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Jackson1782 - u f the 28th, and captain Canlogham of the...
u f the 28th, and captain Canlogham of the 69th, SlT11 the latter. We have the pleafure, however,' to ,nJ0P fhaf both the'e Gentlemen are in a fair way of ,?arn;rv notwithflanding the wound of the firft men - rfC0 Xan of a very dangerous nature, a mufqutt ball EvM V "dy t,,rouSh his bod' ' ! r " TFortuneeand Convert had very narrow efcape, . " cMaf - d quite into this road by two of the enemy's r ?f batrTe (hips and a frigate, which wfre within a ;lp ffllnll,M of cutting them off, and probably might eff'flcd it, ns it wns, had they conduced their neruvres properly. The frigate however which , the hrndinoft, mtift have fmarted pretty feverely LrVr - audacity , as each of our ftiips had the oppor - iiy of pouring fome broadfides into her, as (he paf - . r them on contrary tucks. . j Ve have ti e pleafure to learn that our fleet at St. Oriflopber's appear to be perfectly fafe, and out of all : nFfrfrom rhe pnemy. The report mentioned in our 1 "n relative to three feveral attacks having been made ion them, is now confirmed ; and it ferns to be the ttWral opinion, tt the French have been' To roughly Miidlrd 0:1 thofe occafions, that they will notjvrnture rUr rSmutl again until fheir reinforcement arrives. Ti farri'on of Brimflone - hiH continue in high fpi - r'fs t c' h"?v; on 5 nirn nc" tne c onn m 5 n anient rc the Ji ge, and have profion and ammunition for 4 ronthyt !e?ft. Lieuf. Giir of the 28th happily fuc - ff,r!fd in an attempt to vifit the garrifon, ard returned f - f v vi'h anfwers to his difpatches. Lieuti Potter of r!;c O.me regiment was not fo fortunate ; heigo' thi t.fr without obfervation, but was difcovered by the firry on his return, and taken prifoner. Philadelphia, March 2,1. Extrift of a letter from brigadier generaVTwigs, of ti'.e fiate of Georgia, to the honourable major general Greene, daterj Augufla, December 16, r7?i. I am happy to inform you that on the firft inftant J received intelligence by two Creek Indians who came riewn to this place, of a number of traders and fndi - snsgoinc: down to Savannah from the Cherrokee nation, with a great ivimber of horfes and a vaft number of deprlkins : I immediately colle&ed as many iriiitia (having been difchirged previous to the general election) as I poffibly could, and proceeded to intercept them. The whole of my force, when collected, codified of 72 officers and men. On the 3d, about daybreak, I f "und them encamped in the fork of the Ahoo - py, shout 30 miles from Ogechee. I formed the men for aftibn and commenced an attack, when affr a.ihort rrfiflatice they were overcome, with the lofs of twenty vfhite men killed, and about twenty Indians among the white men were fix principal traders. We took fevfn women, one boy and a child, befides 199 horfes, about 15,000 lb. deerfkini and 1500 lb. beaver. A - jnong the Indian prifoners is the daughter of the great - warrior Occunnofiota. J am led to believe - this, action, will be attended with infinite good confequences to the . fouthern ftates, as it will b? te means of Hopping all trade from that nation to Savannah, or any military ores being fent them for our deflruttioq. A little htforc I fet off upon this expedition, colonel M'Kay, fhom I had ordered down upon the enemy's lines, returned and gave me the following account of; his expedition : That he had attacked a port of the enemy's at Mulberry Grove, about thirteen miles from! Savan nah, had killed fome and taken fome perfons of confluence prifoners, bo the great diflance he had to re turn before he could obtain any afliftance, in cafe he had been clofely purfued by the enemy, which he had very reafon to expert, he thought it proper to parole them." I Extraft of a letter from lieutenant colonel Jackfon, commanding a regiment of ftate troops, in the ftate of Georgia, to brigadier general Twiggs dated camp on Ogechee, November 5th, 17S1. Agreeable to your order I marched from your camp at Briar Creek, having a detachment of one hundred and forty nvn, confiding of colonel M'Kay, and capt. Grant's volunteers, and a part of my owncorps,with intention of furprizin the poft of Britifh dragoons at Ogechee. On the 2d of November we arrived at the Ogechee fettlementa, and about two miles from our ebjeft, had the good fortune to take two prifoners, who informed us they had not difcovered our route or the diftance we were from them, but that they knew of our advance down the country. A council of officers were called, when on further information that the enemy's lagoon horfes were chiefly out, it was determined to attack them. We farther found they had been rein; forced by all the dragoon they could poffibly raifej ith abouf one hundred infantry divided into three parts, with the militia of the country, at near a mile diftant from each other; we advanced in three columns. The dragoons of my own and captain Cacis, volunteer corps in the center, with colonel M'Kay's riflemen, and captain Grant's on the flanks, under the command of that colonel, orders were then given ta the dragoons to charge through the yard of the enemies Nation, and the riflemen to range on each fide the houfe, Jhich had a ftrong piaiza, and keep up a brifk fire, 0'jld the enemy take to the houfe, the dragoons charged through, and the enemy, as forefeen, took the Joufe, and actually furrendered, but unfortunately o&Qtime to refume their arms, owing to the falling of 'w brave captain Grant, who led one of the rifle column?, and which broke on his death, and a rniftakeof orders in the ohcr, who took after the runaways in the Neighbouring fwamp finding ourfelves under the difa - - 5tteab!e neceffityof quitting our objeft,on that account, f the neighbouring pofts, and apprehending the naif - hief that might be done by the militia joined with the jcgulars in cafe of a retreat, it was refolved to route hich was accordingly done, killing eleven and Kmg five or fix prifoners. I then determined to re - Vnt when my reconrioiteri ng parties returned' and pht intelligence the enemy were advanceing in a JJ'ivc bpd;, the mod proper pofition our then cir - jm"nce would admit was" made the tnemy charg - kj nd jouted our riflemen, our dragoons charged in "Und broke their coluroo, whea a fmart littlo ac tion enfned forabcot twnty minntcs, or fofs nas trifling 5 . the enemy's lors was . great. JPrivate accounts from Savannah acknowledge between thirty and forty killed, including the olficers and fix waggou loads of wounded.,t ' v Efttraft of another letter from the fame quarter, dated February jo, iSs - j General Way nej with great addrefs and gallantry, has drove the erierriy all into Savannah. He lately dif - perfed a large party of tories and Indians coming to Savannah, took twenty of the latter and about ninety horfes, and a confiderable quantity of (kins and furs." ' There were two errors in the rrfolutioff of Coun n'l rcfpecling the Philadelphia county eleclion, infert - ed in our laft, for which reafon we republifh the faid refolution, authenticated by the fignature of thefecre - tary of council : It is as follows: In C O U N C I L. Philadelphia, March. 12, 178s. Moved, THAT the Board do now proceed to confider fe - parately, fuch of the fpecific Charges as have been deemed to be fupported by Evidence, in order to de termine how far each of them ought, or ought not, to invalidate the Eleclion of a Councillor for the County of Philadelphia and the. Motion being feconded, the Queftion was put, and carried in the Affirmative. Extract from the Minutes, T. MATLACK. Secretary. etWMsig r Jufl: Imported in the Brig Antonie Captain Annt, and the Ship St. James, Captain Trux - ton from France, nnd to be Sold, hy Jofcph (J)ean & John Purviancc, At .their STORE, the corner of W ter and Spruce - (Ireets, fo'merly orcnoed by M.. Thorn Leepcr, a neat ASSORTMENT of DRY GOODS, which they will f ! I on the loweft terms for cafli or country produces A.nongft which a? BLACK, Hue, purple, kerchief, brown, whit. Hriv)ed Mers white, black and mad fpotted heft VJ,ti, zy ribbed and plain 1 ans of ditrerent colours, nik Hots, Royal, Lav.l and Britan j Womcn white ditto. nia Linens. Stripzd & plain Cambricks and Lawi.s, Striped an nNin Mt'fli.t, French and Iu'ia,' ftripsd, figure and.pl t:nGau7?s, Striped and plain bor - frrfid gauz H - ndkerchie, Plain and (tripd Mantu s, Com'non and Aipeifiwe white Dimity, B ack Sattins and Modes, Bandana and linsn Hand - N. B. They wdl rcceiv Mrrr thread and worded ditto, Fine purple, re', china blue, copperplate furniture Cilicoes, Dark acd Hght ground Chintz rs, Calicoes, Cot - tons. and print - Lirns, Women btft IC'd Mitts and Glow, Black fiik Lace, Sewing Silks rflorted, Nankeens, Sec, all kinds of GOODS to Sell on Commiflion ; and flatter thtmfslvet, from their former extenfive connexion in the drr goods bufinrfs, &c. they will bsvahle to make fpeedy S les, and on the m aft advantageous Terms. Orders from their Friends in the country will be puncVrally complied with. March ao . ' Jufl: Imported and to be Sold, By TENCH COX E, At his STORE, !aelv r - moved to hi houfe in Fxnt - ftreet, one d or futh of Union firetf, and cext bellow colonel France Gurrey's, ELEGANT embroidered Wiiftcoats, di to Pifis Ru l'.er, ditto Shoe Patterns, ditto white Irk Hfe, pUin ditto, common and drers Fsm, ft ripe d M'f ynt, Batavia, trey, rofe and fl(Vcclouit'd ladiet D ffr? in various ftilei, gentlement ditt, bbek, vhne, blue and figured attint, flate ap i - t, millere'?, ftriped, rnTde doye, rofe glace, nut coloured, wt'te, pearl colonred, ftrsw and changaMe Mmtuas and Lute - It ringi. b!sck Mds, painted ftibbands, plain and corded Muflini, nfens and wum?ni Kict Gl - ves, elr - rant artificial Fiowet, cold and fi'ver Lacei, Loops, Cords, Buttons and Taflelf, velvet Binding, zsllc Loo?iosA morocco J5 K'rff tu o lupernne nowereo damaik Nap kins and TabIciothi,Catnhrrckf, phite J - ans,N2r:kee, Calicr es, Cbintz?s, Britannia! , laval an roylie Ln - enr, Brd ticks, blue, white, black, green and bron Callimancoes, ditto Durans, a package of fctnted Powder, Puff, Pomtumt, Eflfencet, tec. . Alfo, Maryland Tobacco, Havanna Sugari, and fome Medicines. Bills of Ex change taken in payment or bought. To be Sold at Public Audlion, on the Premifes, On MONDAY Next, (Bemethe 45th. of March, inftax') at the COFFEE - HOUSE, at Five o'Clock in th Afternoon, A Lot of Ground in the .ISJorthcrn Liberties, with a two (lory brick Tenement thereon, ?i!b a Cellar under the fame, a few doors above Colonel William Costt, containing ta and a half feet on Front - ftreet, oo feet deep; where the Ccnditions nill be made knonn and a good Title piren, by ! FOR MAN MOUNT. N. B. It is the Houfe and Lot that belonged to Alexander Edwards, dcaea fed. MBHeWCSSMMaMW MSHHMB MBMMMHBnsMMMaMgMBWa sWaiMaSi Wanted, a young Woman, who can cook, fetff tec, "" Enqutie pf (he Printer . 1

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