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GTEUBON REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY, AUG. SUCCESSFUL COLLEGE CAMPAIGN The $30,000 College Fund is Secured and the Committee Rests Prom its Labor. BIGGER AND BETTER SCHOOL IS HOW ASSURED And a Greater Angola Will Undoubtedly Result Committee and People Entitled to Congratulations. After several weeks of earnest and persistent effort the committee appointed appointed by the Commercial Club succeeded today in securing the required amount necessary to perpetuate the Tri-State Tri-State Tri-State College in Angola and enable it to comply with the requirements of the State law. We regret that the names of so many people who are amply able do not appear in the list of contributors in spite of the fact that this enterprise was so essential to the welfare of our community. We congratulate the committee, consisting of men and women, on their success, and commend them for their zeal and for their loyalty to the cause entrusted to their hands. The tions should be added to the list here better equip the College. The list of Mrs. Ollvta Wlckwlre 53000 WUllam Ferrter 1000 St. Joseph Valley Ry. Co 750 500 500 500 500 L. C Sttefel Mast Brothers v F. K. Jackson.... v E. A. liratton. V. H. Waller & Co ., 500 J O. F. Rakestraw 500 500 500 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 250 250 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 200 100 -100 -100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100. 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100' 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 too 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 L. A. Hendry....... Friends .) Charles Wlckwlre. D. R. Best Cyrus Cllne ........ W. C. Patterson C. 1. Laeenby Dr. T. F. Wood Mrs. Ellen Perfect. B. B. Ooodale JohnC. Webb John A. Booth..... Mrs. L. Dell Croxton..... ; .v.. Thomas L. G lilts. '. Ezra L. Dodge Walter H. Ward .. ..;.r. Mrs. Ellen M. Patterson Geo. U.OberholUer.. J. Lelninger. .. C. C. Carlln. Stephen Horn............... .....i........ Edward Etttnger .'. .... Fred Snyder... Mrs. Mary Perfect....' Mrs. Kmellne Walllck OrvUle Carver Joseph W. Goodwin Willis W. Love. Dr. S. C. Wolfe ...... Henry H. Owen JohnB. All man.. Howard Jackson Henry E. Krats Mrs. Henry Under Mrs. Lydla Foster.. John A. Croxton Orson Flsk and Daughters. Daniel Shank..... Steuben Co. Electric Telephone Co Angola Railway & Power Co.. A Friend.... , Homer Dll worth 7 F. M. Powers Angola Monument Co Burkhart Jfc Rltter Charles Harmon Addison Hamlin ..- ..- Anna Castel Joseph Zlpfel W. I- I- Boyer J. B. Hayward Reeves Day Homer TwlcheU Ernest V. Shockley C. M.Craln. A. E. ElBton. Geo. Mallory Clarence Freeman OtisGUmore John G. Yeagley v . . Emmet Croxton , Mrs. John Gochenour.... M. L. Swinehart. John F. Shu man.. WUllam E. Heckenllvely Curtis Heckenllvely Elmer E. Bachelor . Mrs. Charles Ooodale.;.... Abraham Stevens Dr. F. B. Humphreys Fra nk GU more Charles A. Yotter T. B. Freeman..., Dr. H. D. Wood Charles R. ScovUle -. -. Wm. M. Brown J. W.Snyder- W.Snyder- John McCrory..... Phllomathean Society.... Crescent Society .. Mrs. George S. SchovUl ' Cora and Ella Snyder Dennis Trlplett... .. . 11. A. callender H. B. Welcht..... E. C. Green.:...... ' R. E. WHUs. . Grant Miller r ...... Lincoln Miller Jacob Mounts 100 100 100 ioo 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 loo 100 lOd 100 100 Howard Thomas ..... Peter Zlnimer John B. ParseU.. Geo. KIntner Ab Leas James Flnch. Henry Shank Miles A. Jones W.I Braun Mrs. Fannie Cowan...; ClaudC Ball Alvln Goodwin Andrew Coy..... James Crissinger ... . H. F.Thompson ' O. Ooodale j.... Fred Kankamp........ Milton Brokaw L. N. Klink...". Wm. Burkett. ..... Ethel and Esther Wlckwlre Dr. W. H. Lane ft Byron Work and Wife 8haughniss & Fenster maker..: Catherine Miller ........ A Ramsay & Son. FH Ramsay.... ...... Or T J Creel . JohnC Wolfe.... i , Mrs M E Johnson .... .... . .... John Harpham.... ................ Eva A Rosf John Knl&ej W L Porterfleld. Winifred & Pearl Hathaway.... J. Mrs Sabrln a Rowley: .. DoraF Powers... books are still open and many subscrip given, as every dollar will be used to subscribers follow: Mrs1 E C Almond 100 Three Friends $100 each 800 Williamson & Co 100 Dr J F Cameron IOO Mrs Wm McConnell . 100 Foreign Contributions 1256 $50 Subscriptions W H Watson Elmer RInehart W F Shearer Frank E Burt Mrs Susan Bachelor Mattle Williams John Hanselman Bart Hansel man John Anspaugh Kimsey & Marshall Oeorge Ford Henry Hauver Nathaniel Bennett Mrs. C A Segur Mrs M R Post Mrs Fred Gasser Charles Wells Michael Myers Elmer Orewller Sherman Cole CVC GUhams Frank Grass Cornelia Ireland Charles Sheets Lawrence Gates Fela Parish George Willennar Vernon Stauffer Armella Wycoff John Buts Cort Miller A C Wood E D Leas C E Beatty Maxfield & 3odley C A Hepker TP & Grace French Dr P N Sutherland Curtis Lash , Florence Woodring J B A W Mugg Geo E Zlmmer Mary Ewlng Aliie Balding U L W&mbaugh Elnora Leap MerrlttS Fox Joseph Epstein HK Scott x T I Ferris " $25 Subscriptions Mrs J H McClellan A Friend ' Myrtle Jackson Elizabeth Pugh C B Garwood A L Hanselman C N Cook Mrs W E Harmon C E Myers G F Harding Robert Chard Frank Haughey Joe Brokaw Alfred Hants Geo. W. DeLancey Frank Cole John C Newnam Dr Mary T Rltter George Cole Joe Williams W G Brooks v. W II Keyes Dr R C Tremaln , Hiram Showalter Thomas Ownes Blanch Malcomb Ross Miller . GP Light Frank Merriman Mrs M L Stuller C A Bachelor Mrs M L Field Dr C A Chad wick Charles Shutts Oeorge RInehart ' Geo D Cassel Enoch Chard Thomas R Moffatt Roy Hirst Claud Douglass N E Sickles Ray Terry John L RInehart Jettle Stephenson F G Robertson Bertha Mabery Loren Clay H and Clyde Rltter Jacob Brown Mrs Emma Hamilton Mrs. Stephen Weiss Jesse Zlmmer Frank Chadwlck Levi Rltter Frank Dole Wm Gates WUl Jarrard WE Moss G W ElUthrop Chas M Kunkle L C Dole Charles L Orton . Fred Weiss Alice Mathews J B Lehman Evaline Legg ' Henry Marks Prof O Q Niehouse Fryslnger Co J W Martin Wm Kohl G R Powers Riley Lemmon Irvtn Metzgar Frank Zabst Mrs Aan Powers : IrvlnFreUgh J A Martin Sarah Glfford Mose SUefel Charles Northam Frank Burn ham Granville McClue Hiram Craln Sherman Powell Glen VanAuken W K Sheffer F G Salisbury H Lyle Shank MUo Bowerman Virgil Cllne Oriental Princes $15 Subscriptions S E Sheffer Free Patterson HG Brown Dr J D Becker W E VanAuken Ralph Klock Marshall WtUennar De Witt Ewers , Charles Elya Geo T ParseU $10 Subscriptions Charles Smith M L Shank Peter Richardson W K Williamson Daniel Orewller Marvin Hix Frank Bassett Andrew Thompson Guy Kvper Jacob Baiiev Alex Thompson. Jud Rltter - V C A Moss H Alena Wolfe Joe Bell J C Walch F E Brooks WT Miller Mary Button Harry Wilder Emma Welch Mrs L E Moss S L Manahan -Wm -Wm Tasker . C F Blalney John Gasser E. E. Shank F J Clark Fred Rohrer C W Jeffery Lester Elton Kenneth Miller Ford Carpenter Geo Jordan A F Weir I W Pence ' L I Matson W A Ferrier H C Handy B F Gowthrop. $5 Subscription Carry Covell Fred Richardson J D Cassell O E Vance Charles Slade B A Mark ham Clara Garwood HEDunlap Albert Buts Mrs 3 WBlxler Amoa Junod Ben Ferrell WUlls Rhodes H G Newell Wesley Showalter L C Kirk Inez Brockway T K Miller T J Mounts -R -R G Patterson R W Sheffer Lydia Fox SWBixIer -Laura -Laura Reed . Eugene Wheeler Miscellaneous Jacob Fisher Albert Cllne 8 R Williams Geo Cary - $35 Frank BeH 40 Hawk & Wlsman 30 T E Pur In ton - ' 75 ,75 20 20 20 Priscllla Austin Daniel Pirisbury 20 H Appleman 20 T. J. Warner donates a lot In Warner's Addition Addition in Fairview. A list of those donating labor wUl be published published next week. ! j

Clipped from Steuben Republican21 Aug 1907, WedPage 4

Steuben Republican (Angola, Indiana)21 Aug 1907, WedPage 4
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