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Tri-State Tornado 1925 - Tom Malmay - Largest Paid Circulation In Danville and Fifth...
Largest Paid Circulation In Danville and Fifth District. More Copies of the Bee sold daily in Danville there are homes. ELEVEN COMIC STRIPS DAILY ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE THE WEATHER Fair Tonight and Tuesday. t ^^^^ ^^^^^ , nANVUjLE VA.. THUiiJ^TT^NOON, MAUCU 19. 1926. (HOME EDITION) PglCE: TWO ^.«. f-f-M-T . s*s-s-s - * ---«--·-··»-«-»- -«· T- ·m-mmr'm~*-nTT± ^~k f Tm SEVERAL TOWNS 3,000 INJURED AND COUNTLESS NUMBERS ARE MADE HOMELESS Storm Swept Through Three Middle West States With Fierce Fury and Did Great Damage m Three Others Fire Adds Horror to Havoc ---Bodies Carried a Mile Timbers Scattered for Distance of 15 Miles---School House Razed Over Heads of 250 Occupants and 88 Are Known Dead--Storm Struck Without Warning and Was Worst m Half a Century Entire Blocks of Buildings Crushed, Many Being Carried Bodily Hundreds of Feet Every Structure In One or ,. Two Towns Wrecked or Damaged, WIPED OUT SCOTT SEEKS POST OF OIY ER (By The Associated Press) Dead estimated at 500 to 1,000^ Injured estimated at 2,500 to 3,000. ie» in homes and children in schools were greatest suf- innm «ux «*-, or smouldering and. millions of^dolars worth ·'-r.'iS'Sis^'.-ait'iisTM rartler citifs, concentrated on the stncken areas. i Hy The Associated Press.'* r.trrrro March 19 -- The most devastating storm in near- 11011 So urostrated were portions of Illinois and Indiana, through tain casualty list. ^ , _^ i: ^ ^ nnA t nearly ^QOO (By Tk« A»»»el»t«« m**.* SPRINGFIELD,. Ills., March 19. -Twelve are dead at Enfield, Ills , and an undetermined number injuried, according to telegraphic communication stablished by the Western Union his morning. Wires are all reported ut between Norris City and Enfield. (By The Associated Prem.) BUSH, Ills.. March 19.-- Seven ersons were killed at Bush and sixty njured while eight persons are not ccounted for as a. result of yesterday's tornado. More than 150 per- ons were made homeless. A special train took the injured to ierrin. A special train took the injured to rlerrin. list came out of thVozark hills, due to low harometnc pressure in and first^ruck at Annapolis, Missouri, virtually were while fire in many places added horror to havoc- So terrific was the force of the storm that bodies were reported caried a mile while timbers from the wrecked town of Desoto, His-, were found in Puquoin, 15 miles away. The greatest lo.s.s of l i f e aceordins* A n o t h e r line apparently Files Application For Position, Now Held By R. K. Linville TOWN TOHCS (By The AanoeJated Pren«. WEST FRANKFORT, Ills., March 9.--Early this morning 102 bodies had bten extricated from buildings vrecked here in yesterday's tornado nd more than two hundred serious- y injured taken to hospitals. Two h u n d r e d and fifty buildings vere levelled and Sheriff Dorrin estimated the property loss ta more than $^,000,000. to a v a i l a b l e report?, occured in southern Ill'nois, where more than o u u wore reported killed as t h e tofn.ido tore northeastward through Murpnys- l.oro. West Frankfort. Mesoto and other larger t o w n s of the area. School Is Ua/cd: 8S Ilodies Fomul -\t De.«oto a chool house was razed only t h r e - of the ^30 occupants reported escaping w i t h o u t injuries, while SS bodies had been taken f r o m the ruins last night. The main path of the tornado was less than 200 miles in length but divisions of t h e t\\istor hopped on se\eral directions. Starting Annapolis, the storm moved east and a f t e r atrikmsc in from north- tw-n other t o w n s on the Missouri Side of the Mississippi river. J u m p e d - n t o 1'''- nois traversed t h a t .state, near the Indiana f at c its force in southern Indiana northern Kentucky. A n o t h e r line apparently moved southeastward f r o m A n n a p o l i s through Cape Giarardeay, Missouri, and struck isolated portions of northern Tennessee and Kentucky. A windstorm was reported from Portsmouth. Ohio, but without serious damage. Traversed "00 Milea of land With its various off-shoots the tornado apparently traversed nearly 700 mile sof territory, although only in the direct path from Annapolis, Mo., to Princeton, Indiana, about 65 miles, was the .damage and loss of life heavy. The path of the storm apparently was not wide, In places it being reported 300 feet. While details of the desolation left by the Ptorni came in on crippled (By- The Associated Frews.) I..OGAX Ills. March lit.-- Seven persona are known to be dead here as result of yesaterday's tornado. The n u m b e r of dead and injured in the rural districts outside of Logan can. not be attempted because of impa* 1 sable roads and paralyzed wires. PRINCETON, Ind.. March 19. -Twenty dead in Princeton, as a result of yesterday's tornado was the figure placed today by officers of two companies of stale troops, which took charge of the city late last night. The number of dead may be increased slightly as reports are received from the countryside. GALLATEN-, Tenn., March 10 -Thirty dead and t h i r t y or forty injured was the estimated toll this morning of the tornado which sideswiped the northern section of this, Sumner county, late yesterday. Communication has not been established with that section, meague reports being the only available information. o jrURPHYSBORO, Ills., March 19.-Cne hundred-, and fifty-two bodies have already been recovered here, from 100 to 150 more are believed to be in the wreckage and 250 persons are in emergency hospitals suffering from serious injuries, according to a provisional compilation rcai!e "here this morning. DEQUEOIX, Ills., March 111.--Between 35 and 100 persons are dead and many hundreds are injured as a result of the tornado which struck Desota yesterday afternoon. Fifteen of the dead and 100 injured were brought here. R. r^. Scott, engineer for the State Highway Commission today filed his application with the clerk of the City Council for the position of city engineer. The election w i l l take place on April 10th at the regular meeting of the City Council when a number of city officers will be elected for terms of two years. This is the only application so far filed for any of the offices to be filled by Council action, and whether there will be others is not indicated at the present time. The officers to be elected are a city auditor, city collector, city attorney, city engineer and city health officer. It is still not clear whether K. K. Linville .present cit,y engineer will reapply. While his decision is said to have" been made definitely he. was not talking for publication this morning when asked what his intentions would be. Mr. Scott Is from Amherst and a few years ago planned and supervised t h e $ 2 5 0 , 0 0 0 i m p r o v e m e n t of roads in the vicinity of Danville provided under thp Chamber of Commerce pro- gramme. In this work he came into contact with many Danville business men ^vho speak highly of his ability and of,hi? work. . Glimpse of How Towns Suffered; Casualty List South Union street was subjected to an impromptu gas attack, yesterday evening when a five gallon glass container filled with sulphuric acid, belonging to FSTFerson's Drug Store, fell from a hand truc.k in the rear of the Masonic Temple and meandered its way to the gutter, giving off a pungent odor which at once struck the olefactory nerves of all passers by. As the thick stream reacted on the street and bubbled its way down the gutter, there was a scramble to remove au- omobiles, lest the tires should b_e per- lanently destroyed. -- o Chief of Police Bell on arriving at :ie courthouse this morning was en with such a powerful odor of liq- or that permejttQed the corridor that e lost no time in making his way to he liquor closet in the rear of the olice court room where it was £ound nat several cans containing conflscat- d liquor had sprung a leak. A good ized liquor puddje was in evidence vhence the bar-room atmosphere pre- ailing in the courthouse. The chief xplamed that the present type oi (By Tlie Associated Press.) CHICAGO, March 1»--Early t o d a y the casualties for AVadnesday evening's tornado were reported as S»9l dead and 2.S32 injured, from the following' towns, listed in the or.lei in which thte tornado swept t h r o u g n t h e m : Town Annapolis. Biehle A l t e n h u r Mo. I n j u r e d lines of communication, relief was be- dividod ! ing rushed into th ectricken area EVAXSV1LLE, I n d . , March 19.-Griffin, Posey county. Ind., a town ot 750 people, was almost completely obliterated in last evening's storm, onl.% four badly damaged houses standing. Forty bodies were f o u n d In t h e streets. The exact n u m b e r of dead is not k n o w n since there has been no search of the ruins made. Capp Girardeau Oorrin, His. . . Murhpysboro G or 1mm Desoto Hurst West Frankfort Vienton Parish Thompponville McLeansboro Carmi Crossville - - - GriflUS, I n d . . OwensvJlle - · Princeton . . . iquor contains egrees chemicals which by the corrode the tin containers, au'sing them to leak. The probltm is ather a serious one as the liquor has ,, be presented in evidence at the trial ,£ cases and if it is not there tate's case is partially weakened Fvervthing is in readiness for the aeeting of the Ministerial Association and recognized church workers in the dining hall of the Masonic TempleBo- ught beginning at 7 o'clock 1here re indications of an unusually large Utendance. Representatives are expected from all the surrounding com- nunities, including Chatham, Tancey- ville and other towns. There is definite Durance of at least 200 men be- ng present, with 'prospects of many others. Following the banquet, the various speakers will open their topics ,fter which there will be a general discussion, with every one present laving an o p p o r t u n i t y briefly on the subject. The Student League of Many Nations of New Vork City, will render a patriotic program at the First Baptist Church, Friday evening, at 8 o clock. These representatives are of foreign birth and will be dressed in their native dress. A musical program will be given in addition to the patriotic appeal. DEPARTURE BIG SURPRISE HERE; ILUHE SAYS Secretary of Chamber of Commerce, Before Leaving, Told President Conway, Action Was Necessitated by Condition of His Nerves Open Forum Meeting Abandoned For Time Being, But Committee Reorganization Will Be Held Tomorrow Night, Edward R- Di«ws for the past several months secretary of Danville Chamber of Commerce left Danville last night for ton after annouucinjr his decision to L. B- Conway, president of organization at half past three o'clock yesterday afternoon. Mr. Dio-^s left he said, on account of t h e condition oi his health development of a nervous ailment which caused Ms physician to der that step without further delay. · . "News of Mr. Diggs' suden decision to leave caused many festations to surprise in the business district this morning, few apparently knowing that the condition of Mr. Dices' health was as to necessitate such immediate action. Regret that he should been overcome on the eve of a varied programme of Chamber vlommrce activities was expressed everywhere. TO EPIPHANY RCH HERE Rev. N. E. Wicker, of Petersburg, to Succeed the Rev. M. S. Taylor Eliza b \VHhan. Teun. Lexinprton.wCy. Sprinkfiel Totals Plans are being made for the plac- ·' of Danville's war trophies in North Danville and at M o u n t V e r n o n avenue and V i r g i n i a avenue on May 30th, Memorial Uay. The mine thrower is to l.e placed in North Danville and the two machine guns at the junction of M o u n t Vernon avenue and West M a i n street and Virginia a v e n u e and West Main street. The American Lesion will have charge of the ceremony. o Tho last "Will and testament of F. °- K i d d \va.s admitted to p r o b a t e in the Corporation court yesterday. The w i l l , a holograph, is dated. December M h , 1 9 - 4 , but was not .signed in t n e presence oi" witnesses. L. D. Moore- lield r H. Lyon and Mrs. \V. L. Carter 'however, testified that they were familiar with Mr. K i d d ' s h a n d w r i t i n g and t h a t t h e r e was no question about Announcement was made last night by J u l i a n Mcade, senior warden of Epiphany church that Rev. N in. Wicker of Petersburg, has accepted the call to become rector ot" Epiphany church in this city succeeding Uev. M. S. Taylor now in Greenville. S. C. Rev. Mr. Wicker will assume his ministerial d u t i e s in this city the first | j,, The devises all of his proper- it ty moneys and bonds to his widow, Mr.s. Sail ie May K i d d with the express wi^h t h a t ;she be not required to give .security. U n d e r the law. however, the c o u r t is required to assess 'i bond which in thus was -set At ? 2 . i i O O cal fessor von criminologist. dose" tion of an a r m y charged with the poral. The p r i v a t e beer and then reache the expert said. way I S "Pathologi- i and for which no security was re|Uir- y P r o - V d . The will provides f u r t h e r r h a t ;n t,,^~-. German t i lf , event of his widow's remarriage .fled the rondi- t h a t his holdings shall be .sold ana private who :* d i s t r i b u t e d ainonfjpgkhe members at his of a cor- ' n i i n i e d i a t e family ] pints of this state. Relief workers, doctors, nurses, (Continued on page three) CITY SWEPT BY FLYING REMNANT OF STORM W DEVASTATED MIDDLE WEST While l,ynchbur£ has outstripped Danville in tictuaf n u m b e r of members secured in the present .. il. A membership campaign, L. C. eneral secretary, said Sunday after Waster. He is s p o k f - n of as a brilliant young preacher and one of considerable promise- He is a .son of X. K. Wicker of Petersburg where 10 received his early schooling and vhere he has been engaged in tninist- t-ins to a large parish since his or. dination. lie. is ;«. g r a d u a t e of "\Viliam and Mary College Later he entered the Theological S e m i n a r y of Virginia near Alexandra w h e r e he ompleted his preparation for tho ninistry. Tho committee of the church in seeking a successor to Kev. Mr. Taylor was directed to Rev. Mr. Wicker among several others. He lias the highest endorsement and the people of his own parish have spoken in highest terms of his work near Petersburg and of his ability as a minister. The acceptance of the mil is very gratifying to the vestry and the church membership which was .specially eager to secure n rector w i t h o u t much delay in order that the church's carried on w i t h o u t It was recognized however, t h a t ti would be impossible to fill the vacancy d u r i n g the Lenten season a period of m a r k e d importance in the Episcopal c h u r c h and during which few ministerial changes ara recorded. Rev. Mr. Wicker accepted the call As the i m m e d i a t e outcome ^decision, the schedule of the organ! ization will become temporarily im- j paired. The Open Forum meeting *et for tomorrow night has been abandoned for the time being. Tha teurganization of committees preceded by a b u f f e t supper will, be held according to Mr. conway, who devoted his tife to Chamber of Commerce matters this morning'. One immediate result of the aban- d o n m e n t of the meeting was announcement by Thomas Fox. commander of Danville Post / No. 10, American Legion, that instead of m e e t i n g with the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow night as planned, t h e regular meeting would be held at the Memorial Mansion at eight o'clock tomorrow night. Mr. Conway this morning Issued the following prepared statement b e a r i n g on the temporary Air. Diggs: "Yesterday Mr. Diggs' physician ordered him to give up ail work for a short time to avoid a complete b r e a k d o w n - He is s u f f blood pressure and nervous tension. Mr. rXgg« has been working very b a r d since assuming the duties of present position. Jt is not expected w i l l bo a u a y long. Mr. this , that Danville .still leads in of poreentage which is necessary SCOTTISH RITE BODIES TO HOLD REUNION HERE At the regular m'eeting of Danville Lodge of Perfection, held in RUie Ixxlge Room 'of M ; asonic Temple lf» s t night, final plans for the Sprinc Uc- union of the Danville Bodies of Scottish Rlt« Masonry wore outlined. The dates set for the reunion at '·'1st and 2 2 n d . Tho LorffTC of tion degrees, which consKst of those from the f o u r t h to t h e f o u r t e e n t h inclusive will he conferred «n Tuesday, An'rll 21st, and those oi' Hie Chapter Rose Croix, which aro f r o m th.) (if-' Dentil to the eighteenth i n c l u s i v e will be conferred on the f o l l o w i n g 'ny, Wednesday, April 2 2 n d . A class of about twenty-live arc expected lo ro- th e degrees of the Lodge of Per- while n* this Is tho first -'"'Conch. Cnn to Chapter For Bftto: N»«w ' t»« fcoMht at' considerable savltip to Apply Bti, care Danville Br. you. 19b3 about seventy are expected to be advanced from the fifteenth to the eighteenth degree. On Wednesday, the l2nd of April at «::!0 p. in., a supper to which all Scottish Hitc Masons, of whalover degree arc invited, will bo served in the bmmuet h a l l of the Ma- sonfc Tempi*. At a m o o t i n g of (he Ctiaptw of Rose Croix, held i m m e d i a t e l y a f t e r the conclusion of the meeting of the Ixjdge of Perfection, plans wore per- foctod for the regulnr Kastcr Services of tho Chapter. On Easter .Sunday afternoon U. 2 : 3 0 o'clock nn address by J. Cleveland Ha,11. 32 degree, Wlwe Master of the Danville Craptor of liose Croix, n n d a inimical program will be given In the auditorium of the Masonic Temple to which the public la cordially Invited. A complete program of which will be announced later. Danville unquestionably experienced the flying r e m n a n t of tho tornado which swept tho middle west yesterday evening with a tVail of death and devastation In its wnko. While mild in comparison with tho storm which emanated from the Ozark mountains the wind storm arrived in Danville at halt" past three o'clock t h i s morning and came with startling suddeness shaking houses d u r i n g the fow seconds that it swept over tho city. ' Several citizens reported this morning that they were awkeanod by tho scream of the wind and by tho torcntlal downpour of rain which followed It. also by tho brilliance of ·heel lightning A newspaper truck drfrer c*ti*ht on his way down town at h a l f past three o'clock this morning said that the rlan en mo, not In tho form of n gradual downpour but as though a vast quantity of water had boon suddenly dumped over tho oity. There was hail with It. The city drains could not carry off the water and In level plticos water stood f u l l y an Inch hiprh. Tt was described by ohsorvers who happened to bo ovrt an thn most vlo. lent downpour they hnd witnessed After the wind has vanished, an ille and Lynchburg as the N I O I K campaign Has been postponed and the Roanokc campaign started work might be lapse of activity v ' s i t his m o t h e r in the W a s h i n g t o n where he can have-comp l e t o ro«t u n d e r most favorable d i t i o n - , for a speedy recovery. "it \ v i l l require possibly ten or two weeks to put him on his a sain. Mr. Digits has made good in. an exceptional fashion and the off.- i-vrs of the chamber are anxious to have h i m back as soon as possible, Owing to the numerous details con- nected with having both 'meetings the name clay it was decided by tha otflcer.s of the Chmber of Commerce lo call off the general meeting of entire membership and devote the evening to the organization of the c o m m i t t e e s which will be b a n q u e t room of the Masonic Temple at 0:30 o'clock Friday evening-. The Ladies Committee of the Cham-' her (if Commerce will serve a buffet supper "The d a t e i-t the Open Formal m o o t i n g w i l l ho announced The a c t i o n of -Mr. Uiggs great s u r p r i s e to members organization and to most of the directors. Mr. C o n u a y however others had been aware of the mental .stress u n d e r which Mr. Diggs l a t e l y been working. Mr. Diggs, Conway says, haa been 111 recently has lost .L good deal of sleep. In add i t i o n to this, the secretary of Chamber of Commerce has been working at high pressure and has extended to him personally yesterday ! such energy into his work not afternoon at a meeting of the vestry i by day but at night that it is held at tho church just prior to th_e ] he has u n d e r m i n e d his regular Lenten service which he a t - i The necessity ot Mr. Uiggs tended He arrived in "Danville yes. terdiiy evening and wont before the earlier than that in o- nanvillo. swiftly as ir had come a heavy rain set in a'nd l i g h t n i n g and t h u n d e r continued for sonio t lino. Tho s t o r m camo with the vernla e q u i n o x and there was characteristics of t h e s t o r m which preludes (ho break of W i n t e r , j Spring o f f i c i a l l y begins t o m o r r o w t h a t | being the day on which tho sun w i l l cross t h e e q u a t o r a n d w i l l cntno n o r t h to hathe this arid higher l a t i t u d e with tho heat of Summer. Last n i g h t the dish'tibed j i t n i o s p . lieric conditions were apparent to r a - dio users. Scores of persons r e l y i n g on t h i s for t h o i r n i g h t l y c n l e r t a l n - monf t u n e d off their sotn w h e n (hey f o u n d s t a t i c I n t e r f e r e n c e of such n,' character as to d r o w n out every station a n d t o assail t h e c a r d r u m s w i t h Rescue Workers Strive to Reach Entombed Miners None of 34 Men Believed Dead In Explosion Reached. (By Tho Ansoolnted l*rr»«.l F A I R M O N T , W. Va., March 19.-Tireless rescue-workers c o n t i n u e d t h o i r stniggle t o d a y to reach the 34. miners entombed by a territic explosion that Tuesday night wrecked m i n e n u m b e r 41 of t h e B e t h l e h e m Mmea Corpora lion :il Barrack v!lH\ three sots nro I n f a l l i b l e baromot.-rs and 1 m ii ( . M f r o m here, l.rtte last night the t h a t a change h, the w e a t h e r l» f o r e . | m i n c had been p e m - t r n t e d more t h a n crust iiHiuilly f u l l y t w e n t y f o u r h o u r s Vestry w i t h o u t d e l a y w h e n his response was given to the gratification of the members who were impressed with is record and his bearing. He left this m o r n i n g early for his home which is at Disputanta where the rectory of ono of the four churches ho serves, is situated. A member of t h o Vestry said this immediate departure had not been reckoned with otherwise arrangements for the open f o r u m mooting and meetings would not have been entered into u n t i l some method of q u a t e l y relieving the secretary post would doubtless have been taken. The decision was reached yesterday afternoon at about 3 o'clock when. Mr. Conway s.iys, he was called at home by Mr. IMCTRS who said that had consulted his physician who had advised him to d r o p his \ \ o immediately and to go away so th-u tho sfaoeato machln^ gun fire. Radio set owners say t h a t t h e i r by a So noisy air." far as could ho learned damage t h i s was morning no m a t e r i a l drno last night by tho violent wind storm. Tho h i r l however, bout down buds off n n u n i l K of trees t h i s evidence of the f e r o c i t v "f tho r u i n a n d "wind h«lng offers to c,, morning. riiom this t 000 feet. No had been f o u n d . ,»,, wore t h c r o indications that any of the men caught far In the workings were, alive. Hope t h n t Home of the entombed men may be rescued has - not been a b a n d o n e d , but H l« the belief of experienced m i n i n g men thnt those In the property at the time £ the explosion have perished. m o r n i n g that only one call had been «vt«nrif,-i j i i i h o u c h several likely min,^,..~v- -./ .- - , n^Srs had' ue£ considered d u r i n g tho ne^^on the past few WCCKH. ' TWO OF PONIES TO BE GIVEN AWAY ARRIVE ,\ substantial group of boys and started yesterday soliciting subscriptions to The Danville Register, determined to win one of the thoroughbred Shetland ponies, an unlimited n u m b e r of which are offered to those who secure the largaet n u m - ber of subscribers. . Impetus was given to their efforts ing In th« largest subscription list b£ given 'free of cost a pony, bridle, harness, saddle, blanket and a buggy, thus a f u l l - f l o d g e d j u v e in a w t i l t t n g he or her who piitting spare time to the best possible advantage. Others who t u r n In scriptlons will receive ponies, brldU-s, saddles a n d blanket*, according « T) AI 1151 \Vflvl *4 * * ' I I *-^' v-"^ · · ·*_·»·.-- - »--· .,».»....- the arrival d u r i n g the afternoon n u m b e r of subscriptions ; «r««««hnrn of two well-matched Plans were being made to from Greensboro of two well-matched which elicited i erect tho K. A. James d In ixlay in Ihe where p nles will be on display, no thai .ill the a d m i r a t i o n of boys and girls then In Tho Register building seourlnK their , ,....» blanks, ami other Inductions . As | may «ee the character ,( th* previously elated, the boy or girl turn- that are beinR offered. iNEWSPAFERr VSPAPERI

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