William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt (3)

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William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt (3) - art-vised SLAYER OF ROBBER COULDN'T HIT RABBIT...
art-vised SLAYER OF ROBBER COULDN'T HIT RABBIT CONCLUDED FROM jPAGE ONE, the life of one bandit who attempted to rob him. "I was in partnership with another man then and we were both in the store when the bandit entered," he said. "We were ordered to put up our hands. Instead, I grabbed for a club while my partner went ti get a revolver. I could have beaten that holdup man to death and my partnr could have shot him if we had wanted to, but we let him run and get away." After that the grocer said he made up his mind that he never would be robbed without an "argument." Drew Gun With Bandit. . "Something told me those fellows were bandits when they came in the store," he said. "When one of them drew a revolver I came out with mine at the same time. I'm sorry, naturally, that I killed the man. No one likes to have that on his mind. I really didn't intend to kill him. I only wanted to stop him until police came." Rugensteln went back to his store after emptying his pistol at the fleeing bandits. "I thought I hit one of them, but I did not know he had been killed until Informed by the police," ho said. The grocer snid the weapon with which he killed Sorrell was left, with him several years ago by a Negro customer who owed a bill at the store. Burglars Busy at Store. "A couple of fellows tried to short change me at the time and the customer customer was in the store," he said. "The Negro left, returning a short time later with the Luger. He told me I might need it around the store and to keep it as security until he paid the bill. I have had the gun ever since," Rugenstein said several attempts have been made to break nto his store by burglars. Only last week two men attempted to short change his clerk. And then a few days ago someone broke into his bread delivery delivery box and stole his bakery products. "One thing just seemed to lead to another, ending up with this attempt to hold me up." h said. The grocer did not seem greatly excited or nervous at. his home last night. He reviewed the shooting in a philosophical light, saying, "He might have killed me, or some one else." Wife Worried. "I'm always worried about Carl In the evening," his wife said. "I could never get over the feeling that he might be rohbed and wounded some time. Oh, I'm so sorry that the man was killed, but I'm glad my husband was not hurt." Rugenstein has been a grocer eleven years and has lived on the South side, where he has a wide acquaintance, acquaintance, twenty years. "My friends used to laugh when I missed a rabbit with a shotgun," he said. "I always was a poor shot and no one. was more surprised than I was when I learned that I had killed a bandit." the in a all for he as in

Clipped from The Indianapolis Star22 Nov 1930, SatPage 3

The Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, Indiana)22 Nov 1930, SatPage 3
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  • William E. Sorrell Slain in Holdup Attempt (3)

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