue They A

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  1. Greeley Daily Tribune,
  2. 16 Nov 1931, Mon,
  3. Page 18

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