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Owl Drug ad 1908 - typica: GRIPS, OW1 valu: S IN SUITCASES,...
typica: GRIPS, OW1 valu: S IN SUITCASES, PURSES. Etc. - HA WITT) RAC. You've always known The Owl Jrug Company as leaders in low prices You've saved money on medicines, drug sundries of all descriptions, on cigars, toilet articles and hundreds of other things, but did you ever know that "leather goods at cut prices" was one of the greatest features of this great chain of stores? Did you ever know that you can get a leather suit case at The Owl for $5.00 that can't be duplicated anywhere in the State for an equal sum? We have a cut-rate cut-rate cut-rate reputation to sustain and here are the kind of values to sustain it; Leather Suit Cases We have leather suit cases of every description, ranging in price from $1.97 up to $25.00. It is out of the question to give in such limited space any adequate idea of the extent of our assortment. We have selected our suit -cases -cases with great care and feel confident In stating that as far as material, workmanship, durability and style are concerned pur entire stock is well up to the highest standard and well worthy of the pride -we -we taka in calling your attention to it. A LEATHER SUIT CASE FOR $1.97 A good, durable, full size case with protected corners and metal trimmings. You'll be surprised when - Q7 ? you see it .!' Xiacn OUR CELEBRATED $5.00 SUIT CASE An elegant rich brown leather case with steel frame, reinforced corners, heavy brass locks, fittings. Inside Hnen lined. A handsome, durable case. A leader at all The Owl Drug Stores. de ff CnL We buy them by the nundred pu.UU Caca A MAGNIFICENT $6.00 SUIT CASE FOR LADIES The same case is sold everywhere else for $S.OO and $8.50. Made especially light for ladies' use. Solid leather, hand sewed, leather lined. Good for 25,000 miles JC fft and back again. Owl's price VD,UU OtheiT leather suit cases at every imaginable price, including including a grand $8 case. No matter what you want to pay, you can find it at The Owl for at least S5 per cent less than you figured on paying. Wa have a wonderful line of leather suit cases. Nearly 100 different kinds. School and Miniature Suit Cases We carry all kinds of miniature Suit Cases in leather and matting for school books, samples, children's children's traveling cases, skates, etc.- etc.- Prices ranne from $2.25 far. matting cases up to $5.00 for the finest leather casts. - A LEADER FOR $2.25.. A. fine leather-bound, leather-bound, leather-bound, matting miniature Suit Case with heavy brass lock a. cssn that ti-iii ti-iii ti-iii v. -... -... wish to carry your larger case JL vvviiit: ill iicLimy $2.25 each Your initials Free on all Suit Cases . No matter what you pay for a suit case. The Owl puts your Initials on free we are glad to do such favors for our patrons. Furthermore, we will promptly deliver any suit case (or anything else, for that matter) anywhere in Oakland, Alameda Alameda 6r Berkeley. . We want to give you every possible advantage of modern business courtesy, for your good will is worth more to us than tne profit upon any one sale. Some Few of the Hundreds of Kinds of Leather Goods we Carry This announcement doesn't tell one-tenth one-tenth one-tenth of the story. For instance, we have the following goods at all prices, as well as dozens of other similar articles: COIN PURSES . WALLETS CHECK WALLETS GOLD PURSES SHOPPING BAGS 'CARD CASES ROLL-UPS ROLL-UPS ROLL-UPS MEDICINE CASES HAND BAGS MONEY BELTS WRIST PURSES ETC., ETC. AND ALL AT ABOUT 25 PER CENT LESS THAN YOU PAY ANYWHERE ELSE. z Matting Suit Cases - Few people realize the present perfection of matting and rattan suit 'cases. We have been particularly fortunate in being able to inspect the lines of practically every important manufacturer of matting suit cases in the U. S. anil have some really elegant case of this description. A great many of our patrons prefer them, as thy are very light, and -H -H properly woven furnish ample protection to their- their- contents. A SPLENDID MATTING SUIT CASE " Closely" woven and very strong, leather protected corners, ss lock and trimmings. A light yet dur- dur- t QJ IooU i case. Limited quantity .p.OO daCn brass able A GRAND $5.00 MATTING SUIT CASE One of the handsomest suit cases we ever saw. Protected on tides and-corners and-corners and-corners with genuine cowhide leather, very heavy brass trim mings, reinforced with Heavy straps. lou must see this. Would ordinarily sell for $7..j0. Owl's jnriee ; $5.00 Each It doesn't make any difference what you want In leather goods, you will be most likely to find it at The Owl Drug Co. Although our display spnee is limited, our stock is ene of th, largest on the Pacific Coast. ' ' Canvas Suit Cases We have quite a quantity of canvas suit cases which we propose to close out at once. These cases are well made and should give good service. They pre all lined, have good heavy brass locks and are very attry stive in appear- appear- 4t J 19 e anoe. Special to clo.se them out P Why The Owl Drug Co. can save you money on all leather goods When The Owl Drug Co. buys leather proods they buy for all the Owl stores in Oakland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Angeles. They could handle a carload of grips if necessary; or $10,000 worth of suit cases. The Owl does over a mHllon; and a half dollars' worth of business a year andjt is nothing nothing for them to buy a thousand grips of a kind. Buying In such immense quantities means a tremendous saving in itself, but The Owl doesn't stop at that, for they mark their leather goods at a smaller percentage of profit than other dealers are satisfied with and as a result sell you everythmg in the -leather -leather goods line at about Vt less than you usually are asKea to pay. 1 $6.00 afjit $6.25 Grips on Special Sale (This Week Only) $5.00 HERE'S A WONDERI A solid leather elephant grained grip In two sizes. Leather lined and finished beautifully withelther gilt or nickel trimmings. An' unusually unusually handsome grip of light colored leather. This is one of "the greatest specials we ever gave in our leather goods department. Don't fall to see them even if you do not need one yourself,, because they would make a beautiful Xmas gift for some of your friends. 14 inch, reenlarlv Sfi.OO. 15 inch, regularly $6.2F. Special, either size v.- v.- $5.00 each Dollar Envelope Purses at The Owl for half-price half-price half-price Just to start a little excitement! We have about 300 of these envelope purses, all dark leather, with either pearl, gilt or gun-metal- gun-metal- gun-metal- gun-metal- clasps. They're well made, attractive and exceedingly stylish. They sell everywhere for a dollar, but in order to-interest to-interest to-interest you we have made a regular old-time old-time old-time Owl cut on them. People have long since learned to know that when the Owl starts anything it .starts it with a hum. These purses are a good example of the Owl's price cutting ideas. Take all AQf, IT- IT- V. you want as long as they last for. . . ECH Sale of A nthony B agS As Illustrated At Top of this Advertisement. -. -. A solid leather Anthony shopping shopping bag lined with moire sllk; Viouble long strap handles, leather -draw -draw string; an attractive, attractive, fashionable, high-grade high-grade high-grade bag 'selling elsewhere at $2.00 each. As long as they last they'll be on 8ale at 97c each Remember, you do not have to come to the city to trade with The Owl Drug Co. Send, us your order by mall. You'll get the same attention and the same prices city folks get. You'll always find everything advertised Just as described. Send for catalogue. The Owl Draa' Go; 13TH AND BROADWAY. OAKLAND 10TH AND WASHINGTON. 16TH AND SAN PABLO. The Owf s Guarantee and what it means. "When you buy at The Owl you can get your money back if the goods are not. satisfactory." There's a million dollar corporation back of that statement and what is more, you get your money back without quib or quibble. You take no chances when you trade with The Owl Drug Co., for The Owl takes no chances with merchandise merchandise of doubtful quality. TBAQt m5k1

Clipped from
  1. Oakland Tribune,
  2. 27 Oct 1908, Tue,
  3. Page 5

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