Cream of Wheat ad, 1936

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Cream of Wheat ad, 1936 - f ft I October 78, 193(5 THIS WEEK Magazin...
f ft I October 78, 193(5 THIS WEEK Magazin Section 3 u X; J 7 5?? sf ita-v A X ef a AND PLAY WITH YOUR BOY. . . NOT AGAINST HIM Right now these college half-backs of the 1950's are playing the hardest game of their lives! They are in the 1 to 6 danger years . . . trying to grow and thrive in the face of serious threats: Malnutrition and many infectious diseases are at the peak. A child each day burns up as much energy for his size as a grown-up. lowered vitality is easily brought on. Will your hoy be able to win out against such a combination? Not unless you gef in the game, mother, and give him the help he needs! Make sure, first of all, that he is getting enough 1 food energy. That is supremely vital. Fortify him at the start of each active morning with a breakfast built around famous Cream of Wheat. Scientists have discovered in this delicious cereal an abundant source of food energy . . . just the kind of carbohydrate energy that athletic young bodies need. And Cream of Wheat is digested so easily that its full charge of fowl energy-is released for use with great speed. For 41 years Cream of Wheat has been accomplishing grand results for children like yours. Ask your own doctor to tell you more about it ... its purity ... its value as an aid to natural weight gains . . ." its many other advantages. Don't delay a single day before starting vour child on energy -rich Cream of Wheat! Cream of Wheat I rich in a type of carbohydrate second only to sugar in the speed and completeness with which it Is assimilated. Doesn't tax digestions. Even delicate young systems handle Cream of Wheat with ease. Is a good source ol the food energy needed by every child. Encourages natural weight gains. From one big package of Cream of Wheat you get more than fifty servings at a cost of less than one-half cent apiece. fftA X V OF Copr. 1936 by Tlif ( mm of Wheat 2ii "iom had me worried, he'd get played out so easily. Friends suggested Cream of Wheat. Now I'll wager he has as much energy as any two boys in the neighborhood!" Mrs. E. J. Smith, 355 Alamanda Way, Stuart, Flo. "There was a time when Jane simply would not eat breakfatl. But Cream of Wheat changed thai. She loves its delicious flavor and insists on having it every day." Mrs. Fred Schmid, Jr., 3852 N. Hamlin Ave., Chicago "It's hard for us to believe now that Don used to be so underweight. But he was. And Cream of Wheat deserves a lot of credit for the way it helped him fill out." Mrs. H. B. Ketler, 3482 Scott St., San Francisco NEW BIG f- I U u LJ VrLL 'n com or tomp$! Address the Cream of Wheat Cor poration, Dept. TW-2, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Get yours today) Rastus, the Cream of Wheat chef, in the form of a big 18 inch doll ... in brilliant colors . . . all ready to be sewed and stuffed. Yours for just 10 cents Name Address i

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 18 Oct 1936, Sun,
  4. Page 101

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