Wm. Trusty conviction - 12/16/1896 Cincinnati, Ohio

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Wm. Trusty conviction - 12/16/1896 Cincinnati, Ohio - -- .i- Bne- compll- capsv- hi in of rral- a dr-...
-- .i- Bne- compll- capsv- hi in of rral- a dr- contrexrt- 01 REAPED e -.-. - i- -r 1 - . 1 . t : . ... - e . Reward of Th'eir ftrime. : '4 Seward and Trustr Seateieed U the Pel For GiTing Their Famous Per jured Evidence.. Chief Perjarer la the Brjaa Case Gets Twe Years aad His TmI Oie Year. In of as pav-tlenta In the the took find Ow- me and In th next pur. on ivr Thla ror an employment the John nVward. thty sJiered dteov. Tn. Trusty, ivotorlous mm th principals la bar faced attempt to Introduce perjured tttrnony la too trial ot Scott Jackson, re ceived the reward of their effort in the Campbell Ccrunty Circuit Court yesterday. ge-wmxd anponred for trial on tho charge of subornation of perjury nnd Trusty for slmpl perjury. Both entered plea of guilty. Be ward was encDced to nerve two In th pera-tantlary gad Trusty got on year. Aa enormous eiuwd naaembled to bear tho trial, but rney were dlaappointed If they ezpoctod to boor aeasatlonal davetopmeots. The brtof heavrtag was a mere formality, ' MB1TWBB ktata A DKTBNSB. Beward aad Trusty war brought Into Court together. Th dye had all disap peared from B ward's hair aad beard and ho looked 20 year older than on tbe day of his arraa. Reward's ease waa tho first called, and after a brief consultation with bla attorney, Jwdg T. M. Hill.' of Newport bo entered a plea of guilty. , Sheriff Plummer, Detective Crtm and McDermott. and Detective Boyd, of the Southern Railroad, wore In Court to teatlfy for the prosecution, but they were not need ed. Seward made ao defense and threw himself upon tho mrcy of tho Court. Tb Jury wa la tb box ready to try the case, aad Judge Helm gave peremptory In struction to tho Jury to fix th punishment at two years in th Kentucky Penitentiary. Clerk Reuacber wrote th verdict. It Ignod by Charle HalJara a foreman of th Jury, and Seward waa disposed of. Trusty caso wa then called and he waa asked If ho had aa attorney to defend him. lie gave a negative answer. His dsmaanor Indicated that he waa feigning Inaanlty. Judge Helm asked what plea he desired to enter and ho ald he did not know, as he had a headache and could not thlak. He finally gave tn a plea of guilty and eubaa auently said he did not know what he had don. By dint of arduous explanation Judge Halm finally succeeded In making the situation plain to him and be then "sueased" that h waa sulltv. Judge Helm thereupon explained to the Jury that Trust v was not ths orlnciDal offender uu merely a tool, and tnatructad iat his pun lahroent b fixed at one year's conflnemen In the Kentucky Penitentiary. The pre-vloua form was agam carried out and Trusty eras formally aentanced. THKin CILiaiUTID STOUT. Tho history of the coonerttlon, of th two men with tho Jackson case will be readily recalled by readers of The Kxwi'imcn. 1 Miring th trial of Scott Jackaoh the de-fen introduced aa a wttrkeea Wm. Trust y. He created a sensation by swearing thai he had been engaged by Carrie Evans, a Cincinnati woman, to drive a cavb from in front of a house on Oeorge street to Newport, and was to have been paid HO for the service. Ho said that tb doa'l body of a woman waa placed tn tho cab while tn from of tbo George street house, and he was flvsn directions how to drive to Newport, le swore that at Fifth and York streets, Newport, be waa mot by a professional laoktns- man. He described this man as having a loug white board and as carrying a satchel or inedloe.1 case. Thla man. Truoty t etui fled, a-ot into tho csb jmI bv followlns hla directions Trusty drov th cab to tho Hla-hlanda and stopped at one farm of John locate. Here tho body was removed by the man, and Trusty was glvsn Instructlona to drive the emDty cab to the Newport end of th Central bridge, where ho waa to deliver it into tbe keeping or a man who waa w sit- in a- lor him. Trusty roll owed Che 1 nat rue t torts, and ho walked acroa th brida-a. went to th depot and took a train back to bla horns at ChunDalrn. 111. Cnder cross-examination Trusty brought out all the minute details of Che case, and bheo Carrie Evan waa put on the wiUessa sV D! Butler to to of of of la of or eana by tne oeronse. iti woman was ex pected to corroborate tho tbattmony Trusty, but insMead ah turned etate's denoo and ttlOd tbait Trusty'a entire story was tha creation of John Seward, who had been, engaged in tho case by Waiting's relative to discover evVierrc for tho de- fendanaa. 8h said further that one Gorge tayion wm id uif. pio-i. un wai aeward had prorrdaed to marry her If she would teeairr In corroooraftron or Trustv'a testl. motiy. Dayton waa also to hav been a cor-roborsjtlve witn. but ho had become rrtghtenfM ana Kippea out. immoaiatety 'tnai in atory or tho tier- raa el lotted rrom tbe woman Judge m ordered Trusty and Seward Disced under arrest. They gave bond, but there was a twenty.iour-nour limitation to the bond, and at Ita expiration Trusty disappeared. Be-ward lingered in Newport until be waa mad tn target or a lot ot anti quated eggs and decayed vegetables, when be, too, lett ror a more congenial clime. ' TH IMDICTaXilTi. Th Caambell County Grand Jin-v turned an Indictment against Seward Trusty for pei at King's Mountain, Ky., and brou District of Covington, th will organisation. Mo offl- for perjury. Newport laat September. for nearly a month longer, and nnauy apprenenoea in tne wild nesaeo Mountains. open la cities b. a-eaem-bera trade tna whom th tho Th 8ul- th gea- to tho th i Via Prom- . tb ap- Com Si U- prehendod In the wilds of tho Ten- Tho men were Disced In different wards at th Newoort Jail, and on tb second day of Trusty's confinement he mad a confession to Sheriff Plummar tbat his testimony in th Jackson case was utterly and totally false, and he waa in duced to gtv th testimony by Seward for money consideration. Their cases set for trial at diver times, but continued ror levera times, until yesterday. TALK TO TBI BXQniaM. After hla sentence vesterdav Beward atat ror aa EHovmmn. reporter and offered to make a statement replete with sensations for a consideration. Asked aa to what was tne nature or hie statement. Beward said I will tell who th third oartr in thla crime waa" "Do you know where Pearl Bryan died "I don't know It only from circumstances. nut it was in aventucay. What els hav you to stater' Whv. I will show you that Fred Albion gnowa more inta no baa toML- "What do he know:" H know wher th bead wm cut off. "Waa h ore-sent when tha body was de- cepitateor- no, out n arrow wno waa. . r jt i A w I i,m now u.u u . imtii , . , "I think b waa told. I win also fU you enough to prove that George Jackson's :ory was. a ran." "How can that statement bo proved "WelL I can't Drov U. but I can thooriao so effectively that it falsity will be obvi oua. I wm also tell you who that mysteri ous, dark-complexioned man that waa In tho Ft TtMMBOA saloon tho morning that tbe body was found. I tnet that man at Somerset. Ky., and he told me an about rt Way. 1 had Pearl Bryan cap In my hand June 23 of thl year. Thl man was paid to OMpoet or ner property What neoamoor tn the subornation of perjury, and egalnat nee against Beward for M-Jury. and aaainat eward waa arrested as Trusty evaded ar- the head?" 1 don't know, but I fecllev it ! still in existence. Seward. W yon hav a atorr to telL whv didn't you go into a trial and tea It then?' - "I didn't want to tako a man's money that h paid me for fact and -than siv rhos facta away." v. . it was clearly evident that a ward ready to tell any kind aaVa story bo Bald for. Trusty, also, wanted to noddle out a lot of information about having drivwa tho cab to Ft. Thomas on that fatal Fri day night, alleging that Jaakson, Walling and Pearl Bryan were in tho cab, and that be, and not George Jackson, had trtade the fatal drive.. This is known to be falsa, for on January. 31. th night, of th murder. Trusty, was at Jelltco. Ky.. hundreds of miles away rrom tho seen of th trarely. Fobroary 1 ho was at Somerset. February 3 at Ludlow, and tho ala-ht of Februeurr no wont to nia noma at .rvsrnpsign. lu.

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  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 16 Dec 1896, Wed,
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  • Wm. Trusty conviction - 12/16/1896 Cincinnati, Ohio

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