1983 Aug 3-Carback, John and Donna-Parallel murder trials open in Arundel court (Continued)

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1983 Aug 3-Carback, John and Donna-Parallel murder trials open in Arundel court (Continued) - Pi. 2 trials begin in murder of Arundel pair t...
Pi. 2 trials begin in murder of Arundel pair t MURDER, from Fl . guns, half of them loaded, that apparently apparently had been secreted in various rooms, suggesting the owners were prepared for trouble. Three of the ; loaded guns were in the master bed-u bed-u bed-u room. i The house had an elaborate bur-"glar bur-"glar bur-"glar alarm system, police said, that included an electrically sensitized , carpet that could be activated by a switch from the master bedroom. Eight months later, Thomas Raspa, 30, and Larry Bratt, 31, both ,o! Pasadena, were charged with the . killings. About a week ago, Joe Bill Rowe, 34, of Odessa, Texas, also was charged. As the trials of Mr. Raspa and Mr. Bratt opened yesterday, Mr. Rowe - was fighting extradition from Texas ., to stand trial here. The Raspa and Bratt trials are be-:ing be-:ing be-:ing conducted simultaneously to re-, re-, re-, duce the cost of transporting the 40 witnesses due to testify, whose ex-'penses ex-'penses ex-'penses are expected to total some $25,000. Both trials began with prosecutors' prosecutors' .contentions that Mr. Bratt jjjouiicu uic imuiuio auu, Hum iuj. Raspa and Mr. Rowe to do the job. In Mr. Raspa's trial before Judge Bruce C. Williams, deputy. state's attorney attorney Prank Weathersbee said that .Mr. Raspa, a close friend of the Car-backs, Car-backs, Car-backs, brought Mr. Rowe to their home on the night of December 19, ' 1981, introducing him to them as a new cocaine supplier. Mr. Rowe carried a bag, said Mr. Weathersbee, that the Carbacks believed believed contained some of that cocaine. cocaine. Instead, he said that it held an M-10 M-10 M-10 Ingraham submachine gun used to kill the Carbacks. Mr. Raspa's attorney, Richard Karceski, however, told a different story. He suggested that his client had been fingered as one of the killers by a man named Wade Lane, who will testify for the state under a grant of immunity from prosecution. Mr. Karceski told the jury of seven women and five men that several state witnesses would appear before them to implicate Mr. Raspa. Many, he said, have in common a relationship relationship with a Col. Mitchell Warbell, operator of an anti-terrorist anti-terrorist anti-terrorist training school in Georgia "that teaches people people how to kill, believe it or not." Mr. Lane and Mr. Bratt, he said, graduated from that school, which trains people in the use of automatic weapons and silencers. Police have recovered an M-10 M-10 M-10 automatic automatic pistol with a silencer. Mr. Bratt has admitted the gun belongs to him, and police say a ballistics test links the weapon to some of the shots fired at the Carback home the night of the killings. Mr. Karceski also said that Mr. Bratt had admitted to friends his involvement involvement in the Carback killings, as well as bragging of another killing "at another point in time." ".Thomas Raspa was not involved in that killing," said Mr. Karceski. "But do you know who was? Believe ,it or not, you'il hear it was John Car-back Car-back Car-back who was involved." Mr. Karceski said Mr. Bratt approached approached Mr. Lane and asked him to take part in the killings of the Car-backs. Car-backs. Car-backs. He said that Mr. Lane was prepared prepared to tell the jury he didn't do it. "He'll say he told Larry, 'I don't do that; but I'll get you someone who can,' " said the defense lawyer, who also predicted to jurors that several witnesses will lie to them. o In Judge Raymond G. Thieme, Jr.'s courtroom, where Mr. Bratt is being tried, prosecutor Gerald Anders said' he will produce evidence to link the defendant to the "senseless, senseless senseless and brutal murders." But Edwin Marger, Mr. Bratt's lawyer, told the six-man, six-man, six-man, six-woman six-woman six-woman jury that "there is a very big difference difference of opinion in this case." Mr. Marger said he plans to produce produce witnesses to show that there is a "fourth world" that consists of "espionage "espionage and counter-espionage." counter-espionage." counter-espionage." Without offering many specifics, Mr. Marger spoke of the world of "high technology" and a firm referred referred to as "Micro-tech," "Micro-tech," "Micro-tech," which, he said, is capable of tracing back calls dealing with terrorists. The defense attorney said Mr. Bratt, an acquaintance of the Car-backs, Car-backs, Car-backs, knows nothing of the cocaine trafficking but has traveled extensively, extensively, "supposedly selling diamonds," diamonds," after receiving training at a ''gemology school" owned by a reputed reputed Mafia figure. Mr. Marger also questioned whether whether evidence had been "tampered with" to. make it appear that Mr. Bratt was guilty. And during cross-examination cross-examination cross-examination of county homicide Detective Gary Barr, one of the first witnesses, he got the police officer to acknowledge that the crime scene had some inconsis-. inconsis-. inconsis-. tencles. Detective Barr explained that the 1 position of Mrs. Carback's body was Inconsistent with the trail of blood found on the floors and walls of the house. In addition, he said, several projectiles recovered from the scene were not mutilated, as might be expected expected of shots fired at close range. The detective said that an autopsy 1 showed Mr. Carback was holding a gun whop he died. But no weapon was ; found, arid whether he fired was uncertain. uncertain.

Clipped from The Baltimore Sun03 Aug 1983, WedPage 64

The Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, Maryland)03 Aug 1983, WedPage 64
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  • 1983 Aug 3-Carback, John and Donna-Parallel murder trials open in Arundel court (Continued)

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