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f td y&ilr tatajeftx:' fecttd - xerroi' Irhdef gen: feoudnetwhuhtnii f lie went n"9' yS - l Vftr, n expedition again the Jndwniin,AmS w cboft trotbpwcr rrf liot'apeal , when - the teneral relieved J - oft Pitt. Vhirh iJ r tOfcitti 0 - , . iowe - rriaente ovurn luncnngrr w " - , at that time toebeged Jy tbe enenjy; and brourbt - P h hate laerificed art wbtctf tbetaoftv erera;vaitauteber Mtne'bwjuae&'to the Eriii ' flibjeejs - tottld) forego; rifle nappieff cooler Jnteitft. ; Capt. H - 7 - - - - Tmrwa$bqrix irt X poflrtsfibut "with cohhdence we' appeal' tVthe; the Loer CountW iiborf thedJelaware, efteT ftrilggiet' tu4de'gamli Uieuiurputioh.a - e - f me1 W a feo.officerj U gentleman; aW'mcft ' congr.6; by'cbttntet'refolfe. frykf?'lif.' eellent drifogtetaani having abdut "thei? frttU the cottnttyVand to'the. unfuccefsfur bove mentioned publilhed, very ,Murate chani ".5W TrT ' t"fitif Tf".v , - v.t, . - . - luvuiuuuuA, lancit wim iuuii vuucc. cotton - C.I.n.,i ri,.,il ; k,K i ?. l.l.0.,' . ,?, I .u:u iu.ii i . i - i - r j r"'w. iitMiuu.) niuyu - iiuiui liyif iu iiiciu. iictiiuk - yoy njajefty'.gqYetnmeht; we. appeal tq the' tbduandi now feiiyng jn yovr majelty'i anniti,' anJ ifl priv?te flpf ot wr, tbe fprme'ex ceding i9" pumb - lbr .troppp, ewifte tp oppoktheuaj fina,ly vre make a melancholy appeaimthe many . taniuit wno have been DaniLhtd wom their once on4 font Tnk. ,.uMrM. THERE is at tbe plantation of iamod ij, , cobs, living near the Ootrernor'a - Bridn a red and white HEIFER; - marked ' iu eight car with an upper and under tap; and in peaceful habitation! the public, torleiture o! the - left .with an upper flipv The owner mar 1 iffi - a...,.. . - .i ....... .. i,,. k.. n.nn.r. .n i ' "T a iviig lilt Ul ciuilj .fVf (V 1UV VIKHmuui a mlhiu vu vtvfuie uivjviij mmj wu have lealed charges; ' . ! iv ? - J!wwf .' t - fliin inwrprl fir . - i " ' ' - - fiSTf hblW W HUNDRED POUNDS R J WMD. " e" arm.; Ld had refttled; br If Uat&nfpts - 'OT' ,"C& M79, - 5eeft V - sde to form the loyai as fhilit.aoi - CT O L E N and taken away from Middle.,,; otherw.e, and it had bee - denned, - we V "A., the property of the fublcriber; She hai brta late!y repaired, her frame hiulbtrry, her bottom bottom new. planked, the cabbin floor new, ainf alio the buikrhead and hatchway over tbe cab. bin; the has only two lain, a loreiail aad main, fail, wnich are .about ha(f worn and have feme holes in them r her bowiprit is on but (he hat at gibb, her boom is new,' and had when ftolena1 iinall punt with - her.1 The above robbery wli' committed by ont Stephen Wrlui; who alio car ried with - him a thin faced fpare - woman, the ' VTIIC VI Vll A UVVI, WflAM ft tUUIII wjr vim. own about nine years old.'' Whoever takntp e laid . Icbooner and Wellh, and delivers thou to the fublcriber in baltimore 1 own, fliall re. ceive the above reward, or one thou fond dollar with re.ifonable charges, for the fchooner and ber materials only. , " ' ... w4. Jf JOB GARRET 8 ON. ' ,h4ve tbea egltSteB; and Che feprelentations af alrl1ie ourleivcs that the equity and wilaom of - 0U1. maietty'a 'muid will notradmit ot any im? mfftoM injurious to the hondor'and loyalty of Ur faithful lubjefts in rhoe cblonies. " ' .jscoi mif uiki iiruov Ki.iai.ncu u me dduiu contt.tution, which it has been the glory of your' s ,na:4ft.y fainjly toftrengthen, and of your reiga' our Jieilbw - iub etts jn America, wl , upo dijfereht principles,' or delude ..ltadert h3Ve throwtf afide their iull iftrllld CBlt' themfelves upon the alliitai to improve, our Jieiibw - fubje&s mhjefty - , endeavours with a id.' eels proportion ; t0 the righteoulhels of Vour caufe;' to tt ialtr ,th ambitious defigns of your enemies, a America, who,' airing deluded by their leir jult alle'Liahce, , ..., mntmv ne .uir rnnntrv. - lihertiM and J.reli9ibiikan - 'nlliSmfce Which mv enflave . but ineyir caneftabiifli the happineisbryourcolonms.' One hVndh?d and Sixtv Do 1,1, am Re wads, Animated with tluie fenti.uents, we luplicate ' " .'. Annapolis, Oilober x6tm ; b - oieme DilDoler of events, to crown vour ' NTttAVfcD or ftolen from the fiihlcriher oned Q Wednefday the 6th of0lobta - inftanr, v Irate ' dark "bayjM AREi four years old laft furinL ,fiaal to reftwe t5 r majertv's lubiecli In .'a fmall blaze down the face in the form of a half Mneum, inn inim Fvnrci uiuciii, ujiuci whilii moon at ine tup, one oi ncr lore hooi PU( W t, ,0 & mUsh feUcity. Signed, teen hands high, (hud all round, paces and trW. wkh ,c4 names. " ' ' ' whoever will bring the faid mare home to tha .. , . - . . . fi,ofcribe.r in Annapblia, or Thomat, bUck. .. . .1 ... ' r' - .A. d.k: : iv - n : , , L. O N D O N. - if on! Ar,yc'd awa b if , dol, g , Th, baggage of sk Hugh aUifer wiu . r tfae fnare and thi - , ft off tor 0rtlinouth to - morrow, he being ap - vQ - JOHN TO WNSLEY, Cdpperfmith. , pointed to the command of a fquadron of leven ' ' i jail of tbe line, four frigates, two bombs and a fue ihip, deftined td cruite in the Mediterranean, in the room ol admiral Mann. - . - . Annapolis, November to, it?. jrriHE, COMMITTEE of GRIIlV. I A MP C C ....4 rMTDT - D . C I fit Laft ruefday a meeting was held at the Crown TTc .ill Vto dc bufineft inX JZ room, .every day, tsom eUven in tbe forensea til four to the afternoon, during the pretest , ltfuionot the general aiumbiy. . Skjned ty order of the committee. W. H. M'P HEKSON, clerk. whkiJ &y& to ar three"ho.V. but 'go off very rspid.y from the advanuge t, Je feeing the Jeaft probability of fuccefs, mu - adventurer tn this daft compared widiheprt. tually. agfeed both to leave her. She earned ceding ones the holders therere of tickeri upwaVd,f fifty guns, and is faidto have had a " th, kcondciar., who purch.led of the fubfenbtr, - million of fpecie'on board. The mail mention. ng entitled to pre - emption 1. are her arriv.l dt Cadix. quejted to - be fpeedy in their "PPj'catic I to . C.ptajn Hutchin,,' of the oth regiment, who ew, p.ffff1 - ; wa. on Tuelday examined at lord George Ger - tf J 0 HW pv 1 50I. mairie's office, tor carrying on a trealonaole cor - ' , r " refpondence wixh the French and Spaniards, and rpHE fubfenber wants a number of COARW tcommuicQ to pmon; wnicn manes tne tnira - jl. yaaar, 101; wmcn gooa wage. . and Anchor, of the American refugees fefident in London, when it was unammoully agreed to addreis their lovereign, and to offer to embody theiiifelves in defence' of the Hate in any manner that may appear the moft ferviceable. 1 he ad - drefs will be pretented to the king by lord G. Germaine, in the courfe of a few days. Yefterday the owners of the Brutus privateer, belonging to London, received an account from capt. Hill, that he had, in company with the Lively privateer, fell in with a 8p..nilh galieon, ' Annapolis, Odtober as, 1779. F O R 'S A L' E. THE Ukited Btatbi LOTTERT TICKETS in the third dafs. lTiefe perfon apprehended for thole pradlices fince be gives; flioemakers may tke them out Friw'ay laft. He was again examined yefterday ' quantities. 1 " . ' ' at lord Geo. Germaine's office,' and the proofs A CURRIER will meet with encoorage - appearing Itronger againlt him, was remanded tnent by applying '.to backtopralon. . ' ' t W1LLUM GOLD8M Csptam Hutchins, was in 1763, a lieutenant Of whom a good price may be had t IT If. for.coaffe in the firft battalion of the royal Americans, (hoe thread.

Clipped from The Maryland Gazette17 Dec 1779, FriPage 4

The Maryland Gazette (Annapolis, Maryland)17 Dec 1779, FriPage 4
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