Frances at Hamilton

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Frances at Hamilton - parents secured on a recent there. -a Pupils in...
parents secured on a recent there. -a Pupils in the upper" grades visit have i been practicing for the athletic badge contests.' 1 AIXANDER HAMILTON-Iat HAMILTON-Iat HAMILTON-Iat order to promote all extra-curricular extra-curricular extra-curricular extra-curricular activities In Hamilton . each home room group has elected Its business-manager. business-manager. business-manager. business-manager. The following have been' chosen from the various rooms: 101 Don Lashley. 102 Lucien Houchin. 103 Helen Franklin. 104 Anna Tudnope. 105 Pauline Shirley. 106 Mildred Webb. 201 Clay Willingham. 02 John Bui-ge. Bui-ge. Bui-ge. 203 Joe Knowles. " ' 204 Waynes Walkley. 205 Floyd Carnahan. 206 Alice Virginia Coe!l. 300 John Armstreng. 301 Mildred Van Order. 302 Wayne Meyers. 303 Osyth Dearsmith. 304 Charles King. 305 Addison Rose. 30G Vilma Burk. t Election of the student council was held at Hamilton last week. Members Members will serve on committees and have charge, of certain duties in the school life. The committees are. as follows: Library, publicity, ' discipline, fire I drills, lost and found, bulletin board. cafeteria, welfare. 305 9A. Willa Holmes. 205 9A, LucHle Stoops. 203 9B, Louise Anderson. 206 SB, Vera Hoffman. 201 9B, Vernon Sefton. 301 9B. Harless, Zahn. 202 8A, Kenneth Mann. 204 i A, Ida May Jones. ""302 8B. Nedra Karns. 303 8B. Claudine Downing. 304 8B, Glen , Smith. 300 8B, Clair Kracaw. i 306 7A,- 7A,- Clarence Perrine. ' 102 7A. Frances Pennington. 104 7B. Valoise Da via. . 101 7B Shirley Campbell, 103 7B, Berneice'McCauley 105 7B. Louise Ruland. Sbme of the Hamilton students own ing radio sets are: Alexander Handros. j i Milo Carter. Chris Needham. Lowell 1 Sinkhorn. Oscar Blaze. Norman Briet-s Briet-s Briet-s weiser. EJwood Broadfoo't. G. Shaw Deane Burleigh. Gordon Quick and nien Kevvhmisp ' - 'r J Tlfe first Girl Reserve meeting was held October 2. in the form of a party in which over 100 girls were present.!11' - ! Girls of 9A-played 9A-played 9A-played a game of volley ball with the 9B girls on Fridaj . Oct. 6. The 9A's won " ROOSEVELT Members of Mjss Weaver's third hour history class enjoyed an original p.ay g.ven yy o cr umbus Day. The play was given on a miniature stage. It was a portrayal of various events In the life of Columbus, Columbus, in five acts. The scenery was all hand painted. Bothftthe good dialogue i and the musical accompaniment added j to the effectiveness of the production, j t Teachers from Garden City who were i on the way to the State Teachers' 'I Meeting at Hutchinson, who stoppc-d stoppc-d stoppc-d I at Roosevelt Ifor a visit to classes, Wednesday. . J o Economical Chaplin f To Use Doug's Set. It's just too bad, declares Charlie Chaplin, to have yiat big "Robin Hood" set go to waste. So it is likely to show a comic by-product. by-product. by-product. Charlie says that he is going truse the draw- draw- bridge in one of .his pictures. He will " out the mdk bottles, call in the cat. ; ana raise the drawbridge for the night, j i1 ; i

Clipped from The Wichita Daily Eagle22 Oct 1922, SunPage 31

The Wichita Daily Eagle (Wichita, Kansas)22 Oct 1922, SunPage 31
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