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hotel-apartment association - BUILDING TO ASSOCIATION COMPLETES RINS 'Hotel...
BUILDING TO ASSOCIATION COMPLETES RINS 'Hotel Men to Present a Solid Front in Work' for City.. Oakland's preparedness to care for the onormoua Influx of delegates and tourists during; the coming exposition year is well shown In the way hotel and apartment louse men of Oakland, represented by the .Oakland-Berkeley Hotel and Apartment Association, are co-operating for the offering of accommodations and entertainment to the incoming thousands. Determined that the stain of wholesale tourist robbery which has been brought upon previous exposition centers shall not lie borne by Oakland, the hostelry owners have declared that, although the lates will, of necessity, be planed a little above the normal, "gouging" will not be tolerated. The reputations gained by St. .ijouib, umana, uicugu, cuuniu anu no-vttle through excessive raise In rates during the expositions has done harm to more than offset the Immediate gains end this, they say, aside from the question of right or wrong, Is poor business. "We want the tourist not only for next 'year, but for years to come, and only by right treatment of him during the exposition Can we expect him to return," said (Louis Abtr, member of the executive board of the east bay association, j "Oakland has all the attractions for jwhlch a tourist would travel a few miles, several hundred miles or across the continent to soe, and if aside from these, vs can' offer the right kind of hotel and apartment accommodations at sane rates the Jlty's growth into a tourist center Is eseil4ed. ' ThJ many advantages offered by Oak land to those who will come to stay several days or a few weeks at the exposl-tlon are expected to attract more visitors than havo been included in the most sanguine estimates. It is claimed by hotel men that tourists will spend considerable time in the east bay cities, whether or not they plan to stay in San Francisco, and that the rapid transportation facilities that are accessible here will cause many to stay in Oakland and Berkeley who would otherwise stay across the bay. That the work of the association is not alone of direct benefit to the hotel and apitment owners, but to all business interests is the firm opinion of Joseph E, Paine, managing secretary of the Oakland Commercial Club. "Co-operation in the business Ttorld fs not only desired, but essential," declared Calne, "and the forming of this association is one of the best forward moves that have been made in Oakland business circles in recent years. WILL BRING TOURISTS. "Not only will more tourists be brought to Oakland through this association, but those that come will be sure to stay long, er lierause of the accommodation that ore offered them at reasonable rates. This will mean more business in all lines. Stores, transportation companies and all forms of business will receive added patronage. And what is more, the longer that the Easterner sojourns with us the more certain he Is to see the wonderful commercial, Industrial and home advantages that are offered by Onkland. This will mean an Increased demand for Oakland property, more realty sales and more factories for this city." Although but a few hours of active campaigning have been put in by the association membership committee, the body controls the accommodation situation In Berkeley and the whole-souled response which Is' given the organization by the Oakland hotel and apartment men assures a similar control 1n this city. The argument offered prospective members is to V'A effect that the work will not only be of direct benefit to the members through the apportioning of convention patronage, protection against "dead beats" and the furthering of a" fraternal spirit among "the hotel and apartment owners and 'managers, but that the added stimulus to the city's business through the ln-'rreksed number of visitors and the publicity gained for the east bay district through the bureau, will be of certain, ftpough indirect, benefit to the members. n active campaign among the Oakland ;hises Is planned for the coming week, iwhen committees in automobiles will cov-ir the town by districts. A committee, Composed of Henry Barker, manager of Ithe Key Route Inn and chairman of the executive committee of the Oakland-Berkeley association: Miss Belle Cllsbee, manager of the Castro Apartments and vice-president of the association; Miss .Helen F. O'Neill, manager of the Vue Uu Lac Apartments and member of the association executive committee, and Manager John B. Jordan, reoently 'covered parts of Berkeley, where, In four hours, fifteen memberships were secured. "The launching of any new organiia- tlon is always a difficult xasK," cieciareo. Victor Reiter, president of the Oakland-Berkeley Association and manager of the Hotel Oakland, "but the response which representatives of this association have met has been unusually gratifying. The manifold benefits, both direct and indirect, which are to be had through connection with the association, are quite obvious and few have shown any hesitancy lh Joining. In some places we have had persons become members before the completion of their houses. "The co-operation of the Oakland Commercial Club and the other business and civic bodies of the esnt bay cities, has done much to strengthen the organization. That the association is filling a long-felt want Is evinced by the many problems that have been turned over to It for solution, and the wdrk of convention accommodation which is constantly being placed before us." Listed In the roster of the Oakland-Berkeley Hotel and Apartment Association are practically all of the newly completed downtown hotels. Including the Hot.' Menlo and the Hotel Harrison, whtle the older established hostelrles were among the first to Join. Roger Colt, manager of the Hotel Harrison, listed his hotel with the association several weeks lwiare its completion. That the association will include In Its membership hotels throughout the county 'Is a question which has not been definitely decided, although at recent meetings the matter was taken under consideration, it is probable, however, that 4ian Leandro and Hayward hotels and apartments will be allowed to enter the association. ., The Oakland-Berkeley association Is to permit private homes to Join under an Ussorlate membership, which, at a mln- temiu rates wlu -g INCREASE, CLAIM Setback Due to War Already Overcome in Part, Is Declared. Oakland's building for MH to date totals 858 structures, estimated In cost at (413,649, according to the figure compiled by Construction News, the official organ of the builders of America. The building operations this year 'over last show a decrease In value, although the number of structures is greater, this being declared due to the heavy bunga-law construction of the past year. Building construction in this country is recovering from the first disastrous effects of the .war. The decrease in October was only 20 per cent, as against 85 per cent in September, It will be re-called that July of this year showed an Increase of 15 per cent over the corresponding month a year ago. Permits were taken out in 86 cities in October, -according to official reports to Construction News, for thu rontlon nf i naQ buildings', Involving a total estimated cost ui 4o,;i3,uit), as against 21,633 buildings aggregating in cost $57,848,538 for the corresponding month a year ago, a decrease of 2665 buildings and $11,627,612, or 20 per cent. In twenty-five cities there were Increases while sixty-one show a decrease. The figures in detail are as follows: Estimated Cities. Cost. Gain. Loss. Chicago $ 6,744,100 .. 27 New York (Boros Man. and Bronx). 4,843,155 44 .. Boston and Vicinity 4,583,000 16 Brooklyn 2,718,820 6 Philadelphia 2,407,310 .. 9 Cleveland 2.205,685 14 Los Angeles 1,673,223 .. 7 Detroit 1. 41)1,225 .. 51 St. Douls 1.115,874 J6 Pittsburgh ........ 1.0S5.848 .. 20 Minneapolis 1,084,670' .. 14 St. Paul 1,001,300 24 Newark 707,086 4 ,. Columbus 649,220 10 Milwaukee 611,577 .. 49 Seattle 610.660 21 Buffalo 604,000 .. 55 Worcester 590,807 19 Kansas City, Mo... 638,790 .. 65 Portland, Ore 608.705 .. 25 Oakland 412,649 .. 46 Washington, D. C. 407.411 .. 88 Toledo 404,939 .. 62 Cincinnati 402,235 .. 82 Rochester 401,192 ., 49 Hartford 860,135 .. 15 Indianapolis 837,689 .. 41 Louisville 827,040 ., 1 Akron 301,815 .. 84 Scranton 300,835 194 Baltimore 299,098 67 Syracuse 293,080' 141 New Orleans 288 878 37 Lawrence 208,850 827 Cedar Rapids 245,000 ,. 61 Albany 239.225 ... 69 Duluth 236.625 11 New Haven 231,315 7 Springfield, Mass. . 22S.826 .. 30 Atlanta 215,98 35 I,RJlas 204,150 .. 60 ioungtown 203 690 1 New Bedford 176.350 .'. , 56 Bridgeport 174.437 .. 6 Peoria 165.6(50 .. 48 Fort Wayne 161,400 .. 7 Omnhn 157,675 .. 43 Allentown 166,975 92 Grand Rapids, Mich 152 080 41 pes Moines ....... 145,084 17 Birmingham , 188,873 . 45 Berkeley 132.950 ..15 Pasadena 132.314 1 Sacramento 12T015 49 Richmond 1''6''0 " 16 San Diego 1 Tfi'.SKH , 79 gr,e 115.422 .. 86 Tampa 1 00.3-17 5 Memphis 105.580 .. 41 Hehnectady 99 S5 94 Nashville 8?f69 Brockton 82 260 " 63 A'toona 7a!lfi Portland. Me 77 Mn 8 " Savannah. ,.. 4j Kansas City, Kans. 66 I5T.2 3 XT 4.17 .'. 48 Davenport 63,222 .. fi7 Chattanooga 61 872 u Spokane 60' 050 " - vr Paterson 5547 ' cs Wllkes-Barre 64 087 73 Lincoln 63.8000 " -to Ploux City 51 7i- ' fir) East fit. Louis .... Bl',038 '' 45 X0a 50.8S.-, Pueblo 48,54 " Jacoma 46,R3 Dayton 26 203 s" Hoboken Winn -7 Rending Ss-47 ' South Band ?fi1M j St. Joseph, Mo. ... R ino " ko Holyoke , 15'77r, " Colorado Springs .. n',m '.! 44 I?lal" $46,213,026 T. 0 The larger cities with the exception or Chicago make a good showing. Most resting of all Is that of New York months had a substantial increase, amounting to 44 per cent over the same month a year ago; Brooklyn 6, Boston and vicinity had a gain of 18, Cleveland H 8t. Louis 86, St. Paul 24, Newark, N. J., 4, Columbus, Ohio, 10. Seattle 21, Worcester 19, Scranton 194, Byraouse, 141, New Orleans 37, Lawrence 827, Duluth 11, New Haven 7, Allentown 93, Des Moines 17, Tampa 8, Nashville 12, Altoona 8, Portland, Me., 8. Saginaw ., tui-nin b, ana iionoken 77. In Chicago there w-as a decrease of 27 per cent, Philadelphia 9, Los Angelas 7.- Detroit 61, Buffalo 56. Pittsburg 20 Minneapolis 14, Milwaukee 49, Kansas City 65, Portland, Ore., 25, Oakland 46 Washington, D. C, 38, Toledo, 62, Cincinnati 82, Rochester 49. Hartford 15, Indianapolis 41, Louisville 1, Akron 34 Baltimore 67, Cedar Rpids 61, Albany 69 Springfield. Mass?, 80, Atlanta, 36. Dallas 60, Youngstown 1. New Bedford 56 Briduuport 5, Peoria 43. Fort Wayne 7' Omaha 43, Orand Rapids, Mich., 4l' Birmingham 45, Berkeley, Cal., 15, Pasadena 1, Bacramento 46, Richmond 16 San Diego 79, Erie 86, Memphis 4l' Schneotady 94, Brockton 3, Bavannah 43, Troy 43, Davenport 67, Chattanooga 81, Spokane 67, Paterson 68, Wilkes Barre 73, Lincoln 89, Bloux City, 15. Kast association bureau to persons wishing to place extra rooms at the disposal of the exposition guests. The locating of the association headquarters to the Chamber of Commerce building Is, deolare the hotel men, a move that will add greatly to effectiveness of the association work. Here the association bureau will be housed together with the Oakland Commercial Club-Chamber of Commerce bureaus, which will do much to unify the efforts of the Oakland. Berkeley association and the other bodies. Being under the same roof, rep-resentatlvs of organisation that appeal to the club and chamber officials for assistance In obtaining reservations can be turned over to the hotel bureau, while the dally flood of letters containing similar requests can then be. mora easily

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  2. 22 Nov 1914, Sun,
  3. Page 11

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