Carmack, killed, 11-10,1908

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Carmack, killed, 11-10,1908 - , TEN PAGES. - ....... - PRICE: TWO CENTS....
, TEN PAGES. - ....... - PRICE: TWO CENTS. College Against of This Chair, Poverty Might Failed the morn college and grimly flinch. room Douglas man not from upon others, endowed, hour, has not man, watchful life," today. been meningitis, him but recoups cut dignity, in rightly ability is, in Douglas, for living afraid slowly I am. anyhow, I'm ior can operating. said to for over to "Well, cent in it, and you come to hand my never before. chair.' Collier's a cent only this I but as hotel but the become Well, it, but him classmate paid the went to of at Dave about can't be my other u my I've I sent poor when and me. man's board that I It's I seems my , of the forcing dealt can N. in his college, member experience Rus-Sell Rus-Sell proprietor hotel Walkers a oliulu-cona, oliulu-cona, mak- mak- until it piup-..n- piup-..n- Douglas Canadian be his heart from friends cicy.. children," his do- do- an1 man one no one i EX-SENATOR EX-SENATOR EX-SENATOR NEW YORK POSTMASTER HUR1 , EACH SHOT DOWN ON STREET Former Member of U. S. Senate From Tennessee Slain by Son of Democratic Democratic Leader. EDITORIALS IN HIS NEWSPAPER CAUSE Warned to Cease Use of Col. Cooper's Name in His Columns S layer Suffers Slight Injury. Special to The Free Press. '9hviiia Tnnn.. November 9. Edward Ward Carmaek. former United States senator and editor oi the Nashville Tennessean. was shot and killed here at 4 o'clock this .n.rnmn hv Robin Cobner, son of Cnl. Duncan B. Cooper. Young 1 Cooper was accompanied by Col. Cooper at the time of the shooting. shooting. Mr. Carmaek was alone. Mr. Carmaek was on his way to his home when he was waylaid and. shot. He drew a revolver and fired one sshot. Robin Cooper has, a slight flesh wound on his shoulder caused bv Mr. Carmack's bullet. Col. Cooper had a .pistol, but he did not fire. Liquor Battle Cause. Col. Cooper was one of the leaders leaders in the recent Democratic primary, primary, when Mr. Carmaek was defeated defeated for the gubernatorial nomination nomination by Gov. Malcolm R. Patterson, Patterson, said to be the candidate ot the liquor interests. Recently Mr. Carmaek has written written several editorials in the Nash-,hiio Nash-,hiio Nash-,hiio Tennessean in which Col. Dun can B. Cooper's name was men- men- onnoetfon with what tiuueu ., Carmaek called the Democratic machine. machine. Threats were made by Col. Cooper that Mr. Carmaek must cease to mention his name or pay the pen alty. Mr. Carmaek paid no atten tion to the warnings. uoopei o-r.oo.ri o-r.oo.ri o-r.oo.ri this morning in an name - editorial in the Tennessean and this is supposed to have leu io hub imB-ThA imB-ThA imB-ThA sWootine . occurred1, on MtwH nifctreets;-:''6nly nifctreets;-:''6nly nifctreets;-:''6nly one quare frem'3;tue-.gtate'?caiitol. frem'3;tue-.gtate'?caiitol. frem'3;tue-.gtate'?caiitol. Great excitement wYtV causea by the tragedy, as Mr. Carmaek was one of the best known men In Tennessee Tennessee and had recently been before the people In every section of the state in a series oi juuu with Gov. Patterson, in which Mr. Carmaek was the champion of state wide prohibition. Feeling between the saloon interests and the temperance temperance forces ran high in the re-.rimnn re-.rimnn re-.rimnn nnd since his defeat !for the gubernatorial nomination Mr. Carmaek has been active in au mr torial way in support of state-wide state-wide state-wide prohibition. May Kill All saloons. The Tennessee legislature will meet early in January, and it is dieted that Mr. Carmack's assassination will result in driving saloons out of Chattanooga, w- w- ffi v four 'J V m thtTwhere liqu'or is now sold. . . As soon as , on the edge of the street curbing Col. Duncan iouiici --rr --rr --rr around Robin Cooper and both walked a few feet to Dr. R. G. Forfs office, where the alight wound in Robin's shoulder was trted. Dr. Fort said the wound was slight. ... , w f An ambulance c.miu y-j y-j y-j --Mr. --Mr. --Mr. Carmaek to an undertaking es tablishment, 'i'lie mack was found lying at his slcie with two chambers empty, and it was turned over to the police. Youn Cooper was later carried to a nospuai .inn - held at police headquartera. Rob n f'nnnol- f'nnnol- l an UlLUlimj, - - and unmarried. Eyc-Witness Eyc-Witness Eyc-Witness Tells Story. There were a number of eyewitnesses eyewitnesses to the tragedy. But the one that was nearest the scene and was most directly concerned was Mrs. Charles H. Eastman. Mrs. Easttrtan Sa"l" was walking down Seventh avenue with my cousin, Mrs. J. M. Eastman, of Now York, and when rz.. 4 .... nf thtt onranee we were just. .-"nt. .-"nt. .-"nt. . -7-- -7-- -7-- -7-- of the Polk flats we met Senator 1 - ,,n utfoat In. uarmacit cumins -" -" ward us. He was smiling and ne recoglliBeu mc ov.m- ov.m- -u...w -u...w . he Could speak to me. We were walking on the outside or tne pavement pavement and lie could have passed be tween us anu lu "-v "-v "-v . Just as he got right up to me and in front of me lie raised ni hat ana -jir; -jir; - . ' T oniric tn Mm. and Airs, iuasi in"- in"- , was about to make a remark to iiini as he stood with his hat raised, when a voice behind me saidi'We've-got saidi'We've-got saidi'We've-got vou all right, sir: weVe got the droo on you.' I am not- not- sure that these were the exact words, but they are the same in substance. Governor Issues Sialcmcnt. "Senator Carmaek raised his eyes hpfid reacnea oiuuu towards the outside of the pavement pavement to get clear of me. While he was doing this the same voice said- said- 'You dastardly coward, you are 'hiding behind a woman, are y"As he sprang aside I saw the butt .f his pistol. Ami then I became fri-htene! fri-htene! fri-htene! and instead of trying to stop Coh Cooper, I took about two Steps into a gateway. As 1 turned and looked bSek from the gateway I saw Mr. Carmaek fall out Into the street. .,t,a,. tiii the tofiowES rarTn" regard io tbh SveploTffelinf ortupate JSSfe with' Senator Carmaok or any one elSe" '"M, R. PATTERSON." CARMACK g . SENATOR E. W. CARMACK. Edward Carmaek had been a United United States senator from Tennessee from 1901 to 1007 inclusive. Robert Love Taylor, who had been nominat ed at the primary election, was elected by the Tennessee legislature 111 1907 by an almost unanimous vote. Senator Carmaek, who made things lively in the senate when ever he could, was born near Cast-alian Cast-alian Cast-alian Springs. Sumner county. Tennessee. Tennessee. He got a high school edu cation and studied law. He first practiced law in Columbia, Tennessee Tennessee and took an Interest in Demo cratic politics. In 1884 he was elect ed to the legislature. When his term expired lie joined the staff .of the Nashville American and in 1SSS founded the Nashville Democrat, The Democrat was merged merged with the American and he became editor-in-chief editor-in-chief editor-in-chief editor-in-chief editor-in-chief of the American. He was a delegate-at-large delegate-at-large delegate-at-large delegate-at-large delegate-at-large to the 1896 Democratic national convention. He was elected to the senate to succeed Thomas B. Thurley, a Democrat, who declined to run for re-election. re-election. re-election. He was one of those who attacked the administration of the Philippines. Philippines. Once he asked In the senate for the proceedings of certain courts martial, saying he belived there was an organized torture system in the Philippines. Senator Carmaek married Elizabeth Elizabeth Cobey Dunnington of Colum-bia Colum-bia Colum-bia TentC - '. HEADS IE WIN; TAILS YOU LOSE Mayor Johnson Gives Some Inside Details on the Workings of Cleveland Companies. Cleveland, November 9. In an effort effort to learn the financial condition of the Municipal Traction Co., the leasing company which is operating Cleveland's street railway lines upon upon a three-cent three-cent three-cent fare basis, in a suit for a receivership, Mayor Tom L. JolWBon was placed upon the witness witness stand before Special Master Belford today. The mayor stated he was the treasurer of the Municipal Traction Co. and was familiar with and responsible responsible for all of the company's system of bookkeeping. Mayor Johnson testified that he and President A. B. duPont, of the Municipal Traction Co., owned all the stock of the Pay Enter Fare Box Co., a concern which is making fare boxes for new pay-enter pay-enter pay-enter street cars being constructed. Tho fare company, he said, was financed by the Municipal Traction Co,, which stood to lose if there were any losses, but would not share In the profits of the fare box company if there were any, other than to receive Its fare boxes at cost. Secretary Aiber, of the Muni cipal, cesuneu mai rai T,v,uv had been expended by the Municipal for the fare box company. DID THE MINISTER BET? His Check Found in Envelope, but He Denies It. Special to Thn Free Press. -Linton, -Linton, Ind., November 9. The finding of a $i0 check given by Rev. George Henninger, pastor of the First Methodist church, in an election, election, bet envelope, is causing tho minister a great deal of worry, as some of the people are accusing Mm of having risked money on the election. , , Ho asserts tiiat he got a check cashed at a drug stupe and that the uruggisi, hol iitiviiis. ii .I....--. .I....--. .I....--. .I....--. ... rirr?. .l.- .l.- tin. from the eil- eil- -mc -mc .uittHci, iuu& v-" v-" v-" - yelop in. which a saloonkeeper and some otner persons mm mi" "--money "--money "--money "--money representing their wager, arid- arid- placed in Its stead the minister's minister's cheek. As the saloonkeeper won, he supposed the minister was a party to the bet when he found Hennlnger's check in the envelope. TO - GIVE LIFE TO IEPEKS Bich Young Preacher Will Join .'; . Hawaiian Colony. Special to The Free Press. Utlca, N. Y., November 9. Rev. Henry Maetlravy. a rich young religious religious worker, who left a luxurious luxurious homo In Brooklyn a few years ago to engage in evangelistic work in Little Falls, has announced his intention of joining tne Hawaiian leper colony, and giving his life, now hardlv as years lived, to the assistance assistance of the unfortunates of that unhappy place. . It was to Rev.Mr. Macllravy that Chester Gillette, murderer o Grace Browne, confessed on the etc of his Sseoutlon at Auburn prison last March. Satisfactory TltuK- TltuK- Framing. Triiliauk O'Leary. 33S Woodwarii Ave. KILLED, E. M. Morgan, Native of Michigan, Wounded by Lunatic Who Thought Himself Aggrieved. LIFE SAVED BY DAUGHTER'S MOVE? Roosevelt Appointee Nott Seriously Injured His j Assailant Shoots Self and! Is Dead. , , SDeclal to The Fre Press. New York, November 9. Post master Edward . M. Morgan, of Nowi York, was shot this morning, as he was leaving his home, by EriO; 11. B. Mackey, a stenographer in a law office. Four vears ago Mackay escaped from an insane asylum atj Worcester, Mass., where he hadl been confined for a year, after hej had waylaid and shot a man in J Roxbury, Mass., in precisely the' same manner as he waylaid Mr.l Morgan. . Mr. Morgan probably will owe his life to the fact that just as thej crazy man jumped in front of lilm-j lilm-j lilm-j his little daughter. Dorothy, wlthi whom he was walking, pulled hinV- hinV- until he swung partly around and received the bullet from the side instead of directly in front. The bullet entered the left side of the abdomen and passed out the rlghtj side, the course taken being abouti eight inches long. Not Seriously Hart. i An operation performed by DrJ Titus Bull showed the bullet haH just grazed the smaller intestine in its course, but there was no per-.' per-.' per-.' foration. it was aescriDea Dy mi doctors later as a flesh wound. Mr. Morgan was in splendid physical condition and the doctors declaredu there was no reason to look for any dangerous complications inter- inter- fering with his recovery. He was perfectly conscious tonight and' resting easily, though suffering-5 suffering-5 suffering-5 some pain. Immediately after shooting the postmaster, Mackey fired three shots at himself. Olio went wild, the second hit him in the breast and the third went into his brain. He fell in the gutter. was,p.iflked up and his face covered by a newspaper ami lay on the sidewalk in view of folks hurrying for the subway for over an hour, when his body was finally takeii to the police station, whence it was later removed to the morgue. Insane Desire tor Revenge. Mackey had been working as a stenographer in the law offices o Hunt, Hill & Bets, at 165 Broadway. Broadway. He was quite inoffensive and his employers saw nothing to indicate indicate that he .was insane, though they had been notified that he had been in an asylum and had taken French leave of it. That he picked out Mr. Morgan above air others as the person who had injured him and upon whom he must be revenged was due to the simple operation of one of the rules of the postoffice department, with which Mr. Morgan personally had nothing to do. That rule requires requires that when registered mail is sent to a person doing business under a trade name that person, must produce a copy of the certificate certificate filed with the county clerk showing his right to that trado name. Thought Himself Persecuted. Mackey has registered both aa Harold Saxon and as Joshua Daniel-son Daniel-son Daniel-son & Co., in running a dancing academy for a short time under the first name and intending to do a. real estate brokerage business under under the latter name. He had hired a lock box for the mail he received and he could not understand, apparently, apparently, why, owning such a box. be should have to go through the formality of showing his right t the trade names. The legitimacy ot. ills business was not involved. He had been nagging the post- post- office with many requests and petty., complaints, to all of which he got i back tiie usual formal letters sign-., sign-., sign-., eil with the postmaster's name. ' though of course written by subor-tj subor-tj subor-tj ilinates. All this had its effect on,i a mind that had been deranged ap-J ap-J ap-J parently for years and subject toi delusions of persecution. Loaded With Weaaons. j Mr. Morgan did not know his aJ sailant, who had called several J times at the postmaster's home to a ask if he was in. and had then de-d de-d de-d : parted without leaving any messagM . or stating the object of his calLJ I Shopkeepers and residents of the J ! neighborhood had seen him lurkine j I about in the vicinity of the Morgan i .home for a full hour and a half oe-1 oe-1 oe-1 ! fore Mr. Morgan emerged. I The man was a walking arsenal. J I In half a dozen pockets of his cloth-3 cloth-3 cloth-3 i ing were cartridges. In his belM was a pearl handled knlte with j i blade four inches long. In ono pocket was a ciasp unite, ana inm j sUM another pocket the police drew! a slung shot. One ot Beat In Country. In connection with the shooting . ot Edward M. Morgan, New York sj postmaster, by an insane man, F. B. i uicicersuu, iwwci t.s...v..w I tcr and father of the National As- As- sociation ot al?T.Z?;; , 1 visit OI air. wef-e" wef-e" wef-e" "" ,'ur; vears ago. when that association! was organized. - - - "Of course when that first meet-, meet-, meet-, ing was called in Detroit, by west-j west-j west-j erSers, to organize a national assy cashiered heirrather;tyo big to -.end -.end her postmaster' said Mr. Dl( erson. ?,2-n. ?,2-n. ?,2-n. ....fn.w! notmnstAr n!si was too big a man t?,3JH troit for the organization. So tney sent-along sent-along sent-along Mr. Morgan, who was a that .time a sort of second assistant postmaster- postmaster- in New York. : -Mr -Mr Mor-r Mor-r Mor-r Kan sliowed himself a big man. is played aii importijnt part in th proceedings o Uie -association. -association. Hjv has since shown Himself one of th best postolllCK raon lp the country. If I were to name the three Met. -I , would say Jolio. M, Hubbard, twj , assistant postmaster l CWcagJ Joseph May worflV-vthe; worflV-vthe; worflV-vthe; Detroit as sistant, and Morj-an. Morj-an. Morj-an.

Clipped from Detroit Free Press10 Nov 1908, TuePage 1

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)10 Nov 1908, TuePage 1
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