Roosa recap part 13

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Roosa recap part 13 - What the Chief Kxeeatlre ot the State sairy...
What the Chief Kxeeatlre ot the State sairy deem to ne ate aoty. aata aa eiipiimnea ee Btaae ea him te com ate yoar lemaece te Imertaeaaiaat ta the tHmiteatiary for life. It la aet for me ta anUci-pat anUci-pat anUci-pat or rrpreae aay oe-lakm. oe-lakm. oe-lakm. My edrlee to yea le for yoa ta eadeevee to prepare tor death. Tea win here, ea yea here haiatefoie had. iba boaeatof each of the aVveread Clergy aa yoa may deaire loeeaaalt ht directing yoer thoughts aad la glrlag yea eaaa-erl eaaa-erl eaaa-erl aad lot tract lea teaching year eplrttaal later t Thaae Ma they wlU pertorm with a aataraatl pleaare and with a pro er aenae of their high poneibiiity. am aa toe lime t approeenra lllty. Aad aa tbe time ta approaching wfaea ar a.r. -tbte -tbte lathe hut of earab.1 I rinaaieaa yovma; yoa w a their cosaaai. Uietr taatraetioa aa theur rara. ' Aae at tbia aoirata nootst. vara yoa a i about te part, perhaps for erer. permit aae aaa aayrtayoa that tbeash ell earthly trtbeaale aad thalr ladgtneata be wreac. the Jadge of all the fart a," who raa apt err. -will -will de rtght." And I win Bay-Tenner, Bay-Tenner, Bay-Tenner, eae l a bona eritb araafer e.e.eece. that Botwttbetaadlaayeamay h .re ahed the bteod ef the, eae urn aa elmnel wlflewan lam tmr her ehiktrea. aad will aet bMBU tbea- tbea- an Bat- Bat- tba hlnoA af l.iub of God waa shed oa OaTrary for yoar redemp- redemp- tto. aad la am ileal te slsasss roe even Sam tae blocdof these vletiaae. Hy eulhortty, UerrIor. of the lew of the Stats of Ohm. aad la the eaa where yoa have been convicted by alary of tbe eoaetry of etrev ie ta Jtr.t eagre. In 0i Silling and maidertna af Alias Belle Kooaa, I aaaoenee to yoa that It la the aeateace of tbe law, an I So hereby adjndge aad aerrteaee that voa, tnraurl Covert, be tatea heace to tbe Jatt of the comity from vrheeee yea eruae, there to remala la aafh and eloaa eouody eatll Vrlday, tbe Stth day oC Augnat, Iraa; and that oa the aaid last named day yo he takes te the ptaee of exeeatlea ; aad that be-rtvren be-rtvren be-rtvren the hoara of ten o'clock la the Ibrenoon end three o'clock ta the afteraooa of grlday, the stth day of Aagaat. A. D. 18B3. yon be hung by the neck nnlil yon arc dead. Aad way Gad bave mercy apoa yoa. During the delivery of these most Impressive the alght there, and the next maarning vrent to the Unit House and got my bras gf set, sad started for Deertield. Thht was Saturday mcrnihg, December so. I wss qutts orung a ben I got to Deerfleld, aad spent the day in drinklag. I do not remeanber very much what took pi a tors day or two. Idoaotre-mcmber Idoaotre-mcmber Idoaotre-mcmber much of the eouvsation between Joan Keever nad myself. I ramember of going going to Msrrowtowa with Dr. Uttietou, but da ae si asfniher about Esquire Mouace go. legwrth US. I want te Mr. Sanaa's hotiaa, and talked about the murder, and heard them talk about It there, and all ewer kmeto ar said about it waa wnat i aearo team say at tha bouse, aad people around the ptaee. My testimony against Hicks was made up from what I Beaad ihei e.- e.- I eonfi te perjurisg myself in wnat i aia ss, and feel that my sentence was i crime wa nearly murder Itself. HiakatoM iuat. This Tbls Is the Ma of my life, the sight of the murder I wa at my autor In Middletosrn. 1 went te bed about ten or half-past half-past half-past ten o'clock that night. After I had cone to bed, Harri. son McNeil and W m. fau rson came to tne to get me to re with them to steal a barrel of flosr. 1 went as far aa a cooper-ehop cooper-ehop cooper-ehop en the canal no lurther aad had no hand in the theft, .1 U Mr. McNeil. Mr. Patterson and Mrs. Patterson Patterson have told the whole truth about stealing stealing tb barrel of flour on Monday night, De-eember De-eember De-eember SO, I would hare proved myself with them on tbe night of the murder. This, I say,

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 24 Aug 1866, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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  • Roosa recap part 13

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