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 - Tonight and Wednesday, gen- * erally fair. *...
Tonight and Wednesday, gen- * erally fair. * Temperatures last Zi hours-- ' Hiffh SI; low 6S. * jfapettebtlle i\v democrat Why were ftowa nmr to sell? » A--Because they were nutd* to '* be kept on hand. · · · · · * . · · · VOLUME 29, NUMBER 198. FAYETTEVILLE ARKANSAS. WKDNKSIW K V K M N C . Jl'I.Y 11. 1«J2:l. PRICE M CENTS A FISH QUESTION LIFE AND DEATH ONE IN ALASKA By United P/rss. JUNEAU, Alaska, July 11--President 11--President Harding and Secietary of C'om- .mcrcc Herbert Uoovor are now faced ^with the Alaskan problem of fiahcr- · iea. The question seems to be: ·"Stoall American households have -cheaper canned salmon or shall ·Alaskan Indians starve?" They will also consider some sort of closed season for salmon. The fish question, whilo remote to the average American citizen, is a matter matter of life or death to the Indian fishermen and packers here, and in fact to almost all Alaskan interests. WHEAT SELLING FOR LESS THAN DOLLAR ON MKT. By United Press. , CHICAGO, July sold at less than a 11--New wheat dollar in on the Chicago Board of Trade this morning. morning. Advices from all wheat sections sections of this country and Canada predict enormous yields and stated that excellent weather assured an early harvest. The reports were followed by an immediate rush to sell and prices dropped quickly to the new low level of the season. July wheat crashed from a high of $1.03 1-8 to a low of 99 l-8c, the record low for the last nine years. Trick Speculation Blamed HUTCHINSON, Kans., July 11-"The 11-"The same old trick speculators are ·forcing the price of wheat down when the farmers have grain," was the comment on the sensational -wheat slump today by Chester · O'Neal, farmer representative, who several days ago gave President · Harding figures showing that wheat 'ieyeh. at $1.25 in. Chicago would WOMAN TO HANG, ATTEMPTS TO TAKE OWN LIFE By United Press. CHICAGO, July II--Signo-'a fa- belle Matti Crudelle, the fust woman woman ever sentenced to be hanged in Chicago, went on a hunger strike this morning and then attempted to commit suicide in the Cook county jail, officials stated today. The woman attempted to strangle herself herself with her hands and inflicted several scalp wounds by pounding her head/ against the wall of her cell. Nitti Crudelle, the woman, and Frank Crude!)?, her present husband, husband, were found guilty of murdering murdering the woman's first husband with a hammer. The jury sentenced both to death. Everything Ready For Boy Scout Gamp Everything is in readiness for the Boy Scout camp to open at Head's Ford July 17th, W. S. Gregson announced announced today. All properties including tents, equipment, etc. except that to be wrought by each scout has been secured secured and a big dinner will await the aoys on their expected arrival at noon-time of opening day. "Shorty" has been hired as camp cook which guarantees "good eats," according to those in charge. All Boy Scouts are eligible to attend, but ·h one expecting to make the trip must register with his scout master and pay his camp fee of $2 in order ti secure accommolations. The boys will go by train to Springdale on Number 4 and mill :iike from there to Head's Ford, where they will arrive in time for dinner. Each scout must furnish lis own persona! equipment and is asked to check over with the Scout master before starting on the trip. SCHOOLMASTERS' CLUB Allege Leviathan Crew Has 22 Men Who Quit British Hy United {'nan. SOUTHAMPTON. July 11--Twenty-two 11--Twenty-two mcmbeis of the ciew of ihv huge American liner "]x.-viatban" were served with summons when the vessel docked heic yi^lculay. The summons charged the men with debuting debuting British steamers and shipping shipping on the American liner. The summons must be returned tomorrow, officers staled. SIMPSON-MINION BUILDING OPENED i TO PUBLIC TODAY 1 I I I Are Killed, I 23 Are Injured, In Piwder Blast! $4600 AVAILABLE FOR C.C. BUDGET; TO RAISE $600 Little Orchestra To Give Program On Mount Thursday The Little Orchestra from the University will give a special program program on Mount Secjuoyah Thursday evening. Orchestra members include: include: David C. Hansard, violin; Neutnan Ix/ighlon, French horn; Mack IJulse, drums; Gutherie Hassell, Hassell, piano; Grccr Nichols, cornet; Owen C. Mitchell, cello; Henry ]). Tovey, piano. Their work has been declared exceptionally exceptionally fine and their program is expected to attract a biff audience. Last night the Assembly musical program was given by Mr. Tuvey, Mr. Hassell and Dr. Allan Gilbert, baiitone. Mr. HasscII and Mr. Tovey, Tovey, both brilliant pianists, played six numbers for two pianos, among them the Schutl Concerto and the extremely tricky waltz by Rach- maninoff. Both the piano numbers and the Vocal selections seemed greatly to please the audience and Dr. Gilbert made a decided impression. impression. His voice is a full ringing- baritone baritone and his enunciation ist clear and clean-cut His numbers included included "Roadways" by Densmute, "The Floral Dance" by Mosa, "The Horn" by Flegiert and "Tommy Lad" by Margetson, Thursday's program will be as follows: Selections from the Fortune Teller ......................... Victor Herbert Thc forma! opening Sun-Mint nil building i Uickson street tulay '.lire if the- bu-,inr-s -,e ottevilk- today. The o drive-in f j l l i n g .station, ing opt l u t e d in comiiv A L T O N , 111., Juh, H i f t b r Smip- )i VVV-.1 ami A.11 the fi-»- " i o n of l-'ay- i.-'iing of the v.'-iuh is be- ··! the and feed twnp.ij, attracted attracted hundred-; of motori-!-. With each ga'oline purihn-x the station i-. presenting one quail of oil free, a- a n u \ e l way of iiitroiUicin^ their Midland petroleum products. The Sinipsun-Mintun building ii a brick j-inichiio, tbcroiig'ily modern and up-to-date, pi'ihap*. the b e t equipped warehouse in i-'ayeltoville, j Hit I'tiift'tt /Y'-.v.f. It !ia; a large fir*I floor j-pjci-, a j 1).\YTO.V, July 11- The jiitcinpt spacious basement tint will be f i n - by Lieutenant Ktiisi'll Muuxhitn to ishcd later, anil an u p s t a i r office accomplish a duwn-to-dark tianoron- tmental flight will be abandoned for this year, it was announced at Mc- KK'Yi-n -,vtii' *" killi-il .iii.l :! i i t i n i , b i n t heie vi -- A total of $-1(100 ha* been aub- tenla/ tthi/i 11 ten ilu e\j.b,ion 'scribed i i the ('hnmlx-r of Commerce U K - k i i l tbij plant n t [he V V i i t e i n i i m i n i m t y i-hi'«t and the remaininjf C,Hinder,. C ( .tii[iiny l i t ' mile* · ,-i -1 I $i'(H) « i ' l be sefiirwl easily, it is !·- nl t h i s my. The .lie: W i l l i a m ' l i i - v w l , A K. Collier, ihairman of H n i n i i n i r . Ka--l M'.»ir. l-'iank Hen-1 the budget committee (if the Ch»m- m-.. A l t o n ; Ku^-ell Ki-;liurn. of Cummer, e reported inn! night. «trii, 111; Chin|e H a w k i n s , A l t o n ; Sub-cription* arc fur annual contributions contributions for community |iurpoxr* in- i lulling the employment of a full- time paid secre'ury for the Chamber. Maughan Abandons Attempt to I ' I y A cross Continent space of six rooms, that has not yet been quite finished. A feature of the warehouse building building is the double unloading doors, which enables the company to unload two box cars simultaneously from the adjacent railroad t i a ' k s . There ers con Cook l-'ield here today. Major-Gene Major-Gene i n l Patrick of the army air service explained that the decision was for the good of f ' , . ; ·: . r .id nil oth- is al.v» an auto truck form. In the rear is a drive-in loading platform for use in bad weiiter or for storage. Here the shipping business, business, viaTM truck, can be handled efficiently efficiently and in addition the space, can be used for truck storage at night. Storm Hits Detroit; 3 Killed, Thousands Of Dollars Damage By United Press. DETROIT, July 11-- Three persons were killed and thousands of dollars of damage to crops in southern Michigan resulted when one of the worst electtical and rain storms of the season struck the section. loading plat-! Ai: 1 service officials here stated weather condition! for the remainder) of the year would not be favorable for a .second attempt at the flight. Airman Would Make Second Attempt ST. JOSKl'U, Mo., July U-Lieutenant U-Lieutenant Ru^xell Mii-ughan, failing in his first attempt to spun the continent continent fiom dawn to daik when his plane was forced down near here Monday, hopped off this morning on his return trip to New York. He was headed for Dayton where he plans lo remain until tomorrow, leaving for New York at dawn. Maughan stated that he i.i more confident than evir that he can pilot a plane across the continent in 17 hours when he makes the second attempt attempt early next week. Ready for Steel on U. of A. Gymnasium McCarty-Holt Bout In Prospect Here i'ete Mi-l'arty, the aggressive little little Irish featherweight battler, who hold, the Hixie featherweight championship, championship, und who has been brought to l-'uyetteville for an athletic carnival carnival staged by the Lynn Shelton I'uKt of the American Legion, will give a boxing exhibition at the Legion Legion Hall r'rklay night. McCaity will meet Shorty Hill for a C-round bout for the entertainment of ihts Legion members only. Spurt followers here are making i every effort to cioae articles for a bout between McCurty and Trigger Holt, featherweight, of Wcstvillc, Oklahoma anil Springdale, a well- known fighter in this section. It in planned that the fight will be held some time during the latter part of the mouth. Plans for the athletic special will bo laid at the legion meeting. McCarty is one of the best known feathers in the southwest. He ho» met such boys as Jose Rivers, former former featherweight champion of the world, Dick Griffin, Freddy Hill, Kid Flake, Jack. Arnold, Franfcte Garcia, Garcia, Young Muiitreu! and many other other contenders for the featherweight title. He is one of the best fight- em ever brought to this section, according according to local fiifht followers. Announcements on the bout to be staged between Holt and' McCarty FRANCE OFFERS By I'niud Frett. LONDON, July II-- Fr«n«« t'tduy to prevent the threatened rapture rapture at the Entente over tt» nrj»P- mirf question, on the ·»· of tlM announcement of the new Brtttek policy policy believed to involve * wpinta settlement with Germany, ffl* French government today took to avert the threatened break. Franco offered to recede from aggressive stand if it can be without the los» of her prMtI(*. This is understood to be the ftot of the converxation between the Frensfc ambassador and Lord Curion, British British foreign 1 secretary. France was given 24 honn to forestall the announcement to UM House of Common* by Premier Stanley Stanley Baldwin of th* proposed Ion* hand" policy toward Owmany, it to understood. J. F. MOORE * REELECTED " HEAD OF CC Frank Moore wa* r*-«het«4 pmU dent of the Chamber of CMMMM* a meeting of the clttb h«ld felt 1 Prof. H. E. DvoMchtk WM first vice-president, »nd Boy second vice-pre»!deAt Members of the board of (towfe nors were named *· follow*: C P. Armhitead, J. L. Bond, Bffc M|» connell, Earl Bat*« and O, W. BM£ The board will elert UM MmU»p» treasurer. Visitors included D. M. Patrick, of X*IMHM, 1. W. Fort Smith; C. D. Hutfefr, On% »ett; Claud Hint, Pr-t-feott; SiK$ Hollaway, GorrMy. * -~ Business (neloded to* fc»rtll^ «f reports on rocdf, ,«Stf p«i*, camp site, tniuportattan, and

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