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Egbert & Arts Accident - cited Main East it with sector. line now Ward...
cited Main East it with sector. line now Ward in H i s t o r y Itevivod it Ward people." "But this idea the a recent of and the at Bugbee unknown and unrecorded about (he SPECTATORS S U R V E Y damage to i9l7 car which smacked p h o n e - u t i l i t front of 180 River SI, last night a n d - s p u n around on the lawn. The car's hurl, and driver arrested on a drunken driving charge. (Star S t a f f Photo). Chinese Wall Once Called 'John Haggerty's Folly 9 "Yes," said 91 -year-old · Charles H. Bowilish, "1 remember .well when (he 'Chinese Wall' was built. They laughed at it and called it 'John Haggerty's Folly' be cause it cost over ?7,000." -Mr. Bowdish.of 39 Ford Ave., h a d ' r e n d lhe article in The Sim- last Monday, which stated t h a t ] Oneonl.Vs "Chinese Wall" along 1 Arrested, 2 Summoned In Crashes a Chestnut Street has something in common willi the real Chinese Wall since there is much spec^al Mem- E. both. W h a l the minutes of the village board did not tell Mr. . Bowdish supplied from mem- 1 ory, for he was a young man when Ihe wall was completed in ISflO. "John Haggerly was the contractor," Mr. Bpwrllsh said, "and he also was a 'lawyer. When he started m a k i n g the f i l l in t h a t low part of Chestnut Street people said it wouldn't be any good. PEOPLE SKEPTICAL "They said it wouldn't stand through the winter. There was I q u i t e a lot of objection s t i r r e d I up, because people thought it wns costing loo much." said: . as . , . . , , , ! _ . , should «°1'« "'en then d.dn I think . ll wo " lfi h o l d ' They 5(l " vu \~ people '"""I if as "John Haegcrly s Is i 7,00(1 Folly." Bui after K years not i it doesn't seem lo be such a Ihe entire ! folly." any I Mr. Bowdish said a trustee was N n t h a n Brigfis Roscne C. Brigps, and the | t h a t Mr. Briggs, being a man for The v i l l a g e m i n u t e s reveal l h a t gravel was dumped onto the roadway at 75 cents a "perch," the latter being a measurement of stone e q u a l to 2,220 pounds, or roughly a ton. "I was trustee on the village hoard snmclime n f l e r Ihe wall and fill were finished, and fellow being of the consideration: geo- of vision, wanted lo r e c l a i m the swamp below Ihe h i i i l l - u p wall, so houses could be erected on it. CITY BUYS SWAMP "So the city bought Hie Drivers A Praised For Records A telephone hookup this week carried c o n g r a t u l a t o r y messages to upstate supply forces ot the New York Telephone Co. in Oneonia and six other cities. , Via special communications setups, 13(1 supply men galher- ed in Oneonta, Syracuse, B u f - falo, Massena, Albany, Kingston and Plallsburgh lo hear the good news. Loudspeakers in Ihe offices "f company supply ' points in Albany Syracuse and Buffalo, and i n d i v i d u a l phones in the other cities including Oneonia, were connccled lo a giant "conference circuit" for the slate- wide honkup. Congratulations were exlen- dcd s i m u l t a n e o u s l y to more than 3ft drivers for a halt-million miles of a c c i d e n t - f r e e d r i v i n g upstate in the past eighl months. SAFETY R E C O R D L A U D E D Oneraline in all k i n d s of wealher, both day and n i g h t , Ihe drivers wheeled Iractnr- trailer trunks and supply vans along nOn.finfl miles of highways durm» Ihe year lo the various upstate company supply points, w i t h o u t mishap.\ D. F. Farce, company manager for Oneonta, called this s n f e - d r i v i n g record "a source of deep personal satisfaction to lhe drivers and a credit to the company.' 1 The m a s t e r of ceremonies for t h e trans-slate hor,k-up, D. F. Rork, upstate s u p e r i n t e n d e n t of supplies, spoke f r o m Syracuse. He. introduced J. S. Forsylh, general plant fac:l ; !!-s supor- City police arrested one man . and summoned two others last ' | n i g h t as the r e s dents which occurred w i t h h a l f - h o u r of each other. man was hospitalized. .One of the crashes snapped [ t e l e p h o n e - u t i l i t y of the Orton D. Gile residence, ' 186 River St., threatening a powe/-communicalions blackout a c c swamp for about 600 feel along v ;,: Orr r , nf j R. w. Scoi'icld, gen- the wall . . . but. the cost was j cra] p 1 a n ( manager, who spoke S:WJ. Ihev began d u m p - j f r o m Albany, ing i n t o it lo f i l l 'it un. People ' emptied their ashes there and all sorts of things. "Then some people hollered because garbage was dumped and the sarbpgc attracted rats. So lhc- q u i t (he whole thins: Mr. Forsylh congratulated Ihe drivers on their "excellent d r i v i n g record.' 1 w h i l e Mr. Scofield urged continuous safety practices "so t h a t you may go on to a m i l l i o n miles of safe d r i v i n g in The months ahead," Union In lhat accident, Egbert Smith, 51, Oneonta RD 3, was a d m i t t e d to Fox Hospital cuts and bruises of the face head. His head went though the windshield of his car. BLOOD TEST Police said t h a t A r t h Comino, 39, of 20 Gilbert St., was tile driver. Dr.'Fisk Brooks gave him a blood test and he was iodgerl overnight in cily j a i l , lo face charges of d d r i v i n g and driving w i cense. In the other crash, police said lhal cars d r i v e n hy V Bailey, S3, ot 43 Fairvieiv SI., and James Kaogh, 2fl, of Ifl C l St., w e r e , involved in a collision about fl p. 'm. near the Fairview Strcet-Watklns Avenue intersection: Bailey was given a summons, to appear in City Court today, on a charge of d r i v i n g a license. Police said his license expired in September, last year* The R i v e r Slreet crash, 0:30 p. m., a t t r a c t e d a crowd. Police said the car n rowly missed an a u t o and across Ihe road, slammed i n the c o m b i n a t i o n around on the Gile lawn. Mr. and Mrs. Gile said the noise sounded l i k e a f l a but when they looked out (he window, "w.o got f i n i t e a The pole was moved aboul four h u n g half- feel from its base and a 45-dcgrce a n g l e on inch wire cable above the street. POIJCR A L E R T E D · Police earlier had been alert- er! lo f i n d C o m i n o Velmore Harvey, 195 River St., ce Ihe tion lo drive. S m i l h , h o s p i t a l i issued a summons on a charge p e r m i t l i n g an unlicensed stor lo d r i v e his car. P a t r o l m a n Floyd S Paul Wenck investigated Ihe River Street crash and P a t r man John E h r i n g policed Fairview a c c i d e n t .

Clipped from
  1. The Oneonta Star,
  2. 13 Aug 1955, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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