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un -1,: refined, left eau or investigated the as . In the one of the theVExpost-tien, the the demand-, well-known a for far-off blos-eomlng a la specu- ;.-Peoria 8c establish-' so die-courage ," of her B t has In Ul and L. a got the ' m m of In Eeve-nue. toon-firmed -The has regarded s? ;? Re-1 in the the the for Mr. by . of in referred a v.-.r I refrige-ratcr,5 who the dui the HiKGSIBN'S DAY. Three UenEzecnted in Louislaoa for Murder. TwoWMtfl If en and One Uegio fiatisir the Demands cf Jiutioe. ;j Detaili of the'drime- aid. the Betribu- nBaVasnmairfiiiLMrs Executed at Fauraierrllle for the Maurder ;.;c;;i-r.;;e)f Jeha W. Cherry. FaBuxstvnt.n, June 19. Special to the Picayune: Perry and William Melton, father and son, were executed here to-day for the murder of John WCherry on April 16, 1884. Both were white men. The banging- toohr-plaee In the-Pariah Prison here. Both men were remarkably eool and collected. They took their places on the platform of - death with, unconcern and without sigar of fear. They asked that the reading of tue death warrants and the other dooumenta be. dispensed with, as they wanted t he execution to get through aa soon as possible. - Neither ad anything to say. about the ciime of which they were convicted, aod when asked tf they had anything to aay answered in the negative: They knelt on the platform and prayed feivently, their words being scarcely audible. Beth begged tepeatedly lobe allowed to bear the sigual fot the cutting of the rope. Outside of tola iic fifrv woroa ware snoken. - -'--- i The ropes were a43 usted aronfid 'th.Mr necks, ano at 'exactly l:f o'clock the drop ft 11. The elder Melton's death-followed almost Immediately. His neck was dislocated and a slight shrug ef the shoulder was the only sign he gave before life was extinct. William died a honiole death of terrible agonyt xne e noose sllDned as he dropped from 'the 1 gallows and caught over his chin. 'This held him dangling In the air bat 'allowed Mm to oreaiDe.- - Alter soireniig in ran way lor nt-teen minutes the rope was readjusted around hla neck and hla death struggle began, In. eleven more minutes he had ceased to live.- ' I Ate minutes after 1 o'clock- the attending physician, pronounced the men. dead, and the bodies were cut down. The remains were placed In coffins and- taken charge of by friends. ' i The hanging was a very quiet affair and there was only a very small aftcendanee. f The two men. Perry and William Melton, together were Med and convicted of the murder- of John W; Cherry before the District-Court of Union pariah, La. Tne trial lasted four daye and attracted a very large crowd daring its entire progress. - The testimony of all the witnesses was listened to with Intense interest. ' . ! Mrs. Chetry, the -wife of the murdered man, who had witnessed the killing of her husband, waa one tf the most Important witnesses placed upon the stand. A. small, delicately formed lady, apparently about 33 years of sge, she feelingly out with remarkable composure related all the dream-staneees attending the unfortunate difficulty which terminated In her fcoaband death, until a handatick, about five feet long, the fatal Instrument of death, blood-stained with the life-blood of John W. Cherry waa handed ,to her for Identification. . Taking one end of the stick In her hand, the other resting on the floor, wl'h tears streaming from her eyes, she rose from her chair aiKlexclaS in cd between the sobs which eonvuleed her: ' "This is the stick Billy Mel ton knocked' me senseless with ; and killed my poordear hnaband with ; and thi t is his blood;" point lii a: to the bloon stains on the' stick. Sympathy for the widow waa manifested In the eyes of the Judge, Jurors, attorneys and spectators by the tears they could not repress. - '' ....... ; The testimony addnped on the tilal was briefly as follows:- - '-: On the morning of April 18, J 384. Perry and Wihiam Melton, on their way to work the public road, were passingJohn W. Cherry's place. Perry Melton saw cherry at his turnip patch, which was near the road. Melton approached Cherry and told him that they must have a settlement. . Then Cherry opened the gate of the patch, went Inside of It and closed and fastened the gate after him. The two Meltons followed Cherry Into the patch, eaught aim by hla arms and Perry said that they muat have a settlement then, -; Cherry begged off from his anta Hanrr. who then releaaed him and both of the Meltons went out of the patch. into the road.- William Melton started en his way up the road and told his father to come with him. Perry Melton refused to do so. - After his son had gaue about thirty yards he called htm back. ayivg, V Let's kiu him." illlam returned to his father and both again entered the patch with their pocket knives open and In tueir bands, cherry, drawing .a Smith A Wesson pistol from his pocket, shot twice, 'Che first shot wounding Perry Melton In the arm, , but the second . After the shooting Cherry attempted to ett to his -dwelling for the purpose of getting his stotgun. He was pursued by the elder Melton, while the son Intercepted blm, compelling htm to change his eeurseand enter the back yard of the dwelling house. - . ' - In the meantime1 Mrs. Cherry had gotten the gun and was attempting to give it -to her has band, which ebeaneeeeded In dotnar 1at aa tboth-of - the Meltona, grappled CUatrj fay m nai provea io do jus aeaui sixnggie. - The- three men were now tn the' yard of Cherry's reideBce-i! Mrs. Cherry, in. her efforts, to assist her husband picked-up a hand- stick and struek William . Met ton with, it.:-Hex blow only attsaeted the attention of young : Melton, . who, 1 turning upon 'her., wrenched the stkk from her hand, and, ae. rare ingto-her testimony, struck herewith it. knocking her, senseless. , He then. "dealt. Cherry, who was securely held by theelder Melton, the murderous blows upon his head, crushing his skull and causing bis death. : The two Meitons left Cherry weltering la bis blood and made their escape.' They were arrest ed In Palo Pinta county. Texas, about four months after the erime waa committed, brought to Caion parish for trial, eonvloted of the crime of murder and sentenced to be hung. From the judgment of the District Court they appealed' to the Supreme Ouurt. The Judgment of the lower court was af-flimtd la January,. 1888. In March Gov MeEnery lasaed the death warrant, fixing 'their execution for April 10, .Subsequently be granted a leepite on the prayer ef many people of this padh that they hoped to produce such evidence aa would Justify a commutation of the sentence; bat this they failed to do, and the Governor finally directed the sentence of the court to be executed to- i Perry V elf cn was born tn Twiggs county, Ga., September, 1625.- When -ite waa is 'years of age his parents moved to rBibb county, Ala. His parents were hard working' industrious people. They: had a large family of children to whom they 'were unable to give even a common schpol education. ; Perry .waa taught -to road and write, and thl comprised hla early education. He waa . twice married. In 1847 he married hla first wife In Bibb ounty. By thia marriage he bad five children, four of whom ae now living. In. 18M he moved to Union parlih. La., where he resided until the murder of Chewy.- ,-- . , - , , . : ' ' In 18C8 he married his present wit. In Union pariah, who now Uvea on the farm which has been the family homo for many yeaia. ,By this maniage he baa .had nine children, the youngest onlj about six mouth old, all of whom are living. - He was a member of the ChrUtian church, to. which sect he baa belonged since 186. - ,. J - In appearance Perry M eft on made a favorable ImpreseioB. . He bad a clear blue eye liaht- hair which was frosted with . gray, stood very1 erect and measured six feet one inch in height. , HI face Indicated kindly diapoeltion. . . . . , ' Win. Helton was born tn Bibb county! Ala' , Ai rll 11,1848, and waa one-day less than 87 years of age on the day of his execution. He was the eldest child of Prrry Melton by hi firttwlfe - He was unman-tad. His education was limited to reading, writing and aiithmetJe. He waaflve feet four and one-half inches tn height and very stout! r built. His faee was kindly in exprrsalon, and U is said that bis diepoaition was g iktos, frank and he ha alwajs been d-votedly attache tj : bis father. - It waa this dtvotlou wbio i brought him to the gallows with his aie '. He was baptized and Jo'neot (lit Bip l't church elnce hla eenvtetion of the eriue of murder,- --.- -i Perry Melton was interviewed and made the following statement:' ; 'On April 1. 188. I was on tnyv;way: to work the road.' MeeUng Mr. John W. Cherry la the road, close to hla house, we eotered In to a eon fab and turnedto a rate on tho side of the road. He waa leading a horse. J sometime he (Cherry) called to his wife tq come out to where we were. - When aheoame I said to him that he had called her twice on to me for a difficulty, and I would have more to say to nun. xnen l iwiw w my way and had gone five or six etepf- " Bill r, my son, had gotten about twenty yards ahead of me. Cherry was still Inside of the patch and waa advancing paflje with me; he on the Inside of the path, and n the outside, to the road. My on about this time spoke to me and said, ffO out, pa, Cherry la getting out a Platol' Then! looked across the fence at Cherry and he was drawing a Ptol from bis coat pocket.- aekedhim what he meant, saying: John, what do you mean. About that time fired at ma twice, ahootlqsr me Uirourn arm at the first shot, and said something. am not certain what It -was. I raised aim and told Billy I had been shot - ... - About this time Cherry called to his wlf to bring his double-barreled ehotgnn. I had then gotten on the opposite side of the road from blm. -When he called for his gun looked np toward his house and started that way. fcllly was almost directly between Cherry and his house. I told Billy not to Cherry get that gun. Billy told Cherry to -eonw -that -way,--when ha-turned -nia. course, but still continued cotng around in direction toward -the house. (I agahi spoke; to Billy, and t toldU him ' Jiot td - Cherry get the gun. Then Billy got Into the yard between Cherry and the house, 1 also got Into the yard and told Cherry stay back cr go back. -- He--still came on, fired at me again wlta hla pistol. His wife, by this time, was coming out of the house w lth the gun. 'When Cherry aaw her he by me and - she handed him the gun. "He threw the gun over on me to fire. As be so I caught bold of it. -When he found I bold of the gun he turned it loose and threw bis aim around my neckr with a tight grasp. A t this time Billy came np on the opposi side. - Having a piece of maple timber la hand he dropped it and took bold of Cherry's hand, rn which I thought be held the pistol, when Cherry grabbed Billy around the neck also. .- -: 1 ' - -' ! We an three stood rn that position some time. Cherry told his wife to knock us In the bead, or something to that effect. 8te had tn her hand a piece of stove wood, alxnt as big as a man's wrist, with whloh struck Billy two or three licks and hit sue bhe then whirled around aot a band-atlck from ome place, and struck Billy with ft en his head. He still bears ear from the lick. He-was knocked down ty the lick, bat soon rose staggering and caught the hand stick In' Mrs. Cherry's baiioa as she waa in the act of striking another lick." ir- - Billy took the stick from her and knocked Cherry loose from me. He struck a second time at Cherry, and hitting aim on the head, bi ought him to the ground, on his hands and kneea. when he -was struck a third time thf back bf the head.. . I then told BlUy not to hit Cherry any more. Cherry had .fallen doan with his face to the ground. . Bllly dropped the stick when I spoke him, and turning to. me, eaught . hold of ana atked : Pa where did he hit you t Are s on hurt badly 1 Let me see where the bullet boles are V - i ; " I told him I had been shot through aim and thought' I: was -shot through, lungs; 1 had been bit-by : the second shot the waistband of my pants, although I could not tett at the time bow badly I wa hart. Billy wanted to examine to see bow badly waa shot, but I tefused to let him. and said Let's get out of this yaroV We went out once, carrying both Cherry 'a gnu and pistol, which we picked np from the ground as went out.- - - - . - f 1 , I did not know that Cherry was killed, and so far as telling Billy to go back and Cherry again after he had been knocked dovn, it ia not true: nor was there anything of that kind said. Neither was Mrs. Chorry knocked down daring -the difficulty, altbt-ngh I believe -she received an aoel-1 iital lick from Billy as be drew back to Cherry. Neither was Ein. Jackson present at any time daring the diffloulty. Bhe was no nearer than her own yard, about fifty seventy-five yards distant. - - i - - " I had no thought of any difficulty with Mr. Cherry, as I waa on my way to work road that morning. I had no desire to him any barm, and even after we had gotten into the difficulty I had no ether desire than to save my own life. The entire difficulty was a momentary transaction. ' "As we left the yard we met Mr. Rabun and 1 told him wkat had occurred, and told tint I wanted to go to twn to have a trial. I alpo told him I wanted to go to Cherry's yatd to see how badly he was hurt. - "Mr. Habun advised me not to go into the yard and I did not- go. Mr. Byram went it. to the yard and saw Cherry. coming out I suied bint bow badly Cherry was tort. He said be was going after a doctor. I told liiin to go and to go quick. then turned and weut home and dressed wowr-ds. - . - , " Knowing aa I did that no disinterested perton aw tho difficulty ; and believing as did that evidnce would be manufactured ngainat me; knowing that my means were limited, I thought it hest to leave and did I .went to Tex a-, expecting to return ftand my trial." - : 2he men led a quiet life In Jail and accepted the death aentence with resignation. Last MnLday a touching farewell scene enacted in the prison at Facmerville. l'i rty Melron'a wife ct uif over from, epears-ville to vh-lt the condemned men. bi ought her lltt'e ones with her. -It). was wl'h bioken heart that she parted frutn hutbaud and bid ber step-son good bye. .was the lat au ertn u earth. The little ones instiitetivel) felt that the oocaaiuu wa asadf ne.auo tbtlr fateaahea-ed tbfir sorrow. The n other ai d. tier nearly orpoaaed hi dren left the prison wreping, ud icft gloom or their despair behind UKun. -;-y.i.' cnaBLsI CAfflPpKLfc ' : '. IIaase4 mli aUr.a.l. Uache ; , far t -Marter of ThcajTe TripoovUca.; , '' PoiiTK-a:iJt-HACH,' Plaquemines parish. La , June 19. e pedal oy teiephoae : Ubarlee Canipbell; ctilered, was hung here to-day the murder- of Theodore Trlpeovrteh, Aug.' 14, 1884. The deed was committed on Grand Prairie, In thia pariah. ' A number of negroes were drinking at a count y store, and among Litem waa CnarlaaCaupballr-aUiae Charlie Bca. TripcovinJh and -several other white it en came along, and also wanted to take Ui ink. i-- - 1 -tir; -i-' --' -; An altercation arose ever the question bo should b waited on fipsU;. Flaally hlie iaa left the ato ej Campbell followed Lim,ana as TMicovirck.who was a.flsher- inan, was getting-. Into his boat the negro m uck him on the shoulder .and shot him he tuned around. The wound proved mortal. ? t ii a t.. .-.- ate murderer fled. Several montha later, turn it, on the second el Decern heri, 1884, wse sriested,- at . Port AOleu, Weal Baton tu ng e, by the Bheriffof that pariah, and waa turned over, to Phertrr Taibaut, of. Plaqoe-uilxes. . .- ; 'Tr--'- t The" tilsl took pi see In December, Camp I ell being convicted of murder. An appeal' to tbe bupreme Coiut was taken and judgment affirmed, ' Dp to tbe time of the Wnrdcr "Campbell had. buiiHtaaeoa m-putatkiav He eami to Polnt-K-Xa-Bache froiu the uotxhern part of lrbh toengage in cutting rice. Although ct a mArrUd man, he bad a number of relatives in the. parish a mother, stepfather, ibrot b4 rs ai d Meters. Hat age wag 92 years, f tim e of his relatives oame to aee hinr1m -mediately before the hanging but his bro- her, a boy cf 12, whom he ad vised to keep nt ef bad company. - Campbell. attributed Ma crime to this f at, and alan ta hla having been drinking at the thue. 4 Ho worked hlm-a If into ihe usual condition of religious catay and enthnMaam and was assured fturure bliss. - ; ihe. exe nrion was devoid of sensational feai-uiee, and wa eonducted without -delay, ?.-r accieetiT, in the presence of the legal as-etntbige.f flftt-en persona.' . !- - - 0 be death- warrant was 'read- at 13:45 Ut'eiork. Campbell bad no statement to make, ltd dfai)) ed but little emo)iou . - i Tho vopnWas ajuatee as 13:89 P. K., and !nt 1 o'clock the trp dropped. CampbeU's neck was broken, and he died immediately, j i be bt dy waa alloweuV to hang for twenty-ne n- lnata, and- was then ous down aixt turned over to the family ot the deeeaaed i or burial.. -- ii.8. ,?.. I 'A'Yw KAimCAIi KVKSfflf 'Tie JTorrah Lint1 steiroehlp El Paso.Cspt. B. 8. Quick commanding, . reports - fine weather the entire voyage. Bhe left New Yoak in Saturday; .the lth lnat., at 8:43 u'clot k in the afternoon, and arrived at wharf in Algiers at &ao ye8terdsy morning. : Tbe - tchooner 8aato uteri, Cupt. Blair, revto and one-half days from Bonaooo the Bar, reports light northeast and easterly alcoa tbiotighont the passage At midnight on Wedoeoy, about 40 miles - to the southward and eastward of the nar.'fbe paased steamer supposed to be the Professor Morsa, hence for Utiila. - 'r-. -. . & AM3mim.lTO ttOtHaM, '- Una. WrK8iTv's Boorurita Bracr should -always be used tor children teething. -. soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and ts the best reanedy for diarrhea. v sao. a bottle vsr - Trsraxn Irrt, Xisuxasr JUaaae. For sal in MiaslBstrpl, tour thong and acres of timber lands, and a country store, furnished with s stock ot .general mereh and las. i-. 5 :ln--

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