1951 Mar 15 CJ recommends yofurt

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1951 Mar 15 CJ recommends yofurt - Talk about Women Look younger, Live Longer,...
Talk about Women Look younger, Live Longer, YOU'RE AS YOUNG a.s you look and as old as you feel. That's a saying I remember hearing ever since I was a little girl. It was the stock answer one of my female relatives used to shut up another one with when the pair got into a heated discussion over which one was r year older or younger than the other. Perhaps that's why all through the years I've wondered: llotv does one go about looking young and feeling young? Or, to say It with a little more emphasis: How can one look younger longer and live longer younger? Mull over lhat a bit before you rratl on how can you, look younger younger longer and live longer youngert Then lei's get into thn book; "Look Younger. Live Longer." GAYELOKD MAUSER S best seller. seller. Von won't have to run out and buy the book. For In 1 1 more days nn Mareh 26 Mr. Mauser's lifelong lifelong study of what constitutes good nutrition and, in turn, sparkling sparkling health will come to yon In pleasant doses five days a week with your morning Knipilrer. Of course, there may be some things you'll turn your nose up at. I did (he same thing. Mr. Hauser won't convince all Ihe people all the time lhat all lie says is Ihe gospel truth. Nobody in history ever has done that not even the original gospel preachers. I. always believe in taking the Ideas and opinions of others which I consider worthwhile and fitting them into my own life. The ones I don't find appealing I pass by. ONE OK THE first things (hat made a whale of an impression on me was Mr. Hauser's insistence that you do NOT tell or even dwell on your age. He himself practices what he preaches. Nobody seems to know exactly how old he Is! In his recommendations for rating lor health, Mr. Hauser includes includes advice to the fat on hoiv to lose weight, to the thin on how to gain weight, and to the just -right, -right, woman on how to stay as trim as she is. I don't mind admitting that while I haven't followed any one of his specific diets, I have drawn from his general information and eliminated many foods designated by him as "not necessary to health" and added others which he branded as beneficial. The result has been an increase In energy and an amazing resistance to fatigue. fatigue. There have, been times, I might proudly add, when I have outlasted persnns half my age! Some of the things I do now that I didn't do before I read Mr. Hauser's book are: I. eat liver at least, once and sometimes twice a week. Incidentally, my husband wax irketl at ftrxt that Mr. Hauser ten ucr?etti in getting me to tin this inasmuch ax he had been titling lor vears to get rne to that very thing.) I faithfully take eight brewer's yeast tablets a day. .1 average one-and-a-half one-and-a-half one-and-a-half one-and-a-half one-and-a-half one-and-a-half one-and-a-half to twe jars of ngurt. a week. This isn't as mucn as Mr. Hauser recommends but. I figure a little is better than none at. all. I particularly like my yogurt yogurt on top of sliced pineapple. I have noticed, oo, as Mr. Hauser predicts, that i enjoy my salads more by eating them before the rest of the meal, ".hen my appetite appetite is keenest. And I find nntn-ing nntn-ing nntn-ing so delightful as a tall glass of hot milk fortified with dry skim milk i for increased protein) before before I go to bed. T ADMIT I was one of those that laughed until I tried it at Mr. Hauser's "stomach lift" advice. si . I.J ' G AY F.LOKD HAUSER. Do this every day. he nays, and you'll have no trouble with constipation constipation and if you are over 41) it Is absolutely the ONLY exercise you need; Nice part of the stomach lift i.i that, you can (as he says) do it anywhere, any time in the. bathtub, bathtub, riding in an elevator, waiting for a bus, etc. The only revision I have made in adopting this counsel counsel has been to make sure I have a coat, on before I try it in public. In a form-filling form-filling form-filling suit or dress, thra exercise looks a little bit on tlia unladylike side. The stomach lift consists simply of drawing up your stomach as though you're trying to pull it Up under your rihs, relaxing, then repeating repeating five, 10 to 2U times. MY HFSBANI), by the way, has become a yogurt enthusiast. Under orders of our physician, Dr. L. Courtney Jack, he had to knock off 30 pounds. He did It since last October and one of the things that kept him from feeling hungry (and sorry for himself) was good old fat-free fat-free fat-free yogurt, which fills the stomach without loading on the calories. It's hard to describe the taste of vogurt. but if you like buttermilk vou'l! like it. J didn't like it at first because T didn't like buttermilk. buttermilk. So I first learned to like buttermilk - by letting myself get so hungry several times that even it tasted good to me. TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Mrs. Vera Connolly, Mrs. L. H. Wen-strup, Wen-strup, Wen-strup, Mrs. A. C. Joseph. Enquirer Pattern

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 15 Mar 1951, Thu,
  3. Page 9

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  • 1951 Mar 15 CJ recommends yofurt

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