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Stella Brizzolara - oa a i- 4 f SEN. KIRBY ML ' NOT GO TO FRISCO...
oa a i- 4 f SEN. KIRBY ML ' NOT GO TO FRISCO Probably ' . Will Be Succeeded as Delegate by-J. by-J. by-J. O. Head of Texarkana. NOT ' DUE TO CAMPAIGN Danlae That Bt Ia BemaJnlnf ta At-' kansu Becaoaa of Mr. Oarv ' way's .ActlviUea. ;i .United States 8enator William 7. Kirby, ,one of Arkansas' four dele-j dele-j gatet at large, will not attend tht Democratic national convention, " M announced last night at Fort Smith In hia plact will go, it ia tald, J. Dj Head of Texarkana, first alternate of tha foor delegate at large N reservation had been made for Senator Kirby on the special train which will leave tomorrow night, and it wat generally reported that would remain here to carry on hi campaign.. Last night, however: h denied that he wat remaining because . " Whea l wat elected aa a - del gatt," he aaid, "j doubted whether 1 could attend. However. I wiah It understood that I am not remaining eecuM ot uongreaamanuara. way 'a actlvitlea. So far aa I am eon. earned, he ia out of tha race. I have not been home for three and a half years, and my opponent baa : been campaigning tor a year and a half.',' The 18 delegate from Arkansas M uulnatructed. ; JExce'pt Governor Brough, who It to eecond tha nomination nomination of Senator Owen, and Mrs. T, T, Cotnam, who ia to second tht nomi. nation of A Mlteaelt Palmer, nt del, gatt hat publicly declared intention ox lupporung any particular, eandi- eandi- Tht Arkantaa delerates favored AleAdoo, and many believed that Me Adoo would be nominated, Now that MeAdoo has refused to allow hit nam to come before tht convention, many are casting about for a aeeond choice. The Teeult 1 that the dele gate! from Arkantaa hardly- hardly- know what candidate they will vot for. Bona tor Bounton ravor caucus. United State Senator Jot T. Bob in son, another of the delccatee : at large, last night aaid that he hope tht fleiega tea will get together and de cide oa a candidate, or caadidatet, and act with tomt degree of unity. - So far, thera has bee- bee- no meeting of delegate and b would, hot venter an opinion at to whoa Arkantaa will favor, favor, j Senator Bobineon did not ,ay which candidate ha favored, though he did tay .that ha vat a personal friend of Co, Owen and Palmer. . Ht waa not aorprued. ht aaid, when MeAdoo refuted to allow hia name to be placed before the. convention because MeAdoo MeAdoo had often told him he would not be a candidate. Governor Brougk wat of tht opinion that tht withdrawal of MeAdoo hat caused the delegates considerable con- con- rusion.- rusion.- "There probably will be aa who favored MeAdoo to Palmer," he said. "It it very hard to tay who It lavorea Dy Arcanaaa.' Xiingering with toat of tht dele gate, aa waa axpresttd by others, i the thought that Wilson may be nom inated. One predicted that Bryan, though not a presidential possibility, would control a sufficient number of delegates to hold the balance of pow OK - '.fV-f '.fV-f '.fV-f - -'V--. -'V--. -'V--. Vte- Vte- ivY Delegation LoaTta Tomorrow, Tht train it composed of tlx Pull man ears, two dining cart and ont bafftfare car. It will leave here at I P- P- m., going by -way -way . of Fort Smith, Oaawatomie, Kan, and Pueblo, Coll A five-hour, five-hour, five-hour, (top will be .made at Colorado Spring Wednesday and a 11-hour 11-hour 11-hour stop at Denver on the same day. From Denver the train wilj. ga, to Olenwood Bpringa. .where.. tw'two hour atop will be made. From, there tht train goes to Kait juakt Uty and oa west to California, arriving in Saa Francisco on the morning of Junt 28. '" - - :. There will be ISO delegates, altern ates and visitors on the train. ; The delegatea and - alternate are aa fol Iowa i , , Delegates at Large Senator Robin eon, Governor Brough, Mrt.; T. T. Cotnar and J. D. Head of Texar kana, alternate for Senator Klrvy, Alternate, B. P. Allen of Little Back, Beth Beynoldt of Aihdpwn and Mist Joaephlnt Miller of Little Bock. - Jc'iret iHstrictJ. ii. Hawthorne. Joneeboro, and Al Bettig, Paragould. Alternates, M re, Ife - Jr.- Jr.- Taylor - and Mrs. Ed Bevlna of Helen. , Second District J. B. Barker of Melbourne and W. E. Hamil of Pocahontas. Pocahontas. Alternate, Mr. Nellie Trt-vathan Trt-vathan Trt-vathan and Sana Deener of Bate ville. ' V ' Third District J. D. Covey of Ben. tonville and C A. Fuller of Eureka Springs." Alternates, J, S. Bowland of Harrison and Frank Carton of 5ti- 5ti- viile. v-if,, v-if,, v-if,, t-vA.. t-vA.. t-vA.. -ap -ap iw?.-! iw?.-! iw?.-! Fourth District W. E. Decker of Fort Smith and J. D. Sanderson or Texarkana. Alternates, Mre. ' Stella Brizzolara of Fort Smith and Benavvv Ben Johnson of Waldron. Fifth District B. T. Comoton of Wing and HeartaiU Bagon of Clarkt- Clarkt- ilia. Alternates, Andy Ward of Clarksvillo and 3. B, Crownover of Dardanelles 5 Sixth District Sam T. Levlna o Pino Bluff and W. M. Cardett or Malvern. Alternate, Mr. J. F. Man-ier Man-ier Man-ier of Hot Springs and Heber Mc Laughlin Of Toltoo. . . ; Seventh District E. O. Mahonev n El Dorado and Henry Bordeaux c Dermott. Alternates, Mr, o. w mith of Camden and J. C. Jollv of Warren. ' virv f' 1 '

Clipped from Daily Arkansas Gazette20 Jun 1920, SunPage 1

Daily Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas)20 Jun 1920, SunPage 1
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