August Naroski and Henrietta Mauiritz anniversary Raudnitz

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August Naroski and Henrietta Mauiritz anniversary Raudnitz - CELEBRATED FIFTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY their...
CELEBRATED FIFTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY their ten children ,.. : Mrn on pre a - .. . .v-, .v-, .v-, .fni rr? Oi tnr-ir tnr-ir tnr-ir ir.l ( Vi ! fr. and d Mrs. AUfeLM rar oki- oki- S-'.aturdsy S-'.aturdsy S-'.aturdsy aft-rnon aft-rnon aft-rnon cdewai- cdewai- .i the fu'Mfth aim rary of their r- r- Kif,y vear, ago Saturday c' tryt . ince of V.'fst .. f at ft T 7 " . rf.ulr.t. rrs-t rrs-t rrs-t c-rf-niony c-rf-niony c-rf-niony c-rf-niony c-rf-niony f-n f-n f-n th'" a rain Y,i ir h rri r, Kairview avenue. per- per- .T--i-d .T--i-d .T--i-d .T--i-d .T--i-d .T--i-d hy t!i" H'V. Iaul Ilopf,1 I ,Vr,r (,f the Fourth Keformed J'.', ur,'.1 'The hrid---stnaid hrid---stnaid hrid---stnaid hrid---stnaid fur the an-! an-! an-! Li'.i'".arv (, h sjfn wa-H wa-H i lie vuuhk- vuuhk- d . .i.t'it-hl-r. .i.t'it-hl-r. .i.t'it-hl-r. .i.t'it-hl-r. .i.t'it-hl-r. ai.'l l he in-H in-H in-H Irs. Frank Mrlinlv, man was the oldest yn. M-nrj M-nrj M-nrj 1 .. DuiidnitT I'roi 1:1 . . . . - -' -' irv.y.h. t.orman). ' ' VaurPi became the bride ,. . . ,.-f-r!in" ,.-f-r!in" ,.-f-r!in" ,.-f-r!in" ,.-f-r!in" K-t K-t K-t Naroskie. Saturday etnin.. ,, .i,,. ffifi.-itinz ffifi.-itinz ffifi.-itinz crcrpynian, n iljs.u in'- - . . i. i.ix-:. i.ix-:. i.ix-:. ' Naroskie. i tie iwvkt be-fraiifiriilldren. ti e ;! I.-- I.-- i ; Iah nit M clii-ide clii-ide clii-ide find hJ- hJ- ( w' w' w' el)'. i hjk the an'ii-:--iry an'ii-:--iry an'ii-:--iry an'ii-:--iry an'ii-:--iry an'ii-:--iry cere iu :iv, a wedoiu dinner i,'..T 100 KUet3 was i from Son. rv iii Jiouiid IJrouk. Duncl-, Duncl-, Duncl-, h-n h-n h-n i'Unifif'H. Ne.v Market. New: II, i If. Hohoke,!, New York,! l:r k S vri and (':- (':- einn.l by "ater-j "ater-j "ater-j , , ;, .. : Auteri and his t-taf t-taf t-taf f ofj .4. L'nd'-r L'nd'-r L'nd'-r cacti pi . . Mr i:i old. During .-Hid .-Hid .-Hid t!niu'ho;t the .- .- was furni-h" furni-h" furni-h" ! by ! f t- t- K n a ; the din-. din-. din-. .r. T.t-ti T.t-ti T.t-ti i . or 1 I;if :i"ufi'''i'. v'. .win-, .win-, .win-, ni'ic aj furnir-h'-d furnir-h'-d furnir-h'-d furnir-h'-d furnir-h'-d by the ai-. ai-. ai-. at-r':,',u'.t on-bes-tr;.. on-bes-tr;.. on-bes-tr;.. on-bes-tr;.. on-bes-tr;.. of Somerville. ; t .. ,,.;. v, as attractively decor- decor- .. ,-i. ,-i. ,-i. i',,,i!i.r nriil fold' I,:i!."i:. inn, and chrysanthemums.; P .n;, - ih- ih- laf ier p:rt of the even-; even-; even-; t iet,. was dancing ana enter-: enter-: enter-: lntro-i;n-.-!it lntro-i;n-.-!it lntro-i;n-.-!it lntro-i;n-.-!it lntro-i;n-.-!it the program being fur-j fur-j fur-j retlr-; . h'v Dr. ;.nd Mrs. Arthur ;s . of Brooklyn, and Hrld-, Hrld-, Hrld-, of lloboken. Frank Ti: v. ''ddiiig f.k- f.k- was made by V.. l iirni r, of Brooklyn, for-; for-; for-; l, : ; . of Souier i!!e. It was d -' -' ..!..! (1 V-itil V-itil V-itil fit) leaves e g'll 1. ' '1 i ... ;if!s received included over 5 .;. in gold piecs. diamonds. Inn :i and cut glass. The entire' c. ! b. a arranged by the children of the e I hrating couple.' The Jii!dre:i pre-'-nt, pre-'-nt, pre-'-nt, pre-'-nt, pre-'-nt, the'r vie . husbands and children were, Mr. ;.nd Mrs. William Voorhee.j : i.l I hililmil .if Viuiiarvill... Al ' and Mrs. Max Forster and chi!-' chi!-' chi!-' tV" v ,,ro,:Vy,,: tc- tc- Md M,'Sfj lh firy Naroskie ;:nd crnldreu of, liai::field; Mr. and Mrs. Michael1 N:t .i-i.i .i-i.i .i-i.i and chlldrt n. of New Bri:n-.wiek; Bri:n-.wiek; Bri:n-.wiek; Mr. and Mrs. Pierc i sev-ll.ii.!. ii. of leveland. Ohio; Mr. I Mi l Mrs. James Waters and, iiu.h!tr of New Market; Mr. and depend-Mrs Albert Wissel and children, f Som-rville: Som-rville: Som-rville: Mr. and Mis. Jo-, Jo-, Jo-, hi ;.'a Rosen, of N'-v N'-v N'-v Brunswick:! Mr. and Mrs. Frank McBride and children, of lloboken; Mr. and Mrs. Aiuuist Naroskie and d.iugh-tTt d.iugh-tTt d.iugh-tTt f New Brunswick. The cue rreat - grandchild present was Thomas Wenzel. Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wenzel. of Brooklyn. Mr. and Mr.-. Mr.-. Mr.-. N'aroskie came to tl.i couutry from (Jermany In issi. They lived for a time in the vicinity of Roycefield and came to the I'airview avenue e.ciion of S..!iier-vil!e S..!iier-vil!e S..!iier-vil!e in 18SS. where they haw Mr cinr." HvPiI Flotll Mf unit ,r,Kkifl :ri 7rt .w. r i.i . to a (-iiiUiiuiLiiivui (-iiiUiiuiLiiivui -

Clipped from The Courier-News17 Nov 1925, TuePage 15

The Courier-News (Bridgewater, New Jersey)17 Nov 1925, TuePage 15
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  • August Naroski and Henrietta Mauiritz anniversary Raudnitz

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