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SI 1976-06-13 Gypsy palm reader - Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion...
Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion Carbondale-Herrin-Murphysboro-Marion SOUTHERN ILLINOISAN, SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 1976 Page Forty Five She reads, palms as city reads rules If 'xff r y I tlkKK I far V n f; v : Katfierine Johnson is Time to practice Yo-Y Yo-Y Yo-Y contest blanks are availabl Entry blanks for a Yo-Yo Yo-Yo Yo-Yo contest to be held at the University University Mall in Carbondale this month are available from mall chops. undaunted by zoning and sign ordinances The contest, a mall event sponsored by FM radio station WTAO, will be June 26 near the Mall fountain, according to Robert Lewis of the radio station's advertising staff. Mall merchants are donating prizes a 10-speed 10-speed 10-speed bicycle, rings, gift certificates and cash to winners of the finals, be- be- By Joanne Wood Of The Southern Illinoisan Will Carbondale city officials slap the hands that read the palms? Katherine Johnso'n, palm reader and adviser in her East Walnut Street home, doesn't believe believe they will. "I don't want to make any trouble, but I think everything will work out okay as soon as the city council meets and decides what the zoning will be," she said. As soon as the Johnson's moved into their house three weeks ago, her husband, Steve, put his wife's large wooden business sign in the front yard where the picture of the palm of a hand and the word "Readings "Readings and Advice" could be seeh easily. But Carbondale's sign ordinance ordinance does not allow - a sign of that size, especially in a front yard. Johnson now has the large sign leaning against the front porch and a smaller one in its place. "Actually, the new sign is improper, but I can't , make a ruling on the Johnson's application application for a legal sign until the city council decides the correct zoning for that residence," residence," said Carl Baggott, sign inspector for Carbondale's code enforcement division. James Rayfield, director of the city's planning department, is waiting for the city attorney to rule on the type of zoning to apply before he can decide what the Johnson's options are. "If the city decides that the present "planned business" zoning stands, the next phase would be for the Johnsons and their landlord, Barret Rock-man, Rock-man, Rock-man, to make a design approval approval process application," Ray- Ray- ginning at 1 p.m. Preliminaries will be held in the morning. Several groups will be matched matched during the day boys and girls 15 years of age and under, college students and a free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all free-for-all with rules set by the Duncan Duncan Co., makers of the Yo-Yo. Yo-Yo. Yo-Yo. Lewis said the entry blanks will include an explanation of the rules of the contest "and if people pick up the blanks now, they'll have nearly two weeks to practice." Business News field said. "If that second phase is ruled out, then Mrs. Johnson could make a special-use special-use special-use application for a home occupation." occupation." Mrs. Johnson is "not supposed supposed to" read palms and give advice for money until the zoning zoning ruling is made, Rayfield said. "But she's probably not going to be shut down. It's such a small thing and there are many more important matters." matters." The Johnsons also are finding finding that the Southern Illinoisan will not carry their advertisements. advertisements. Mike Comerio, classified advertising advertising manager, and Charles Spence, display advertising manager, both said it is The Southern Illinoisan's policy not to accept ads from fortune tellers, tellers, palmists, clairvoyants, psychics or astrologers. The Johnsons are undaunted undaunted by that problem. "There are other newspapers that will take our advertisements," advertisements," Johnson said. "I still like this area the green hills, the lakes and rivers, the nice weather and I can fish all I want to." Mrs. Johnson just finished a palm reading when she was interviewed recently. Her customer customer left and she sat on the couch and talked about her work. "My mother, her mother and God knows how many of my family in the past did this," she said. "I've been earning my living reading palms since I was 15 and I'm 40 now." The readings, she explained, are a matter of learning to look at the lines in the palms of both hands, putting them all into a total context and making a judgment about a person's past, present and future future life. Benefits to for most unemp Increased benefits for some of the 325,000 Illinois residents who receive unemployment insurance insurance will be available beginning beginning July 1, according to the Illinois Dept. of Labor. "But you got to be gifted, though, I don't think anyone can just learn from books; it's a gift from my family," she added. Some hands those with smooth palms and clearly defined defined lines, are easy to read. Others with lines deeply etched into the skin or crossed with other lines, take longer, she said. "But the character of a person, person, now that's something I can read in a person's face and body," Mrs. Johnson said. Some of her customers come back, time after time, for consultations consultations and to talk about their problems. "With some people there's a sensitivity that I can feel. These are the people people I can advise," she said. She still gets letters from people she advised in other towns some of them 10 years ago she said. "Some people, you know, have terrible problems. problems. They need someone to talk to, someone they know will keep their secrets and advise advise them the best I can." Her voice trails off as a young man steps up on the porch, pauses to read the "open" "open" sign tacked on the wall, and then comes into the Johnsons' Johnsons' immaculate living room. "I saw your sign outside," he mumbles nervously. Putting him at ease, she speaks quietly, "Come on in here," she says, pointing to her private "reading" room with its small table and two chairs, the walls decorated with religious pictures. While she's gone, Johnson ex- ex- plains that their Americanized name is easy for people to remember. "Our real name is too hard for people in this coun- coun- try to pronounce, so my family changed it after they came from Rumania. increase week for the married person with a non-working non-working non-working spouse. This is the second re-compu- re-compu- re-compu- re-compu- tation the department has had since July 1, 1975. loved i , 'fi ' ":.' i -&4&t' -&4&t' f , 4 " X . j ' ' ' - i t 4 V S : J '7', 4 Some palms are "Some people call us gypsies," gypsies," he adds, pushing his net fishing cap back from his forehead. forehead. His daughter, 17-vear-o 17-vear-o 17-vear-o 17-vear-o 17-vear-o 1 d Nancy, serves cold lemonade. "We're proud of our tradi- tradi- tions and we don't want our girls to get too Americaniz- Americaniz- ed, so she only went to school long enough to learn what is necessary," he said, Mrs. Johnson returns to her chair, adds, "Girls just get married anyway, so they don't need to go to school. Boys, they go as long as they can. They have to earn the living." Johnson has worked in the construction trades in Chicago, Decatur and the Alabama and Florida towns in which they have lived, and says he does not depend on what his wife earns. "He works here for a tar- tar- sealing company and can go fishing whenever he wants to," Mrs. Johnson said. "He likes it here." v 4- 4- km it. 9 r is ST" ft easy to read otf Cat It's fast. fun. and not in the least fragile. If a real thrill for a small price-completely price-completely price-completely equipped and ready to sail. The Hobie Mono-Cat Mono-Cat Mono-Cat will create a nev kind cf recreation fcr the whole family. It's part cf the Hcbie Way cf Life. Rt. 8 Hwy. 13 East CARBONDALE Phono 549-8414-549-7397 549-8414-549-7397 549-8414-549-7397 549-8414-549-7397 549-8414-549-7397 549-8414-549-7397 549-8414-549-7397 Sj

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  1. Southern Illinoisan,
  2. 13 Jun 1976, Sun,
  3. Page 45

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