Arguments for and against daylight saving time, Missouri 1947

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Arguments for and against daylight saving time, Missouri 1947 - summer somewhat by prolongation of daylight...
summer somewhat by prolongation of daylight hours. No organization or group 1j campaigning actively for repeal. The arguments stated herewith for continuance Of daylight saving, and against repeal, are those put forward by an organized citizens' committee. The arguments againut the daylight schedule were those heard at public hearings and contained in letters to newspapers from its opponents. ARGUMENTS FOR DAYLIGHT SAVING lessens Delinquency. Judges and welfare workers dealing with children and youth testify that the juvenile delinquency rate has dropped in St. Louis until it is one of the lowest in the country. In the past five years, iu which time daylight saving has been in effect here, the delinquency rate has shown annual decreases, or lower increase rates, than that of other cities. Judge Michael Scott Of Juvenile Court has given his opinion that u return to the old time schedule would mean a marked rise in the number of juvenile offenses. He has cited case histories of crimes cf violence, by boys and girls 10 to 18 years of age, as showing what may be avoided, in large part, by giving youths a period of outdoor recreation made possible by daylight saving. Youth Welfare. An added hour of daylight between the evening meal and bed time is of great value, if with their parents, there is time fori playing about home or picnics in carks. lor streetcar or ous noes If by themselves, they have time for a thorough workout in the nlaverounds. As school play rrounds have no artificial light ing, the added hour makes the difference between one recreation hift and two. Wage Earner. The added hour of daylight time makes the difference between op portunities for sport and outdoor life, and an aimless evening, rarn tennis courts were used by 130 000 persons last summer, the golf courses by 95,000; most or tnese were wage earners, and the heaviest use of the facilities was in the latest hours of daylight. The daylight saving time sched tile keep St. Louis within one hour of the time of Kastern busi ness centers, in all of which day light saving time prevails. If the schedule is not in effect here in summer, St. Louis time is two hours behind that of New York and Boston, and St. Louis business is affected unfavorably as compared with that of Chicago, which runs on daylight saving time. Safety. An added hour of daylight time In the evening makes for safety, in view of the established fact that motor accidents are more common after dark. Gardening. An added hour of daytime makes the difference between success and failure in many home gardens in the city and in St ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Founds tfr JOSEPH I'VLITZEIL two. 12, J878 Ttlaahon Addrm MAin 11111111 OLIVE ST. (1) j-xiiMkfa Aauy vy in j'umrr juriijning C". Kxitrrevi a aeronrl-riass matter, July 17, i?y, ax xm post :fio at t. i-uis iX) io. VDiT th t of Nfarch 3. l79. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRE&S tH AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS Ttw Attatcl !. it ex tusivWy rntttlrd n in for rfm duration of ill new ii t:rftr ir(l.T-1 ( it oi nut otherwise rretiited in thi r-v .piwT and also thci Ittral new ft ut- irii hmn. All rights of rrputi lira tinn of jiWOal dintr-ito-a bfrnn are al rwrred, SUBSCRIPTION RATES: P-r canier in lin-n'e- St lmia PaUjr $1.25 A Uoum, ttutttiay xvc a copy Hv MaU (I'iviMc in Advanro). MISSoriu, and AltKAXffAS AppUrhi only Hjief V-al drain jtrrnc i no available ) Jai!v and Sunday one ar S16.0O luiiv without Sunday one year 8.50 emtv, 7.50 Louis county, where localities fol- ow the city time schedule. Radio Programs. Daylight saving time will keep St, Louis synchronized, through the summer, with the large radio networks; without it, the St. Louis air schedule would be disorgan- zed and confused. This happened n prewar summers when daylight time was not in effect here. I Electric Bills. Earlier bedtime, brought about by daylight saving, will mean a saving of electric current to all families using this form of illumi nation. The total saving for the season to the community has been estimated at 32,000,000 hours. Little or none of this will be re quired in meeting the earlier time of rising in the morning. Indorsers. Those who urge St. Louis vot ers to defeat the repeal proposal and thus keep daylight saving for 1947 and future summers; Include: Philip J. Hickey, superintendent of schools; Dr. Carl F. Vohs, presi dent of St. Louis Medical Society; Bishop William Scarlett of the Episcopal Church; Msgr. John J. Butler, president of Catholic Charities; Robert R. Vernor, executive secretary of the Y.M.C.A.; Fred J. Hoffmeister, former Judge of the Juvenile Court: William L. Weiss, president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce; John A. Turner, city superintendent of recreation; Gilbert Harris, director of Young Men's and Young Women s Hebrew Association; John T. Clark, president of the Urban League; the Rev. Ervine P. Inglis, president of the Church Federation; Mrs. Joseph Batt, president, Jewish Child Welfare Association; Police Lt. Thomas Moran, supervisor of the Juvenile Division; David Grant, president of Association for Advancement of Colored People; and Mrs. Meyer Stern, president or tne parent Teachers Association. ARGUMENTS FOR REPEAL PROPOSAL Family Kffects. Some parents, who put their young children to hed at 8 o'clock the year around, find it difficult to enforce this bedtime when it is still light outdoors, as is the case until 8:30 or later under the daylight saving schedule. A Cool Hour IoHt. On some midsummer nights, many sleeping rooms are 100 warm for comfort until two or three hours after dark. Advancing the clock by an hour leaves that much less time for sleep in the morning, when' the house is cooler than at any other time of the day. Juvenilis Iellnqtiency. St. Louis has had daylight saving the last five summers; therefore, any recent juvenile delin quency is not to be attributed to lack of daylight saving. The chief cause of such delinquency is parental inefficiency or neglect. Show Business. Night baseball games, Municipal Opera and other forms of outdoor entertainment cannot begin until dark; if darkness is shown as an hour later by cIock adjustment, the fan or showgoer has an hour less to sleep before the required time for arising. Daylight outdoors also cuts down attendance at indoor picture shows. Railroad Time. The railroads continue to keep Standard Time, making a" gap of one hour between train schedules and the time generally kept by the public. This will not cause anyone to miss his train, but it causes many to go to the station an hour earlier than necessary! E of a a

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  1. St. Louis Post-Dispatch,
  2. 30 Mar 1947, Sun,
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  • Arguments for and against daylight saving time, Missouri 1947

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