Gophers Wind Up Season with Close Victory Over Chicago, 7 to 0: Ekberg Scores Lone Touchdown; Stagg'

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Gophers Wind Up Season with Close Victory Over Chicago, 7 to 0: Ekberg Scores Lone Touchdown; Stagg' - 1 IT.. C opners vv ma up G Ekberg Scores Lone...
1 IT.. C opners vv ma up G Ekberg Scores Lone Stagg's Players Minnesota Has Things Her Own Way During First Half Chicago Comes Back With Mystifying Attack in Last Two Periods and Carry Ball to Gopher Three-Yard Line Maroon and Gold . Lose Several Chances to Score-Elton and Ernes Lampi Play Star Games in Hard- , fought Battle. By Fred H. Cobiu n. Chicago, Nov. 30. It was a close one all rightthat football battle this afternoon between Minnesota and Chicago but the Gophers edged in with a 7-to-0 victory, which spells just as well in the victory record and keeps clean the Minnesota slate against Chieacro. The Maroons haven't registered a win over the Wil liams' youngsters since 1913. and that has happened in the world since 1913 you realize that it is a considerable time since the Maroon and Gold bowed to Stagg's pupils. Ekberg Makes Only Score. . . : Minnesota made one touchdown, that coming in the second penoa witn iKoerg snumg across, fiophers kept that lead. An Exciting Second Half. . Uut, oil, boy, there were Jots of happenings thereafter, the second half of he "nme furnishing some of the most exciting up-and-down football that anybody would care to watch. - Chicago threatened ami threatened Hid then some more, hut right, down tinder their goal post?, .Minnesota's do-fense. stiffened and the Maroons were Jiold. Then things went the oilier way nd it was up to Chicago to do the stone-wall act asninst the Gophers, which they did on the one-foot line. The Maroons took the ball right, there and punted from behind the goal line , to Lampi on the 40-yard line. This sterling athlete, who put up one of the liest games of his career, zigzagged Lack to the flve-vord mark in the pret tiest run of the day and the Gophers! fancied they saw that second touch- j down coming after all, but it was not j to be. The final whistle blew just thou j and the athletes hobbled from the field, j Gophers Start Strong. j ' The game was interesting through- j cut and the teams much more evenly j matched than anybody imagined they -would be on comparative records for the season and the usual wails of weakness from the Stagg camp. Jt was all iMinne)ta in 4ce list bait' mil but for penalties the Gophers would havo had thnt never-made second touchdown be-lore the intermission. , Chicago had no offensive to ottet in the first two periods, but " aine back wit a surprisingly strong attack in the tfinal portion of the combat. It baffled iMinnesota completely until the play .teas within the five-yard line after a procession down the field. Then the sjophers did their usual bnck-to-the-wall stunt. It was Chicago's only opportune jty and they lacked the punch in tlio linal pinch. .!. Minnesota ' was content to play etraight football and did it well enough. Miner's and Kkberg carried She ball in the fctiitt plays on tackle, Larkin also being used occasionally suid with Lampi and Miners skirting the ends, 'and Kingsley and Ekberg plunging straight through, the Gophers iriidn't try any trickery or fanciful football stuff. Their pass game didn't .work especially well, although some lair gains were made on the two or .three that were completed. 'M A Wide-open Attack. Chicago's strong attack which started in the middle of the third period and ! thded with the. Minnesota iron-man etand in the fourth quarters was -a itvide-open affair. Halfbacks were sent to the ?nds, then shifted around, dashing when b ball was snapped back to JOlton, If Elton didn't carry it in a elide off tackle, there was a forward jass and a goodly number of them sue-eeedod. The combination was cleverly handled. Elton showing not only brilliant individual ability, but much grey matter in the manner in which he mixed things up. This Captain Moffat Elton is entitled to stellar honors for the day. jWhen Chicago paraded from its own 43-yard mark to the Gopher 3-yard line, it was Elton who did it. He carried the ball on almost every piny In which he didn't throw a pass and vas the life, the brains and the ground gainer for his team. Lampi Is Gopher Star. Lampi was Minnesota's best ground gainer and his punting was superb, jikberg was good for short gains and MmerB tore off several praiseworthy flashes. Kingsley 's best work was done on the defensive, It was "the liopher captain alone who prevented a Chicago touchdown in that crucial situation in front of the Minnesota ftGal line. The line was stronger in the first half than in the second, Doyle Irloing brilliant work until his injury iorced him to retire. Wallace was not as spectacular as in the Pier game, init was firm and steady and was in every play. Warnock was mighty good at right tackle and Hoos, who went in in the third period, fooled the "wiseacres of the grandstand, who giggled, at his mnstodonic proportions, by leaving a whale of a game. There wasn't anything of much interest occurring in the first quarter, nit when the second period began, iMinnesota had the ball on the Chi-a?o 44-yard line. Ekberg made three and so did Kingsley for a first down. IMiners was thrown for a loss and Ek berg caught Kingsley 's pass out of bounds, the play being culled back. Then Lampi dashed around the Chicago right end for 19 yards. Larkin took the ball on the next play, but fumbled and a Maroon fell on it on the 11-yard line. Certainly, it was tough luck, but the Gophers were not to be denied that touchdown. Two plays didn't gain much for the Mid- way team sud Ktcgeman had to punt. .'Ekberg took it on the Chicago 40-yard litis and four plays planted the oval just 29 raids from the last rhiilk Mark. Miners ilipped around end for nine and Kingsley made two for a first down. Ekberg, Lampi and Miner made Miort Rains find again Kingsley fiadeAmt down, this time on the nine-rarilr line. Lampi made two aud Ek Sicrf, shot over for a touchdown. Doyle ..lifted the goal. Chicago Shows Speed. "Chicago showed a flash ot peed toward the end of the half v hen Hrad-IW intercepted a forward pass and ran aV5 yards unti. Kingsley and Miners cut him down bit the Gophers ax yard line, Elton mjide five yards and then time wi called. The story of the second half with It douWln sla.i l against heavy attai Is, its gallant Chicago recovery when you stop to think of all! uuyie ricmju me oai uu uic The Lineup. Minnesota Vail .! Enke Wallace . . Doyle Jordan Positions Chicago . LE Bradley .LT '.. McGuire . LG ........ Harris . .C Eeber .EG Miller Warnock RT Stegeman Larkin BE Halladay Lampi QB Eubank Ekberg , LHB Fouche Miners EHB . . . . Elton (C) (C) Kingsley. . .FB Hermes Touchdown Ekberg. Goal from touchdown Doyle. Score by quarters: Minnesota 0 7 0 Chicago , 0 0 0 Referee, Birch, Earlham; pire,' Quigley, St. Mary's; judge, Haines, Yale; head 0-7 00 lines- man, Elliott, Northwestern. Time of periods, 15 minutes, Substitutes Wallace for Doyle; Roos for Wallace; McGuire f Harris; Miller for McGuire; Swenson for Miller; Tays for Eubank. and equally brilliant Minnesota play under lire is well worth, telling. It was here that Chicago began opening; up 1 lie play and it was rigirt here, too, that the Gophers began guessing just what was coming next. Minnesota couldn't gain after the kiekoff and Lampi pointed to the Chicago 30-yard line. Stegeman likewise had to punt, but Minnesota men broke through and partly blocked it. That was ijad for the Gophers. The ball bounded away and a Maroon fell on it in the center of the field. Then Mr. Elton 'began his demoniac doings, but couldn't get uwav, so Stegeman na to piuu. i i.o uujmers iook in ! I eugo 43-yard line where they lost the ball on downs. Then Mr. Elton Starts. Elton started telling work and before Minnesota players had time to realize what was happening, the Maroons had made their first down of the game on the Gopher 33-yard line and had their adherents clamoring wildly for a touchdown and tie score. And don't forget, that thev almost did it. Elton broke through for 25 yards, but the play was called back for offside work and Chicago handed a five-yard penalty. Then Elton made 12 and two more, only to draw another five-yard penalty. A pass, Elton to roucne, wnriteu line ciock worn, aim ( put tho ball on the Gopher 21-yard line. The cheering grew more intense and Gophers exhorted each other to "go and git 'em." Elton made nine yards in two attempts, but was held on tho next one, just as the quarter ended. The game moved to the other end of the field and this Elton person immediately made it first down ou the Gophers' ll-yard line. Fouche made five yards, but penalty set the Maroons back 15 yards and a few Minnesutans on hand sat back in their seats. Not Over Yet. But it wasn't all over. Tays failed to gain, but then caught a pass from Elton thnt was good for 10 yards. Another failed, and then came the play that nearly upset every can of dope of every football writer in the West. It was Miners' fault. Elton threw a forward pass and in his eagerness to prevent the intended recipient from snatching it, Miners held him. Two of the officials saw it and Chicago was given tho ball and first clown on Minnesota's seven-yard line. Elton made two, then two and then he failed. A forward pass over the line was the only chance for the Maroons and Kingsley stopped it. Elton shot to Fouche, but Kingsley leaped and knocked the ball away und the Gophers were safe. Then the Gophers Start. They took the ball on the 20-yard line and just io show Chieagoans that two teams could play at the game, started their own little, march down the field. Miners cut in with a run of IS yards and there were all sorts of short gains until the Gophers were on the 12-yard line, Ekberg made four and Chicago drew an oil" side penalty of Jour yards, but the Gophers couldn't connect. The dogged Maroons held Ekberg on the fourth dftwn with only inches to go, and kicked from behind their own line. Lampi made his sensational run on the punt's return but the whistle ended everything. It was a splendid game to watch and deserved a lot more attention than it received in Chicago. Imagine, if you can, Minnesota rooters, a Gopher-Maroon conference clash without ft real cheer leader, without a band and with not more- than 2,500 people in the big stands. Doesn't sound right, does itt And it was almost a perfect day for football, too. The sun was shining and the air was crisp and cold, but not to biting, to make it more than a little bit uncomfortable for the folks in the stands. Furthermore the University of ( hi-cago athletic management cut the ticket prices until 50 cents whs enough for ft general admission. Yet they didn't come. Chicago writers liberally estimated the attendance at ?.,0(10, tint the only Twin ''jty Stnff corrfdjinndeiit on the field im iMs thst the total was nearer 2,000 than i Uag-non, i : goal ' j j ex-! cept j the lose a Gag-nou of . carried by T.

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  2. 01 Dec 1918, Sun,
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  • Gophers Wind Up Season with Close Victory Over Chicago, 7 to 0: Ekberg Scores Lone Touchdown; Stagg'

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