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APrevost1779 - From the LONDON GAZETTE of Sept 25. Whitehall....
From the LONDON GAZETTE of Sept 25. Whitehall. Sept. 25. Ey Lieutenant Co'on - 1 Prevoft, who arrived in town on the 2?.d in ft .nt from Georgia, a letter from Mopr Gtner il Prevoft to Lord Geor; - e Germain, one of his Majefty's principal Secretaries of State, dated at Savannah the 4th of Auguft, has been received, of which the following is an extiacfc. Extrnft of a letJer from IIajor General Prevoft to Lo; - i George Germain, dated Savannah, Auguft 4, 1779. SINCE my laft difpafches from St. John's Ifland (copies of which ;ire herewith fenr) I invehad no opportunity to write dirtfliy to your I.urifli:p ; cur opfraiichs fioce that time liave been chiefly cafinei in removing from oneiftan to anoti er, and eftribMfliJn the dirftren pofts intended to be occupied during the freatheat, and the fickly fer.fon : However, on the20?h of June, after every preparation had been inp.de t abandon the poft on them tin at Stono Perry, and to quit the Iflmd of Sr. John', the enemy's whole force attacked that poft with eight pieces of cannon, and 5000 men; their attack was at firft fpirted, but the gr.od couivenau.e of the troops, and the fire of the armed fiat that covert d'thc left flank of our pift, juft as the troops were ferrying, over to rciiifoneit, obliged the enemy to retreat; a favourable opportunity of purfu - ing them, and giving them a fevere he;k, was loft for the want of the horfts, which had been fern aw.iy io or three days before ; anJ before the troops arrived on the ground the rebels riacl got too great a difrance'to expect to come up with thrin with the foot. I hrtve the honour of fending herewith a reiurn of our lofs on that day. Lieutenant Colonel Maithnd who commanded there, had with him the firft battalion 71ft, then much reduced, a wak battalion of Htftiuns, and the refu;ees of North and South Carolina, amounting in the whole to about Sco men; they all behnved with coolnek and bravery. The enemy loft a Colonel of artillery much eftterred arr.o:i them, and abt.ut 2S officer of different ranks, and between 3 and 400 killed and wounded j they were en. - ibled to carry off the latter, and many of the former, by havinp a number of empty waggons, brcuhr riioug with th.en; tor that purpofe. The troops after remaining three days longer on that ground, al laft abandoned it, and ben to move towards Port Royal ilaod, where the laft arrived about the 12th ult. A corps has been left there fufnient to aft at all - times upon a moft refpeci3b!e defenfive, and ocuafionally to harrafs the quarters of the enemy, and thofe parts of the Province that are atceflibte to our gillies and boats from the Bay of St. Helena; ir cannot be eligible to extend our pofts far to the Weltw&rd, for reafons for which I j beg leave to refer to Lieutenant Colonel Prevoft, whofe departure I muft lament, as his abilities and zeal for the fervice made him a moft ufeful aftlftant upon every occafion ; His knowledge of the country, and its refources, will enable him to give your Lordrtiip every neceffary information; Sir Janif.s Wright's arrival in the Experiment, the 13th inft. having rebevtd him firem the civil adminift ration. RETURN of the killed, wounded, and miftTng, at the repulfe of the Rebels at Srono Furry, South - Carolina, Jnne 20, 1779. 71ft regiment, ift battilion. 1 Lieutenant, 1 Enfign, r Serjeant, 15 rank and file killed 1 Captain, 1 Lieute - . nanr, 1 Enfi$o, 1 Serjeant, 32 rank and file, wounded. Ditto, 2d battalion. 1 rank and file killed, 11 rank and file woundea. Trurobach's Heftians. 2 Serjeants, 2 rank and file, killed , 1 Major, 2 Lieutenants, 4 Serjeants, t Drummer, 28 rank and file, wounded, 1 miffing. 1 fl battilion South Carolina Royalifts. 1 Major, 1 Serjeant, killed; : 1 Captain, 1 Serjeant, 3 - rank and file, wounded. 2d battalion and Nerth - Carolina Volunteers. 1 Serjeant, 3 rank and flie, wounded. To:al. 1 Major, 1 Lieutenant, 1 Enfign, 4 Serjeants, 18 rank and file, killed; 1 Major, 2 Captains, 3 Lieutenants, 1 Erjfign, 7 Serjeants, 1 Drummer, 77 rank and file, wounded ; 1 rank and file milling. Artillery. 1 matrofs killed. 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, x matrofies. 5 additionals, wennded. ' (Signed) A. PREVOST, M. G. OFFICERS killed. , Lieutenant Rod. Murchifon, xft battalion, 71ft regiment. Enflgn William Mackintofh, ditto. Major William Campbell, 1 ft battalion of South Carolina Royalifts. f s OFFICERS wounded. Captain Colin Campbell, ift battalion, 71ft regiment - Lieutenant Th?mas Frafer, ditro. Enfisn M. Murchifon, ditro. NV B. Lieutenant Wallace, .flnre dead of bis wounds. HESSIANS wounded. ;', Major Endeman, - Lieutenant Widtkin, Lieutenant Pe Grielnim, Lieutenant Eniehard. . -

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 18 Dec 1779, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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