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 - B7armarg.gosg" TUESDAY. OCTOBER ft. I 1 -A Of T...
B7armarg.gosg" TUESDAY. OCTOBER ft. I 1 -A Of T A correnpoodeut of lb Broom Republican has hooorea mi with very long reply to an article of our oa the employment of United Slates Engineer in eur-eying route for the contemplated Sail Road from Like Erie to the Hudaon. We have a abort answer for thia long parade of documents. Many member of Congress from ibis stale, from Ohio, and from Peanayi- vania, solicited the Secretary of War to detail an En gineer of the United State for the survey of the route. Colonel Clinton waa ordered on this service, but a difficulty arose about the expense incidental to the aorvoy. The Executive proposed to allow the United States Engineer to be employed in the service without expense to furnish the instruments necessary for the surrey, and to keep them in repair in short, to relieve those who were ia possession of the charter of every expense which any member ol Congress had any right to soixti or toe executive a-.y authority to grant. If Gov. Cas had issned an order authorising tha entire expanses of surveying the Hudson and Erie Rail Road to De paid out ot ine federal treasury, and that order Lad been ex eon ted, he would have very soon found hi survey fund exhausted. By the act of Atril ISa. the President is authorised to cause the necessary eurvevs. Wflaon it n of these parcHaaed articUe thonjh R W , Wd uK then save been tUU sWk. byehoieta fat lion popuiaiton not exceeding 100 souls. ia muj oi major reter. tu ra vases bars peea K r L i . . i .... ST , Via t ui nss Bsssarnora xw F.hisbeth Peter. K . . C 1 J u ta Wk, steals, ml m suMESS-dimaftbt, of the cap 1 3d I I box probable, be cost aa much as lty-twe ihoimn'1 I dollars, the amoeat given for Webb." 1 That iters may be im doebt that as to the fact of Mr. Jsaes Wilson being in direct eorreapondeace witti Mr. INicbotae Biddle, and aa to hi receiving ssowrv from that honest cnetroTl-r of thirty Jit million of dcilart, we annex aa affidavit published i the Pen sylvaniaaofthe6th inst. prefaced with a letter from two members ol the Stat Committee of Correspond ence, in which the subscriber of the affidavit is repre sented as a respectable citizen ol Pittsburgh. It will be perceived that the affidavit allude to a deposited of the purchased editor, Mr. Jamea Wilson, but Urn we have not seen, or we should do him the justice to insert wi.n. the criminatory documents. Having seen the deposition of James Wilson, editor of the Pennsylvania Advocate." -a nuhhahed in that paper oi October 3d, 1332 : and having a knowledge ot the truth of the fart w bicri that dvpa-iit"" intended to relute, the undersigned doe, then-lore, usder ttie aoiemu aaoctioa of an oaui, depute and J. Vj"-JV last rrwisy. m company with Jonn iiw.i i f iiw. office of the Pena- tvlvania Ad vocriie lor the purpose of having printed for the Inspector' election, with a view to at-.j . . u t L.An nrf un thai occasion ; ibatowintto the hurrr of the ticatta could m2v. BeS cToff? his subS", or, ?muY?ob Thomas aad three of ed. hL tal lea to the lot of one I oi amiciion. On Tuesday mornmg. i .rTsoVia tsir ul be.h, and while . tUfaul-Taluwer.. .i h.iinr iihuc wuiw . i - u . .1 . j. fofi . 1 the i on I ine oisew . I . t a. . a. - - fa 1 1 1 ILVorkinen on tbst part of the roaa . except eiht or t. -... ik.. niifw nlws of the I destroying axeel '"8 since olir U-t publication, we have had ao domee- tic cseof cholera in this place. A laborer irom Hal.- toa came to town sick, on Thursday laft.witn ymp-iol turns ol cholera, and h case proved to be a violent Chaeaie.sM ness. Medl Pn"'-' J"" ff. "T.T. work Of death was too aoreiy I V J V' . I All.ndu vounr ma of 20. wa I'JiS - atd TihVo.hS -or., workmen rth-d' Several of the citiiea are yet down with .dieabutareeoaviescer.l. . not be printed at the office of the Advocate. That the undersigntd, Mill in compooj went to the omceoi mo """. - --- nat in ine mean iirat. wimc one. e m now in a lir way 01 recovering. . The eeaenl health of Charlestown continues rood: bat Heaven only kuowa bow soon we shall have the scoarge in all its desolating power. the fsr the tickets required the tickets were printinc, the underiicned and Mr. From tiit Aicnatoad Compiler of Oct. . The Cholera Mrs conrrstulaie our friend on the I nmmnerta ol miimvinf hrslih. The list of interments I to yesterday noon have satiklfrom 18 to 10 vis. two I wiuU aod colored. g give oeiow trie Keport ol I the Board of Health. We hear also of fewer cases I plans, and es lima lea. to be nuib at ih nu. r I a, .rm ia the Post office and there met with Mr. ' wi IU.U I - . . e M . . . 1 . James Wilson, nailer, oi msruei aimi, u . L. .r w.ivtn. m IaI t..l thrnnvh ance, in a commercial or military point of view or ne- I ' 0,0.1 in tbe window, as the underaigoed cesaary for the transDortation ol the nnhlio mail. tc I eame up to the step ; that tbe said Wilson there re- il.. !.;. ... t j I marked to tbe clerk, that he a doubtful whetherthe letter wa for him. and in consequence of this doubt requested the clerk to open it. He did ao. and, there-uuoa. it appeared that the said letter contained a check ot hOO dollars and upwards ; and that tbe said letter -hjI !.... If .. .mm. V.'a.ln7 n.rlritm Pm.L1hii ..I pnvt te aasociatiOB of cpitalisu. or to engineer out ol Bank o Vmti The WAwn thptJ Jongrcas some member opposed to the administration 1 remarkcd, that the letter s not intended for him. of Mr. Adams, it was intruded s a general topograph- And the undiriEnpd lurtherdepoesth and saith, that to dollara a annually made. Thiv act is maniftstly de- ri. Bed for public and not for private purposes. However it may have hi; htrto beea abused to favor some jcal fund for the public benefit eirli:ively. It never waa contemplated ttat one cent of this fund should be employed to aid private corporation lcfore or after tba stuck wa subscribed. In tbe present instance a Company was chartered with a capital of seven millions. tbe construction insisted on the writer in the bet of hi kncwlrdse and belief, ;be U tter and trVct were tor James V lixin. i.diUir of the "Penn sylvania Advocate," and that he subsequently rei eiv-e ! them, hi deposition to the contrary, nulwithataud- ing. (Mgned) JAIUH bAIITll. bwora and subscribed hetnre me. and deaths thau usual and our physicians th:nk that ! the terrible disease is abating. The weathor continue fine the air bracing and the temperature delicious. If should be steady for a few days luneer. we may darter oiibelve with a decided, perhaps rapid mitigation of our eat tenons. The Cholera This disease bas taken another step South. The Edentun. C. Miscellany, of the 2d inst. aaya : It bas now become our painful duty to state, tlie Cholera ha at length taken an obvioux and decided staud in this town. .Several eases have 00 curnd within the last week or ten days, of a tvpe so dialinrtiy marked, that there is, we believe, but one opinion among the phyaicinn ie peeling it. All the ca-es of which wj have yet heard have been confined to the colored population. The disease seems tu be limited 10 no particular pari of the town, nor indeed at it confined to the towu eluue. A ca-e occurred two days ago on the plantation of Joe. B. Skinner. Esq. one mile from town, and another waa auppoved to ex rat on Monday, a tew miles Irom town in a dmerent in. cu of locorrespond-ing 10

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