The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 24, 1866 · Page 2
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 2

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, August 24, 1866
Page 2
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'f - c- - mw ato tPMiWm bt - ..... ? . I - OficS, Vina ttrwt, wpHw C tow lnuss. Term of the Daily Enquirer: ruiiiiiMiiia. Arcrr s tJcaeral AawrsraBa apceek. Tee very at apeeek of Ornril 9mmi W. MoboaS kt CSMkactaa, Ohio, oa Tuesday sis-, we imblUk this moraine- It U on of the aBOs tetauaTttbls dnaeuavtat tae camp-tiga hu proOuesd. : OCTtE - NEW8. The fretting ateteh yesterday 1a Mew York, at the. ruble Course, between Telegraph'' aad Va. Hooker leeolted la a victory tp the faisata, la three straight kests. Quickest time, 5:53. CopariAWt Bullti, United State Mar. ehal in a'ew Orleans, will aoen be tried for rnalfeasanee in efflee, a wealthy eottea broker charag him with extorting $14,800, one-fifth of the aavyuat of the aalee of cotton, which he threatened te seixe unlet paid that amount. Since the 1st of July the reeeipta of internal revesue hare been 5 1,000,000. The, Slehoben pavement U to be laid down U 2fw Vork. Provest Marshal Oeaseral Far aa beea Bartered out of aervlc, and his paper turned oVer to the Adjutant-general of the United Bute Army. General Gbast can not accompany the President to Chicago. General Kullkrtox has declined the Chief (mmitonerhlp of the Freedmen'e Bureau, aad General Tn-UOX ha been offered the position. Be will probably accept. A Richmond (Vs.) dispatch atatea that near friend of Jnrrxasox Davis confirms the report, current some time since, that he objected to sereral of the passage in the recent -work entitled his prison life. He, how. ever, did not say that the passages were absolute falsehoods, but simply that they were highly colored, aad in numerous instance objectionable, because given to hi pnysi. dsns as confidential, or merely social utter me. The Indians between Forts Laramie and Bene ere very much excited. They say they will nertr give up the Powder Ktver district AYeLi-exmed tribes roam over the country. Solitary parties of travelers are not sate. Sev-eral soldiers ot the Eighteenth Infantry here been killed while scouting. Prussia ha determined to annex to her deeaain Hanover, Hesse, Ka; fan and Frankfort. . The cholera Is Basking sad ravages at Bremen, Peach and Mecklenburg. An Ottawa (Canada) dispatch aayi Canadian troop am snoring continually, aad Geav ersi Micbim, who aaa temporary charge of aaaire dm-ia the aharne of the Ooveraae-- geweral, now n route tot Europe, is act-rely I engaged in lannisi iisa, iae pmmom imu A tenaiderabU fcree is at Cornwall, another at Tatorold, aad there ar three gunboats on tae 8c. Lawresaea. Washington) specials say th Cnited Etsss steamer Mohxaka, otgiit guns, ha gone to Tsmpke In aceordaaoa with th Prsetdenrs prociamataon concerning If axduuajTb paper blockade. An order has been issued abolishing the ProTOrt msrshal General's Bureau. Pnirox PmoBT, Boairr Gbat and Pat-aucx Ximr, are th name of th detective osSeers In NeW Tork arrested on charge ot complicity with thieves. An unknown man, whllo looking at jewelry In the store of Hr. Tics, Brooklyn, Miced property rained at from S4M to tlf 000 aad eaeape4 with It. Acting Governor If zathkb. of Xontaaa, has iMued a prorlamstlon ordering an election for member of Territorial Legislature. Adrice from th interior counties of North CaroUaa state that the cotton crop Is looklag well, and la some section ven better than on the Roanoke River. The county of Edge-comb is expected to yield from 15,000 to 18 000 bale, and other counties In like proportion. SiranY E. Mobsk, of Sew Tork, ha just patented a curious philosophical instrument, which is called a bathometer. Yon throw It orerboard, with tti appendages, In th ocean, where water is . mile del p. It goes down like a' shot, and as soon a It-teaches the bottom it turns and aomes back to the urfaee. Tea pick it up and the true depth of the water where U struck the, bottom la seen on the scale of the bathometer, Just as yon see the degree at heat on the scale of albm inn nasi or. Rerp aeliatioau TheRadioal paper try to create the impression that the Southern State will. If allowed Beprssentattves in Congress, work te repudiate the National debt. It is true that th Badirals put burthens, In the way of taxes, on the'South not pat en the North, a if for the purpose-of sbreihg from it some expression against paying the public debt. They have imposed a tax of three cent par peemd on cotton, which is a sore burthen on the agTieultur ef the South. . Ho each tar. fat paton Northern agriculture. To grind the South to com plaint aad rebeHiau,U what th Radicals want. Bat, if repudietioa come, which God forbid, It W0I begin at the North, and then simply because the people con not meet the tax required to pay the interest. The peopis will pay while they can. It is neither in their ehfrv1 nor their disposition to repudiate. But it i with them a with every bedy else: necessity know no law. Bach extravagant Congresses as the present one; whose profligacy seemed to know io bonoda. would soon compel repudiation. Th tabor, ladnatry. trade, rismmiwris.nsanwfaernrea aad agriculture ef the country earn stand much, but epprcasiva tax Is a consuming cancer, that destroy hope aad energy. And w mast return as soon as possible and that 1 UatetT to eeoaomv, retrenchment and reform ta Federal, State aad maaiotpa! aV inisistratloB. In that is th enty salvation, aanciaUy, of tae Gerernment. .... W mast ewnfeMw ar rurprid at th r the people on this snotee. and are eaaTaKwa imwr- t.m rvaw artatntv eea net eeeni the tmrthens that ar directly aad iadireeti'y - an aaeam. to tev the Deslea extrava gant ef those whom they tect te esBeial ne- sMona. IX they do, they are more wining tlares to party than w had supposed. . ITe m iiiibi llmis slmTil h T-J to batieve they are tatdifferent t their own manhood and sa- MnmiitT. aad rsreles a te their ewnne eunlary iaaereeta, in a bUnd attechment te facOsa. a tjT Th M Fedsrallsta, whoa they ennrtiaa' the vote as these gar whom t nan urn snsnsnt. de no Terr awkwardly. Gererwor Oouarr esaayad hi hand an the lriah-hlssoechtothFniaaJM(,nicago. Be said te them s "I am giadfe e that! Wear- will mee way 7 ae to'teU Man, rrrnvaaa, as a paean nc kani , i.. said t-W are Influeneed o much Vy, taoWperaen from foreign lands, who. l ait ere tMrtntmlsJ That U, fh negroes an the equaUnC the Gs mmA Trl.n Hist make thll I ' I - .They may make TOtet 1 that way.thongh are think etheisitsa. -- s -.U'l i -g m rT--ntifti1- e 1iTTnr BeMhaV eanVaper-tbe Bprlafieid (Miaea.) EqmW-0Z4ut -w nsay be that that Ume Become 'during the Hfb ef any oer nber a-reuad, if we persist la treaUag all SouUtern aaen es rebets, aad au wao nave Been reesia, im i.v. .aiMntanee. xptaUotl ne reos efliaUon were poaU.' The KadleaU, With a... iMmi ITflanT i Ct. Nl4 Mt- ntcn an to the -penitentiary ef huV aad de Tote the enur twain to tae cum """ MtsMnIyJ4e7eayee4eUUtnhabUtt. It U eay to see when we shall have arMtered TTnio Bader therm f th fiaaicais. - trXTae Coaseiercwii saka of the resalt la the district aew 11 raaieitea rCoutiw l XrixASO'tEepnbllcan) a doubtfot.--Th - amy oouos as -- - - - . ; . i u ftBAwrDHsaoeratl will re- eerre. Hi election, by a large vote, Is a .. . f .IT i ' n a-assam i. .-. 1 . , - ' a fjriMk, leMiwit by Ckwy ( gtve-'the sea tMrat-vMaMk mm a sTar-Mssssylasasa a eea risk ky axiiis OnMU, er n iiaiiiii-aH.ea. BaalM wianvll hi be twaSMaaaUwa fa la aha s .ROOSA TRAGEDY! 31 Execution of Samuel i Covert. - ! r .. Bli Djiag Declantfeos OfldiL Detcriptlon'.'and . Plat cf tht I :"! Room ; Residence. : The Victims iai Scene T tlie Mirdf r. HOW TKE KU?mm WAS ENTRAPPED Tli6 Trials, CcrnTictiorLs and , Sentence of Covert. DE8CIULPTIOJT OF THE j jpitrsoxmi. A , BBIFJP BETIEIf OF II 1 8 BRUTAL. LIFE. His Last Declaration to the Rev. Mr. Snowdoa. He Recapitulates His Life. He Confesses to the Commission af nay efeaaes. HIS REFERENCE TO THE R003A MURDER. He Solemnly Dcelarea Ilia Innoceocr. "TEE GCILTT lit Will CONFESS ALL BZFflE Ri tyES." HIS PKEPARATWN FOR DEATH. Covert's Last Kmrs im JU. Petition to Gov. Cox for Commutatioii of His Sentence. oxciixo axswu or in fiornitK. Program -me for the Execration To-day. Last Laterrlfw aUswcca Carert aad His Relations. Iff WILLS KS BODY TO MRS. M'KBL BIS fllBlILE C05FE8S105 OF STILT X Til 61LL0WS. TUB JFIHAXE OF THE FIB8T EXE CUTION 1 WARRE5 COUHTV. The Trial of Harrlaon McNeil die, Ac, drc, Ac. TBX SlASSACKX. VH V-UT I 1 1 1 . MAM m m , MM MUU J was appalled br the teteulrence ot one of the meet dreadful crimes that baa ever stained the criminal calendar of this or any other aga. a nigaiy respeetaDte tanuiy or a weu co-ao farmer had au been bntcbered the previoue night, or were weltering rn their Mood wltn the prospect nrarntt tnetr recovery, nader dreumstancea of a peculiarly terrible nature. The family consisted of the mother, aged about thirty-Cve, a daughter aged about thirteen, another girl aged Blue, aad a little boy, Harry, aged two years, a mere roxaat, and a man serTaat, "named Jesse Cousins, need sevefltv yearn. So stupendous was the crime, so unnatural and horrid In it eon summation, so apparently uncalled for by purposes oi roooery, anas is was generaur oeuerea to nave oeen ins aoi oi soma oe Der ate maniac Strengthening this suspicion was the fact of the father of the murdered family being in the rouatie asylmm at Dayton. It was thought that in some etraaae freak af mental nalluernattea he had esc sped free his confinement and performed ' the dreadful deed. This suepleioa was taa- medlatety dlspeueoT by tne intelligence rrom the aeylpm that Mr. Room had not left tt, and could not have been out en that eventful night. Before proceeding with the history ef the subsequent arrest connected with this affair, the reader will pardon us in giving an account and plat of. the Boose residence, where the most horrible of all tragedies was enaeted. - tot noooA Rxneacn. Turnlnr ' avid from th highway about one mil from Dearflald, th Rooea residence stands some two hundred varus distant zrom th turnpike. A comfortable looking residence of itself, b-was made more so by the careful hand of the parents, who years at nee had embellished it with evergreens, and with all those appliance which tended to glvs comfort to those growing up around them. aUslertnne nad, now ever, fallen upoa its roof. The father was a stranger te his family, and the wife and mother beneath the cloud and gloom struggled on amid her adversity, with Maree a thought save for thf welfare of those now doubly intrusted to her charge. What of light end Hie tt was la her power te bestow made up the sua of her daily daUea. These were certainly enough. A large barn nad other oauotuea ar around th zeaidenee, bat decay and the bnt r Urn ia anna them, while fences leaains: outof shape bespeak the absence of those who might have given a more cheerful aspect to it, even if the taint of innocent blood wa not upon its walls, abiding there to this rery hour. The house, twe stories ta netgnx, IS mooesuy painvra, aara wwiaiiie wuomm seven or eaghtreema. , . . --- flitov atooaa BxsEDKsrca. Taalhllanlulta Dlatof the tesrer story of the atooaa restoeoee, waere we enns ittted: a . a a a 4 d - Si A . la i :i " -.5 if. - "i i" -. i 1 i- k---' Y t us g '." pi w S ' hvx t'.-' i"-,- i -S t H :. y. - 2 - a- '-J 1 . .- V Aliaftm um Kettle1 lAmmmtT i erfW 4 j oW To ktVejlm or dinloC-lsmVsj .n jOtf n.tO'yV i. aiim-t auauaases. sad in ! mmch F. k4?r J Coina B.V hare Alice vaakKied. " ' ' Vtf I li. Th Me, arsum see wee fhrewefc, 37T- wiurtow wtMrae tn murderer sea. J. V here u Saxeea wee Spd. - -at r r-'i- aCZXafW TaTa afCkbatak -' It lr, howrrer, enly with the war aortlan of tbe domictle that we have sey tslng to do ta the narrative we wrtce. auitarteg by a mediateiy in the rear ef the tuaia puruaf the bouse, hsvinar on ell her side tw rery small rooms, which formed the chambers of the mother and aer cji umtn. m. inw or- anr. -..u windows en eUoer aide, rather dinrv erMored paper rpon tae walla, and toe locU Irv Is auuicitjc-.T oaiw i t r-rexnt A we stand there now. wloe-truh to tie ral scene of th rirtt.' Tae r rares cf the dsy sre over, aad wearied tnf7 have reiired. W see tae murderer j, vf (sttrt lb uafastened oor; wiuus with th ermte ef jtrnrder upon bis b ttespsrsHiBi mi bie nrndnsa he pursues bis work of ilsstimUena late one ef the maBrossns waere the mother ept. and; then deadly bkrws of the hateheteame eawn, nntu the belptes woman, bereft of sense wewtderaatsaeBi; aaeiher blew aad her infant sleeps forever. But by this time little ewnvoa, w ta aara n ie, are areoaa aim beegiag tor mercy, pleading far their exist, en, aad aakiag eniy that they be spared. It would Biases eeam that the arm of aa avenging Petty slept while those little ones aaked tor life only for life. A feeble right 1 taraiBg, aad the nerrors ef his baa work sre U ptaia view. The old man has sUrgsiaJ tea chair, aad reettag his head aralast. tae window, m dying; aaotaer. hot a few feet distant. U sappe oead ; sad titers Is none s soeass him rxerpt thee 111 Us one, who look am te him palsied wtthfear.- On blew with the hatchet, wounds another ante dearth, and bat twe re- main a girl of twetTeaad a Hole herein ef seven years. Of the former desaaade BBoasy, and as the purchase ef her life she steps ever the laisnifbt body ef her mother, and Into th little darkened room, bioed upon Ite walls, bleed apea tte eeiang, the rietim rearing new In Mood npea the floor, the eiM goes te gather the petty sum ejrhtofe might, perhaps, enable her te see the -tight of another day. It was a petty amount, but she could de ne more; it is distVlieved by the head, and then the aneretleee blew te dealt, aad the fails deed. The tittle sister has toWn sway, and, Bidden beaaath the bed-clothes, sits shivering with tear, the only one lei I te mark the track ef the murderer la his flight. Be springe through eae of the wia-dows he had opened to secure hi escape ta case of detection, and ie gone. TBI LOXd, PKKAJtT SIGHT. As we stand here we fancy we see the lit tie child of seven rears shrinking away audd the dead and dying. . The bodies ef the murdered are within her reach; end, as the murderer flies from the scene ef his nwfal crime, she comes from her hkUag-piaee, aad with her litUe -arms raises her biewllag mother to the bed. The dead child is there, but death is all around, and there tvas no time te set Hate, even for one so young as h. .Fearing te hear the return of footsteps, announcing a similar fate sn store for her, ae carild, w yeuaw ia yeara, reeaaaatav Crvia midnight watai the gray dawn of momiag before It was poeaibie te seek aid. No one near to help her. the long hear seemed so wear longer aad longer until day. At tenrta, amid the mlstef that eioody tliiiiaali in asars leg, the falatest ray ef the sua aot yet -via ible, she files aero the flelds sad tell the' neighbors her tale of horror, as well a aoob loots ral II psecald narrate the story. The murderer has gone. There t aa angry sky above him, and the verv clouds must hare shamed biai for hi flight as heaped away. Blood unto hi hands, the brand ot Cain indelibly engraved upea bis forehead, and the curse of the first murderer forever raakiiag ia his tosom, there was no more peaee on earth for him. Some eye must yet remain unclosed which looked upon hi most foul of foul mur-dvr, and fear doubtless new rendering him a greater aupplieant Cor pity from bis own con-scknee than the little children whom he had oi mercilessly slaughtered spurs him on. With the darkness ne is gone, and the day reveals no suspicion aa te the perpetrator of the terrible deed. . TBI VICTIMS. Tb us, on the night of December 26, was per-petraud the maeaacre of Jessie Cousins, an Id man of sixty years; of Alice, aged twel re; Francis, aged nine; aad little Harry, a babe of some two years, children of John Rooaa, a farmer in comfortable circumatances, so far aa worldly possessions were concerned. Of the attack on Mrs. Room, who miraculously live after so savage aa aasault, aad th escape of little Kettle, the child of seven years, our readers are now aware. The object of the sasassin, by every action it has been proven, was only that of robbery: but being recognized, most likely by the first of hi victims, his work of death began, and knew ne ending, until, as h believed, not one was left to identify th hand which wrought the de-atructiOB. The course he had taken was wrapped in mystery,aad it seesned for a time that the blood of the vtaiima would cry for 'vengeance in Tain. rwa bam already auaded to tne sttayauaun Which was pointed and dispelled to the rather. Tbe pablie aad the authonUea were agala at sea, sad fears were expressed that the murderer would escape detection, unless Che truth of that old proverb would be verified, ' Murder will out." Then came the arrest of Charles Keever on the evidence of the conductor that on the evening of that memorable night he rode np the' railroad oa the forward pait ef the engiae. But good fortune smiled on him, and he waa able to prove a complete afiWby unimpeachable witnesses. The conductor ws mistaken a te the time by a week. Hire, again, JuaUce halted, and aiaeet despaired of retribution. Detectives were set te work, but it was reserved to Detective De-vi J Hay, ef Dayton, who ferreted It out and worked up the guilt of Samuel Covert ia a most masterly manner. The manner la which It was done tbe assiduousness with which be tracked Covert from the time he was mustered out of the army, en August 16. up to and for several days after the murder, is deeervlag of all commendation. As aa In aura ace agent, he lives in Lsbaaea. topping at that popular hotel, te Evans Bouse. First secerning saUsaed as to how the deed was coeamltted that the flood first murdered tbe oM man Couains, then Mrs. Rooaa. then the Infant, then Praoeia, and thee ei sing Alice, aged thirteen, and by brute force be undertook sad secoeaplisbed his heinous purpose on her chastity, breaking down the lounge ia tne scuffle. The villain was not yet content, for with another blow of the batch et he.nded her precious life. The detecttve discovered hew he escaped through the window, leaving the bloody impress ef four Hearers on the all, and the tmprtmion 3r th thumb gone. Before this, however, ve different persons . were arrested for this crime, but no evidence appearing to sub-atantiate the easkton, they were all die-charged. Among : this number eras David 13 ir-tsi af this eUv, arrested en the affidaria ef Samuel Covert..,. It waa proven that Covert bad cemitted perjury, aad Hick was honorably acquitted. Covert waa con rioted for the nry, and sentenced to the penitentiary for one year. Daring his imprisonment in the-State Prison, Detective Hay and Prosecuting AtteTTteTi Allen ud?g ware studiously occupied la "bunting out th evidence to eon- met rne gumj parry, exemtatag-in uetau vry i weuld suspicion ana every cireumauace anas reuld lead to tae eapttire ef tae wreeen. wne ss aknlklna- a war rrean soelatv and who had to blaekesied the history of human kind. Tbe Inter of gnut pointed ta esmuei Covert, aad as the Investigation proceeded the aaapicioa grew stronger aad more positive. At length Covert was brought from Columbus aad lodged in the lbsnen Jau, eu an indictment found against him aad hi brethar-bn-law, Harrison McNeil, who also ee-eupiedan adjoining' ceil, charged with beiag n accessory to th dreadful murder. The evl-dence accumulated and the fint trial at 8amuel Covert alone commenced oa the st ef March, and lasted six days, resulting ia Bis conviction, a mouon waa mao lor a af w trial oa the ground that one oi the Jurors had expressed himself before the trial as is tne gum or ue accuses, a. seeona trial was granted, and much stronger .evidence adduced, and a second time Samuel Covert was adjudged guilty by a jury of twelve men. On June 23 another new trial wss refused, aarl on the Tuesday fcllowlng Sasruel Covert was brought Into Court, aad in answer to the Court if he had aay thing to say why the sentence of the lsw should not be pronounced sgainet mm, covert replied: T "I bare nothing to tat only that I am Innocent," tax ADDRESS OF JUTX1 BMTTH TO OOTgrf. 1 Ac Judge Smlta. in bit address to the pris oner, reviewed tae evidence in tne case, anu em murder in full, we give it entire, a fol-ws: of anareer ef Jmmm Oeealaa. eae r tbe marOer Inim Re oee. aad the ftwta sor ane maraer or bur? Booaa. AU of three aundera were eoewlOed oa the atatit ef the BKh of Ueeemter. 19. wlUila tbe aodfwr the Oeaaty eaWarrea. sad aoaotlea. ay k tv- kO - aa IBB plradlas with the Weedy i were saddealj harried la' Oi tbe ret ei these radl to eteralty. ren wire the samraeref auas avaUe aaaeat the lasa term ef Oils Cevrt yea were erraJgaea. aad Lamaer aaaorlae by law. were eealswed yen by the toart t aid yea la year aM. ta adelitea te tae eeaaael thas aealraed yea, enother setrfaialonal gaa- ilTai.B in .ilj raiplnrirl aad paid eyaeecaer kItTt bZ.mU bated ( roar BrBal (bU Bvitkfal .ad luW. eerneea. After allowliig yea mil the time UM M-MtlCS soartHal bKre a traveraerary of year ewe aalee. Lea ; aad afier a tedleoe aad saaieatUveetOoaef the eaafceeeapvtBgeeme els dare. oartagwblehtlsae year eeeaaei diaeVarxed theU whoteJaty. sad la Bar arepereiiea. yea wen fb e w rhlch arraatem wnica ante iwuwi we. me aaay aiana yen sjaiaw ea FilZSStiZS??ioTrr. Vat to waleh tt te aaaoceaamiT aovtonfttatf rerdiet waa tmt ase aad aawtber trtal awarded. After the tapeeefmme tsaaaaaapie Uaw betas thae aAarded yaw me evuwmtlaan time Idh anahiat IOU nO UTOCXm CtreairtbeB Tbe elrranajaaacea oi Bowartado ea, Aatae . w . I 1-jMnMiL hMfora IB InDkrtiU aad laleUt heat mry, ylrraally aelected by yreetf. Ifee bave aaea ably sad Saltafally deSraded by the eame eoaa- tfUSeemiwel had atiewttao tar tons Jaye. here setaraad a verdict bate of perreetleau The pereet, aaoat learaae aad raeartIretaeeBaayerr. The aaeea hoae lwg-aad mutlayaat jarara atay stake mutatee. Vit-aca. the' moat serapnleaNy boertt end or tbe awrr-realTaraiyawarnST, 1 hare. Series She whole piunioa. of yoer Srtal-eaaaaverea te aataiau-a tea Uw aimllcl.l te year caae ea iwawwat Z . , . , ,i ...... i . Imi.ifIil r. ta the beet aw mvaklll aa ledrmenu If I Save erred, yoa have aveteree prrjed lore ay t. I by bat error. Tbe feeile lag n lary by- which yee bare Jat beea r . , t Hl. a,..,, n. In..:l IntelUait aad I ai partial. They erted der tae BI..1 iiillBIB mctioal. T-oe oeieiora, aa w w. -.i- .a, iai,Lul ainlilaial lorf cou.d navr prt-n tciaawa ry no l- . ...... . I . ..r ..... an. war for i' a r--- . . tnric ot ear eo- .t and eotlve aering uileaioat tMUnral trial. M rtMt lla coaololoa ll waic taw' Lav arrived ia trot w l LOrr yoa ar. toe actual a . u.Mtr.l..r nf in, n nuird'-r 1 f ' V . - - ,t ' to toflr-. in.i t. t- iw who ta iwrwctry eevi , awraut all-aeinr c It i ... a- . n-t yoa ' a., a.-o-1 if aot t'tr odf.r " ' . ... .n.rwa.r. iw.f rrr.i-. a fr.T. o, c . r ra-a aa aa cooar-oo. . r t : -n it ia "ur. - " .t orerwtiriniinny ..... n , laera r we-ra eiroai.iaw. at-piyins WJ f?ZJ,r4iZ ar r ui. i tk1, to caae VZX". St in rJr" " i -n . -1 -arranled but otliera ai; S iiTr"? 'A? rrlJ.7 'Of I KABtrat. Covbbt At the reareary teraa ela Coart. ta the year 18. the erawt Jary. of the taaty e( Werran. aaoa the JeetBnoay ef- JMeees examinee besare them, rafure asalnat yea Bar Lni. at lBdlfiseat Sr murder la the seat Ouaiua Alio BrUa Bnnee oee Ar IBS Jeeee Ceaetaa wss a aaea ta sdrsaeed Hfst knee girl eaaeat eleven yeara of asei aad atarrr twe vranola. aa lalaat ia Wi aaeUarr s una. All ibeae, at the dead soar of Baldnhrht. la tbe nmeled aeearlty amm la cne eBware r Mm AuaereT bbbbh taaa anca smw waa kBMMala to ana pa Bar ilea. ere the atteaoanee ot kniiiwi j aad eeeonantty se eaauun. ' EaekraaW. trata ef eUi emlaima retlec swan by tka einBer SrUl. If praetlcabie ftlBM to 1 yoar eva wmii u Miaul aerm of tbe trial Btricteat lategrw m'"'""" , "J. g Malar meteor the etateaaeat ef mcts. EeU. I Uilak I eea eay with s eleer aad approving a ihMR inf BmIit. wna'rver w aaTdTtpUZltrixa ! fc?Bi UVS;,,1N?1S ZLllaLTS tau at( h? sister, hirs. McNeil, was IMag fat aOsV. fwwS its-! Ef?SLL7VttuZZ?L?i iti I dtauTm. bal C-nty. Ohio, and aiter my I r?rJLy,.0 ww 'ib-" J ewa ham nad heem hrsken an. I mad her ue yoer ana trtal. I am eree to eav t a bole earn mt eoamderatlen. I did amatae)aw-woeld aar keen ararraated ta ceaalea: te the een-Clsalan that there was at least a raaeaaaM, aweat ef sear f- eweaw ea an eveala. waa then the cllaaUowef my eoramlad.. 1 woald bare b ed I IB Bam yea the eeaaeaee e Such. And la a cam af each vital and sanarai-ablti impertaaee. 1 OUak. aa f.iar if !. I bm, ea (bm greaad. had the aeeeeeKy arat:aaWeeaamemveetbaBameesseaHleY. That aaw li ail waa nail for aniiiai i - - amtlaa. aatiatacian reaaon. Toa have ecala beea tried. Oa iti i trial if HTr----- tie it in at up is. anaia of tbeavla mreatiaierara.ea' a very imnariaal eaar-arler. and amtertaUy etraagikmias the caae aiade agalast yes on me saraw-t trial. St-ald L thereiare, a.ii iimi award yea lellluc trbU. k ii i' am teste that I-wwatld be buih a eewrr whk-b the Battled ralee ef Judletal tMw-dlaza weaht bardi, warraat. Toa atay be ralltk-aaor ibi. crime. swtwftltadiBStaeverdWae eaefcary ea-.len yoaw And If Idtdeatert etas ileitis I, e.llaaaeat'aaaa. iea taal tmt mtrdil new wreeg. that It said asa. lama tte mdmr: I have the power, aad I weak aae n. ay rrmauaa yoaa ear Jadlrlally thaS toe v trial. 1 eea anther ear Jadtctallr thaS the verdtcb - hiw etnaltie la that the Verdict ta ararraated by the eeloaaee. If yea eboeld eager laaoo.aU, the It-Inweseaalii ef Sis Ian ttvraaadheea haeoaoatea-Mr mlaaertaae. Mesne. I mere yea. wooid regret Mmeee thaa myself. But if yee hare had s fair aad I a partial trtal, ss I believe yee have, aad have beea eaiy coavictra, pee to, a amy. tae mrery ec tae itw bbmi iae iaar a. toa taaa ild tmUrr the penalty. 1 run here Irll K to he my daty. theralore. ae. . ae rae have beea .1 1 a aa-rlaad. eerervoie tae annua mri rpnaae la year a eae If ny yoar eoajieet loc a aae trtaV It thenfore hfeeaim mVSaty, pulM.I adaaU, bat eae that I eea aot amid, te aaae apoa yea the tmarteeB veere. tbie te the tnt UBBl that 1 eallee apan to dlacharge a duty like this. I hare ae dlapoeltiea. aad It woaid prrhape be aaaroetaMa. te tot-tare year ateMege by aay riSiaeaaa ta the terrl ble aeeaea atteadiag taeae mardera wheeawaa aa- gtee the stoea of toe sgea. taeyeaag aaa at uaiuag infancy, tne victims ail ninocetw at ao-agahiatyea. TW wigtiltadeof the erlaae ly. If erer. been eqeoJed la tbe Jodietei htetery of utile, ua teat eaneca 1 leave yoa ta your owbJSmI- urra ane rearctior.a. What the Chief Kxeeatlre ot the State sairy deem to ne ate aoty. aata aa eiipiimnea ee Btaae ea him te com ate yoar lemaece te Imertaeaaiaat ta the tHmiteatiary for life. It la aet for me ta anUci-pat or rrpreae aay oe-lakm. My edrlee to yea le for yoa ta eadeevee to prepare tor death. Tea win here, ea yea here haiatefoie had. iba boaeatof each of the aVveread Clergy aa yoa may deaire loeeaaalt ht directing yoer thoughts aad la glrlag yea eaaa-erl aad lot tract lea teaching year eplrttaal later t Thaae Ma they wlU pertorm with a aataraatl pleaare and with a pro er aenae of their high poneibiiity. am aa toe lime t approeenra lllty. Aad aa tbe time ta approaching wfaea ar a.r. -tbte lathe hut of earab.1 I rinaaieaa yovma; yoa w a their cosaaai. Uietr taatraetioa aa theur rara. ' Aae at tbia aoirata nootst. vara yoa a i about te part, perhaps for erer. permit aae aaa aayrtayoa that tbeash ell earthly trtbeaale aad thalr ladgtneata be wreac. the Jadge of all the fart a," who raa apt err. -will de rtght." And I win Bay-Tenner, eae l a bona eritb araafer e.e.eece. that Botwttbetaadlaayeamay h .re ahed the bteod ef the, eae urn aa elmnel wlflewan lam tmr her ehiktrea. aad will aet bMBU tbea- an Bat- tba hlnoA af l.iub of God waa shed oa OaTrary for yoar redemp- tto. aad la am ileal te slsasss roe even Sam tae blocdof these vletiaae. Hy eulhortty, UerrIor. of the lew of the Stats of Ohm. aad la the eaa where yoa have been convicted by alary of tbe eoaetry of etrev ie ta Jtr.t eagre. In 0i Silling and maidertna af Alias Belle Kooaa, I aaaoenee to yoa that It la the aeateace of tbe law, an I So hereby adjndge aad aerrteaee that voa, tnraurl Covert, be tatea heace to tbe Jatt of the comity from vrheeee yea eruae, there to remala la aafh and eloaa eouody eatll Vrlday, tbe Stth day oC Augnat, Iraa; and that oa the aaid last named day yo he takes te the ptaee of exeeatlea ; aad that be-rtvren the hoara of ten o'clock la the Ibrenoon end three o'clock ta the afteraooa of grlday, the stth day of Aagaat. A. D. 18B3. yon be hung by the neck nnlil yon arc dead. Aad way Gad bave mercy apoa yoa. During the delivery of these most Impressive words, while Judge and spectators were deeply effected, the prisoner sat upright aad mottralees like a statue, hearing every word, but manifesting not tbe leait trepi lation; and at tbe close, whea hi last day bad been named and his soul commended to God' a mercy, b arose and accompanied the 8beruT with almost the same stoic Indifference that marked his demeanor during the proceedings of the two trials and slace his conviction and sentence up te the present time. i AafTJXT, COrXRT, TBI CTUklT.' We visited the prisoner in his lonely cell-He w aa dressed in black pants, check shirt, black neck kerchief, and blue stockings. He sat reading a newspaper, but whea we entered he rose, took our hand, aad gave it a friendly ahake. The following i hi own description of himself: ' I am flv feet nine and a half laches in height; I waa twenty-nine year old last April; my weight on hundred and seventy pounds; I hay blue eye, aad light brown hair; I am of a nervous temperament, but ia this matter I am strong and firm." The prisoner is not s man who would be ra,n,m aaturiar. far there Is certainly nothing mallcioua or devilish in his countenance. His forehead is remarkably low, ahll the back part of his head bas almeet a straight ascent. He is an inveterate ehewer ef tobacco. He eats heartily, sleeps soundly, and Sheriff Butler regards bis condition, In the amount of flesh and physically, quits as good as whea he waa first arrested. About a month age Covert" was depressed in spirits, aad about three weeks since be decIUed to eat, and refused to eat a nxiutaful for seven days. Covert claims that b did not do this to atarv himself, but because he had lost his appetite. This seven days' a hot! nop ea, however, had no effect whatever upon him. The fact is, that dur ing the pest week, up to yesterday wvcaiiaaa arvoi a aaaw aaa aaaa lainaae avraaaaiy, aad has exhibited more lively spirit than at asy time before, since his sentence. Covert era married la 1860 to a young lady residing In Auglaize County; but while in the army he waa informed of her untaithfulnete, aad at once separated from her, aad has never seen her since. He has been told, however, that daring June last, aad while hia second trial waa progressing, that she died, leaving a little girl, who. after' to-day, will be fatherless sad BDOLherleea. He baa never had aay r-hacklea orehaina on him since hia sentence; hut there bas been a continual watch over htm by one of the jailors. Visitors hare been nsmerous; someday there being at basis hundred persons admitted to his cell, and at no time has admission been dented to his Bister sad relatives. On yesterday ne requested te see Mrs Kooaa that he might, before dying, declare to her his Innocence of tbe murder of her family. . Sheriff Bailer promised to grant bis reQuesu TUB Bit ITT a L LIFT OF THE MURD-ERXB. The history of most murders Is the history nf long previous crimiaallty oa the part of the deatroyer, oy of intense and unendurable tantallxaUaa on the part of tbe victim, la hi nurture of secret mint, in tau torture or continual provocation, the due la traced to ibe labyrinth that ends in murder. But the meager inaaenta waarn can do ajteanea iron the career of Samuel Covert have to be narrowly scrutinized before a sufficient motive Ut discovered for so vast s crime. Few as these lad dents are, they prove that he was s .pejjd thrift, and that his lore of money wss the root ef all the evil he has done. Whenever he had asoney he a peart lb. A.ftar be was oUaeharged frees the lxth Ohio Beglsieat, he spent all hi bounty-moaey in two weeks.. U this brutal Samuel Covert had bees the spoiled son er n wealthy man, He could not have shown a greater prod is pool tlon toward ecklcae expenditure for the means of self- ijov meat. He had a touch of " Bardanapa- hua' In him. Sensual plesaure waa the aim ef his existence. He would have made life a drinking saloon, and all ite duties endless game ot card. t alM tauier sever arau sum aeugue a araue, but kept him at home, engaged In doing whatever amount of farmlaa the nacsssltiai e( the household required. Throughout all aha career covert nas never eaown muen propensity for work. Every incident of his life becomes absorbing when one remembers it may, is some remote degree, be an an tt cede at to hi crime, for the Boos murder is n horrible poiypue whose root end no oaekaows where. A bird's-eye view of the known part Of hi Um la atekeaing. With a brutal pae behind aim, ta wnica not a single aovmy flower of memory blooms, he flits, a solitary figure la the dark Bess of the night, across the lonely country, to roa, rerun, oust waaua deeds of butchery and blood. He spends tbe aiehta la basmioe aad the dsys at card-play. tag sad drinking. He ha a good deal ot tbe yolnptuery't love of pleasure wholesale. Hia lire I S pstenwura OS oatliarcwu awa, aatw wa the yulaardebeairSerles the heard proceeds of tKmt labor DTwcure. To uee hia earn laairuAge, he "was a very, very bad saaa er to uee stronger language, aa unrefined brute. The Bight of the btoedr deed was dark sad cold; It Wag tae aotriote cataaaa. ewwa wM-uv-a. life. He entered that inaoesnt. he, pases kanaaaaU a man ha left tt a murderer: nad whea b the early morning, naturee hps mare teaehed with the beaedicuon er dawa, he waa mvanteen miles distant g mm amnal af the murder, w bile the dead wounded la th Boose hosaeaead were yet riarliacovsred and unassisted.- i '' OOVBJtT' PTTHO PaXXASUTtOIf. i X waa bora la Warren County, Ohio, April So, 1887. My newtaer tuea waen i waa aoeos ve y aars-ef age, aad 1 waa left to tne oare -of my elstsrs, Mrs. Harper, sirs, spooks aad mrs. iswe weaw ewvww family. 1 went to lohooi a short time whea taulte a boy; eneef my teachers was WlUianj B.Hall, kaq af Lebalaoa, I aever learned aay arr-b--'1 boaiaeee, but bars worked most ef my Um about ssaehinery la saw m. i haaw area-had saaaaa aay eooneriag. twat aarver foUoeved tt SB a BOB.BSBB, ia load s araaas Sat liltnaaa aad worked ea a tana with my uncle David ouU ef Mreneugh Coenty: laj aanary . 18&7, 1 saral ef the eesihofmy lather, and I eame Asssa, hav-las- bnrm goavs a war aearly tea msethi Af ter m arrival a name a kwii. A Rrwaahta ta hia daeultarv ia Dser Baid. (aato. 1 had aa wards Mvtag near b- Marys, -Auglaiae Coemty, Oble, wh giaited sjulie arse.-aaUy.-AJ esvo-while asUiaf him .1 awraaed th nsadaUhcw ef s ytrnng lady -by assaeed Martha aUoe,ef that mm aarr aiaiiialaaaarq ri seated nelghberhssd. tata aflaotien, a. aaaaala mt erharah was ssairiaare. - We aJ.'i.J'ia.l wtxnty.. : W reutaiaed her until January, leal, when wsnmavrsd to Deertaa. wsrren Cennty.tml. la April abeut the .861, eauisted la the Catted btasee sorvloe iuassvef the Twelfth Ohio.- At tae expire-. tioTef myUrae -f atrviee I resUlsted" fsr taree years, nauar vapwa rv auanw, w. a-..-Sr!LU!r.?Wa rwia7vv .ata-a Virriais sil the time, aad look part la the batUee of Car- SO twos pecs aw tan aw - , BnU Sua, Mouth M sue tale, Aa-i h'ioyd Moaatasa. ' At Mas dew alias: a tJetsaa 1UM.I . paay, and 1 react red a alight wound ta f-Ti' taadaalaaataWBaBaiia . i:U nTTl Beptember, tb l&th day, l(l, sywtf ! mm a rhihl.whA. al. the iaat accewat. stilt Itvee. My wtie returaed te her t-thsre before this, where aae Itsnlaa y et, ee far ee Ikaew. 1 easas a aaa a en rorwi rinrin the Bummer ef loo, aad . v ... ik. watrabaa aaf BUT te toe aray wa r-'- - - fnrta-rh7 Sons time sfter "yj JJ-eeived a letter tatiag that say wife Sad ea falee to aae? aad trwe saavot, ta abewt ive oanatha after, ehe gave earth ee a chtto, tbe father ef which I forbear te a-enuoa. which fforbe-r ea-mtiThi. i m rteat trouble, and hee beea a - n my overthrew. I went te my . -r -r wife, sfter 1 wss mua- -t gave larf-ta-. Twife,i terew v. ' J' -aV:- Aa- wbih lVold her 1 "eJiSi. we rerted, len and toere, and hare jaot ees eacb other saaee. is taeaev - I artbiy uvya, a . . .r, .. I , ..aid t would like to kare sees her Bfor pssaed t . . , , .. .. inu away, tor I lov her yet. But 1 do aay, thai tnyhnmn beoa after my arrival tranre s engaged e wsix Bar nc uoaswotT a aaw-nuil. By this ttme 1 had alaaoet b tests seanrmeddrankatd,aad gave free reia ta all my aamer' pass! nas, aad was guilty of many ratline a milling, wbsrlng, thasviag, she. MytUbiaarery aadaakawtornasaew te look back naoa. Ctmcnrniag my life I sdriser. aaa aa tae uablaoaUoa af tt would deaegeedtwIHibaldtt rress the sokdle, I have triad te eeafsas say alee te God aadaak His fniiliiBBss. I would that I eauid live any Ins ever again. Ctntavslag th eriase for the minimiisiin ef which i have beea charged and siaJimaM tadeata.1 waatu arave my aytag dectarsusns. .. i - I heard af the naurder et the laOOBe basil r aa Thursday, Decern bar t, lb. 1 heard U thitigh Mrs, Susan Fatter sea, sad sftersrard send a ia the xmoer. Bba eame te my siatsr's am dinner time nad told about ft. . Bheaaid sawhsdfomrttOBtheasaaeorthetsmilythat had beea mnrdered, aad went te get the paper. I float iimamtiw ear saylag any thiag at th tabl about who did Ua Btiirder. i woraed -en th mm taas uteraooa. xnas night, Thuraday, Dnusmbgrx9,the water wa let out af who carnal, oad Friday aflat-neon 1 started for DsuTfliilif I went aa tar as Ciaw einnati that day, aad wss salts drank whea i got there. l asd neea suiasnsg au aay. I hsdmswsVrUarssadahalf In saoaey when 1 staxtrd. Whea I errlwsd ia Oaelssaa I went te a bowling ssleea oa fifth trest, sad weai rrem taenc te irarta nicas- satooa, ea Sixth street. While there Hicks and I talked sboot sarley Jveerer. H asked, ana as describe Kserer. I did tt aa wall a I eeold. He vreot out, aad I w at te a home af UUfanae ea Ceatral aiesiae, spent the alght there, and the next maarning vrent to the Unit House and got my bras gf set, sad started for Deertield. Thht was Saturday mcrnihg, December so. I wss qutts orung a ben I got to Deerfleld, aad spent the day in drinklag. I do not remeanber very much what took pi a tors day or two. Idoaotre-mcmber much of the eouvsation between Joan Keever nad myself. I ramember of going to Msrrowtowa with Dr. Uttietou, but da ae si asfniher about Esquire Mouace go. legwrth US. I want te Mr. Sanaa's hotiaa, and talked about the murder, and heard them talk about It there, and all ewer kmeto ar said about it waa wnat i aearo team say at tha bouse, aad people around the ptaee. My testimony against Hicks was made up from what I Beaad ihei e.- I eonfi te perjurisg myself in wnat i aia ss, and feel that my sentence was i crime wa nearly murder Itself. HiakatoM iuat. This Tbls Is the Ma of my life, the sight of the murder I wa at my autor In Middletosrn. 1 went te bed about ten or half-past ten o'clock that night. After I had cone to bed, Harri. son McNeil and W m. fau rson came to tne to get me to re with them to steal a barrel of flosr. 1 went as far aa a cooper-ehop en the canal no lurther aad had no hand in the theft, .1 U Mr. McNeil. Mr. Patterson and Mrs. Patterson have told the whole truth about stealing tb barrel of flour on Monday night, De-eember SO, I would hare proved myself with them on tbe night of the murder. This, I say, ia as true aa that there ia a Ood In Deaven. I lost my thumb on my right hand in this sv : I was sent ud on the bill at H aches' rerry.iB west Virginia, to do guard uuty. I waa walking sad trailing my gun, with my hand on the muzzle, th hammer of the lock eaarht on a root or viae aad discharged the gun, the ball striking my thumb ia the first joint. I caught cold in the wound, and the rurgeon cut it on at tae second mint. l nave a word to say about my truia. i feel thankful to my attorneys, Messrs. O'Sall, Smith aad Thompson, for the effort they mads to scduit ma. Judge Smith treated me with poealoae alndneea, administering iae law hi .Uee. bs he believed, from the evidence. Tbe Prosecuting Attorneys did what they con eel red to be their duty. I entertain no unkind feeling toward any one. Many of tn wimetse toad wnat x snow te be false, I never said what Mary SchsJfer testified te oa tbe stand, sir. beaatty. Sam. Fans. BavnL Buckley, Mr. Cunaihgham. Mrs. McClure end her son, all told what I kno to b untrue. I forgive them, and hone they may find pardon at the hand of God. Ua-rrwuaately for me, I had no evidence to bring to rebut tAetr teeuiuaaay-, tof I laave my dy ing oec is ration : i bivkh did husdi Boosa rAhtixY. And now I am soon to close up my on earth. I feel to rest my all in Jesus Christ. wao la ine-eavior ot au men, even auea an one as me. I shall rest tn peaee beyond. I know that my heart ha been changed, aad mar hOMr my confidence Is unbroken la Christ, and I await the time when I shall exchange worlds. sr, dons ntruer, toe enerm, nas reeteu me with great khvdnesa.aad I thank him for his kind treatment, and though he shall execute the law. I de not earn alder him my enemy. I rive this hatvsrfeot aketca of my life to toe peblio, that all young seen may take warning, aad shun tbe practices and vices to which I was addicted, juroor nss oeen my nun, ana mv ena wtse irwi rsnaa itre. As I bene te ha forgiven, so 1 forsfv all My Bible has been my eompaaioa, prayer my coneatstiou. to tne worm, i esy, rareweii. Signed! SAMUEL COVERT. In presence of Rev. J. It. Saowdea, his spir itual adviser, aad pastor atetaodist rroteet- aat Church. BM STJBrVgQTJBXT STaTKMXJtT. After thia statement was made to Bev. Mr. Snowdon, the prisoner dictated aa almost a miliar sutemrnt to our reporter, in cue nresence of Sheriff Butler and his Chief Deputy, Mr. Daviea. Ia addlOoa he remarked that during life be had been a Jack of all-trades, aad had done nearly every kind cf work. After he waa mustered oat of aerrlce be had t19 la hi pocket, which he took to Cincinnati, where, with a friend, he went oa a lour oayr spree, men, aner a brier visit to Deerfleld, he went to SC Marys sad eominenced boating on the Miami Canal, acting ss stins sinn ii. This position he held rmly one month. He claims that In aH hia employ meet he never had a difficulty, but on ibe contrary alwayi enjoyed the confidence of ail bis employers, as tor tne k-xma mur der, be i mi aiited his Innocence, and aaid: I aever laid a straw la that Innocent fami ly's way. The maa wne did the murder Will never die until be makes a foil eoafesa- lon. I am well woateat, and rally prepared die the death of a Christian. If they (poiat- mg te ta oaeriB iputnaa oases unway ana willing aad ready te ee but they are pua- lahing aa Innocent maa; that God kaosrs. 1 do not wish Uwveraer Cox te eomaete my a tease to issprisoameat la th penitentiary for life, aad do not want aay one te ask htm to grsnt me such s change. I weuld rather die I am flury ready. My reaaon for toot going to the penitentiary ts that I waa there once for perjury, and they abuse men so badlv there that I don't want to go agala. I have been a bad maa la my dsys, and a hard drinker, but I am now a Christian, aad waat to go to a better world. I have willed my oody to my stsier, sxra. mcmeu, auuaoecaauv with it whatever she Dleasea. I don't want any photographs taken of my face te be scattered around the world. When dead, I want to be forgotten, and my body left alone." He then requested us to say that he had received the Stmeet atteatka aad kindness from Sheriff John Butler aad hi Deputy, O. Ii. Daviea. We flight here add teas oa w eunesuay tue Duer HT purchased for aim a full suit of black Broad-clOta, macs necaeruuea awi a pair oa gaiter. Hia white shirt to be wore when executed was washed aad ironed and brought m SUn oa ycateraay oy tua stater, mxa. aatuiBtta In this suit heawill be executed aad buried. Tbe coffin was completed yesterday. -It la made of walnut, aad la neat aad creditable. After his executtoa. Bhenn xteuer wm nana STer his body to his sister, Mrs. McXelL who Will keep it rour or nre nays, anu tnen bury It in Deeriiead. So fearful ts she that an attempt will be shads to reavreet the body, that she publicly declares her intention to keep watch ever the grave day and night, Until the body ts See atueh decomposed te be ved. THSt SCAVFOLP. I This eoarsntional. Initrnmeat of punishment ia located within the Court-house yard, and between tbe Court-house aad tne jaUL fOaeriff John Butler has taken all the necessary precautions to bave the executtoa conducted la secrecy, as directed by law. A small fyasss buildiBg of plain beards ha been erected, to shut out tbe gaxs of the poa-nlaes sa tae street sad sidewalks. In oa aad af this building le eraensd a platform five lest square aad aoous tares lee irom tae ground . saw noor as taie piauorum epaw Larough tne center, aaa is soreaa s ay aero trap dnsrs, whioh are let dewa by hlagea. Tbaee doers areheid up by tare bolts, whioh, Whea pulled eat by a lever, let fall the doors. At. eae ad ef the plaUorm ataada a bieee ef timber about fourteen, feet In height. Irom th tap- ef this to fixed a beam exteadinc sat three feet over the piaUorss. Aropertrasup the post ever tare palasys, aad the end, with eheok attached, tmTmi imaanrlialalT sTtr whea e the culprit I tesxaad. The ether end ef the rope is faat- raed eaeerely to a auaas taeuB, er avumea, ba th aid af the Beet. Whea th prisoner toreadythaeraaks aulled. th trsp-door fail, aad th gibbet accempllabes Ua work af artaa Call will a ahwatt twenty-twe to geityoar tsrehee. . Dnriag the or action of atngnld. anil the btrudiag whioh eeaMeala U Covert has list eg ed tsthe sound ef the biaawaer and the raUliag work of the carpenter, and ha during ail that trying ordeal exhibited a teal lag whatever. He would la. Bnare erith a ssaue hew fag the work v 7. ..i.. aavd aa sa tan kind ef ail mheea ha was a be huag. Hsaevwrdie- akajsd the iiowd mnatjna. hat oeattaaaUy CU I, eras all a-iahti that ha Was SBtllflefi, pad that : wss prepatad tsg wheath tatas easa' :.-). i!.i.'.-t. :-.v:n ni. v-t wtgT o tn Kirnts. : I ri AJ1.l a. a" ralat -m tkwT amaa'ald' OS lt.t.a f iataaa araweaatwd BB-daV. The aaaa ia tarv ar ad BT a reuga- ueai is vuuia. aad a flooring except, the grass af the Mease yara v t v . wr:"? 3 fi J'.'ra C a 1A . vi. u.-Jk - .-O Citf- ;:l;'t i-j ii-- d '- - -latt'H f- -'.'J a-atk ra--.- ti. .-.'-'i!r tia : tJ-.l't tfiatpt J : ' " ' . l ii' f It -v. 1 f -,iac -.- jcj mn'iw- t -O !-If VAis! X-tt U-.l' K,-V :t a:1-.-'. 4iv . hi ' - I fTr.'r- i JJiirw -" 1 Jm.- ii- j".-A: A rv-lT-i I M f ;.: ;- r i ff,tiX.l tlliy?..a(WMt , ;i:. CAW .at. t B , -tit i-J if.'?rv--' es,i- vj- i-v ' :t f ' Jt--v! V e T ae aa-vsadrVrtSwm,aeeaatiirvi, . c T 5rmri ytr-aa i m a.a tftn fv-aiaaawfBa p-ftee tswale. - -. ; peav-i. . . .:- aid bosmsa a- a Sailer's hunoa, srewsa vraiea eae ea "ane wtii he taateaed. Th swrs ever ehaoaw E w VIS lAatw-trOOBMM JAtt. - t--r lrriag-'istsrilay sJwooa and last evett. rng' be wae viaited ay but a tew trtonda. after. Mr.' iaswrtna' wa eeaataatly by his etde, readiag the tttoaer te aim- prayioe; with him aad talking ts him of 6od and liaavea, sad tea dreadful resseaslbUity e Mag ash-red tnt the nissrans of his Maker anpre- aad paiaagis of a-tp- tareha uve llWesaw. aad durtag prayer dareisyed muck feeling ni He dad aot st say alans changehl annnunusnaal of his lnaoeeaee, a aad laterest. oVgarsnined aad Mt tire It waa the Intention to permit him aa maea seep as he desired, sad air usual breakfast Ibis i inwlng iftT 'Tsarfast hia Water. Mrs. McNeil, and Mrs. Hattie Sotaoa, wtU -he E mxtted ts hold their last toterrirw with k Thar is as- ouestioeisg the tact that for maay aaoatbs Mrs. McSetl has beea a ve-szrhful aad faithful slater teSaatoel,- It Is expected that this islet flea' will be s rery alfcatiar sos, aa each legaraed the other wtth more taaa anJUary attach meat. Hsr-rasoa McSeU, aer huebaad, who is also ta tail en charge of the same eriase. will after-ward be permitted to see him aad talk a few Btiimi nts with each other. Covert will then be left alone with his spiritual adviser aatil the momrnt arrives for his execution. We sssy hers add that another sister. Mrs. Martha ftsoha, sickened at heart aad indignant at the fearful and appalling crime of her brother, hapoeitively refused to see him, or held say communication with him er the other numbers of the family chsrged with this mui der. All three slaters and their fam Uee are residents of Best field. Covert hss a brother, named Peter, reeiiiiag In Allen County. This brother also declines ail inter, coarse with Samuel or McNeil. His little daughter be has given te Mr. McNeil ts raise sad govern sa if it was hag own. rcrmox to thi eoTaasoa. . For several days past the feUowtng petition waa circulated, and obtained many signature. It was thea sent to Governor Cea: Te the Governor of Ohio : The undersignad, citizens of Warren County, Ohio, rrepeetfuliy submit the following state of facta rasreetiag ' the conviction of Samuel Covert as the murderer of the Boosa family, to-wit: 1. Vfe believe there is a reasonable doubt ss to bis guilt, not only In our minds, but In tbe minds of many ot the beet citizens in the county of Warren. t. The character of some of the witness a who convicted him, In the main, is not thought te ba trustworthy by suar of our etttscas, being persons of had repute. The principal witness in hltcenvtatioa Is a woman whose reputation Is not good. 8. The murder ef the Boosa family, ever since It wa committed, seems, In the minds of many, to be ahrouded tn myatery. 4. The circumstantial evidence oh which he was convicted Is of a very complicated nature so much eo that there appears to be involved in it some intellectual perplexities. These, Governor, are some of the facts in the case of tbe trial and conviction of Samuel Covert, W now ask your Excellencr to commute his puniabmeht to Imprisonment in the State Prison for life- He then will be aeoure against harming society, and, perhaps, be of tome service te the State. Further, there are some of the undersigned who believe conscientiously that capital pus lahment is incompatible with our holy Christianity, and contrary to the spirit of tbe Savior of tbe world, who said, "I did not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them to seek and to save." Governor, we have beea told by some that you have been a General In th army, and, therefore, would not eommute Covert's punishment because ou yould not have aay conscientious scruples in regard to taking life. We hope otherwie. We know youhave been ia the service of your country, and se- S ratted yourself manfully, for which wc tank you; but we believe that you, in common with all good men, look forward hope, fully to tbe time when war shall cease, aad the sword shall be beaten Into a plowshare and the bayonet Into a prunlng-hook, and na-tiooa learn war no more, aad the widows' tears dried op, the cry of orphan hushed forever. Now, we submit the above consideration! to your aenae of duty and justice, aa Chief Magistrate of the State ef Ohio. GOV. OOX AND HIS COMMTJTATION. - This petition was circulated and signed by a number 4f citizens of Warren County, and on Wednesday forwarded to Governor Lex a oJnmbnt. In addition to thia effort aad Interest Inbenau -r the prisoner, several private letters weie written, aaataw that he might be respited, or bis sentence beevea. muted te imprisonment for life. On Wednesday morning Mr. James Boosa, brother to John Bocaa, the head of the Boosa family, and who took a prominent part la prosecuting Covert for the murder of his relatives, went to Columbus aad saw tbe Governor, to whom he made s statement of tbe case, and expressed a wish that if the 'Governor could find it consistent with his duty, ancTaa he (Boosa) waa opposed personally to capital punishment, he would suggest a commutation of the sentence. Oe Wednesday evening Prosecuting Attorney Allen went to Columbus and laid before the Governor all tbe farts. The Governor replied: "I do not yet see any sufficient eaure to either respite Covert or eommute his sentence. I do not ssy now that 1 will not do so, for should any sa tin factory proof be givtm me that there la reasonable doubt of Covert's guilt, I should respite him for a few days, until a fair aad full In vestigation could be had. I have yet received no such evidence, for' repret en tattoos in petitions that the petilionera are oppoeed te capital punl.hment la not a ahowlng su in dent ts admit of my interference with the fin dine a and sentence of the Court and jury." it win ibua be sera mat tne probability oi any relitf from the Governor is very slight. HOW COVntT BKCBf rXD THX DRBAD IXTgX- LIGHRCK. This information was conveyed to Covert yesterday neon. Has face tamed to an ashy paleness, his lip quivered; while his eyes stared around bis cell wildly; eold drops of aweat stood ea his forehead, and hia heads felt like lumps of ice. He received the Intelli- reace with a long sigh, aad while his entire frame shook sad trembled with nervous and mental excitement, he said: "All right, gen tlemen. 1 am content. I am Innocent. lam not the maa; and, with a smile, settled down Into his usual indifference and stoical careieaaness. He made other references to his case, and his entire readiness to meet hi doom, sad again he was left te kit own meditations. tbb axacanoM. It is tbe Intvmttoa of the Sheriff te perform the rery unpleasant duty of ushering Samuel Covert into the praise eo of his mater between twelve and one o'clock to-day, whea this will be the first OKecutiou ever had is Warren County. Orders have beea Issued sad nrepsratioas Inaugurated for the "Turtle Creek Bifle Company" te be present, to per Rim guard and seaunet amy. . mere are already indications that there wiU besaeembled in latbaaoo, to-day, a vast eoacourse of people, who, not permitted to see the exscaUon, will content themselves at watching the temporary structure, in the interior of which it located the dread Instrument of capital punishment, the convict prisoner and others. To these people, who eaa not know the preparations going on in the inside, aad are Ignorant ef tbe precise moment whea the author of that terrible tragedy will pay the just debt of the law in expiation tor nia crime, toe mmucute will be tediona and the auspense painful. So doubt all trill fully realize tne deep soi-Bnlty of the occasion, and it is earnestly srged that all who may thea attend will preserve tne utmost attence anu rra w coram. There will tie admitted to tne inside to witness the fiasl ceremony of this tragedy, all the county officers. Covert s spiritual adviser, the members of the press and a few mends, or the prisoner, and ue snertn, as provi led by the law. When tbe hour arrives and sD arrangement full completed, at abeut the hour named Sheriffs Butler and Dsvtes and Bev. Mr. Boowdon will eecert Covert from his cell, which to tn the second story ef the jail, down te tbe hall and out en otnescsnotu. rxere ne win n pea-aataawa eo address those present, he having expressed hiaueifas desirous of saying a few words bs fore being executed, which privilege Sheriff Butler assured him would be cheerfully granted, last evening Covert dedaredthat at these law momenta ef his life he would ageiB proclaim bis innocence, and in brief re peat wnat IS COOaaiaeu aoove in a is uiug uw ciaration. It is, however, believed by many that by hie aft. repeated dedaratkaa. "The guilty man will confess ail before he dies," that he lav twarta. an the e-aJloers. when the rope Is emend hie neck, end he to fully assure a that eu hope er eoanmuiataoa ta gone, taaa no vnu thea make a foil exmfeaaTon ef the crime. Many ear anas, eta th ether hand, avettere that he will adhere to the lanoeenes which hs assert In his dying daelaratiea. Before two o'clock this day this query will be solved. AfteTheasaeoawnodhlaiemsrts,saasig-alfles te the Sheriff that he to reed y, the duty ef pinioning hia arms and Seat will be perforaned-The rope will be adjusted sa his seek, aad attached te the hook ef the rope oa the gal leer. The bolta win be sprung, aad Samuel Covert will have gone into the presence of his Mskar, to answer for this dark and Meedr crime, and the other deeds done in the body. ''vyaxtoirii.'' " ' : Our repot let desires briefly te return his atnerre thanks to Sheriff John Butler, Deputy Bheriff Dsviee, rYosecuttng Attorney Allen, Bar. Mr. Saswdon, Dr. Soott, Detective Hay nad Mr. Evans, for their many kinunesses while preparing th above for publication. All theaw geatiefaea are deervtiig tae thaake T the community for the huntaaa, yet Sraa, oabtased manner in which this tragedy has been brought te a final concluilou. i , i m.w-vafaW -s.nrstt.-. . - ' This Individual, brother-in-law to OoTsrt, etlli lira ia laii. and will hare his trial during the firat week of the October term. Suffice for the present that .the evidence is claimed aaTraa rarr atTocut a ral net him., with every probability that be will be convicted as aa Bceeeeory ie that murder, If not th prime la- atialor ef th robbery which resulted in tbe cr.aar. ta penalty et waica tyce wuf gmj thia day. - ' - - .. r-: t.i fr : Art;nnar ax Tax Lxrrui Kiamt Rarf- oao YxtfTXBDAT. A th night freight trala Wa spproaocre MUrerti, ana s soar distaace thia side of Camp Dennlsoa, aa axle of eae of tee cars brole, letting the eardrop aim aa the track. The train being at full reed, the eoasequeace was that the first ear niMi nn la a been an tha track, aad waa fbi- Lnwed bi four heavilv loaded cars, ell of which jumped the track, aad were piled p la s complete wreck, tearinr tap the ralla, ertua.aea aad th grade of both tracks. The We aad damage to freight will be heavy. Tbe accident detained the up-freight aad the tirl.Knw 1. aann rrrr tlrnraal doera SS. rill hours, but the netewsry repairs were mads yeaterUay, and ail trains wid run TrroJarly, as .sua!, to-day. kororeoa was Injured by tus aocaoeat. . , -.. -... " t ! '1 he rBocrstie T.xeeeltlve Com a litnuua uiniF win awva aa a-- "y;-1 Tciiar on fcai'irilay tnoralpg, Aiigust ta. -l (v. ii aa f . i, ; . Va - - a . j . . -. . .. i, I . . t . r " , JCIaaJ aWtaaaaaaa, vaatrman. -f fXi a f ri t f - - I , a. i - WOOD'S Thatsu There was a fine ao- at Weed'a Theater test ereasnx, a UM pea-fegsaaaee er nr. uuiee. tbe aew th play ef Beiptogor.or caariea Webb, th author sad actor. We believe tbe Ttlav waa never before introduced apoa Xb Cincinnati boards, aad It 1 certainly a most peculiar one. it lepreseam tae otooaae-beaks af the eld country such aa frequent the streets ef London, nraetieiag the lowest feats in public A domestic difficulty arouaee the inward feeling of the man. whlc-h deve-ope Itself ea the play prepresses. Mr. DtUoa depicts the various senea la xha nsettate-baak's checkered has with sack truthxiilnsri aad wtth a sswoh pathee -ia his eating, as to frequently eiacttloud aaawlita from the autH-euce, and which were meat maritortoasly be stewed. The play will be repeated this evening, for the beaerfit ef Mr. Diliea, aad wa doubt aot there will be aa verflesrlng boas. Te-saorrew afternoon the usasl saatfae will be given, whea a meet excellent programme may be expected. ATDatemient . of Clbolera in CincinnartL It is No Longer an Epidemic fair Eigkitfi Deal-i ifi TtrtKry-ftBr lean. The following ia the report of the Health Officer ef the number of deaths from cholera, from six o'clock on Wednesday evening te six o'clock yesterday afternoon : Robert Tanner. 4. Snaerlfas, Mercy Hospital. Aa-r.t as. Meary Itaahagaa. SV Germsay, laborer, Mercy Hoapltel. Aagaat Si. A ana Canke. 4, ClnrlnaaU. J Main street, Ao-gaBtia. Brldyet Welsh, SV Iretaad. ssrvaat, tn Kighth etrret, Aaroet ta. KUea rultaa, 1. OiBehaaaU. Walent HUla. ill ta. Alpha Kalght,., New Hamsahlre. 119 Fifth etreet. Aaaaat IS. Mary OraBt. St, Keatnckr, aervoiit. Commercial Boaptial, Annual &. Jacob balls, M. Oermasy, pail-maker. Commercial HoealtaL Aumtat aa. w. Bcieder. Sa, tiermany, laborer. Commercial noapllaU Aagaat at. Jane Morris, te, IreUad, 14 Meaad street, As-gastst. Maria A. A at aria. 17. Olden berg, married. IM Abigail street. Aagaat S3. Margareue Hottlacnaua. it. Oldeaborg, married, MS Bunt Street. Aeruat Sa. weraard Iadwebr. Sa, Germaay, etoae-eatter, rtBrwadway. AagaetS. . Maria U. kchkoratrr. SV Ceraaaay, Be Mary . Hae-pltaf. Awnat at. John a. Gurlnea. of Enrlaitd. tinner, married, let Broadway. Aagaat it. Helnrlch Baafenaiaa, at, Germany, married, tat Tfreemaa street. A oguat ta. Matthiaa Wusibona, St, Germasy, St. Mary'a Hoa-altal. Auraat Ka. Nrrniu Brandt, li Cincinnati, lit Walnut Kreet, August US. Called Meeting of Council Yesterday Tha Gas Question to be Acted Upon. There was a special meeting' of Cound! held yesterday afternoon to take action upon the gaa question. At balf-past three o'clock, the roll was railed, when it waa found that there wss Just a quorum present. The gaa question being the special order, tbe ordinance providing that tbe city aheuld contract with tbe Gaa Company, for the ensuing five years, at the rate of 2 50 per thousand cubic fret, wss taken up, which went to a vote. The result waa seventeen in the negative, and two in the affirmative. The ordinance waa declared lost. A resolution wss then offered that the Mayor be authorized to issue his proclamation to call an election of the people oa aome certain day, to vote upon the purchase of the Gas-works. The resolution waa filed. A communication from th Chief of Police was received in relation to the resolution offered by Mr. Davis, at a previous meeting, calling for a committee to investigate his proceedings in relation to the disposal of pswns and pledges. Ths communication was filed. Council then, on motion, adjourned. Slim Docket in the Ponce Coart. Tbe most meager docket that has been exhibited in the Police Court afnee the cholera commenced la our city wa yesterday there being only seven teen cases to dispose of, which was done as follows; - Henry Livingston, ths late operator at No. Ill Main street, wsa before the Court charged with obtaining goods by false pretenses. The evidence wss of such a character that Judge vr ami felt bound to hold him la hoOO for his appearance Wore the Court of Common Pleas, in default or which he waa committed. Charles Martin, a you eg antlemaa of the colored persuasion, waa arraigned for striking a Degress, as Mack aa a big lump of coal, la the street, because ah e refused to go with him. He wss fined $40 and coats, aad sent five day to the dungeon. Henry Lrland. one of the night cart drivers, wss before tae Court chsrged with the heinous oflense of dumping the contents of a privy vault from his cart in the street. He wss fined $00 and cost, and sent to the dun gen live days. Wm. Givens was charged with a malicious de Unction of property; thst is, smashing somebody's else's furniture, and for three tenia!? personal violence, was dismissed on the pat meat of costs in both eases. 8xow tn CrxctHKATt. On tbe mornings or the Slat and 23d. Tuesday and Thursday morning, we bad light falls of snow in this vicinity. Tbe nigbts are so cold tbat over, coats snd shawls are not uncomfortable, and fires very desirable. The weatjjer Is certainly vary unseasonable. - Ex-GovrtsoB ANDitsog. We learn thattbe Qoa. Charles andersoa. of Dayton. Ohio, has purchased atrset of alae hundred acre ot land la Lyon County, lay., for a stock farm. He paid $15,000 for it. COVINQTON. DbjuuckatiC CcnvxsTrON. Tbe Convention of the Democracy of this district, for tbe nomination of a candidate for Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation ef General Smith, enavenes ia tats city this morning at tea o'clock at the City Hail. Attkmpt at Suiflitg. On Wedneed-ay flight, about ten o'clock. WUHam Kites, whose business Is that of ferrying people across the river at the toot of Main street, la a skin, after the ferry. boat stepo running, got a call from tbe Clarissa ti side, and goiog over, found a maa and woman who wished to cross. Be took them ia, and when in the middle of tbe river, the wosaaa tamped out. She wss with difficulty rescued Arum drown-big, snd before the skiff reached the Kea-tuuky ahore she mad another attempt to Jump into the water, but waa prevented. We uould not leara the nam ef tae would- be -suicide. NEWPORT. Cholika. An old lady named Perry, sad her eon, aged about twenty-twe years, residing on Four-mile Creek, in thia county, died ef cholera on Wednesday last. Ou the same dsy two of the family or Mr. Joshua Evans, residing about aevea miles from the city, sear ins lacking iuver, aiea ot tne disease. CaOrKBAi. Magkuckr akj JsrrtRSOfi Davis. We find ia the MfTlcan Time s communication from General J. B. Msgro-der, dated Mexico, July Sfi, la which he says: I bave also beea presented by a friend with a copy of Dr. Craven's book, aad regret te find, en reading It, that Mr. Davis indulges in unfriendly Animadversions oa those who, st ths termination of the war, thought proper to leave the country. I belie vs that, closely eonnaed aa be was, Mr. Davis remained In entire ignorance ef the dree mete a nee which made uus course oa our pars ae esuy ear. rect, but patriotic. But If there are any who entertain s different opinion, I think I but represent the feeling of ear compatriots abroad when I request s suspension of that pplaioa until a release of our ox-PiaslJeu tram eoaaweaant aad his freedom tram. per. Becutioa ah all Bsveeneitaen ue wita proptteay to defend ourselvet, sad should this be net eoa ceded, I for on would prefer to rest tinder undeserved censure, rather than add tha weight ef s feather to the care which already so crueuy oppress our iornaer cruet. A aroerr shocking aaTalr aauauiad at the Cnited 8tatee Heeei, la this pteea, yssSereVay aaernlBg, by which Frank Parker, son of th landlord, easn Bear losing his Ufa. Ams bar of tales are told, but th perttoalar, as we learn them from Mr. Parker, are as follow a: William Crsmptoa had bean la the barroom playing with a revolver. Mot knowing It was loeded. aad ayialuag fefrtohaea Frank. he w-eat te the dinasr ranm doas aad eelled mimTaad as be apptwaebed, be pat the pint. I to bis mee and aaappea it, waen, so aas sur-priaeaad horror, it event ot, the ball Baking effect in the upper Jew, aad lodging ta th cheek. Medical aid wm at cam ealtod la, aad all the aasiatsnce poaaibto readered.. At last Bcceuats the boy was reeling easy, althsuga fears are amtertaiaed that it may yet pre re fatal. tsHfersoa mtrfcrat, MtA. I " - ' Tua Nebraska City ratpers give the Trartlc- alars f ths muroer, near thst eity, last Tnes-dsy afteraeoa, ef a boy ot sarvsw years ef age, named William H. Haardltea.whue he wrae anviBf a toa oa sue i.iuii e i eiiaa aa sow pasture, by a aaaa a eased Cash, who drove tlwxcattle Into Nelwaaka City, where be sold some of them. - Ths bey was ml in i mt alght, which caused Us reUttons to look sfter him, sad his body was found la a creek with tares bullet-hoiee la it, sheering that the anarderer bed shot him three times. Theaaenleivw left Nebraska City ea Wedaesday mawaiag.aad ws afterward Been aimud and moaated eaa fleet horse, near the residence ef Btsaow Talbot, .About tw hundred ritiaea had tamed osrt aad ware seowriBg ths vaciaity tar ths villain. - - ' - - ' -.- r.rtrmi AjTDBSrW.. ef baa been smdavaraas? soma a sothoa ftaata ttoa ta Issaquena Coaaty, Muasieslppi. bat ba breosse eo dlsgasted with free nlrgers that heto about te give tt up. Ha asjs hs -fought fear years to Shake the nigger free, aad bow was willing te flghtthe rental after af his Ii figlaas tepat thsaiia slavery agala. ,; ; - . . . ' . ... ' - Th Boaton Trttve&mr myi tbrr nerer wa so much doas tn th boot and shod trade at Beaton, ia the same Ume, ss sine August L. Tbe quantity ef boots aad shoes vorwajded by railroad sad by aea for the week ending Aa-gnet 8, waa biini rsste, The steok oa Band Is now exbsuated, and there are ereer aa hand that it will tats two moaUu to kU. 1. TtthoiD Tbvts- TTs' uaderstsad fhi taers are a eenaiderable nwwaber ef eases truaeid ferer la tb eouth-weetera TWUoa r f ; tbe county, aad la the border of Welis, luid 4 thst of a fatal character. Most ot ea-M-i sWi tackrd taii to r?vrfttIecarwrl.eoii - - i Beal Estate Ti-aatera. grawdsdsUSisssty Sartastaaa 4 lasmshAT a v as ! a, -wl. nt.taw and wrlfB t BonMa fold, lot Btfbyl n feet, athe Boat. Mdeef rhtb street, M feet west ef Baca street 9Megras sad wife to James H. Mux-ray, lot 64 by 1 feet,aa the east miOmjt Freeman atreata tt" foot -ssyoth of Ubert SemueiH. Betta sad wif ts Joseph Biggs, Mi be an i feL at She band eg Wise e. y.ea the lnaidso? the square bounded by John , Cuttar , 'Betas aad Cliaaoa uuu $ia D. H. Bathksmp aad wife te rrsd. W. aad Louta Veegt, alt their laewest in a set 11 by Mfeetyoa the north aids of Flint street, 133 feet west of Yermaa street $3,151 M. Wm. J.Koarrs to Urmry a. earn, tot 19 g by m tnet,ea the east side of Kace iwt hat wen Seventh aad Eighth et - hTa. V. Post sad wile te Seebaum k Ztm, ner. lot 80 br 12fi feet, ea th north stds f Ninth atreet.110 feet east of Central avenue $iao. '. 6 '. cxjcarTBAirsrxma. B. J. Slosa ta milip Sutter, lot by 150 feet, os thf north -east eornerof the Hamil-tea Bead sad Klmor street, is Cummins- Josephta Wrdath te Peter Zlnn, It to ts. each Sa by 130 feet, la Horn City, D--11il Township glOS. - - Uara SiOkee to Adam Schwsrs, lot SI by J2S feet, on Main street, la the town ef rra-wood glTS. . Levi Coffin te Feat Murr, s lot ooBtsiolsg 8 10 of sn acre, In Donaldson's subdivision of Beech Grove, section s, MUlcretk To wrunlp $100. J M. L. Higgtn te Davtd 8 Gray, lots tn the town of Greenwood $1,000. Mobil MncHAHTSv Our friends ia Cincinnati aad the West are respectfully, but earnesUy, referred to the card ef Martin Bros. A Co., auctioneer aad general eemmle. sioa merchants, aad dealers la Weetera pro-duee. In Mobile. This ts a firm entitled to the fullest eeandeaee of the naercantile pub lic, snd aa such we saraestly recommend them. One of them, Lewis B. Martin, waa formerly caahier of the Prairie City Bank, Terr Haute, Indiana, John S. Beach, Esq., Prealdent, to whom they respectfully refer. BAHEINO. G1U10RB, DUMP & CO., DEALERS IN' GOLD, SILVER, Uncurrent Bank-Notes, ASD ALL KINDS OT GOVERNMENT BONDS CMPOUXB-ntEREST NOTES WiSTED. Checks d Lmdon and Parii FOK HALK. 108 and HO West Fourth Street. Clt-sdp MAURLUI). At the Burnet House. Tharatfay. Aagaat si. by laevrrend A. Kltcbie. Mr. JoHltU. JtDIII ind Mia DALLiaHTlvaii.OK. both of Woodford, Ky. Anrnst ta. by Bererend Mliaer. -In Olaclanatl. Mr. Einiti. Mar sa. of bhrererioit. La., to Miss TAItarHai BT.of Sila elty. (Stirerrport and M. O. papera please copy.J JLIJfaUt On tVedaraday, AagastSt, at I P. M.. after a tin-rerlntr lltnesa. ooatraeted while in tbe Mer-vlce ef hia country. Lieut. CH AS B. GnSEMX, ared S years. t he rnneral will lake place this (Friday) afternoon, at t o'clock, froea the realdenre of bfs father, K. Greene, near Krnet 11. t ton. west of Millrrees bririge. Frienda of the family are Invited as attend without farther notice. At Ml. Louis. Aaga.ttl.roHw B. r-fTTLLIPS, formerly of Cincinnati. May be rest in aeace. HAT TRADE. tjfOrdert for Gdt tcili receive Prompt dnd? Careful Attention. Our atork, for the Fsll trade, of Hate, Caps Fbts and GIotps Is now fu'.l and complete. Orders will be filled at the tame price as If parties were here to eeiect for themselves. Wm. DODD sfc Co. Corner Peart snd Vine streets. Cincinnati, August SI. taattettOSItW COMMISSIOIT. r.c. Bcmtaa. at. B. McSaa-rsa. K. J. Maaeaae. U. C tteaaiey. MoFerran, Mneft tW Hensley, aetmstig s Tamlsrnie.a. rosf atraaioa MBBCSAITt. TT0B a - aa Aawata Bar tha aala aa taeay aggaea ewa ateaw. JTo. lOfl aad lOw ColBmhU. Street. SPCIA la VOTZCtXS. ITTflE UNDERSIGNED BEG LEAVE to submit a abort statement in relation to the action Of the Compenles, aad the elalm made ia regard to Street Bailway Tieketa. It Is conceded In the opinion sabmltted by the City Solicitor te tbe City Council, that the srleeef a ale- (lelarelaalx cent-, aad that Uetete are not required y tire roa tract with tbe city to be sold In paekaicea of Ine than twenty-Bra . WM ts ebaiaaed la that harkasee of twenty-ve (at) ahaUbe sold at one dollar snd three rente ; that la, four cents and a fracUoa loreach tteket. so thst the elttaaa wae le-elaetwhuy s dollar's worth of tieketa at a Ume. mar ride for four rents aad a fraction, while the one aot thaa able .nan pay six cents, or aooat tnirty per cent. more, w baterer may be the legal foundation arr-ahbtelalm. per cent. more. we baas beta aaable to saw ata waartaw tr .i.w did diserlmtnat. In favor of tne rich ead against tbe peer ir this be law baia ia the caws. The Compa nlee are advised that each la aot the law, and that such waa set the la tea tlon of Congress la laying the tax. They hare, accordingly, refused to aot oa thie nnjaat view of it. On the contrary, while being oaly bound to sell nackaaes of twenty-are (at) tickets at their .Scaa they uarc.ia order to bring them w I tela the means of all. sold them on the cere la peek agea ef tve (. tea tie), twenty (SO), end tweaty-Sve lai, at are cents a ticket, thaa practically m .king J the ate Sre cents, the Companies paying the OwVi . w e kare endearered te nee rats these Beads for the pnbUcacroaBSBodatloB.aBd ehalleaire compar-t. . wttb Boeds la other rltlea. ft hare anahiat aw technical rlghta. and are net aaw wullag to re-eert to oar legal rlghta. an ma it ia aweeeaary to protect tsreatmrnts aaade ia good faith, aaa with a view to a reasonable prstt, Wt eaa aot saaietaia tbeaeBoada aad their eealpmenta at aleee ram of far than Sre orate. It Is not the fault of the Companies that that uniform rate baa aot loeg stBeebeea aeopted, tbe bavlna- .rtdieesaS e easaaaeateaalea ta the Vlty Coaacll tor mat porpoae ta April last, bast ate action baa beea taken. . joncm Toxaa-jfea. Prealdeat CUaelanatl Htceea B. B. Co. MOKKIrJ OKUK, . Vice-President City Passenger sad I'aasenger iL WL ' Cempanlee. ' August at. ISM. - ' It t3T THE CATHOLIC XSQIASBUIKK. MAM High Scheal. af OlBelaaatl. wlU rsopea See-. tember t, earner Coart ead Ceatral aiaase Aeetl catlena easy be made et tat Fifth etreet. aalatf a. H. KKTBOP. Director. We call the . attention ot Druggists and, others tlmnlr- ng a pure article ofBOUH-HOIf WHISKY to our large stock, ranging from one to ten years old, selected clth great care from the best distilleries' in Ohio, KentmieJey and Indiana - - HIMDC & PORTER aula.? - 41 Wee eeerad etreet. Q. C. 8. OF C.KO. Le-THKMXMBEBS Oaera Crtv Beetlea of rjedeaa. Ma V era aaliai a tbat Ibe eeat an I Tlsg af ths tin lam mill ha an III UK DAT aVKJaLHw, Al It- . WTtfOHT, W.&. lVotIbe., .1., .;'-.. gyFEOPOSAIS WLLX. K KBUvmi f n 000.000 Trrr-rg iif. msweeneiwdmgTkteBOBSsahseat lutiia-. allding. si. piki 8AML TBariE6tAGX"AKT CEtTB ACTAJT laaay eg Weswtag ead Imsi sellie aeTewae Men. S las. P lai a lb ead Abaaaa wbaaa aaw wlaal aowera, with aw re n i.e. ef inlfsf oaavt area eg charca la seeled letter earreaape. SAlLUJI NOliuMiUh edelrhle trne- rreaapa. a a-lreaa ur.t. Lsaoetauaej, FtitU. eal-Smiaww A Kewtnd Gri ImV in ITeillilifi. rTDK. KAOOIKl, 19 THE FOXUfDnTBt agaaewMedtewl i.iiwai TVs geaeajtariawe. a hues vaet Internal Soses enlawaw tne etoevare aad aaral yee tbe bowels, ateat giw w be i kwi ts heaiih aad s iPTeuta. wita .twe ef hie ei-treoedtaary ruia. aad eaeee tne meat vimieei eoree win e eaa er eeef bla w aai'lia fal aa a!l-beaJln Halve. Tne twsrraat VTwrteea ef Was Iwevor are laa swnerr.irne sll tbeeteeeexyaed MS. Irani of tbe air: Axtraordtaary saius by atae. gw-l-. Pills sad iaarve hare evataed see eyee-af tne pabllr te the lneaeleecy ofthe(ao-eaued i ef otrtera. and bbbb which pvwa havw aw kmg bliad r eeneawci. Mairr lei's hi . are not mt trie eiata that are aws .lowed by thsdeeew. aadagwhlrh every box rati taaeeereatee ae nwa.'. timi uy far asether. -Oae ertwae Munai run aaAeee to place to bewwls la perveet arwr. Inae the etoaa. sea- create aa e-neMet, aad iei ai i the eavrtte lint aedhaoyantt 1 Here b no gr-l'lnS. and ao reaction tatbaforroaf i -' -.i:oo- If t .e hter te efleoted. Ite enactions arc restored: and If t' a a erroa. sreV tern le feeme. It i. invireraLed- lain last gaallty tnakea the aw- i ictu-w rery desirable f"r toe waeU of deiicste f q . t !cenoe and eriii-iive diaeaaee are liters j eunzal.ned by tne d:.:mriaat power af atastttw's - ..te. la fart. It Is L-m- a' .nnred that i M.i,lti.HlllUloi. I)Yi ISO I Itki.iial rUXa ruae v -re. a.l .. rs fall. While aar Korea, fv-alov, Ch- -ri. Cm. aad all abrssiotasaf tne skin. W M - ,lal.-s 8ALV K u la. ft-.. ...e. 8 ..1 tV J. ht Atatxl C. II Ptn. aXT-ea. af.w l,a,iI aafBtw,aa arRtUapet SHar-sa gjrj. A. Hunt will salt-fit aurtioe bj. taiarag Sftawa agree. Sad ahV she gar aae al be , aad ffcraltare ef tb ' eae.. -OoaeerelSB eaiea. a LOCAL HOTIGES. . - V - - . .- ajjprwa.Bwwa Try rjg. btrlcklaad's A a- tl-raoler Ml a tare. t3T Cholbba. Try Vr. Btricklaad'a Aa- U-ebolera anxtere. 3 Dr. Strickland Antl-cbojera Mlrhna aarrerndla. - sett-laaaas r , a. . i ees ' 1 g3JT Ecsa aatyr t'.t lTEgMfKaroe. One best artn klal ail Baa rata aAeet ywreauan t, w. I leave land, anaaalactarer. Sold bv r. g. Saira Co. aad i . D. Fart I aalt-aa, t3 PiLZSt PlLXSl Dr. Stricklaac'a Pu Bi aa By Is warraated. -' liwua t3T PiLKSl FZTJCSi Try Or. StricklaruTt Tftle ltimedy. '-nj 3T Pilxs! PiLXS ! Dr. tricklanj't pu. Beaardy aever aaila. aar-laanal X3T PALMKsya Ix ririiBLg la a delicata aad anreedlagty aae pewder. which ee aearly n xim.. the Batata! bar of health aa ta defy detection bv ta. meat experienced. It ts llkewrw aet only penraMr harm less in its effects apoa the health and raaa. plexloa. hart it aaa even earaUvw prosertise awt nndes it veins his sag nma ring tea. freckles, pim. plea and ether alight lilawlilun it ISrwnCtAI. CAVTataResUa. Wcrgoa. BwOTBIg STSgr has tiiomawo soealar thatvarl-eaa Bartsm have pet set srttetes esUlag them WlsalsWs. Plsaee take notice that THI BBS. wikslow or tbk sooTHrf stbuf li bot oejrxxcTXD wtth ajtt Othu abticls. WHOIaESAIaE. SPECIAL AHUQUKGEf.lERTl TO DEALERS IS DRY GOODS THROrGIIorT THE WEST AND 8QUTH. L C. HOPKINS & CO., AT TliriB KtW PRElirsCS. Corner Fourth and Race, ADllcltitiaf larr dma.nd for iirvx: &ooin, During the Fill. Oiler to the tr.J- ,000 CASES Of GOODS! OTOCIl WILL E.lf BH11E XKUll'X XXD FIVE DEESS GOODS! Plain 3Ieriuoes, Plain Poplins, Plaid Poplins. Mous. de Laine, Coburgrg. Huadiosi Nhfiwlj, Or EVERT DESCRIPTIOK. Gents1 Shawls, Table Tjnena, Table Napkins, Toweling, Flannela, INCXLOHKUAIWHIXbI Opera Flannels, Men's Wear, Boys' Wear, Mourning Goods, Balmoral Skirts, Hoop Skirts, Embroideries, Fine Laces, Tain en TTan c Vfrrrhi prfk, Ladles' Ctorsets, Hosiery, Scc, &c We keep a ri'LX STOCK ot tbe celrbraled ALEXANDRE KTD GLOVE Whirh are sea st A. T. Stewart S Co.'a petree. , Aa we Intend, at atl aeeeoaa. to keep A TVM. vteot a aiesSs. aaerrhants WlU find oare a aaoat taaoraew assek to select rrem. 1. C. HOPKHIS & CO., Carsi-T FaurtM anal Barr. faaSt- NEW OPXlA-HOUS& OPERA HOUSE. r r-i - -- . -. .1 III. . 1 i Bereatr-ave aaaaaf lTmslnrs Wert af PrvrsUaaas wni le AwarsVed te Tica-eo(dera, ssael ewerr Ticket gwewl far Owe Adsalss lava tetae Wewekatia-kavase- TlcketSy One - Dollar Each. WaaWawaar. A W lTia 'jf ajwf m-.t anxABtatnrwooisa - avA-VID-ataeOB. Baaaad , j ,,t t seta a Oeaamlttss te eea- dae the award sf rwadaaas. Taekata and inrrtptlTS Hate eaa be prewar ad S o. a sera. T j eri. Olaesa Weat roarth 'it - - - ri I fwiists B AITIHI70. ESPT,0milE:CLl G CO. - 7 -r W . t . Oej , , . Wo. 453 YTcsriTKiVd Ct GaTkmaaatx aacswriaa.' rcvsvaaV f'T1TI1i Mfaml SBirmamknaaal Tiala killi - BTeck -aalew. ".V -Drsfls apoa Zaglahd sad all saris at Um saesV aeat ssMtasnsas baeehv. . ,,,- r -eeU Xrrane aa Saw Terk tor sals.' - C XSPT. TirtDKI.BACH S ; Flaxes ed WcntetJ. .-V. i.- -.J .. . .-'-r-a" .' Iwnliv tp ii Tim f "T i.tVS3 wasnei t pouaeal Kr prima I - . - a. avrvew-SSBfcSStCtaiw!,. vtlU' ' s-JXm. , . v gta aatriia. . inr-Jl-t;- - - ea w aat strssfc An Liiweaeeli llina abaaaS be I Ir n n ImI TWS-hLASI a.BLAaiPT.1 srdr baa lw. Hni laeeal SW' I! we a a- i J r1. t e , si. i; at i I TT s yi re T ni -r. I It certain as tae osr w

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