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oct 5 2003 avery spj pg 1 - Wrongly jailed man moves on Avery says he takes...
Wrongly jailed man moves on Avery says he takes nothing for granted Editor's note: Steven Avery spent nearly two decades in prison fir a crime he didn't commit Work by a law school group and new DNA evidence freedhim in September. Associated Press Wausau Correspondent Robert Imrie and AP photographer Morry Gash recently spent a day with Avery, who is now adjusting to life as a free man. By Robert Imrie The Associated Press TWO RIVERS -Steven Avery, who spent 18 years in prison for a brutal rape he didn't commit, pops open the hood of his new car a 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he bought for $25 from a police impound yard and a proud smile lights up his face. The blue, two-door T-top needs some work including a new fuel pump and Avery, 43, savors the chance to crawl underneath the car, get grit beneath his fingernails and feel the joy of again doing something he loves. "I got locked up in 1985. 1 am kind of picking up where I left off," he said. Until DNA testing finally proved he was innocent of the 1985 rape, the closest Avery got to his passion for cars was reading about them in magazines he kept with him in the five different prisons where he was held. "I want the car looking nice," Avery said recently, smiling through a thick beard that flowed down to his chest, his life as a free man again exactly two nice Steven Avery spent 18 years weeks old. Avery laughs often, the anger and bitterness over his horrible ordeal seemingly long gone. He's pleased and surprised the state will investigate how he was wrongly convicted. "As long as I am free, it is over," he said. "I thought it was going to be a little tougher to adapt. But it ain't so bad." Avery is back living with his parents near Two Rivers, sleeping in a room packed with boxes full of 18 years of stuff, said his mother, Dolores. "I don't little i in prison for sexual assault, but know if he is any different. He is doing fine." Avery spends his days mostly helping his two brothers in their auto salvage business he calls it the junkyard and reorganizing his life. He plans to build a new room for his mother onto her home. He takes each day as it comes, including a job offer from a Manitowoc business and a letter of apology from his accuser. He learned patience in prison. "I don't take nothing for granted anymore." See NICHE2A was released recently after DNA Avery, the divorced father of five now-grown children, was freed from prison Sept. 11. A jury had convicted him of sexually assaulting the female jogger on a Lake Michigan beach in 1985. A judge sentenced him to 32 years in prisoa But a law school group convinced the same judge to allow new DNA testing of a pubic hair found on the victim. The testing linked the crime to another man , serving a 60-year sentence for another sexual assault and kidnapping. Avery said he is easing housed a Dairy Queen and AP photo tests proved his innocence, fc 3 , : j back into society. He bought license plates for his car from the government but he doesn't have a drivers license yet He needs to find his original Social Security card to prove his identity. "I wasn't even in the computer," he said. As for work, he takes on simple tasks such as shoveling scoops of gravel from a pile that his brother dumped from a truck to fill in some ground at the salvage yard. Avery welcomes the sweat that beads on his brow and the calories he See JAILED 2A

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  • oct 5 2003 avery spj pg 1

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