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Wainwright2 - Wainwright Just Missed Death Leaving Luzon...
Wainwright Just Missed Death Leaving Luzon (Continued From Page One) I COT INTO TIIK VILLAGE aware that at least some elements elements of the enemy were now between me and Bataan, but could not find General Selleck. Xor could I find any 71st division troops. But the 26th cavalry vas there, with little Colonel Pierce risht out in the thick of furious combat with the vanguard of the main Jap force. The 26th had been in action since daylight, protecting the retreat of the 71st to the Agno. By the time I reached it, the 26th was reduced to not more than 45(i men. I ordered Pierce to cet his truck train and his wounded men out as quickly as possible and hold his position as long as he safely could and still be able to withdraw his remaining men. When tha time came to withdraw, he would back up to the Agno, 15 miles below him, cross the bridge, destroy it and hold the south side of the river. Pierce held that position at Bin- Bin- alonan against overwhelming odds until 3:;i0 on the afternoon of Dec. 24. by which time he had forced the Japs to deploy the advance advance guard of their main column and to begin the deployment of the whole main assault body. HF.RF, WAS true cavalry delaying delaying action, fit to make a man's heart sing. Pierce that day tip- tip- held the best traditions of the ; cavalry service, and h s action le I j to his being raised to the rank of bt igadier general. I staed at Rinalonan with him for two or three hour anil then returned to my Alcala headquarters. headquarters. Kn route I passed along the south hank of the Agno and a I rrossed the main north-south north-south north-south highway at Carmen I noted that lap planes had homhed the mile-long mile-long mile-long bridge over the Agno between between Carmen and illasis. They had destroyed the south span of the vital bridge, blowing it off its abutment. It was a time for cursing our luck, because the 11th division would have to cross that hridge on the night of Dec. 24-25 24-25 24-25 in its withdrawal southward. BI T WHII.K I was standing there, viewing the damage. Colonel Skerry, my engineer chief, loomed out of nowhere. He was already making plans for temporary temporary repair of the bridge. At the same time he was having charges placed under the undamaged part of the bridge so he would be ready to blow it as soon as the 11th got across, or blow it if the Japs got to the river before the ! 11th did From that point I got in touch with my Alcala headquarters and ordered it moved back to Ramhan, '0 miles below the base of I.ingayen I.ingayen gulf. I told my operations officer, my signal officer and a few enlisted men to wait al Alcala Alcala for me. I reached Alcala on the evening j of Dec. 24. Christmas Kve al ways was something of an event around our home in the good days, and now I found my mind going hack over those memories of a Christmas tree, the arrangement of our boy's toys, the carefully wrapped packages for my wife, and all the things that go with a family on that night. SO I GOT in touch by phone with Xecker at RCA in Manila. He was closing up. The city had been declared an open one. But he was kind enough to get through a message to Adele. I remember it herause it was the last time I was able to wireless wireless her directly for three awful years. I was hot, dirty and hungry i from the day's fighting, worrying and traveling. Rut the food which my headquarters commandant was supposed to send up from Ramhan Ramhan upon his arrival there failed to come. We went to bed that night without dinner. On Christmas morning, 1!H1, a tank officer came past my skeletonized skeletonized headquarters and gave us a Christmas present. It was a ran of heans. Our little force, including Cols. Frank Nelson and Josh Stansell. split it up. It was Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as our Christmas Eve dinner and was mightily appreciated. I MY WITHDRAWAL plan toward toward Bataan was divided into five phases, designated as Dl, D2, D3. D4 and DS. 1)1 called for a withdrawal to a line along I'rdaneta, San Carlos and Aguilar, about midway between between the base of l.higayen gulf and the Agno. IVJ was a line behind behind the Agno. 1)3 reached from San Jose to Santa lgnacin and ran through (ierona. Hi miles farther south. 1)1 reached from ( aban- aban- loan through Zaragosa, La I'a. and larlar to Hie high ground west of Tarlac. I)." stretched across the broad valley leading down from I.ingayen gulf from Kamhan nn the west to Sibul Springs al the foot of the mountains mountains to the east. It was unlike any of the textbook textbook retreats I had studied at the War college and at Leavenworth. It differed from the retreat of General McDowell's army from the first Battle of Bull Run in that that had been a rout. Xor was it like Pope's retreat after the second Battle of Bull Run, or Lee's withdrawal from Gettysburg. IX THKSF, classic retreats the object was to get away from the enemy by speed of movement. Moving down toward Bataan we had the definite mission of delaying delaying the enemy as long as practicable, practicable, not only to permit General General Jones' South Luzon force to clear around Manila hay and get into Bataan, but also to enable Maj. Gen. George M. Parker to piepare our Bataan defenses for us. Ours was more withdrawal than retreat, withdrawal with de laying actions all the way. But even that hurt deeply. It was hard for an American to get used to. Withdrawal to Line 1)1 was to he completed on the night nf Dec. 23-24; 23-24; 23-24; 1)2 on the night nf Dec. 21-25; 21-25; 21-25; 1)3 the nevt night; I)t lhe night of (he 27th-2Xth. 27th-2Xth. 27th-2Xth. and 1)5 two nights later, the last two withdrawals subject to cancellation in case we could hold those 1)4 and !). lines. We completed withdrawals PI. D2 and without incident, but the Japs hit us heavily at D4. especially at Cabanatuan on our right flank. The 91st division took the brunt of the Jap tanks, cavalry and infantry, and gave ground to Capan, 10 miles south of Cabanatuan. Late the same evening, Dec. 2f. the 91st was attacked again and was routed. Our busses, loaded to their ceilings, hauled the survivors 20 miles farther farther south, where the division commander commander rallied what was left of his force. M RHiHT flank was in such peiil that I immediately ordered a general withdrawal to Do, the Ramhan line, on the night of Dec. 30-.-;i. 30-.-;i. 30-.-;i. 30-.-;i. 30-.-;i. That night Ronnett and about 1.000 troops of the 12th and inth infantry regiments, trapped up the Kennon road two weeks before rejoined us and were placed with the 11th division along the D5 line. Thp !)lst was reformed east and smith nf the I'ampanga river, but for some reason which I've never been able to fathom Mar Arthur'. headfiiarters directed that I was not to employ the (list's artillery units. I therewith nrdered the SKt's artillery to withdraw at once tn Rataan, The South Luzon force, withdrawing withdrawing northward toward San Fernando Tampanga tn reach the CHRISTMAS (ilFT only road down which it could travel to Bataan. tiad to cross the Pampanga river by means of the Caltimpit hridge to reach San Fernando Fernando Pampanga and the homestretch homestretch of the escape road to Bataan. Bataan. The hridge was a serious bottleneck. The Japs knew it and started for it. bent upon trapping a large part of the South Luzon force. WE HAD to protect that hridge, and San Fernando Pampanga. With the f)00 men left of the 91st division, plus a regiment nf the 71st division and a battalion of field artillery, I took a position along the Pampanga river north of Baliaug at 11 o'clock on the night of Dec. .10. while the South Luzon force moved as quickly as possible over the hridge and through San Fernando Pampanga. During the night a company of the 192nd tank battalion was added to this defense. At 10:30 on thp morning nf Dec. Si thp .laps attacked. The 91st, somewhat reinforced, held Its position position all day in sharp fighting, while icncral .lones' South Luzon men ran what amounted to a gantlel. By midnight the majority nf General .fones' men were safely through San Fernando Pampanga, protected hv thp successful stand nf the 11th and 21st divisions north of the town. I welcomed in thp dreary new year of 1942, which was to see us fall and become the victims of barbarous captivity, by ordering the plucky 91st to begin its own withdrawal over the Calumpit bridge and to be done with it before daylight. I WAS AT the bridge at dawn as the last elements of the 91st division crossed. The last truck, ones I had earlier commandeered, stopped, at the edge of the bridge and reported to me that it had been fired upon by a Japanese patrol at a crossroad about 500 yards away. I adjusted my field glasses and in the early light of the morning I could see the enemy patrol, trie tip of the Jap advance guard, coming at us. "Blow it." I told Colonel Skerry. But he hesilated, and then Informed Informed me that Major Manzann, of the Itth engineers, a fine Philippine Philippine Scout officer, and a platoon nf fellow engineers were still executing executing demolition between Manila and this escape bridge, and blowing blowing it would rut them off. I looked again at the approaching approaching Japs, and had to rhnose. "Blow it now," I repeated. It was just 6:15 a. m. The bridge came down into the river with, a deafening roar and A CAN OF BEANS the Jap force had the wide, deep and unfordable Pampanga between them and us. Our forces above San Fernando Pampango held through that day and withdrew the following following night toward Bataan again. TOMORROW: Fall of the first defense line on Bataan, and th withdrawal toward the tip nf the peninsula and Corregldor. Concert Set For Tonight The Akron Liedertafel s two. day celebration of its 90th anniversary anniversary will begin tonight at 8:,1f with a concert in Central high school auditorium. This program will he given by the Liedertafel's men's, women's and mixed choruses under the direction direction of N. j. Herman, th Maennerrhor "Rheingnld" of De. troit, directed by Tracy Sylvester, and the Teutonia Maenne'rchor of Pittsburgh, directed by G. Logan McElvaney. Soloists will be William Lind-ner, Lind-ner, Lind-ner, Jr., Sylvia Lindner, William Goebe!, Marie Wehner and Florence Florence Kanter. Speakers will ba Mayor Charles E. Slusser, William William H. Kroeger. Leidertafel president, president, and Frazier Reams, stiU welfare director. Fifteen singing societies of Akron, Akron, Canton, Wheeling, W. Va.t Cleveland. Columbus, Detroit, Erie, Pa., Pittsburgh and Youngstown will participate in the closing concert concert Sunday at 2 p. m. in th Liedertafel Liedertafel auditorium. ieago Produce CHICAGO (APi Butter, firm; rrlpn 31 .287; markn unchanfd. Live poultry, unsettled: receipts 21 l'',!- l'',!- . c"': ,ob Pn": Leghorn fowl, 2n'a-2i: 2n'a-2i: 2n'a-2i: duckhnas, 34-26; 34-26; 34-26; other prices un. changed. LEGAL NOTICE On mid rier this date I wit not h lesponsihie (or debts contracted bv in person other than myself. - C. JOSEPH PALMLSONO. Or 11 U 11 43Ve.sper t LEGAL NOTICE " On and after this dale I will not bt responsible for debts contracted by an person other thsn myself IOE T ZEBOR. PC 13 1.1 14 S1 Dan t , Alcron, O. leoal" notice " On and after this dale I will not b responsible for debts contracted by any person other than mvseif BELSHIA TOSHEE. Oft 11 13 13 (i2n Eucndv. LEGAL NOTICE ' On and alter t his date I will not b responsible for debts contracted by an? person other than mvseif A C DOWNING 1113 Portase Lakes dr., OctJJ 14 Is Akron. O. LEGAL NOTICE " On and after this date I will not b responsible or dehts contracted by n person other than mvseif. REROT. RUSSELL W STUBEH, 37 Penton av.. Or H U 13 Motadora, 9.

Clipped from The Akron Beacon Journal13 Oct 1945, SatPage 8

The Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, Ohio)13 Oct 1945, SatPage 8
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