James O Meehan dies i the Wissahickon Creek 31 Jul 1897 1 of 2

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James O Meehan dies i the Wissahickon Creek
31 Jul 1897       1 of 2 - in -v -v St. in did be a a of a in in of of E...
in -v -v St. in did be a a of a in in of of E TO HIS DEATH H A STEEP HILL James 0. Meehan Loses Control Control of His Bicycle on - .liartwelh Avenue. PITCHED INTO THE RIVER Flying Wheel Struck a Stone Wall and He Was Hurled Into the Wissahickon. Clinging hysterically to the handlebars handlebars of his bicycle, of which he had j lost complete control, James O. Mee han, VJ years old, descended the steep declivity of Hartwell avenue leading down from Chestnut Hill to the Park, at a frightful speed, yesterday afternoon, afternoon, and dashi-ig dashi-ig dashi-ig with terrific fDrc-j fDrc-j fDrc-j against a stone wall at the bottom was hurled over into Wissahickon Creek to his death. The accident occurred In plain sight of a half dozen people at Vaiiey Green Hotel, who were horrified to see the poor fellow riding to his doom when they were powerless to lend the least assistance till It was too late. Meehan was employed as bell boy at the fashionable resort Wissahickon Inn, on the heights along the Wissahickon Wissahickon valley. He had been given a few hours off duty and was just starting starting out for a pleasant bicycle ride, accompanied accompanied by a companion, Edward Brown. They left the Inn shortly after 1 o'clock on their wheels and started down the elegantly paved avenue, the grade: beginning right at the hotel. They had gone but a short distance when young Meehan's feet slipped off the pedals and he seemed to lose his head at thesame time. CRIED FOR HELP IN VAIN. He shouted to his companion for help, but in a half minute he had dashed around a curve and was out of view. Down, down, faster and faster, the wheel sped around the sharp curves, but the boy managed to cling to his seat and guide himself sufficiently to avoid collision till he reached the bot tom, where the avenue makes a sharp turn to the south to cross over the old Valley Green stone bridge. It was a last chance, but almost a hopeless one. As he tried to steer the machine: it made a sudden lurch and carried him point blank against the south bridge battlement. The horrified spectators on the other side heard the crash and saw the body of the unfortunate rider shoot up in the air, over the handle bars and then fall into the water. Meehan came to the surface but once, and then without making an effort, as if stunned, he sank irom viewr RESCUE WAS IMPOSSIBLE. Park Guard Nelson Foulke, who is also keeper of the Valley Green Hotel, was just dressing to go on duty. He rushed out to the water's edge anl after after discarding only a part of his clothing clothing dived in to attempt a rescue. He swam out in the swift current and waited as long as possible but when the body did not appear returned to shore. Divesting himself of more of his apparel he dived in again and repeated repeated his efforts for three-quarters three-quarters three-quarters of an hour. In the meantime his eon, George Foulke and Albert Rhodes, had secured a boat, but breaking an oar were retarded in their work. Finally, by attaching a rake to a pole, they located located the body by dragging the stream and Guard Foulke dived to the bottom bottom and recovered it. LIFE WAS EXTINCT. Every possible- possible- effort was employed to restore life although the boy had been in the water for nearly an hour. From the examination of the body, it was found the boy's chest was crushed crushed on the stone wall and this probably caused his death. The body was removed in the Park wagon to the house of Mrs. McKeon, 10o4 South Front street, where Meehan Meehan was said to live, but it was claimed claimed he only stopped there occasionally, - Continued on Fifth Pare, DOW a is L. 90 8 8 17. St. St

Clipped from The Philadelphia Inquirer31 Jul 1897, SatPage 1

The Philadelphia Inquirer (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)31 Jul 1897, SatPage 1
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  • James O Meehan dies i the Wissahickon Creek 31 Jul 1897 1 of 2

    crazyfamily1942 – 03 Dec 2016

  • taylor_treebranch
    Nelson C Foulke is my 2nd great grand father. I heard of a heroic act on his part, but the details were vague to say the least.

    taylor_treebranch17 Jan 2017

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