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18351209_p1_DFP_Comet - What more could or can Congress do ? Should she...
What more could or can Congress do ? Should she have made a state constitution for us should she have elected our executive officers, and our state legislature, and our senators and rcpresenla. tive, or what ? It does appear to us that you should possess, and that there must be more good sense, generous feeling and magnanimity among our fel low-citizens than lo ask more than that which has been already mooted out to us. Perhaps, however, you and others, for your own political purposes, may think that Congress, although of itself abundantly satisfied with its agents, should have manifested a doubt as to their canacitv. and the canacilv of the people, and done all at Washington in ;)r;i. persona. Ifso, enjoy your opinions, and quarrel at ran dom over your bread and butter we shall not come in for a part of the loaf. Every incipient step has been taken, according to tlic constitution and laws of the country, and Michigan- is a Statu, and n State it will remain. Congress will not, cannot gainsay it. She cannot revoke the proceedings which have been had under her own acts and by her special di-rections.to her authorized agents ; and they of con. gress who shall dare refuse to admit our Delegates o their seats, do it in the teeth of the Oath they j nave taken to support tnc Lonstilulion and sustain thel.aws of their cuuntry. And should a majority be found that thus dare, by any wilful misconstruction whatever, to exclude us, they will find that Michigan, instead of receding from her position, will appeal to a higher tribunal for her rights to the American Jldiciarv, and not to the political prejudices of party zealots, to know whetherher laws, under a state organization, are lo be respected cr not. We have faithfully performed every duty incumbent kirk, as two schooner top masts have been seen there, and several articles, recognized as belonging to her, have floated ashore. The hands on board and lost, were Robert Hager-ty, aged 22-Johnlicrrin, 3o Philip D. Silvy, 45 Joseph Doclairc, 2-1 John Decker, 21 and another, name not stated. The unfortunate passenger, as it appears, was Truman Chittenden, about 19 years of age, who, on the 9th Nov. left his uncle's, Henry Chittenden, of Monroe county, in this stale, on his way for Wil-liston, Vt., to visit his friends, and attend school. Important Invention. Mr. J. II. F. Solomon, of Pennsylvania, has lately obtained Letters Patent for a Patent Steam Boiler, "so constructed that it would 9ecm almost impossible that any degree of pressure upon it could produce its explosion." The Louisville Advertiser remarks " Every scientific man who has seen the model, we are told, pronounces it unequalled in its importance. The Philanthropist will receive the glad tidings of tin's invention as the dawn of a better day, for the navigator and merchant, and for the saving of human life and limb, and will hail the inventor as a public benefactor, &c. &c. ! Journal, having said, with characteristic candor and intelligence, "there arc now two acting Governors in Michigan" that journal of Ihc 3.1 inst. says : There is a slight mistake, Michigan has but one acting Governor. Mr. Mason as yet has only dealt in words. Ho tried a few days ago to pardon a man who was confined in jail, but he could not make it I go. His governorship turns out like a good many ! upon us to become a statc-a stale we are-anc as i 13 mecnan.ca. couinvances-ii .s a ve,y i (jiiiiy ilium in uiuui r, uui iii.ii ui; tiiua i" ijiii n operation, t he deuced tiling wont work. It is enough a state we will assert our rights, whether our dele gates be admitted or not. And, the constitution says, in all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a state shall be party, the supreme court shall have original ju risdiction. Mr. Whitney's paper " cannot assent to the position that Michigan can be in fact a state without the previous action of congress abrogating the existing territorial government." The late territorial gov-eminent, meaning. Well, be it so. Michigan was erected into a territory, for the purposes of temporary government ; & that government, by the terms of the ordinance ol '87 was to cease whenever the population of Michigan should be G0.000 free white inhabitants, and those inhabitants, in lieu of that temporary government, should substitute a state government of their own. The requisite population being attained, and the 00,00090,0(10 inhabitants having formed, rat-ified, adopted, and substituted their state government, as authorised by the ordinance, does it not in-conlrovertibly follow, that fhe "action of congress" has already abrogated the aforesaid temporary gov-eminent? The congress, so long ago as 43 years, prescribed Hie terms anil comniioiis upon which Michigan should cease as a territory, and become a state government : all which having been fully rind scrupulously complied with, the temporary govern- j ment is consequently abrogated, and that too, by the ' action of congress. Tlhat more is necessary to obtain the assent of that paper? i Com. Perrv. While our fellow citizens in various j places nlf.ing ilio I.uUc arc engaged in laudablo of- , forls to raise the funds necessary for the erection of a monument lo the memory of the gallant Perry, at-: tempts are made in some of the N. Y. papers to ! transfer the glory of "Perry's Victory on Lake Erie," to Corn. Elliot. And is it possible that (his victory, to make any body mad I We copy the foregoing merely as a sample of the whig Journal's regard for truth, and (o pronounce it, as we are fully authorized, so far as it relates to Gov. Mason, a sheer fabrication a despicable falsehood an infamous lie. Nothing has transpired, not even a circumstance, furnishing the least possible foundation for this vile article. It must there fore be the effusion of uilcrly depraved malignity; and, as such ascribable, not lo Mr. Whitney, person, j ally, but lo some coniemptible interloper, stealing j access to the columns of the Journal, ; N. Y. America,., as quoted by Mr. Whitnev's ! ,h, " Franklin Lirrarv, is the title of a reprint of all die popular novels of the day, at about ant quarter he usual price for them. The first volume has reach, id its '13 1 No. and contains works that will cost evenly dollars in any other form, at the low price of me shilling per number. We nolice among the con. tints, five of the works of that " ever-delightful au-tlor," Capt. Marryal, viz : Jacob Faithful, Peter Sim-pb, Naval Officer, Cruise of the Midge, and Japhei insearchofa Fatlier. The work can be had at the n;w bookstore ot Snow & Fisk, of our city. Tii-j Repurlicof Letters, is another of the cheap periodicals with which the present time abound-. It is published in an octavo form, at Kj cts. each No. contents of the work are such as must give it ilelpbia, T-i, n fn,,, u,. f..i,.,rt,, i for popu arity. The Essavs ol Llia, by lti.iries j . 1 1 ' , . , ! ihe and the popular novels of Marriage, wtiicti bolt Scott praised so highly, and which con-; r..ct, sketches of Highland characters, scarcely, if at i which if,.,;r , .i,nn nftl.n Arnosto ofthe North him-1 encountered for more than twenty years, has been erroneous! ij ascribed lo Commodore Perry ? We cannot as yet suppose it lo be so. to the monument contemplated, the Erie Ob. server says ; " The citizens of this county have made a movement to see. whether lunds can be raised erect a monument to the memory of the gallant self. The work is conducted by Mrs. A. H. Nicholas, Washington Irving, G. C. Verplanck, Edward Everett, and C. F. Huffman, so that we may be sure, that, improving upon the adage, the gold will not only be refined, but that it will be treble gilt. We invite the public to call at Snow &. Fish's bookstore and examine the work. For i ho Tree Prcse. Mr. Editor--The late proposition in the Massa-: Legislature to open the profession and! Ex-President ot the Law, to any person of good moral ! yesterday, character, having received the ridicule of some, and ; health tu, lOlh of September, and we doubt not will be willing liberally to contribute to the same." And here wo would inquire, s not the object in worthy the attention and contributions of ihc Perrv. A committee of eleven persons were appoin- i,e approval of others ofthe Editorial brotherhood, ted to correspond willi our fellow cilizens through- I am ofthe opinion that any one may be tolerated in .1 .m-,.?,,,., nt'liic aiinl-imii t r.iiir.-.lin,r flint nnil 1... II , l. ,,,.;.. I I , r. I r Mii,iirr,'n,i 111 t l f llll'll. ' " "' " ....... ' ' ... : other urouosi tions, having reference to th sure, a'id active co-operation, i ru coniiuiucc "in . illli;restg 0f community. But my right to express my i old, doubiles take the subject up in earnest, and we j opinion does nut, however, impose any obligation on - miles, hope may succeed in the praise worthy undertaking. ! you to give it publicity ; vou will therefore publish four hole country is interested in raising some mo.; or noi,jusi as you ,, ease. ,. ,J"TO,U Maine, says "How will it please the young law. j Oysters in Massachusetts or wherever the law may 1 says when tbev come lo have young mechanics and ! come The rnorial in commemoration of the glorious victory of; people of Detroit ? - compliance with the request of the Editor of the Journal, we give below, "just as it is written" m that paper, tiie following manifesto "We are as much in favor of a state grnmcnt iiirmaMiehigann be in' fact a wjlloul t10 previous action ol" Congress abro- galjng tle existing Territorial government." Yes ; tlic Editor of the Journal is willing that Mi- chigau become a state provided, that in so doing, the whole people will only adopt the course by him prescribed ; otherwise, he "can never assent" to it. While the hope was entertained by him and his partisan associates, that the people of Michigan. their movements towards a state government. ! The of 'good moral character' enter our courts ' mand in migliL be brought into federal whig leading strings, tney united in the measures adopted, and in the course pursued, to elevate Michigan from Territorial dependence and imbecility, to state sovereignty and power. But failing to realize their parly anticipations, they now array themselves against the people, and nsainst the state government lhus far successfully and prosperously advanced, and would fain throw all back into glorious uncertainty, in the vain hone to brum about such a state of popular turmoil and dissatisfaction, as might give them another op-portuuity to scramble for party ascendency, reckless of consequences to the interests, the character, and the prosperity of Michigan. But all this will not avail them. Their purposes arc developed by them selves. Michigan will be admitted as she is, even without the "assent" of the Journal Editor. A few days since we spoke of the 60,000 inhabi. tants required by the ordinanec of '87, in contradistinction to citizens of the U. States-of the right and power of those inhabitants, had they all been un-naturalized foreigners, to form a state government for Michigan, leaving all coming in, after such for. motion of state government, to the operation ofthe n S in,lizution laws. The Journal partially quotes what we said, and finding it impossible to make any reply in opposition thereto, warranted by reason, propriety, or argument, quits the subject with a feeble effort at a sneer. w.n ; n this was its only alternative, and us most available expedient, let it pass, even for argument. The SchooCIo noar Grand River, with 15 tuns iron, and 5 tuns ashes six hand, and one passenger. She is supposed to have Bonded 0n WWhintBB reef, one mile above Dun, ofjustice with their green bags, with all the dignity , and confidence of college learnt gentlemen, and call i them hruther-in-Law." ' Now I think it of very lirtle consequence to the ' public at large what ihe young Lawyers may think I un the subject. If equal right and just ce require ' such an enactmp.nt, I care not how it may please or i .i;..,.l..L. th. imiimr im.ioi. itTIV !itiir( lllim llOW il please the youm' Sawyer; or the ycung Farmers, ! A or the young Mechanics. We all denounce the o'd Commerce Laws,coinpelling the neople lo attend such j ved Sabbath meetin.'s, and to listen onlv lo such minis-1 them as the Legislature deemed orthodox divines. vessels But 1 do not perceive why thai wa.s not just as right, j less proper, and just, as to compel parties in court to j tism. as counsel such men, and such only, as the j found may des 'mate. Whv. Sir, miiiht not tile laws ! say ,trl, r.,i.il nuinrii.ii, imnnm, Imps ;infl niiimities noon ii farmer for the performance of any mechanical la-1 bar; or, upon any one citizen for employing as a! nhvsician. any oilier citizen in whom be may have confidence, whether educated to the profession ol physic, or not '.' But I am extending my remarks too far ; I intended only to present the question, to see if any advocate of prolessional monopoly would come forward in its support. A YOUNG MECHANIC, For Ihc Free Press. DETROIT ST. ANDREW'S SOCIETY. Monday lost, being St. Andrews day, ihe annual festival of this society, was celebrated at the Exchange Hotel in this city, when a numerous body of the sons of Ancient Caledonia sat down to a hand-some entertainment. Some of l lie sons of Erin, and others from "over the border," uninfluenced by a recollection ofthe feuds ofthe "limes of old and tin-days of other years," with some of our citizens kindly united with them on the joyous occasion. Conviviality and harmony reigned throughout ; and the music, together with the simple and sweet lays ol Scotlaud, sung on the occasion, and which were well calculated to awaken recollections of early days and other scenes, greatly added to the enjoyment ofthe evening. The genuine "mountain dew" was not wanting ; and the company did not break up until a "woe short hour ayont the twul." At a preparatory meeting of the society, the following gentlemen were elected officers for the ensuing yaar: A. D. FRASER, President. Doct. ROBERT M'MILLAN, Vice President. JOHN GREENFIELD, Secretary. A. M'ARTHUR, Treasurer. Doct. M'MILLAN, Physician. The following are the toasts : 1. The day and all who honor it. 2. The land of cakes. 3. The United States of America. 4. The Presitlentof the Umted.btates. 5. The new state of Michigan. 6. Our executive. 7. The Mayor and corporation of Detroit, 8. The memory of Bruce and Wallace- 9. The memory of Washington,, and the jllustri-ous American pit nota wnfr liavteyf.ed him

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