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Owl Drug 1910 ad - PRESCRIPTIONS Competency In filling...
PRESCRIPTIONS Competency In filling prescriptions prescriptions and reliability reliability of the drugs used are of paramount paramount importance In this department department You may rest assured that the company that Is always striving to please the people people will never permit permit a prescripUon to be filled otherwise otherwise than exactly as the doctor ordered. ordered. It Is vital to the prescrip tion business o f The Owl Drug Company that the best of service in this line be offered. PATENT , SPECIALS Liebig's Malt, bot 17; $1 on dozen...... 1UI Mother's Friend, regular SI; 71 -special -special I It Wizard Oil, regular 50c; , special. ..................... ..0JC Pond's Extract, regular 50c; Vt special............ I1C D. D. D., regular $1; special... 1 1C Milk of Magnesia, Tegular 50c; special . . . . ,s .'. . OO C Hall's Catarrh Remedy, regu- regu- lar 75c; special......... ..vlC Carlsbad Sprudel Powder or C1g Crystals, regular $1; special UfC Succ'us Altcrans, regular (M A( $2; special...... ...dlxJJ Fruitola, regular $1; 71 special. ... I ! Pierces Golden Medical Dis- Dis- CO - ORIGINAL CUT DATE DRUGGISTS Tth. and WASHINGTON STS. PORTLAND, ODE. covery, regular $1; special. Papes Diuretic, regular 50c; Olp special. . . .v.. .... ....... OiC Sal Hepatica, regular 25c; -- -- sptcial liv. Papes Diapepsin, regular 50c; Ol. special ..allC Cascarets, regular 25c; 1 "T Special... I Laxative Bromo-Quinine, Bromo-Quinine, Bromo-Quinine, reg- reg- 17- 17- ular 25c; special,..,.,,-........,! special,..,.,,-........,! special,..,.,,-........,! I C OWL THEATRICAL CREAM 7 hull poun jars. iSi ever gets rancid. It is the very best for cleaning and does not encourage the, growth of hair. Friday and Saturday special, full pound jar for.;... jJf The Owl Drug Company relies solely upon three cardinal cardinal points for the wonderful success which has attended attended its installation of a string of stores along the entire Pacific coast First, PRICE. In no Instance will this company allow competitors to undersell It. In most Instances, The Owl Drug Company undersells Its competitors. Second, QUALITY. One reason that Owl Quality stands out predominant In the business world is that Its purchases are made in such enormous quan tities that it is able to buy pure drugs for less than others can buy inferior ones. Quality la Important and no one knows it better than The Owl Drug Company. Third. SERVICE. It is the b 6 a a t of The Owl Drug-Company Drug-Company Drug-Company that it never had a dissatisfied customer because because of unsatisfactory service. There is not an institution institution In Western America that will do more to please its friends than The Owl Drug Company. Tou never have to wait to be waited upon in an Owl. store. Todco Cleaning Fluid For Removing Spots from Clothing without the slightest slightest injury to the fabric, use Toledo Cleaning Fluid, It's a wonder, price 250 a bottle. " "' i .' leather Bill Books, Wallets and Card Cases All leathers. The biggest variety you ever saw. All prices. . Friday and Saturday you may ta"ke your choice of any 250 Tooth Brush In stick and one tube of Euthv- Euthv- mot -loom -loom f asie, at almost tne rmce or the Brush alone. SPECIAL 29c Owl Port Cards 14 Each No more, no less. Thousands Thousands to select from, including including all the new local views. Compare ours with those you pay more for elsewhere. i in t ' i Oburc Mil's Antiseptic gkin Soap - Every family should have a supply; S cakes in a OVa box, special OC Post Cards & Card Albums Friday and Saturday we give you your chol c e of any SOc Album In our stock, together with any 10 post cards you may se-lec se-lec se-lec t f r o m our extra large stock, 43c Shoe Polish at Owl Prices Gilt Edge.. 204 Elite 200 Satlnola ..15 Jet Oil .. . .IOC Quick White Jr. 10 Shlnola .. .10.' Blxola ...10 Dandy Rye-set Rye-set Rye-set ...'.10 2-In-l 2-In-l 2-In-l 2-In-l 2-In-l ...10 T.M.Black.04 Blanco ... .20 Shlnola Outfit Outfit 1O0 UMBRELLAS at low prices. We make a specialty of A7-, A7-, A7-, ,...e V one at... Safety Razor 87c Gem, Jr., Safety Raror. Always sold at 11.00 the complete; outfit In plush lined jeatnereue , case. ON SALE EACH 87c J3 Et"Wki u- u- tfmri'- tfmri'- sV No.3A Folding Pocket Kodak Pictures 84xjtt. $20.00, The most popular popular of all cameras; takes the full size post card picture, 3x5 Inches. Provided with every feature for the most serious work, yet so elmplo as to be effectively effectively handled by the novice. Equipment Includes double Rapid Rectilinear Rectilinear Lens. Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter, Automatic Automatic Focusing Lock, Brilliant Reversible Finder and Tripod Sockets. - , KODAKS AND SUPPLIES We always haye a full line fo Eastman Kodaks and materials of all kinds. We do developing and printing at cut prices. Developing Developing in 24 hours and printing in 48 hours. All work guaranteed satisfactory! EASTMAN EASTMAN FILMS SOLD ON SUNDAY. Buffers at 33c This is an ' extra good . style and shape. It comes in either a mahogany, mahogany, rosewood or ebony. 09-A 09-A 09-A splendid value;. only OOC Flower Vase Friday and Satur day 10c Vases bf exceptionally neat design. Hundreds of them on : sale Friday Friday and Saturi. 1A day, each...;....l"C KO. 8A rOXOIKCi POCKET BBOWTC-Dl, BBOWTC-Dl, BBOWTC-Dl, iHx. T.OO Equipped with Meniscus , 'achromatic lens. . pocket automatic shutter, snap shots and time; automatic focusing lock, trl pod sockets and reversible finder. Liquor Specials w -.'rt -.'rt . " .Cedar Creek, bot-1 bot-1 bot-1 1 e d in bond ...98c California Port ...39c Duff Gordon Gordon Sherry 63c Hunter Rye ;...9Sc Wilson 79c Black and White $1.10 TOIUST FAfira We h a v e a large stock of Toilet Paper. Chey come in rolls or square, Ot Either kind. SPECIAL, i for HENCKEL'S RAZORS Ai sTITBSXiS CXASTB For keeping the record of the patient's' temperature, temperature, medicine, etc Free for the taking.". if mm mm $1.00 lair Brashes 63c Rosewood or ebony finish, with selected bristles which will never become soft in washing. CQ Regular $1.00 value for.... OOC JEWtLRY SPECIALS A Near-eold Near-eold Near-eold ' Baby Pins. M 2 in set; will not tar nish or; break? regular 25c yalue; spe- spe- If-, If-, If-, ciai... lie Pendants, large QQl assortment ..... . 0 C Big line of Hat 0Jq Buckles F?ne assortment. The (regular $1.89 kind for. , f 1.26 The regular $1.49 kind for ....99 T1lrcu1a7S9cclnO6r7TS0 Belt &EXaXJ Sat3)IX8 Guaranteed to give satisfaction; if they do not come back and get your money, it belongs to you and .we want you to .have it. , ','..-.'........ ','..-.'........ ','..-.'........ ...... 'KTTBBXS OOODS There is not a more complete line of Trusses, Elas- Elas- ' tic Goods of all kinds, nor a more excellent line o f Rubber Goods carried carried in stock in Portland than a t The Owl Drug Company. 1 A com- com- , petent nurse Is In charge of this de-p de-p de-p a r t ment and a .private room for fitting is equipped t h o r o u ghly. If there is anything In this line that you require, do not hesitate to talk it over with the exper-' exper-' exper-' lenced nurse In charge. . TOILET . SPECIALS 4711 Bath Salts, regularly '25c; -f -f Or SPECIAL. i. T V Camelllne TVakeleRs, regularly HV sold at 60c. SPECIAL.. ..- ..- Daggett & Ramsdell's Cream, In Tubes, reg. 25c, SPECIAL. Owl Emery Boards, regular "e?r 10c, SPECIAL, 4 for -.V -.V Goldman's Hair Restorer, reg- reg- T?n ular 11.00, SPECIAL. White Almond Soap, regular O ej- ej- 10c, SPECIAL 4 for Magda Cold Cream, regular 0m 60c, SPECIAL ,C Palmollve Cream, regular 60c, ! SPECIAL , Pasteurlne Tooth. Paste, reg- reg- -f -f ular 26c, BPECIAL........ ..."- ..."- Ingram Milkweed Cream, reg-, reg-, reg-, n ular 60c, SPECIAL Semyireiovine, regular 80c, 2i5i5 Canthrox, the regular 60c kind, SPECIAL. . i ...... . . . . ........ B'Aansdown Powder, regular ' frm' 18c, SPECIAL. ....... i .. . .... . v - Hinds Honey and Almond, the OC regular 60c kind. SPECIAL. . . . Reeves Almond Cream,' regu- regu- f QW lar 26c, SPECIAL.. Pond's Extract Cream, Van- Van- ishlng, regular 60c. SPECIAL. -- -- V Euthyraol Tooth Paste, regu- regu- 10 lar 26c, SPECIAL. . ... . V Kolynos Tooth Paste, regular 26c, SPECIAL.......... . Mrs. Potter's Walnut Juice, Afln regular ll.OO. SPECIAL. Hay's Hair Health, regularly ftQf tl.OO, SPECIAL. $6.50 Suitcase $4.98 .'i.'. !:'i.',iii:i!iii i,i '-yVfiyi '-yVfiyi '-yVfiyi i This is an all leather case, strongly made and will stand rough traveling. Leather straps all around. This splendid $6.50 value Friday TA 02 and Saturday . ; .........,. O MUSIC 4 10c This well-mader well-mader well-mader durable Krrafl Music Roll, on.sale Friday snd 1 Q Saturday for only... ........ ..lOi.

Clipped from
  1. The Oregon Daily Journal,
  2. 29 Sep 1910, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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