Catherine (Smith) Ratcliff receives Widows Pension

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Catherine (Smith) Ratcliff receives Widows Pension - divided on the question of who shall be...
divided on the question of who shall be nominated for' President. ' Mr. Blake was here to attend the - Democratic banquet, fte Is a young man. and is' called the "Young Ilryan of Michigan.'! because he Is an orator. - i "In the eastern part of Michigan governor governor Harmon is the favorite," he said. "In other parts of the state Champ Clark is the choice, and there are many who would like to see Bryan run again. Bryan is popular among the Democrats of Michigan. Michigan. There are some also who like Governor Governor Marshall. I believe the choice of Michigan will fall on one of three men, however, after all the others have been eliminated from the race, but I do not feel like indicating the three, j The Democrats Democrats of our state are of (he fighting kind. Although we have been defeated year after year, we succeeded in electing two members of congress last year, and this lias given u much encouragement." - Likes Bob La Follette. J. L O'Connor, ot Milwaukee, was 'among those present" at the; Democratic banquet. - He Is one of the leading Democrats Democrats of that state. ' He was attorney - general four years during the; administration administration of Governor Peck, and his law partner. A. - J. Schmitx, was) the Democratic Democratic nominee for Governor, of that state last year. O'Connor is a close personal friend of Senator La Follette whom he regards as one of the' best men alive. "1 have known liob La Follette for many years," he said, "and I say he is an honest man and one of I the high - minded men of American politics. A good many people believe he is selnnh but he is not a selfish man at all. La Follette has only one bad fault that I know of. and that In that be is too suspicious of his friends. When I waa attorney - genera La Follette waa practicing law in Milwaukee. I In stituted suits . against several Republican former state treasurers to collect back interest on state funds which they had collected and retained. A man who was a bondsman for Ave of these treasurers went to La Follette and tried to Induce him to see his brother - in - law. Judge See - beck er. before whom the caes were to be tried. It Is said that he offered La Follette Follette money to do this. La Follette came down from the hotel room in which they met. He was In a white heat of anger. He met two prominent Democrats In the notei lobby ana told them what had happened. happened. After long deliberation and con sultation with his friends La Follette weot to his brother - in - law and told him ot the occurrence and Judge. Seebeclcer got out or the cases. "That was the beginning of La .Fol - lette's fight against the political machine in Wisconsin, and he has kept it up ever since, iie is nonest in nis purpose and will never quit. La Follette's msgaxlne is going to every follower he has in the state, and he is hammering into them his progressive ideas. Although I do not believe La Follette will be nominated for President, the people of the state are absorbing his Ideas, and he could not withdraw them If he would, and the result result is likely to be that when Taft la re - nomlcsted Wisconsin will give a Democratic Democratic plurality. j Milwaukee Situation Peculiar. "We have a peculiar situation In Mil waukee, where the Socialists have the city administration. 1 It was not the So cialists who won the election. ( The peo ple of the city voted the Socialist ticket because they were down on the Republican Republican and Democratic machines In the city. The only way they could bust the machines was . by voting the Socialist ticket, and they did It. I am not so sure that the Socialists can be defeated even at the next election, for the machine of each party will try again to elect its candidates, candidates, and the people will not stand for It. But aa soon as the people are certain they have purified politics in Milwaukee Milwaukee they will put out the Socialists. "Another thing that x helped the Social ists to win at the last city election was the fact that the religious question was brought Into the campaign. About 40 per cent, or the voters or Aiuwauxee are Catholics. Three Catholics were nomi nated on one of the old party tickets tor members of the school board.: of which there are fifteen members. The Socialists raised the cry that the church was trying to get control ot the school system and destroy it. One Episcopal minister preached two ' sermons on the subject, and this accentuated the feeling. The newspapers discussed It and this - added more fuel to the flames. This, together with the fact that many Catholics voted the Socialist ticket as the only means of breaking up the old machine. - gave the Socialists their victory. There are not more than seven thousand real Socialist voters in Milwaukee. "The Socialists have done some good things in their administration, and we must rive them credit for It. One Is that they have rone after the tax dodgers, and are making them come to time. They are hunting out the people who have hidden their taxables and are making them pay. Of course, no one except a tax dodger will oblect to that. "Governor Wilson came to Mllwauke some time ago and a made a speech, and immediately afterward everybody waa talking about him. It was Wilson.. Wilson Wilson everywhere, and I shall not be sur - rtised to see the Wisconsin Democrats in up for him for President. ! Personally, I should like to see him elected President." President." - Pensions for tndlanlans. .rwrlU to The - Indianapolis News. - i WASHINGTON, April 14. Pensions were granted the following Indianlans today: today: Thorns J. Brown. $16: David Burts - licld. Jli; illitha DuvU. J'; George &. Dennlson, Ellxabeth J. Fowler, $12; Lydla Gross, $12; ' James Hamilton, $20; John C. Horton, $16; Lucy A. Hunt, $12; Henry E. Kaufman, SCI; Charles S. Leonard. Leonard. $20; Frank K. Egbeck. $5; Elizabeth F. McManegal. $12: John Q. I'atrick. $17; James 11. Pettit. $15: Catherine Ratcliff. $12; - Ellxa A. Iteed. $12; llezeklab Root.' $15; Joel Shepherd, $13,' David K. Spear Lsur The monex you save in our rug department bat urday will be just like finding vit See thee special Sat urday : bargains. A soeclal lot: of 100 Brussels, rugs, all resenting all our limited lots of $15.75 $17.50 grades; sale price.......... 9xl2 - foot Axfnlnsters, our regular All the odd rugs laid aside In the annually for this special sale. Dozens of styles to select from. Sale price, any "Seamless VeWet rugs, woven In one feet, all rich; new rugs; $22.50 kind, Extra large - Axmlnster rugsM0ttxl3l some 1114x12 ft.; $32.50. and $35 rugs, Best Ttoval Wilton rues, all genuine the - wool; samples of our $35 and all full size, 9x13 feet; sale price, Twenty - five Bales , Small Velrets and Axmlnsters, size 27x54 and $1.75 rugs, in bese new styles, only, each; i Sale of ; : ' Sale! Positively Closes We hare sold a tremendous quantity their remarkable low price. Make dar. Extra wide linoleums (12 feet width), actually worth 80c, in a good choice (Cover your room all in one piece.) Sale price, a square yard. , linoleums, real cork fine patterns. Sale yard....p... Regular E5c linoleums, real cork cloth), In the. price, square Fine "inlaldt 'linoleums the colors the back. Regular 90c grades, in granite mixtures and the hardwood In this sale, choice, per square The regular 65c linoleums, extra heavy, good styles. ! Sale price, per square yard.. ..; Solid Mahogany ' Rdickers $6.45 Regular Price $10.50 Finely constructed of select solid j mahogany and; handsomely finished finished in . the dull rubbed finish. A chair you will be roud to own and not duplicate - at under $10.50. Special while, they last only

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 14 Apr 1911, Fri,
  3. Page 11

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  • Catherine (Smith) Ratcliff receives Widows Pension

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